545-Evildoing archer

 Bobonga said calmly, despite the loss of his left arm.
 On the roof of the Demon King's train, Ray's eyes pierced him sharply.

''The Holy Sword of Hyphoria, forged to hunt the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon. I don't know why you, who are not a hunting nobleman, have it--

 Bobonga moved carelessly, as if he didn't care about the confronted Evans Mana.

''-- So, you've defeated your brothers!

 He opened his big mouth and drew a magic circle there.
 Black-green flames flooded out and roared out.

 It's a good idea to be able to use your own personal computer for this purpose.
 The magic on the verge of ejection scattered the explosive flames on the spot, enveloping Bobonga's entire body.

''If Anos can't be defeated, then what?''

 Bobonga's mouth was skewered by the Spirit Godman Sword and he continued to be burned by his own magic.
 In that state of motion, however, he showed a crazy smile.

'Do I have to tell you all? The Doomed Lion of Artsenon will not be defeated by such a thing...!

 Black particles gather all over Bobonga's body.


 Lei slashed the Spirit Godman Sword straight down.

 The moment the divine blade was about to slice through the source of the bobonga, a gush of black-green blood erupted as it ripped through the throat and ripped through the body.

 When it sprinkled on the Demon King's train, it instantly corroded the armor of the Demon King's Holy Smoke Immovable Gear City (Theoboros Dialta).

 It is very similar to the blood of the Demon King.

The lion of perdition reveals its true nature. Be careful with your right arm.''

 Balzarondo's words reached Ray's ears.
 In the next moment, a miserable magic circle was drawn on the severed surface of Bobonga's right arm.

 It's a good idea to have a good time with your friends.

"Don't be so stylish as to hold a hunter's holy sword.......

 A black, deformed right arm grew out.

 That arm, which was about twice as long as normal, released a tremendous magical power as if it had condensed annihilation, and was furiously reamed away from the side at Ray's body.

 Rey, who had heard Balzarondo's instructions, drew his Spirit Godman Sword as expected and jumped back in a big way.

 The deformed right arm, which cut through the sky, brushed against the roof of the vehicle. The power of its destruction blew the roof to its roots.

 The cargo room.
 Some of the fire dew possessed by the Demon King Academy soared up and scattered into this airspace.

"Rael Freel.

 Just in time, Kostoria flew in alone from the Disaster Tortoise and fired countless magic bullets at Ray and the Demon King train.


 He slashed through it with his Spirit Godman Sword.

 In the meantime, Bobonga landed in the cargo bay.
 There were several students inside who were on the defensive.

 With a pale face, they confronted Bobonga. If the deformed right arm touched them, they could be destroyed in an instant.

''You small fry. You are extremely poor.''

 Relentlessly, Bobonga closes the distance.


 The moment the voice sounded, Bobonga stopped in his tracks.
 Until just a moment ago, there were only those with significantly inferior magic power there.

 But suddenly, one person's magic power suddenly jumped up.

It's you. Die, woman.

 As he reversed, Bobonga rushed towards Naya and raised his black right arm.

''Kaka, aim, aim, aim, if you miss, you'll die!

 <The Staff of Knowledge talks in a clatter.


 Naya aimed at the left leg, the one furthest from Bobonga's right arm. Space twists and a weighted vortex wraps around his leg.

 It doesn't crush him. It doesn't even scratch him slightly. But Bobonga's leg is caught and he loses his stance. As it is, the deformed right arm, swung down, smashes the wall into pieces and destroys it cruelly.


 Somehow Naya managed to dodge on the verge, but the aftermath of the windfall tore her body to shreds.

'I tripped your leg, what's the matter with you? There's no second time, woman. They're going to crush me!

 <The moment Bobonga shook off the Heavy Vortex (Bade) with all his strength and was about to move forward, the Blood Gate appeared in front of him.

"What's wrong with this fragile gate...!

 Raising his deformed right arm furiously, Bobonga tries to destroy the . However, the gate opened with great force and his fist swung out of the air.

''I'm used to fighting people with stupid powers.

 With too much momentum, Bobonga took a step toward the gate. Beyond that, the shifting Dark Lord was there. <The was activated and Bobonga's body was sent outside the Demon King train.

''It's gone, canon.

 Rey was closing in behind Bobonga, who had been forcibly transferred to the sky, as if he had calculated it all out.

'You're back early,'

Don't pull it out!

 With the momentum of reversing around, Bobonga released a back fist. Ray calmly ducked through it and thrust out the Spirit Godman Sword.


 Black-green blood overflows as the Spirit God Man Sword pierces the root of the bobonga. The magical power of the blood rages in an attempt to corrode the tip of the sword. In an attempt to cut through it, Evans mana emitted a white light, and the two sides that rivaled each other scattered white and black particles.

 Ray looks into the abyss of Bobonga's roots with his magic eye.

''You have an inexplicable look on your face, hunter-modo. Is it really so strange that the Spirit God Human Sword cannot contain the blood of an imperfect lion?''

 The deformed right arm moves slightly.

 Although it has been stabbed at the root source and is weakened, the effect of the Spirit Godman Sword is far less effective than against me.

''The lion's arm is not even a single lion's arm, nor has it been incarnated. He is more imperfect than his brothers, but because of that, the characteristics of the lion of perdition are weaker. To me (me) right now, that rusty sword is not much of a weakness for me (me)!

 The black deformed right arm that was swung down, Rei caught it with the Spirit Godman Sword and flicked it away.


This should be enough to get you through it.

 With the returning sword, he swung the Spirit Godman Sword down to his shoulder.
 But suddenly the bobonga disappeared and its blade slashed through the small doll instead.

''Don't be so weird and pompous. That's not bragging.''

 Coastoria, floating in the sky, complains bitterly.

 Bobonga was floating next to him.
 <He was replaced by a "disaster-like replacement" (Bashtz).

''It's true. You don't like the whole thing, so it shouldn't matter.''

That doesn't mean I like my current body halfway through.

 Two of Artsenon's doomed lions lined up, black particles rising from their bodies.

''Why doesn't that one come out?''

Because we're good enough, aren't we?

 Ray lies plainly.
 Miffed, Kostoria said.

'Sister Naga,'

 In the midst of the current engagement, a giant rock turtle was closing the distance between it and the Demon King train.

 On top of the shell is the figure of Naga in a wheelchair.

'Sear them out,'

Of course not. If you're skimping, that's fine. I'm going to retrieve the fire dew and get it over with before Anos does.

 The countless rocks that had been erupting from the evil volcano (Jagazan) gathered around the calamity turtle as if they were being sucked in.

 A black puddle had formed at Naga's feet. It was her magical power. Naga scooped it up with her hands and drew a magic circle in the air.

''Phantom Beast Resonant Evil Volcano Meteorite (Volk Zeevahave).''

 Gee, Gee, Gee, the Disaster Tortoise Zeeva Drone and the Evil Volcano Geldhave resonated with each other.

 Countless volcanic rocks turned black-green and began to fall at once towards the Demon King train.

''Don't lower the ship's altitude. That meteorite magic is more powerful the more it falls, the more powerful it becomes. We must focus on our numbers and shoot them down as soon as possible!''

 Quickly, Barzalondo gives the order.

 Ray fires the wildly, and Yeges unleashes the , shooting down the black-green rocks that are falling down.

 Zesia created a magic matching mirror and replicated Rey's one after another.


Fire in rapid succession, fire in rapid succession.

 The Fun Union girls began firing a series of from the Demon King Train's all gear cannons.

 Sasha used her to hold an area of volcanoes in her field of vision, crushing the volcanic rocks that erupted and cutting off the supply of bullets to the Naga.

''This is no time to be concerned about that, hunter-modo.

  dodges the gap and Bobonga swings his deformed right arm at Ray.

 He catches it with his Reishinjinjin Sword, but can't drop the falling rock in the meantime.

''The Disaster Abyss Black Hell Repelling Demon Bullet (Rail Freel),''

 As if to say no, Coastoria released six magic bullets from her spinning umbrella.

 It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you can get your hands on it.

 It is impossible to shoot down with ordinary magic, and it is fast.

 It's a good idea to use Eleanor's Theoboros Igeria to prevent this, but she should probably aim for that moment to swap out her magic with Bashtz.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most of it.

"Can't you increase your bombardment hand? <If you don't drop the Rail Free El, you will be pushed in.

 Balzarondo said to the turret room, and the fan unions responded as they continued to fire.

'With neither Canacci nor Mass in sight, that's all we can do.

I'll have no choice but to take them down with the old wood-slashing-wheel...!

Aim more to the right.

Yes, sir!

No, left! No, I'm right.

You're going too fast....

 Little by little, little by little, the Demon King Train was forced to descend.
 However, the lower it went, the more the accelerated and the more powerful it became.

 At this rate, it would be impossible to shoot it down.

''Eh! Then it's up to me!

 In the magic eye room, Barzalondo picked up the bow he was carrying.

'I'll leave it to Yggess and Sasha. They'll know you're on the Demon King's train.

'What, to this Baltzalond, the bow is an evil skill. It is so contrary to the order of the Holy Sword World that it has never been shown in training, and no one knows about it anymore.

 As soon as he said it, he didn't even show a preliminary motion and had already fired a red arrow.

 It penetrated the armor of the Demon King's train and shot through the at an unstoppable speed.

 That magic bullet that pierced the center of the train exploded on the spot without reflecting anywhere.

''This........how dare you.......''

 The moment Kostoria expressed her frustration, the remaining five magic bullets were pierced by a red arrow and exploded at the same time.

 Caught up in it, the rocks falling down on it also shattered into pieces.

''........Holy magic power and arrows.......? It wasn't in the issue....


 The red arrow that was released, taking advantage of the moment when Kostoria was lost in thought, ran at full speed.

 At full speed , she barely dodged it.


 Chasing the Demon King train that was speeding through the airspace, Kostoria set her sights on the magic eye room.

''I don't know who you are, but you're going to die--''

 The magic power concentrates on the parasol.
 Instantly, a point on the ground shone and the magic power of the parasol dissipated.

 She was pierced by the red light.
 Black-green blood soaked her shoulders.


Off? As the beasts used to say.

 In the magic eye room, Balzalondo muttered to himself.

 Stabbed into Kostoria is Baltzalond's arrow that he should have dodged once.

 <The arrow, which has the same properties as the Phantom Beast Resonant Evil Volcanic Meteorite (Borg Zevahave) and accelerates the further away it goes, crossed the sky, crossed the black skies, circled the disaster abyss world, slipped through the earth, and shot through Kostoria.

'This Baltzalondo, even if it is the end of the world, has never missed its target.