255-Who will have the future of victory

 With both eyes closed, Nafta puts magic power into the crystal ball in his hand.

The future god Nafta stands before you, O iniquitous one. Here comes the judgment of Kandakuizolte, the crystal of the future,

 As soon as the crystal ball seemed to leave the Future God's hand, it languidly distorted its contours and transformed into the shape of a spear.

''The future judgment has been passed. You are hereby sentenced to be skewered.''

 Nafta pronounces, like a judge reading a verdict.

'Interesting. You can try.

 The future god holds up his hands.

 God's magical power overflows around me and shakes the cathedral.
 The crystal spear is shot straight at me with unstoppable force.

 I twisted my neck and tried to avoid it, but at the same time the crystal spear changed its trajectory in the direction of my avoidance and pressed into my face.

''Hm. You've read the future?''

 He stopped just as the tip of the spear came up to the tip of his nose.
 He grabbed the crystal spear with his right hand and caught it.

'Nafta will limit the future. You failed to grab the spear.

 The moment the Future God said those words, the crystal spear that I should have grabbed slipped through my hand in a huff.
 I'm not going to be able to get rid of it, but the speed of the Future World Crystal Kandakuizolte is slightly better, and the tip of the spear gouges my stomach.

"I see. I see. It's true that one time in a hundred million times, you might fail to catch it. <The power of the Future World Crystal has limited that future.

'Kandakuizolte is the future itself. There is no way to touch the future.


 He draws a multi-layered magic circle and passes his right hand through it.

 With his pale blue-white hand, he tries to grab the crystal spear, but it slips through the handle.

"I just can't seem to grasp it.

 The Kandaquizolte order of untouchability. And the power to limit the future will let it slip through my hands.

'I can't pull that spear out anymore. There are two choices. Either I will declare defeat at this point, or the spear of Candaquizolte will pierce my roots and destroy me.

 With his eyes closed, but looking straight at me, Nafta says.

'The choice is yours.'

"Look no further, future god. <Are you going to ruin this future-crystal thing?

 Nafta's expression didn't falter and he unleashed his magic power towards the crystal spear.

''Your root, I condemn you to be skewered.

 With a gujoo sound, the candaquizolte pierces my abdomen even deeper.
 As such, I remain staring at the god in front of me in a peaceful manner.

'I've warned you.

 The spear that skewered the root source and penetrated my body, but the tip of the spear is black and rusty.

''........What, what was that all about.......?

 The holy knights who were in front of the Great Sacred Gate revealed a puzzling look on their faces.

''Penetrated by the divine spear, that man, why is he alive...?''

"Kandaquizolte of Nafta, the god of the future, according to lore, those pierced by his spear will be destroyed, deprived of even the possibility of a future...

...and what human body can resist that miracle?

 While the holy knights expressed their astonishment, there was one man nodding in agreement.
 Whoever it is, it's Bishop Milan.

It's another miracle that is happening today. 

 I open my mouth as I take a few steps forward.

'Even if you have no way to touch the future, you must touch me as long as you attack.

 If you're piercing me, that means you're touching that spear.

''You'd better pull out the spear quickly. Before the Demon King's blood spewing from the root causes Candacuisolte to rot.

" Kandakuizolte is the future of this world's many futures, which will be equal to the shape of the world. Your deed is to compare the world or yourself to see who will be destroyed first. The conclusion will be clearer than the fire.

Sure, that makes sense.

 The tip of the crystal collapses with a bollock.

'My blood corrodes the world as well.

 The candaquizolte turned to black rust, crumbling into tatters and dissipating in the area.

 The demon king's blood can only be used with a good attack.
 You can't use the blood of the demon king unless it's powerful enough to protect you from his protection, it could cause fatal damage to the world.

You are the god of the future, and you're quite strong. But it's time to get serious. But it's time to get serious. If you don't have a serious prediction, you may end up here.

 He didn't stop walking and headed for Nafta.
 As he did so, the candaquizolte, which had turned to rust and misted away, emerged as countless shards of shimmering crystal.

'Nafta swears. As long as the present is here, the future will rise again and again, even if it is destroyed. <The only way to destroy the is to destroy all possibilities.

 The crystal fragments increased in number rapidly, and like a shining sandstorm, they enveloped the place.

It could have been another form of the world. O injustice, I condemn you to the punishment of the limited world.

 Once the crystal sandstorm passed, the landscape instantly changed.

 It was a strange city. Every building, every plant, every person is made of crystal.
 The mountains in the distance, the canopy in the distance, even the rivers were made of crystal.

 I could sense a tremendous amount of magic in each of them.

Hmm. A world made of candacid solte?

"Naftah swears. Everything in this world will be limited to the worst possible outcome for you. Your victory will not be chosen by this world.

It's funny. You've got to be ready for the world to reach me.

 I looked at him in awe and said.

'Come on, future. Let's go for it.

 At the same time as the words were spoken, the ground, the ground, shattered with a crunch.
 <As I floated in the air with my flight (fresse), countless crystal spears flew out of the tremendously huge hole.

 <I tried closing the hole with the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), but the crystal spears easily slipped through it and pierced me.

 In the next moment, a crystal spear appears from the surrounding buildings.
 A crystal spear also appeared from the canopy above my head, and it was shot simultaneously from up, down, left and right.

 As spear after spear scraped this body one after another, the clock tower in front of me floated in the air as if it had been cut off, and the entire roof with its sharp points rushed into it.

 Countless crystal spears bind my body, and the spear of the clock tower stabs me with a crushing force.

 A large amount of blood dripped from my entire body.

''It's been a long time since I've shed this much blood.

 Due to the blood of the Black Demon King, the Clock Tower's spear, the crystal spear, and the crystal, the crystal in the entire area around it, rusted and crumbled into tatters.

 All that was left was black rust.

'You said everything would end badly for me. That the worst day would come upon me.

 I held up my hand and drew a multiple magic circle.
 You can't get away from it.

I'm not sure why, but it's a tremendous power. But if you're strong, then I have a magic that I can use as well.

 Black particles flood out of the magician's turret.

'A miracle will befall you. You will be condemned to despair.

 Once again, countless crystal spears attacked me, but as soon as I touched the black particles standing around me, they shattered into pieces.

 Fire, water, lightning, earth, trees, canopies, all sorts of things attacked me.
 It was like a miracle.

 But I did not repel all the world's battered fangs.

"By means of genesis magic, I borrowed magic from 2,000-year-old tyrannical demon king Anos Voldigordo and his creator, Militia Averniu.

 On top of that, I'll add my own current magic power to it.

''It's a forbidden curse that can't be used in proper places. I've only used it twice.

 Jet-black particles swirled like living creatures and twisted around the turret of the magic circle.
 In the aftermath alone, the crystal, the crystal around it, shattered and cracked to pieces in no time at all.

 The crystal world began to crack and collapse.

Therefore, open your eyes and make sure that they are well-limited. If you unleash this magic, at worst the world of Kandakizolte will be destroyed.

 I said to the god of the future, who turned his head towards me in a daze, wordlessly saying, "If we can't limit the time limit, the entire real world will perish.

"If we don't limit the time limit, the entire real world will perish.

 Black particles spiral in a sevenfold spiral around the turret.
 A bottomless crack enters the crystal ground.

 The tip of the crack was also invisible, and it split the limited world in two, literally.

 An apocalyptic fire was unleashed from the turret of the magic circle.
 The dark flames of the seven-fold spiral roared and roared straight ahead.

 Perhaps with the blessing of Kandakuizolte, the apocalyptic fire penetrated through Nafta's body.

 It reached beyond the horizon, and then all of the world went up in flames.
 The canopy burns, the horizon burns, the ground and the mountains, everything burns and turns to black ashes.

 <The reason why this magic, which surpasses the Gio-Glaze, is not ranked as the highest level of flame-attribute magic is because there is no one else to use it but me, and the other reason is that it is a different thing that only takes the form of a flame.

 It burns things that should not be burned, destroys things that should not be destroyed, and unceremoniously reduces heaven and earth to ashes.
 This is undoubtedly the magic of annihilation. It's the magic system I'm most skilled at.

 I'm going to be the first to admit that I'm not the only one.
 The ashes were swept away by the wind to reveal the reality that was hidden behind it, and Nafta and I were back in front of the Great Sacred Gate.

''Hmm. Looks like you've gotten serious.''

 <Nafta, holding the Crystal of the Future World in her hands, opens her eyes.
 As the god who rules the future order, the possibilities of the world cannot be closed off.

 <In order to limit the use of the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella, Nafta must have looked into the future without misjudging it.

In other words, the game is over.

 Silently, Nafta nodded.
 A crack appeared in her body.

''........Nafta swears defeat. No matter how many futures you limit, nothingness does not become one. There has never been a single future in which you have been defeated.

 With a pish, countless cracks appear in the future god's body and she disintegrates.
 No matter how much of a limit, as long as she's facing me, her future is only destruction.

 The consequences of the future are bringing Nafta closer to the end.

 God cannot defy order.
 Nafta didn't dare open his eyes, though, because he didn't want to know the outcome of this.

'So I would have predicted it in the beginning.

 He turns his demon eyes, which are tinted with annihilation purple, and walks loosely to Nafta.
 I cover both of Nafta's eyes with my hands, as if to close off the future.

 The collapse of her body stopped with a snap.

''No matter how many billions of miracles I pile on top of each other, you'll never reach my worst.