544-Two gods

 At that moment, the magic eye of the Disaster Tortoise Zeeva Drone found itself nailed to the tree sea ship Aionelia that had rammed into the .

 The God of Adjudication Ottolou also showed the utmost caution to the intrusion into the impenetrable territorial waters and was carefully trying to peer into the abyss.

 Their demon eyes completely left the Demon King Train.


 Before my words, it was Lekol, the warlord who controlled the assassination idol, who was making his move. Next, Parrington and the two hunting nobles took action.

 They turned invisible with the assassination idol's , and then jumped out of the tail-end ejection chamber.

 They landed on the Evil Volcano (Jagazan) Geldhave and immediately ran out. In no time at all, the four of them are leaving the stage of the hierarchical battle.

''Anos. Where is your main body?''

 I receive a
 This body is a magical doll that he made for me.

 It is called the doll prince of the humanoid society, and it is so elaborate that it is indistinguishable from the human body. Even I, who is currently operating the doll with a 'thought-parallel possession' (rixness), doesn't feel like I'm controlling it.

 I've got a pseudo-root source in my Eleonor, and even those with excellent magical eyesight need to spend some time to see it through. Ottolu did not notice it either.

''We've already reached the Abyss of Craving. We've already reached the Craving Abyss, as Aeneia descends.

 Technically, the one piloting Aeneilia is my body.
 My mother and father are on board as well.

"...is that what you were trying to do...?

 Parrington asked the question.
 Next, Barzalondo, in the engine room, opened his mouth.

'How did you lure the Two Rite Pretender away?'

"When I rescued you, I played ball with you. He had business with Iwezeino too, so I passed the information along. If the inviolable waters against Pablo Hetara arrive, they'll be forced to deal with them whether they like it or not.

 That makes it easier for Parrington and his team to infiltrate the research tower.

It could be a problem for us. You risk waking up Isak the Wicked.

'We came all the way to Ewezeino, and we are not the purpose of the Two Pretenders. Use this as bait, Parrington. If Izak is awakened, the research tower will be manned by him. The idea is to make it easier for them to infiltrate.

 As a result, if it happens, it's still unlikely to happen at this level.
 Even if it happens, there is something to be done about it.

 Otherwise, I wouldn't say that Naga will continue to fight in the pecking order.

''It's certainly an advantageous time to say it's an advantageous time to say it. The first priority is to restore your sister's condition, and we will take advantage of this confusion to quickly infiltrate the research tower.

 Parrington said.
 Shortly afterwards, another arrived.

"Former Head Anos, Acting Head Naga. Ottolu proposes.

 Up in the sky, the God of Ruling continues to keep an eye on the tree-ship Aioneelia as she sinks into the Abyss of Craving.

The ship that invaded the Abyss World is the tree ship Aeneilia, owned by the Two Rulers. Article Four of the Pavlohettara Academy Treaty, which stipulates that the head of the Holy Sixth Academy and the Lord God are to deal with the inviolable territorial waters, but the Ewezeino is asleep in both of them.''

 I wouldn't expect them to abide by the Treaty of Pablo Hetara if they were awake.
 After all, he is a scourge who could easily bring down an entire world at his whim.

 At any rate, this will give Parrington an excuse to come to Eavesino.

 It's not natural for him to show himself now, but if he's on Zelidhavenus, he'll be able to move easily from there.

''This place should be dealt with by the Phantom Beast Agency, the Demon King's Academy, and both sides should work together. In order to abrogate the
I'm fine.

 Of course, as Pablo Hetara, we can't help but agree.
 The first priority is to deal with the external enemy.

 If that happens, he can stay in the disaster abyss world with impunity until the Two Noble Pretenders are eliminated.

 And the Two Pretenders will never be found.

 All we have to do is remove our masks.
 I can pretend to look for the Two Ruling Pretenders and move with impunity.

 If Ewezeino agrees, then I won't have to conduct a silver-water pecking order battle with less strength--''

I'm against the Phantom Agency. I don't like it when they roam freely in Eavesino.

 That's what the Naga called a "thought transmission" came from.

 You can't turn around so conveniently.

 Pretending to look for the Two Rulers, it is natural that they would think I would contact Dominic.
 From Naga's point of view, both me and the Two Rite Pretender are definitely obstacles that he wants to get rid of from Eavesayno as soon as possible.

''If the Demon King's Academy is going to retreat, I'll deal with Eavezeino alone, though?

I won't mind if you step aside. As long as you're willing to give up.

"You know you can't give me what I want, right?

 <In the , if the Demon King Academy won the Silver Water Order Battle, they would be guided to Dominic.

 There's no way Naga can approve it.

''Unfortunately, we don't have much time to spare either. The Two Noble Pretenders are the ones who are trying to claim part of the Seventh Elesia. If we wait to get rid of them, it could take years.

I knew you'd say that.

 Naga said, with no particular air of annoyance.

''Ottolu. <''The Arbitration Agreement (Gisette) will not be abrogated. We will continue the silver-water pecking order battle as it is. As for the Two Ruling Pretenders, Dominique, the head of the Phantom Beast Agency, will take care of them.''

''I agree. We will prioritize the intentions of both academies and ask the other Holy Upper Sixth Academy for their support. We have already received a response from the Holy Sword World Highforia. The Hunting Academy, led by the Holy King Lebrahard, is scheduled to arrive in Eavesino in about an hour.

 It's not a wise decision to continue the silver-water pecking order war in a situation where the inviolable territorial waters have intruded, but Ottolu will have to follow his own order and play by the rules, I guess.

 But an hour? Earlier than I thought.

 You're close by accident.
 Or had he stepped on something that was going to happen in Ewezeino?

 This thing has to be done before Hyphoria arrives, or it could get ugly.

''You don't need our help. We'll take care of Eavesino.

Your request is denied. From the Fourth Treaty of the Institutes of Pablo Hetara, the Sixth Academy of St. John the Divine reserves the right to intervene in other small worlds regarding the inviolable territorial waters.

 Pablo Hetala is strict on the law.
 The only way to refuse would be to withdraw from the Academy Alliance.

''You're as inflexible as ever, aren't you? I see. If that's the case, I'll clean up the Demon King's Academy within an hour and get rid of the Two Ruling Pretenders. Then you won't have any complaints.''

 Hmm. There's a big one.

"Come on, Anos. Growing up in a bubble world, I'm going to teach you how to fight the lion of perdition.

 The giant rock tortoise, Zevadrone's demonic eye shines and his gaze falls on the Demon King train.
 As if it had supplemented its prey, the Disaster Tortoise was slowly approaching towards us.

''Kaka kaka kaka!''

 With a chuckle from Eldmead, the Demon King Train surged up and began to approach towards the Disaster Turtle.

''Isn't that funny! I would love to learn how to fight that stuff! Let's let the Cutthroat King find out if this is something that can help the Demon King!

You're not wanted.

 Kostoria appeared in the shell of the disaster turtle.
 She unfurled her parasol and drew a magic circle on it.



 In the Demon King Train's ward room, quickly Eleonor connected Ennesone and the magic line and exercised the .

 The stork's feathers danced and her magic power amplified endlessly.

'Do not put up wards.'

 Barzalondo advises.
 He had moved to the magic eye room so that he could see the war situation.

'Kostoria uses . You'll find that the same attributes, the same shape, and so on, are used to swap the positions of things that are similar to each other. Whether or not they are similar is very subjective. As soon as you set up a ward, it will be exchanged for attacking magic.

 Kostoria turns her head towards us while the black particles accumulate in the magic circle of her parasol.
 The reason why she doesn't set it off first is probably because she's aiming just as Balzarondo says.

''But if you get eaten without the , you won't be able to last that long, will you?

'You can harden the train itself. You can't separate and replace what you see as the same object.

"My creation magic is lame except for the human body. It would have been nice to have Misha-chan or Faris, but we don't even have Missa-chan--wow...!

 The Demon King train shook with a clatter.
 A lump of volcanic rock erupted from the crater hit the car body.

 As expected, that alone didn't cause any damage, but--

Kaka-kaka, you can't afford to get lost, Demon King's magic. Look at that.

 Countless volcanic lumps of rock and magma gathered around the Disaster Tortoise and aimed at the Demon King train.
 The rock that had just been struck was probably controlled by that phantom beast.

''You've already done the prep work! Come on, come on, let's go! Connect the first connecting gear to the painting.

I get it. The First Connecting Gear into a Painting!

 A cog in the painting of Maetilen.
 When the fire chamber was opened, a cog appeared in its place as well, burning with a rumbling fire.

"Merge, connect--

 With a flourish of Maytiren's painting, Erdmeade stands in front of the fire room.


 The painting was thrown into the fire chamber.
 The gears in the painting and the gears in the fireroom magically interlocked with each other as they were engulfed in intense flames.

'Kaka kaka, can-burners, fireman, put the coal in with all your might. It'll be more bone-jarring than the one at Balandias.

 The two can-burners, the can-burners and the fireman, follow the orders of the amused Eldmead, and throw the charcoal as fast as they can.

'Dammit...! Even though he fell down the other day...!

"Put him in the ground now, instead of talking. Burn it down! We won't be able to take a single bite out of that rock for a real bite...!

 The fire chamber flared up vigorously and the gears wrapped in flames began to turn slowly.

 Black smoke rose from the chimney and enveloped the second car of the Demon King train.
 The crest of the castle was engraved on its body.

''Demon King Train, the linkage between the two gods is complete!

 The demon king train accelerated rapidly and ran through the gap between the volcanic rock masses and the magma that was released from the disaster turtle.

 Immediately afterwards, a huge lump of volcanic rock appeared in front of the first car.

 It's the same as the one you're looking for when you're in the middle of the road.



 With the stork's feathers dancing, Eleonor sends his magic power.

 The white smoke pouring out of the chimney enveloped the entire Demon King's train, and its armor was being firmly recreated.
 The body of the train became thicker and more reminiscent of a castle.

 It used the castle-building power that King Tiger Meityren possessed.

 The volcanic rock lump that had hit the first car cracked in half with a loud noise.

 There was not a scratch on the Demon King train.

''What a shame.''

 On the disaster tortoise, Kostoria said quietly.

 A small doll emerged from inside the cracked volcanic rock mass and drifted through the air.
 It had no one arm.

 The little doll disappears and is replaced by the one-armed man, Bobonga.

Come out, brother. I'm no match for this scrap metal.

 Black particles gather on the man's ship arm and shake the atmosphere.

 This is a magical power that is incomparable to the time we fought each other in the Militia world. I'm sure he was holding back so as not to destroy the shallow world.


 Riding on top of the Demon King's train, Bobonga slammed his jet-blackened fist against the body of the train as hard as he could.

 Fragments flew off around him and the armor of the Demon's Holy Smoke Immovable Gear Castle (Theoboros Dialta) distorted greatly.

 At the same time, a sword tip shining pure white from inside the body of the vehicle pierced the armor.


 Bobonga's ship arm was slashed off with ease and fell into the volcano.

'I knew it would come,'

 Once again, it was just as Baltzalondo had read.
 Ray emerged from the Demon King's train and thrust the Spirit Godman Sword at Bobonga, who had lost his arm.