<The Disaster Abyss of Thirst.

 In the midst of this huge puddle, the tree-ship Aioneiria takes a course to the bottom of the water and dives.

 The interior is larger than the surface of the water, swallowing the huge sea of trees and making it still more spacious.
 The more you dive, the muddier the water becomes and the more raging the magic field becomes.

 The more you dive, the murkier the water becomes and the more turbid the magical field becomes.
 When I looked into the depths of the water, an eerie voice echoed.

 I want--

 It's not enough--


 Thirsty, thirsty, thirsty--

Hmm. Water mixed with craving.

 The thirst in the Silver Water Sacred Sea gathers in the abyss of Eavezaino, which rains down and then sinks into this pool of water.

 Even though it was still shallow, the voices of the phantoms echoed in their heads like a curse.
 Those with weak resistance would go crazy just by coming here.

 How much craving has really been accumulated in the deep layers?

 But that's not what I'm after right now, though.

"Parrington. <In the Abyss of Craving, there's a research tower of the Phantom Beast Agency, isn't there?

 I sent a leaks to Parrington, who was heading this way, away from the volcanic region.

That's right. It is a facility made out of the shells of Jeldnula, the Raikairyu. It's huge, so you'll be able to recognize it at a glance.

 He turned his gaze downward and saw a huge shell with countless spines on it.

 That's it.
 Long and long, the shells stretched like towers towards the bottom of the water.

''There is one entrance. It only opens when the thunder shell dragon Geldnula jumps out of the shell to prey on the food.''

 The mouth of the shell is the entrance.
 They must be using the fleshed-out phantom beasts as they are in the research tower.

That's not very convenient.

Dominique may only leave the tower once every 100 years or so. That's not an inconvenience.

 The thunder shell dragon Jeldnula was meant to keep the research on phantasmal beasts out of the way.
 If everything can be done inside that building, then it certainly won't be a problem even if the entrance is rarely opened.

 When the need arises, all you have to do is prepare food and open the door.

The only thing we can do is to successfully lure Jeldnula out of the building and use the opportunity to sneak into the research tower. It's not a good idea to go head-to-head with them, since we cannot be seen by anyone.

''The Two Pretenders' ship seems to be heading to the bottom of the Abyss of Craving. The beast engine will return fire. If she goes on a rampage, I'll take the opportunity to get inside. You guys come quickly too. You'll miss your chance.

Hurry up. I'm on my way.

 <I turn off my thought transmission (leaks).

 When I sent my magic power to the land of the tree-line I stepped on, the trees of Aioneiria changed into the shape of a magic circle.
 This is this ship's gunport.

"Doguda Azzedara.

 A blue stellar star emerged from the magic circle of the giant tree.
 It pierced through the water with a tail of light and landed on the research tower of the fantastic beast agency.

 It caused a loud vibration, but the shell research tower was unharmed.
 The flames that had been on for a moment were quickly extinguished.

''It's quite sturdy,''

 One after the other, Aioneiria's cannon gates opened, firing the High Bullet Flame Demon Cutthroat Artillery (Doguda Azzedara) in rapid succession.

 The research tower is violently shaken with a thunderous sound. No matter how hard it is, if you focus your magic fire on the weakest point, it will eventually create a hole.

 The aim is the shell's mouth.
 If it can be opened and closed, it's reasonable that it's more fragile than the others.

 I shot there, shooting and shooting and shooting at the blue star.

 The blue star explodes again and again, and cracks begin to appear in the shell. Just as a gap was about to appear in the shell's mouth, an ear piercing roar propagated through the water.

 The huge shell's mouth snapped open and a dragon with long, seashell-like scales leapt out of it with great force.

 The thunder shell dragon Jeldnula opened its jaws and discharged violently with a beehive as it opened its jaws (agito).
 The violent lightning breaths hit the tree sea ship Aionelia.

 But like the shells over there, this ship's wards cannot be broken so easily.

"Come in, my dear fellow pretender.

 A resounded inside the tree-sea ship.

 From inside the shell research tower, soldiers of the Phantom Beast Organization kept jumping out of the water.
 They were all wearing shell white robes that resembled the scales of the Thunder Shell Dragon.

''We are the Eavesino Phantom Beast Agency, the Mad Beast Unit under the direct control of its director Dominic. You are warned. Leave Iwezeino at once. If you do not bring your ship to the surface quickly, a mad craving will swallow you up.''

 The Mad Beast Squad. According to Balzalondo, there is a high possibility that they are involved in the Fallen Fortress' destruction.

 No matter how impenetrable the territorial waters are, we can't just leave them to die when they reach the heart of Eavesino, the Abyss of Despair.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find it.


 I kicked the ground while sending a leaks to my dad, who was holding my mom in his arms.

"I'm going to go kick some ass.

'Oh, oh! I'll take care of Isabella!

 Jumping up from the tree ship, I climbed onto the tallest tree.
 I wore the mask of Avos on my face and a cloak to disguise myself as the Two Noble Pretenders.

 The inside of the ship is hidden by a ward of branches and leaves, so I can't see through.
 But they'll never be able to take their eyes off me.

 As proof of this, as soon as it is exposed, the eyes of the mad beast squad are glued to my body.
 Behind them, the Thunder Shell Dragon was running vicious lightning on its scales.

 There was also a way to infiltrate as gently as possible, but this time it was hasty. It would be quicker to draw as much of their forces as possible and beat them thoroughly.

 And while we're at it, we can also fulfill our promise to Ronculus.

''...No response from the Two Rulers. From now on, the said inviolable territorial waters are now recognized as the enemy and will be eliminated with the full force of the mad beast troops......!

 Dozens of phantasmagoric tribe members have fully developed their magic power and are ready for battle.

 However, they are weaker than I expected.
 At this level--

"This is the Abyss of Despair, the place where the thunder dragon Jeldnula lives... ...gah, gah...!

 Hmm. What is it?

 There was something wrong with them.
 Their eyes were bleary, their muscles were angry, and their appearance was changing like a demon.

 The magic power has jumped up a few notches.

''I'll kill........I'll kill you......!

 I can't wait to die...!

'Hi-ha! I don't know if it's in non-invaded territorial waters or what, but they've been beaten to a pulp, you dumb bastard.

If I destroy the Two Overlords, I'll be the one in the inviolable territorial waters!

He's mine! Don't touch it!

You fool, you fool. This is my domain! This is a water disaster itself for creatures other than phantom beasts and the Phantom Race...!

 Even his character has changed. And all of them.
 It's as if their intellect has vanished and they're now steeped in lust.

 So that's the reason why they're called the Mad Beast Squad.

"Gufu, gufu, hahahahaha...!

 The phantoms are rushing towards me.
 There are 15 of them.


 The entire phantom race that jumped in was cut in half.


 Their evil eye can't see the Two Ruled Swords.
 To prevent their true identity from being known, they are able to turn invisible at will.

 However, if it wasn't invisible, could they have seen him pull out his sword from inside the cloak?

'Hmm. You seem to have enough reason left in you to stop at the death of your mate.

 The rest of the illusory clans remained at a distance from me as if they were wary of the unseen two-rate sword.

''Geehahahahahaha! This guy's strong! Interesting catch! Isn't this the best...!

 The Thunder Shell Dragon roared and discharged from its entire body. It became entangled in the demon swords of the Phantom Demon Race and charged with a buzzing sound.


 Countless lightning bolts emitted from the demon sword attacked me.
 I dodged them by jumping back and drawing a magic circle at them.

"Doguda Azbeda Azbehara!

 He shot a blue stellar star at the dense phantom beast troop.
 If it landed on one of them, the flames spread with the force of an explosion.

 But it was unharmed.
 The clapper dragon at the back, that is creating a strange magic force field.

''Can I tell you something? In the waters of the thunder shell dragon Jeldnula, lightning-attribute magic is enhanced, but the rest of the magic is weakened.

 One of the mad beast troopers, who is also very good at it, says
 It's as if they are fulfilling a desire to show off.

"Like this!

 Scattering around me, the mad beast squad thrusts out their magic swords.

''Hee-hooo! <Gabezuna.

Burnt, burnt.

"Put it out to charcoal, ha-ha-ha!

 A disaster struck me with so much lightning that I didn't even have a chance to dodge it.
 I moved my right hand loosely and drew a magic circle.

"Griping Magic Hand (Rayon).

 With my right hand, which was stained with evening darkness, I caught all the lightning and gripped it tightly.
 I threw the amplified Gabezuna back at them.

"Hey, hey, hey, that's what I got back!


 They flashed the increased power of the lightning with ease.

"It doesn't work. The scales of the Thunder Shell Dragon are impervious to lightning. I'm not sure if you understand what this means, do you understand?

 Once again, one of the demon tribe's visionaries lays bare their desire to show off.

"It's impossible for you to defeat us unless you approach us, you know," he said.

 It seems that all of their armor is made from the scales of a lightning shell dragon.

 It's an area of water where everything but lightning is weakened.
 It's a water area where everything but lightning is weakened, so they are well prepared to counter lightning magic.

''Interesting. I've just been wanting to try one out.

 I rushed straight forward and knocked down the phantom tribe with my bare hands.


"Hahaha, you think you can escape?

 I kicked the phantom tribe that was chasing me and blew them away.

''You think you're going to escape?''

 I broke the siege to get a clear shot at all of them.

 I shoot purple light from my fingertips and draw a spherical magic circle.

 My father, Cerys Voldigord, possesses the magic of Doom. This technique of compressing a spherical magic circle with the palm of one's hand probably goes hand in hand with this one.

"My father's magic hand is called Rayon.

 With his right hand, which was dyed in the evening darkness, he clutched the purple electric sphere magic circle.

 A purple lightning bolt swelled up and scattered a violent thunderbolt around him.

 <While being amplified by the , it forcibly holds down and condenses Shi-den, who is trying to swell wildly in the palm of his hand.

 If he raises his hand to the heavens, the overflowing Shi-den draws a tenth magic circle.
 From them, Shi-Den ran and connected the magic circle to the magic circle, building a single giant magic circle.

"Palm Demon Ash-Shroud Purple Annihilation Thunder and Fire Electric Field (Laviers Gilg Gaverijds)