542-Heinriel's medal

 17,000 years ago--
 The blacksmithing world of Badyloua.

 It was raining.

 A thick fog covered the area in front of me.
 No, it wasn't fog, it was smoke.

 The smoke emanating from the numerous blacksmithing workshops covered Badilua and blocked the view.

 If you are an ironmonger from the blacksmithing world, you would be able to figure out your current location by the sound of magical steel hitting from everywhere, but this was not something that Luna from the disaster abyss world could imitate.

 She has heard the ominous sound of rain in her hometown.
 Pushing away the bad feeling, she ran. Suddenly, her feet were caught in the slush and she fell to the ground.

 I felt like I was in that puddle.

 Luna had been withdrawn for a long time when she heard that her child would be born as the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon.

 It would not be the way her grandfather wanted it to be.

 You must not give birth to a child.

 No one should ever love them.

 She told herself over and over again, and over and over again she stopped herself.

 Still, the craving that smoldered in my chest would not go away.
 I don't need a single thing special. I just wanted a commonplace family.

We have to hurry. I'm running out of ships...

 Luna gets up and starts running again.

 All the way--
 He was killing, killing, killing and desperately pushing down the craving that was floating endlessly in his head.

 --Your child will be the lion that destroys the Silver Water Holy Sea...

 Remembering her grandfather's words, Luna told herself.

 This dream is not going to come true, she said.

 The Lion of Perdition of Artsenon.
 Everyone who lives in Ewezeino knows the horror of it, as much as anyone who lives in Ewezeino knows it is disgusting.

 A phantom beast that must not be encountered, as they say.
 A calamity that must not be unleashed, as they say.

 From time to time the lion of perdition influences the outside world from the Abyss of Craving.
 No matter how small the power, it is a catastrophe that leaves its mark on the world.

 Thousands of years ago, the Claws of Perdition thrust out of the Craving Abyss and chipped off half of Eavesino.

 Many of the divine races perished, the order was distorted and driven mad, and since then, the rain in the Abyss World has not stopped.

 That's it with a single claw. That's it without any substance.
 If I was incarnated and released into the world, I couldn't even imagine how horrible the plagues would be to spread.

 He would be united with the one he loves and have children.
 They would live in peace and tranquility, poor but harmonious.

 That dream is undoubtedly a mortal sin for Princess Abyssal Disaster.
 Her child will never bring her peace.

 But still--.
 Even if it's an irrevocable sin, maybe what my grandfather Dominic said was true.

 The craving does not go away.
 It still condemns her, even though she knows it can't be fulfilled.

 A thousand years. Luna continued to fight her craving.

 And then she met it.
 A young child who had wandered into Ewezeino.

 Or perhaps it was a temptation from the devil.
 Luna wanted a child, and the touch of a small child pushed her to push back, but the touch of a small child aroused her craving so strongly.

 Luna confided in him about the situation.
 It was too soon to give up, the child said. 

 He was clever, even at a young age, and like Luna, he had a great destiny.

 The only difference was that the little boy was never pessimistic about his own fate and kept fighting.
 She would win, he said.

 Strangely, she felt that she too could fight her fate.

 With his help, Luna got out of Ewezeino.
 The child went to fight her own battle. She came to this forged world of Vardilua, alone, to fight too.

 A nobleman staying here right now might be able to help Luna.

''Ha........ha......there you are.......!

 Up a steep mountain, there was a boat landing, where the silver water ship Nepheus was docked.

 It's a compartment that is off-limits to the public. On the regular route, the soldiers of Badyloua wouldn't let her in, so she climbed up there from the back.


 Luna looks at the ship and mutters to herself.

 The anchor is being raised.
 Soon, the silver water ship Nepheus is about to set sail.

''Wait........please wait.......Baroness.......!

 Luna shouted loudly to the silver water ship as she ran over.

 Once the ship left, there would be no more chances to meet them.
 Luna didn't have the skill to cross the Silver Water Holy Sea.

''Baron-sama, please take this.......!

 Luna took out a medal from her pocket and held it up to the boat as it slowly floated to the surface.
 It was decorated with a five-sword design.

"Step back, woman. Where did you come from?

If you go any further, you'll get away with it.

 Soldiers noticed Luna and gathered around one by one.

 In the blink of an eye, Luna was seized and her face was held down on the ground.

'Please! Please let go. I wanted to talk to the Baron........! This medal....

Quiet! Do you think I'd let a suspicious fellow like you meet with the Baronet?

 The soldier draws his holy sword and thrusts it at Luna's neck.

'Whose sword is that? For what purpose are you trying to contact the Baronet?

 Luna could not answer.
 If she told them the truth, the soldiers wouldn't believe her.

''I'll speak to the Baroness,''

Oh. Really? Then I'll drop my fingers one by one until you want to split your mouth open. Hold it down.

 The soldiers around him held Luna's body tightly and made her open her hand.
 The cut end of the holy sword touched her thumb, and a slight amount of blood seeped through.

''Let's start with your thumb.''

 Trembling, Luna closed her eyes tightly.
 She desperately controlled her magic power so that the that lies deep within her body would not open.

 The soldier swung his sword down.



 A stunned voice spills out.

 There is no pain.
 When Luna opens her eyes, what comes into view is a broken sword barrel.

'I'm not impressed with your roughness. Maybe she had her own circumstances.''

 A blond man slowly descends across the front of the silver watercraft.
 He wears the solemn clothes typical of nobility and carries a clear holy sword in his hand.

 Using that sword, he broke the soldier's sword.

'Stand back,' he said. She seems to have business with me.


 Lebrahard landed quietly and walked over to Luna.
 The soldiers released her and stepped back to clear the way.

'I'm sorry to be so rough on you, but I hope you won't hold a grudge. They're on business too.

No, it's not okay because I went in there without permission...

 The nobleman reached out his hand and raised Luna's body.

''Are you the Five Holy Barons of Hyphoria, Baron Lebrahard Frenelos-sama...?''

 In the Silver Water Holy Sea, heads of state were not hereditary.

 It was no exception in the Holy Sword World Hyphoria. The Holy King's children would not be called princes, but would be treated on a par with the other hunting nobles.

 Although Rebrahard was the current Holy King's biological son, the Holy King had a different surname because he called himself Heinriel regardless of his family history.

''Right. Do you have business with me?''

 Luna nodded her head and said as if she had made up her mind.

''I am Luna, granddaughter of Dominique, the director of Eavesino's fantastic beast agency.

 For a moment, Lebrahard looked grim.

''I have a request for you, Baroness...''

 Lebrahard quickly controls with his hand and turns to the soldiers.

'Can you take it off?'

Yes, sir.

 The soldiers all left the landing place.
 As Lebrahard sent , the silver water ship Nepheus also went up.

 When he finished paying people off, he says again to Luna.

I'm sorry. You know how close you are with Ewezeino. I can't guarantee your safety if the others hear about it.''

 Luna nodded persistently.

'I didn't know the director of the Phantom Beast Agency had a granddaughter, how can I help you?

 As he said that, Luna showed the Order of the Order from earlier to Lebrahard.

 He turned his magical eye to it, confirming that it was real.
 Then, in a voice that sounded like a mixture of sadness and warmth, he asked gently.

'Did you take care of Jayne's last moments?'

 Luna made a pouting expression.
 Then Lebrahard twisted his head curiously.

''...Do you know what this is?''

 Luna shook her head from side to side.

'The details ... well ... originally, this wasn't mine ...'


 As if in mourning for the dead, Lebrahard prayed over the medal.


It's called the Order of Heinriel. It's a gift from His Majesty the King. It's a gift from His Majesty the King. It bears the heart and words of my old friend Jayne. He asked me to ask for the help of the person who gave it to him.

 Lebrahard holds the medal in his hand.
 Dazzling particles of light flooded from it and drifted around him.

 It was as if the medals were speaking to him.

'You seem to have inherited this medal from a strong infant. Take this with you, and I will help you.


It's the Holy Will and Testament, the magic of Hyphoria. The hunter can bequeath his mind to a bequest with the power of his will before he perishes. Here is where Jayne's mind was bequeathed. He says the child has given him a lifeless favor. And who is this child?

 Luna shook her head in annoyance.

''Well I don't know her name. The girl told me it was better not to know it.......and to pretend that I never met her.......

That's why he didn't leave it in the Testament... he could have said the same thing to Jayne...

 The light of the medal quickly disappeared.

'It's fine. Jain's benefactor is the person to whom he gave up this medal. Whoever it is, even if it's your nemesis, a resident of Ewezeino, it's the same thing. One of the Five Holy Barons, in the name of Rebrahard Frenelos, I will show my righteousness as a hunting nobleman.

 Gently grasping the medal, Lebrahard said.

'You said you had a wish for me?'

 Luna nodded.

'I have heard that in ancient times, a brave man from Hyphoria once slashed the Lion of Perdition in Arzenon. With a holy sword that could break any fate.'

 This is the lore of the symbol of Hyphoria, the Spirit God and Human Sword Evans Mana.

"....I am the Abyssal Princess of Plagues, who gives birth to the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon...My womb is connected to the Abyss of Plagues, the Abyss of Craving....

 Lebrahard could not hide his surprise.

 How the Lion of Perdition of Artsenon would be born had been hidden from the hunting nobles all this time.

 If it was known, Hyphoria would mobilize all the hunters and try to hunt Luna.
 Still, this was the only way.

 She clenched her fists tightly and said, as if hoping for a little more.