543-Ship descending

 The next day--

 The demon train was moving forward, laying a silver-light rail in the Silver Water Holy Sea.
 Its destination was the Disaster Abyss World Eavezeino.

 At the back of the engine room, Ottolou said.

''We are entering the dark clouds of the Disaster Abyss World. From here onwards, Ottreloo will lead the way.

 She heads straight for the door of the engine room.
 Without looking back, Erdmade opens his mouth.

'Engine room, unlock the door.

Copy that. Unlock. Yes, sir.

 Ottolu opened the door and threw herself into the Silver Sea without hesitation.

 As she thought she was going to fly in the flesh, she sank down to be swallowed by the silver water.
 Then she saw a blue shadow in the distance.

 It approached with tremendous speed, revealing its massive body.

 It was a silver sea whale.
 As I put Ottolou on it, the blue foam that erupted from its back enveloped her and turned into a ward.

 Soon after, the silver water in front of her begins to turn black and murky.
 Even the light of the silver lamp was consumed by the darkness, and there was almost no visibility.

 The Silver Sea Whale accelerated rapidly and entered the darkness of the sea.
 Using the blue glow of its body surface as a landmark, the Demon Train stretched out its silver-lit rails.


 Through the silver-light rail, a arrived from the world of Militia.
 The owner of the voice is Misha.

"I've found traces of Celis and Luna.

 It was more difficult than I expected, but I guess it will be one of the preparations.

''This one will now be a silver-water pecking order game. Come to Eavesino. Although Mom's condition has been stabilized by Parrington's 'red thread', it is still unpredictable.

"Then, beautifully, I will bring you the fastest of Zelidhavenus.

 Faris' voice echoed.

 With Zelidheavenus' full speed, it shouldn't take much time to get here.
 However, as expected, they would not be able to arrive in time for the start of the silver-water pecking order battle.

 I knew that before we left.

''Are you okay with the ordinal battle?''

What? You can take down the Evesinos without me, when the need arises.

Don't be ridiculous...

 Sasha in the engine room blurted out.

'I'm in a hurry. Wait for me.''

 After Misha said that, the thought communication (leaks) was cut off.

''Well, it's as you've heard. Misha and Faris will be late. Shin, Misa and Arcana will not be able to participate in the ranks to protect the Militia world.

 From my throne in Engineering, I announce to my men in each room.

"With the strength at hand, we will crush the lions of Arzenon's doom.

 Immediately, Eleonor from the Warding Room spoke up.

''Hmmm, isn't that a bit harsh? Our strength isn't even halved, and I thought you weren't going to play in the pecking order at all, Anos?

 After arriving in Eavesino, I'll go to meet with Dominic and destroy the Phoenix in the Nest.
 The silver-water pecking order battle must be fought out with just the rest of my men.

''There's no need to get worked up about it. The objective is to buy time.''

'That said, Naga, Kostoria and Bobonga. As far as we know, there are three of Arzenon's lions of perdition...

 Sasha puts her hand over her mouth as if she were thinking.

''I also can't use the without Misha.

It's good training. If you keep playing the odds, you won't grow.

'Even if you say that.......if we accidentally lose and they find out that Anos isn't there, they'll think we're doing something in Eavesino as it is. The situation is going to get worse, even though people are already suspecting that he might be the mastermind of the Fallen Fallen's destruction...

 Well, I'm sure it will be more trouble than it is now.

'There's someone who knows the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon. Ask him how to fight.

 I send my magic power to the paintings of Meityren that hang in the engine room.

 When I deactivated the "Kaeral" that I had previously cast, a painting of the baby tiger and several other men appeared on the painting.

Otlou has left. You may show yourself now.

 I beckoned lightly with my fingertips, and a picture of the men popped up on our side.

'Hunting the beast is not a simple matter, and we have no choice but to learn it on the hunting grounds.

 Barzalondo says.

 Behind him were his men, two hunting nobles.

 They must be skilled at bringing them here.
 They are armed with armour, holy swords and bows.

'Then this Count Barzalondo Frenelos will stay in the train and teach you how to hunt the lions of perdition.

Who will find the mastermind of the Fallen Fallen's demise? Can your men explore the world of Nahpyon alone?

We don't need to look around, but we know where to look. Dominique's entourage of mad beast troops. They are the phantom tribe that possessed the crazy phantoms, but they are most likely involved in the Fallen Fallen destruction. It's enough to set a trap and capture them.

 So, whether Dominic did it or the lions of perdition, you're assuming that he didn't do it alone.
 After capturing him, if you can get him to confess, we can find out who the ringleader is.

 Then, we can use all the power of the Holy Upper Sixth Academy to beat him.

''We can't be sure that the unexpected won't happen.

'Prolonging the war against the silver-water hierarchy is the first condition for the success of the operation. As of now, there is no greater threat than the Doomed Lion of Arzenon.

 I can see how the Nagas would be more of an obstacle than anything else, except for Dominic.

 Then Parrington stepped forward.

'I have a proposal. "I have a proposal: I suggest that you bring him along with you, along with some of the hunting lords.

 Another figure emerges from the painting.

 It is a full-body armor clad in darkness.

 Although there are some gaps in the armor, such as at the joints, the limbs of the flesh are not visible and the darkness is covered with the armor.

It's a magical doll made by the Humanoid Society of Japan to be used in covert activities.

 Hmm. What, to think I brought in a large replacement, that's it.

 It wasn't long before I hid them in the paintings of Maytiren, not wanting Ottolu to notice them.
 This is the first time I've seen the two hunter nobles and their assassination idols in a calm manner.

'The man in control is Rekol, the Luzendfort warlord. He is my most trusted confidant.


 Just by making a conversation, Rekol did not speak.

 As an assassination idol, the depths of this dark, full-body armor are almost impossible to see into. On the contrary, even though it was such a prominent appearance, its presence was so rare that it could be overlooked if it were to be.

 If Parrington, who knows the disaster abyss world very well, is going to let the two hunting noblemen search for him, then it must be safe to assume that that's enough to fight the battle.

''Then, the investigation into the ringleaders will be conducted by three people, including the warlord Recol of the Humanoid Society, for a total of three. Is that correct?

 Barzalondo nodded.

'There's no problem.'

''In the midst of the silver-water pecking order, we'll create an opportunity to get out of it without the Monster Agency knowing. Until then, stand by. Me and Parrington will take your mother and look for Dominic first.

I know.

 Parrington says in a haughty voice.

'Oh, by the way--'

 I ask Barzalondo something that has occurred to me.

'Has Rebrahard ever met the Abyssal Princess of Calamity?'

''As far as I know, there isn't any... there isn't much information on the Princess of the Abyss of Disaster, not even in Highforia...''

 If the Abyssal Princess of Disaster learns that she will give birth to Arzenon's Lion of Perdition, the hunting nobles of Highforia will target her.
 In order to protect Luna Arzenon, Lebrahard kept her secret.

 But my mother is still the Abyssal Princess of Disaster.
 Couldn't Rebrahald break her fate with the Spirit God and Human Sword?

Headmaster Anos. We are about to enter the silver bubble of Eavesino.

 A arrives from Ottreloo.

 A thick dark cloud swirled around and blocked the front, and a hole was made in the center of the cloud.
 On the other side of the tunnel-like dark cloud, the light of a silver lamp can be seen.

 Normally, this dark cloud would cover the Disaster Abyss World like a ward, preventing those from the outside world from entering.

'Connect the rails!'

 Erdmade says.

'Yes, sir! Linking the tracks!

 The silver rail stretched straight out into the silver light spilling out of the small world.

'The track connection is complete!

Blow the whistle.

 With a high-pitched whistle, the Demon King train went straight ahead, and before long, the sky in front of them was dyed in silver.

 Passing through it, it was black skies.
 But unlike the rest of the world, it was raining.

 From that dark cloud that covered the silver bubble, the rain continued to drizzle down to the inside of the small world.

'The tracks are fixed.'

Roger that. We fixed the tracks!

 Fixing the track that had been extending in the direction of travel.


Okay, I digress.

 The wheel came off the silver rail.
 The Demon King Train ran through the air, followed by the Silver Sea Whale as it descended down the black sky.

''Ottolu. Two of the men scheduled to participate in the Silver Water Pecking Order War are late.''

"You have two choices. You can either have a substitute or you can join us in the middle. You're going to be able to get the best out of it. However, if the silver water ranking battle is over before you arrive, you won't be able to participate.''

That's all right.

''Yes, sir. I'll tell Ewe Zeino not to hide the silver lamp until the end of the Silver Water Order War.''

 The rules have been reviewed beforehand.
 We've got a clear path from the outside.

I see it.

 Ottolu says.

 As we passed through the black skies, this time we could see blue skies.
 It was clear and sunny, but it was still raining lightly.

 From my mother's memory, it has never stopped raining in Iwezeino.
 It hadn't stopped raining for eighteen thousand years, it seemed.

 When I looked down to the ground, I saw an endless lake.

 To be precise, it was a huge puddle drilled by the rain. <This is the Abyss of Craving.
 That's the first place we need to go for now. There's the research tower of the Hallucinogenic Institution, and Dominique is there.

 The Demon Train crossed over that puddle and continued onward.

''We're almost there. That's the stage for the silver water pecking order battle this time.''

 The Silver Sea Whale gained even more speed.
 There were six high mountains ahead of Ottolu.

 A volcano.

 They were erupting right now.
 Magma and volcanic rock masses were spewing out of the crater, being thrust high into the sky and then pouring down to the ground.

 This is no ordinary volcano.
 This is no ordinary volcano.

"Can't we just wait until the eruption stops...?

 Sasha says.
 There was an immediate reply from Ottolu.

''There is no problem. The evil volcano Geldhave is a type of phantom beast, it is said that it only stops erupting a few times a year.

'Oh, yeah...'

 A lush, firefly-like light erupts from the back of a distant silver sea whale. Fire dew.

 Then they began to be sucked into one place.

 A giant turtle emerges from behind the volcano.
 Its whole body was made of rocks.

 The fire dew was sucked into the tortoise's shell as fast as it could.

''A meteorite phantom, a meteorite zevadrone. It's the ship of Eavezeino.''

 The Disaster Tortoise floated up in the air.
 Although the distance was quite large, it was still huge enough to look large.

''Welcome to Ewezeino. How do you like the scenery back home?''

 It's a thought transmission (leaks) from the Disaster Turtle.
 It is voiced by Naga, the acting head of Eavesino.

I would like to welcome my dear brother and sister, but we can't let them stay too long. Do you mind if I end this quickly?

Do what you want. If you can.

 The Demon King Train lowered its altitude and took up a position near the top of the volcano.

 The fire dew from the Demon King Academy's side had already been acquired from Ottolu and loaded into the cargo bay.

''From now on, the silver-water pecking order battle between the Militia World, the Demon King's Academy and the Disaster Abyss World Eavesino and the Phantom Engine will begin.

 Above Ewezeino.
 Settling in the middle of the Demon King's Train and the Disaster Tortoise, Ottolu draws a magic circle.

'The damage to Ewezeino, which is the stage, makes this a non-issue. If we follow the principles of Pablo Hetala and the order of the Silver Sea, we will reach the deepest depths.

 Ottolu inserted a large screw roll into the magic circle.

 With both hands, he wound the screw and azure water flooded out of it.
 The rippling water became like a thin curtain, covering a vast area, and a silver-water pecking order battle boundary was constructed.

''We must first steal Ottolu and their magic eye and get out of this ward. It's best to take advantage of the chaos of the battle, do you have a plan?

 Parrington asks.


 The assassination idol, Rekol, is silent.

''I still think it's best to wait for the pecking order war to intensify first.

 One of the hunting nobles said so.

'I told you we'd create an opportunity. Move to the last ejection chamber. He'll be here soon.


 This is the moment when Parrington showed a doubtful expression on his face - this is the moment.

 A shadow far more massive than a tortoise covered the entire area of Geldhave, an evil volcano.
 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to expect.

 A continent floating in the sky. Dense trees. It was a sea of trees.

''........no way.......that's the Yugen sea......?

"...Aioneilia...? I've heard rumors that you could still fly...

 Parrington and Barzalondo let out an astonished cry.

 Without killing its momentum, the tree-ship Aioneiria descends towards the huge pool of water in Eavesino - the Abyss of Craving.

 With an ear piercing sound of water, a pillar of water that could connect heaven and earth rises up with great force.