21-Nekron's Secret Techniques

 Without being dragged into the earlier commotion, Ivis let out a low voice.

''Today I will be giving a lecture on the secret art of my Necron family, fusion magic.

 Ivis draws the basic magic formula of fusion magic on the blackboard.
 It seems to be a natural magic circle that uses moonlight as a magic circle. The magic gate and the magic letters used seem to be close to the mythical era, and it is quite a large-scale magic formula.

 The students seemed to be able to barely copy the magic formula, but it's not a big deal to me.
 However, it's a magic that has been studied by the demon race in the mythological era. In that sense, it's quite interesting.
 If they did this much in their regular classes, I wouldn't feel so sleepy.

'Hey, Anos. Don't you have to write it down in your notes or save it in a recording crystal?

 Sasha comes over to me from next to me and says, "I'm keeping track.

"We have a record. I'm here.

 I tap my temples with my index finger.

'....Lies, right...? There's no way I can memorize such a complicated magic formula just by looking at it...

 Sasha mutters, half surprised, half suspicious.

'You're the one who doesn't seem to be keeping any records by the looks of it?

It's the secret of the Necron family. I have a direct lineage and I mastered the basics a long time ago.

 Come to think of it, it was.

'If you're in direct lineage, then you're close to Ivis?

''No way. The Seven Demon Emperors are on a pedestal. I'm the sixteenth generation in the lineage. I'm the youngest person in the family, and I've only spoken to Master Aivis once in my life.

 It's just that the demon race has a long life span.
 Other than Sasha, the direct lineage would still be alive.

''-- As I just explained, the advantage of fusion magic is the fusion of magic and magical power. By combining different types of magic power of different wavelengths, it can create a strong magical reaction and increase the original magic power by more than ten times. This is the elementary fusion magic, mixed assimilation (Jae Gum).

 As Ivis' lecture continues, Sasha speaks to me in a whisper.

'Hey. Did you really learn it? You didn't say the right thing, did you?

You're a skeptic.

It took me a month to understand this procedure.

If you're a month old, I'd say I've got the math right in a second.

 Sasha glares at me with a miffed look. Apparently, she is quite displeased. There's a in her eyes.

Shall I show you the proof?

How did you do that?

 There was just a break in Ivis' explanation.

'Does anyone have any questions?'

 There is an air of dread in the classroom.
 No one is probably too afraid to raise their hands.

'Can I have one thing?'

 I raised my hand quickly to break the tension.

'Mm, good.'

 As I stand up, I can hear the students whispering to each other.

"That guy........what is he going to say this time.......?

''I mean, how can you raise your hand to the Seven Demon Emperors.......''

I can't believe it. What kind of heart you have...

If you're off the mark, you could get killed...

 Oh dear. Demons of this era are so reclusive. It's hard to believe that they are my descendants.

"That mixed assimilation magic circle, or rather, the basic magic formula for fusion magic, has a fatal flaw in its structure.

 Shhhh, there was not a single noise.
 Hmm. The air in the classroom froze with my words.

"Ah, that guy........he's not going to make it.......this time this time is the end! This isn't the same as Emilia-sensei's time.......!

''You're saying that Necron's secret art is flawed, which means that you're pointing out a mistake by the Seven Demon Emperors.
Yes? It's not like it's bad...

''In general, there's no flaw in the magical structure developed by the Seven Demon Emperors...''

 Despite the buzzing and noisy students, Ivis spoke up calmly.

'What is a flaw?'

''With this basic magic formula, the magic power can be fused together. The magical reaction will raise the magic power by more than ten times. However, from the magic's structure, this fusion can't last long.

 The students had deployed a magical barrier as they braced themselves.
 It's not a good idea to be able to have a good time.

''It's a big deal to notice that on your first visit.

 The whole classroom felt as if it had been shrugged off.

''What do you mean by a big deal...?

Does that mean I'm going to be able to...

What's your first time?

Calm down, son. You don't understand a word I'm saying...!

 Ivis added the fusionable time and other information on the blackboard.

'It is true that fusion magic has a flaw in that its duration is extremely short. Due to the structure of the basic magic formula, even if you become an advanced magic, this flaw itself cannot be erased.

 I added, pointing out.

'For an average user, the fusion time is about three to five seconds. With all this fancy jutsu, that's not really a magic worth learning.

 Ivis nodded hawkishly.

'It is true that there are only a limited number of situations where fusion magic has an advantage. In most cases, it would be better to substitute other magic for it. But it is also a magic that can be transformed if you look even deeper into the abyss.

 Hmm. This is indeed one of my people, born of my blood.
 Even though he couldn't complete the technique, his magical eye had a clear vision of what he had reached.

I agree with you. When I looked into the abyss, I found the basic formula for true fusion magic.

 As expected from that line, even Ibis was surprised to see his magic trembling.
 The notes called notebooks throughout the classroom flapped and turned over, and the sound of pens falling could be heard.

''..................Aaaaah! It's over.... You're going to be killed, you're going to be killed.......!

"...I don't want to die...! How did I end up in the same class as the misfits...!

 The students rattled and trembled as if they were ready to die.

''Are you saying you can improve on this surgical structure?''

 A slight surprise mixed in with the low voice.

It's easy.

"....a magic formula that has been in use for over a thousand years, my dear...

Well, you'll see.

 I stand up.

''........Just a minute.......fusion magic is the secret magic of the Necron family........ <I may have seen the magic of the Demon King's Army (Guys) before, but........

 Sasha stopped me in my tracks.

'It's just a class, what are you so worried about?

I'm not... not that I'm worried about it, but...

 Pouting, Sasha turns away.


 I walked over to the blackboard, emitted my magic, and quickly redrew the magic formula.

'How's that?'

 The moment Ivis saw it, he gulped.
 A few moments later, his body began to tremble with a rattle.

 The magic formula drawn on the blackboard is actually magical. Understanding the structure requires a certain amount of magical eyes and brains, but it's obvious whether or not the magic formula is valid.

''........What is this.......?  But how in the world would you incorporate an origin magic technique into another technique........?

 I said casually to Ivis, who was desperately trying to decipher the magic formula.

It's a simple matter. I just applied a fusion magic formula and fused them together.


 Ivis exclaimed. He hadn't thought of it.
 But then he realized that while everyone was watching, no one had noticed.
 If you ask me, when you actually see it, you'll wonder how easy it was to do.

 That's what magical research is all about.

''........What an idea. Anos Voldigord you say. I didn't think there was anyone else working on fusion magic before me.

Oh, I see.

 I think I misled him a little.

'No, Ivis. This is your achievement.


''Today is the first time I've seen a fusion magic formula. Without your research, this magic formula wouldn't have been completed. I was only the final push.

 Ivis let out an astonished voice.

'What the...? You've understood the fusion magic technique you've seen for the first time so perfectly and perfected it in this short amount of time...!

What? That doesn't count as fast or slow. Give it another thousand years, and you'll have figured it out.

 Since the proof was done, I decided to return to my seat.

''Well why is a monster like you attending the academy? I have nothing to teach you, Anos Voldigord....

 Ivis muttered in awe at my back.
 Instantly, the whole classroom started buzzing again.

''What, what happened........?

You're alive!

I know you're alive...!

"Hey, I don't understand this at all, but it's like Anos has perfected the magic formula for fusion magic...!

...I thought he was a misfit...

By "misfit," do you mean genius?

You're so surprised that you can't understand a normal word again...!

 Pulling up my own chair, I sit down and say to Sasha, who is looking at me with her mouth open.

'You understood that right?'

'I just don't know what to say...'