12-Devil's friend

 Me and Misha moved into the living room as dinner was ready.
 The dining room table was lined with a sumptuous array of dishes, including my favorite, mushroom gratin.

'Come on, eat up,'

 Mom says that, and then she takes the gratin from the platter and shares it with me on a small plate.

 I can't get enough of this delicious smell.
 I feel like I'm drooling at any moment.

"Eat a lot of it, Misha, okay?


 I don't mean to brag, but my mom's food is honestly good. This is the one dish that no dish I've ever eaten in the age of mythology will ever be able to match.
 The peaceful world has degenerated magic, but it has evolved cooking instead, is my conclusion after eating my mother's food for the past month.

'Let's beg.'

 I scoop up the gratin with a spoon.

"Is this...?

 What the hell...! This gratin has three kinds of mushrooms in it.
 Eringi mushrooms, mushrooms, and porcini mushrooms.
 Usually there's only one kind! 

Mom, I'm so excited.

 Mom laughs, as if she can see right through me.

'Here, here, have some.'

 I nodded and popped the gratin into my mouth.


 The creamy, prodigious taste spreads on your tongue, with a hint of sweetness in the midst of the salty flavor.
 The rich, concentrated flavor of the mushrooms is sure to be a hit in your stomach.
 The texture of the mushrooms is crispy, and I want to keep chewing on them as long as I can.

 Oh, it's good that I've been reborn. It's really good.

Fufu, Anos has grown up quickly, but she still looks like a child when she's eating.

 Mom says something like that.
 I was so engrossed, I was biting into my gratin.

'By the way, mom, I'd like to ask you something...'

 With that preamble, Mom made a serious face.

'I wonder what does Misha-chan like about Anos-chan?

'Gah, gah, gah...'

 I muffled as hard as I could.

Oh, Anos, are you okay?

Oh, well...

 Ku. I didn't know that what I had done was to put the gratin in my trachea.
 I was so engrossed in the deliciousness of the gratin that I completely forgot to tell Mom and the others the truth.

 What a terrifying magic your gratin is to make me, the so-called "Demon King," lose my cool.
 The only person who can resist me in this day and age is your mother.

So where is it?

 Misha stares blankly and thinks.

''The ... kind part ...''

 The moment the words were uttered so matter-of-factly, Mom clenched her fist.

'Yes, that's right! Anos, you're such a sweetheart! Because, you see, Anos actually wanted to come to Dirheid by herself, but when she found out that her mother was lonely, she brought her along with her!

 Hmm. I see. Is this what being a parent is all about?
 It's the first time I've experienced it, but it's quite an embarrassing thing.

"....filial piety.....

Of course you do. Misha, you know what you're doing. As expected of Anos, you have a lot to answer for.

 Okay, now. It's now. Let me make a quick correction.

"You know, Mom.

Anos, do you need more mushroom gratin?

What? It's still there. I'll take it.

 I bite into the gratin that Mom served me, engrossed in it.

'So, how is it that Anos and Misha are getting along?

...the beginning...?

'How did you guys meet? Which way did you come to me?

'....The person who called me was Anos....

Moooooooooo, that's what Anos! It's so womanly of you to talk to a girl yourself!

 My mother whistled and whistled.
 What in the world is that?

And then? What did you say to me, Anos?

 Remembering my words, Misha looks up and thinks about it.

''........we're both going to have a hard time......''

Geez, that's great! Anos, what is that? If you say something like that, if you say something like that, a girl is going to fall off in one shot!

 I have no idea what's so cool about it, but I don't know what to say to my mother, who has become an idiot, so let's just wait and see.

 At any rate, there's still some gratin left. We have to eat it while it's hot.

And then what? What did Misha say to that?


 It's been a perfect match from the start! Love of a lifetime...

 Mom remains enraptured and in her own world with an enraptured look on her face, and it's as if she doesn't seem to be coming out.

'So, then, well, you know... have you two... kissed... already?'

 OK. I guess I can use this question as a starting point to explain what's really going on. As expected, I doubt that we are even lovers if we haven't kissed.

''We didn't.........''

Yeah, yeah, you're saving it for marriage, romantic!

 I'm glad to see you're here.

But what shall I do? Little Anos is only a month old. It's going to be a long time before she's old enough to get married.

...a month...?

'Yes, you'd be surprised. Anos is very clever and was able to talk since he was born. She could also use magic and grew up to be such a big girl because of her growth (kurst).

 Misha stares at me.

 No matter how much of a demon race you are, it's not every day that you can learn to use magic in a month.
 In other words, it's proof that I've been reincarnated.

 That doesn't mean I'll believe I'm a demon king right away, though.
 Even if someone other than the Demon King used the magic of reincarnation, there would be no mystery.

''........Eh? Huh? Could it be that Misha-chan is the type of person who cares about the age difference...?

 Mom is completely misguided.

''I don't care...''

Yes, that's right. Anos is such a cute little girl.

 Misha turns to me again.


Don't look at me like that.

 Mom shook both fists up and down at the exchange.

'Kyaaaaaahhhh. Hey, honey, did you hear that, did you hear that! "Cute? "Don't look at me like that! Oh, my God! What are you, a mature couple? We're a mature couple!

 Mom is excited. Dad is drinking and nodding to himself, looking into the distance, nodding his head emotionally.
 I thought he would calm down eventually, but Mom was so excited all the time and talked like a recluse that she didn't have a chance to correct Misha at all.

 In the blink of an eye, dinner was over, and while we were chatting away, it was getting late in the evening.

 We went out to walk Misha to the middle of the evening.

'Hands off,'

 Misha honestly grabbed my hand.

"I'll give you a ride home.

I don't even know...?

'Picture the location of the house. I'll read your thoughts and send them to you.

Can you...do...?

No problem.

 Misha stares at me.


 The location of the house Misha had pictured in my mind through our clasped hands.

'I'm sorry about your day,'

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head.

''That was fun...''

Well, that's okay. When you and Mom are settled, I'll tell them we're friends.


Ah, so that's what friends do in this day and age.

 Then Misha pointed at herself.

''My ... friend ...?''

Wrong. What do you call this kind of a relationship?

 Misha shook her head and then chuckled.

''I'm glad...''



 <To use the power of transference, he puts magic in his hand.

I'll see you at school.


 Misha's body disappeared and she shifted.