The doorbell of the shop rang with a clang, "Welcome, Anos, welcome back.

'Welcome--oh, Anos, welcome back.

 My mother, who was working at the store, comes walking toward me.
 She's probably working on something in her workshop.

So what do you think?

 Mom says with a nervous look on her face.

'I've passed,'

 When I said that, my mother's face broke into a smile as if she was relieved, and she squeezed me in a hug.

Congratulations! Congratulations, Anos! That's great! How can you really be so clever, Anos, that you got accepted to the academy in just one month! We're going to have a treat tonight!

 Good grief. You didn't pass the test yourself, but what is this joy?
 Is this what it means to be a parent? Oh no, I don't understand it at all.
 I don't understand it, but ... well, I don't feel bad about it.

"What do you want to eat, Anos?

Yeah. Preferably with a mushroom gratin.

 It's been my favorite food for two thousand years now.
 My entourage would always tell me to eat something more luxurious or demon king-like, but I can't blame them because I like what I like.

 In general, when I asked him what is typical for a demon king, he replied with a horrible answer like 'human'.
 There's no way a human can eat it, you fool.

 You can't show that a demon king can't eat gratin or something like that, but that's nonsense.
 The Demon King is the name of a person who has the power to follow his or her own selfish desires.

 That's why he eats what he wants to eat when he wants to.
 I eat the mushroom gratin.

Hmm, okay. Mushroom au gratin, Anos, you love it. I thought you'd say so, and I've prepared it well, mom.

 That's my mother, she's not your old crew.

Oh, and, Mom, I've got a visitor.

Hmm? You have a visitor? Huh?

 I turn around and introduce Misha, who was hiding behind my back.

'This is Misha Necron. We met at the Academy today.

 Misha takes a step forward and says in a voice without inflection.

''Nice to meet you....''

 Misha bowed her head in a bow.
 Then, for some reason, Mom had a surprised look on her face and put her hand over her mouth.


 Mom was so upset that she spoke out loud.

My Anos has already taken his wife!

 A voice echoed throughout the house.
 Misha nodded her head slightly.

''........about me.......?''

No, sorry. I'm just being a little hasty, mom.

 I don't know how much of a misunderstanding it is.


It's okay. It's okay, Anos. Your happiness is your mother's happiness, Anos. Mum, I have no objection to it...

 She wipes the corners of her eyes and says through tears.
 I'm a little afraid to ask her what kind of fantasies are running through her head.

"Mom. I'm sorry to be in the heat of the moment, but...

 The door of the workshop was opened with a bang.

'Anosk! It was a good job. That's what I'm talking about, man!

 d*mn, Dad.
 I want you both to calm down.

"Looking back, I can remember your birth as if it was only a few days ago.

 Dad paused somewhat pretentiously and looked at the window.

'Dad thought this day would come, but it's been a long and a little short. But it's been a long and a little short.

 Haha, Dad laughed briskly.
 'Well, that's only a month, so that's short.

No, congratulations. Isabella, we're feasting tonight. We're going to celebrate with gusto.

'Yes, I know, dear. It's a gateway for you, Anos.

 My father has a big smile on his face and my mother is in tears again.
 They are facing each other and nodding in agreement.

 Misha gives me a look.

'Yeah well...'

All right, if you decide to do that, we'll make a quick meal. Here, Isabella, smile, smile.

Yes, you're right. You shouldn't let your mother cry on Anos' happy day. Don't worry, you'll be able to laugh!

 Dad and Mom are getting all excited about it, leaving us stunned.

"You know what, Mom, Dad,

Oh, that's all right, Anos. You don't have to help me today, I'll just do it on my own.

 I've never helped you with that, Dad.

'Come on, come on, show Misha her room.

 My dad pushed me to go upstairs and come up to my room.

 Just before he closes the door, Dad's expression tightens.

"Look, Anos," he says. It will take two hours to cook. It'll take two hours to cook, and I'll make sure you don't scream a little too loudly so that Mom doesn't hear you.

 Hmm. Father, what are you talking about?

"You know, Dad,

Don't worry, son. I'll take care of this for you.

 Before I can correct him, Dad closes the door.
 Just before he did, he said in a somewhat disgusting voice.

"Take your time.

 Good grief, I don't know about you guys.

"Sorry, Misha. I'll talk to you later when I have a chance to cool off.


 There's nothing to be afraid of, and Misha is not afraid of things in this situation.
 She's staring blankly at my room.

''........an empty room.......''

I've just moved in.

 I'm not going to add that much stuff, though.

'But I'm really sorry about that. I'm sorry for being such a rowdy parent.

 Misha shook her head from side to side.

'....I'm used to it...'

 It reminded me of the human man who had come to see Misha off this morning.

'Surely Misha's father is a lot like him.


Yeah, I'm sorry. Not as bad as mine.

 Misha shook her head from side to side again.

''It's not your father...''

You mean it wasn't your father who was coming to see you off this morning?

 Misha nodded.

'....substitute parent...'

So what happened to your real parents?


 I see. So that's one way of looking at it.
 I'm sure you're not the only one.

"...Anos has a brother...?

No, no. He's not here. How come?

...for the brothers to get along...

Yeah, what you said to Zepes and Riorg.

 Kokoro, Misha nodded.



 Haha, I couldn't help but laugh.


'No, no, I've never heard anyone say that to me before.

What do they say...?


 I look back at all the things I've been told in my life.

'I've heard a lot of things about how you're not good for the world when you're alive, demons, demons, you outcasts, what color is your blood?'

 Misha stared at me.

'Were you bullied?'

Me? No way?

 If anything, it's more of a retribution for what I've done, even if it was out of necessity.
 I'm not going to make excuses.

Well, it's on me.

 But even though he denied it once and for all, Misha said.

No, but that's not the case.

 Misha stands tall and gently touches my head.


 Hmm. I'm afraid you misunderstood me.
 I'm going to have to do something stupid.

I mean, forget about the whole bullying thing. Well, I'm not so sure about the niceness of it, though. Sounds like it was too much for those guys to handle.

 That Zepes guy had just put my brother out to pasture.

"...that's the result...


 Misha nodded.

'.........Anos is kind.......'

 It didn't feel so bad to be told that, surprisingly.

'Does Misha have a brother and sister?'

 After just a few moments of thought, Misha said.


Are you close?

 Then Misha was silent.

''I don't know...''

 I don't know, that's a strange answer.
 It's either good or bad. Is there a reason for this?

I'm worried...?

Oh. Oh, yeah.


 I wondered if she was going to tell me about her sister, but Misha only smiled a little.

 Then they had a rambling conversation for a while until the food was ready.