304-A dragon nesting in the root

 The ashes of the High Dragon rained down there in a flurry.
 Shredded to the point of being impossible to divide, its roots perish and will not revive.


 With a mournful cry, Viaphlea reaches out her hands and catches a small amount of the ashes.

'Poor thing,'

 Viaflair muttered and gripped the ashes gingerly.
 Then he glared at me.

'Anos, do you have any idea what you've done?'

'Petting an ill-disciplined dragon?'

 Slowly, Viaflair shook his head from side to side.

'You have destroyed your own brother.

 You're talking crazy again.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Hail dragon is my baby. He's my baby.

 As if to remind me, Viaflair began to explain.

'Boldinos taught me how to do it. 'Boldinos taught me the magic to swallow Galvadrion, the god of tyranny, and reincarnate him in my belly. And so the god-eating dragon, the children of the land, were born. Two children, mine and Boldinos'.

 He gently places his fingertips against his own belly with the Via Flare.
 That's where the High Dragon must be lurking as well.

''Hey, Anos.''

 In a sticky tone, Viaflair scolded me.

''You're the big brother, you shouldn't torture your brother.

I have a sister, but I don't remember having a brother. A brother who is unreasonable and a monster.

You're judging me by my looks. I'm not a monster. You've met them, you've met them. You've met them, you've sung with the people of Gadeisiola. They are all my beautiful dragons, my children. 

 That's what Yggess said, but I didn't think he'd say it himself.

"Hmm. What do you want to do with your people as parasites on the High Dragon?

And they will all be my children. Me and Bordinos' children. I told you. This is the land of the free and the land of the family.

 As if it were a matter of course, Vihlea replied, "I have often heard it said that it is a free country.

It's a free country, as they say. When the time comes, the people of Gadeisiola will be puppets, just like Golloana," he said. Just like Gorloana.'

'Isn't it normal for children to listen to their parents? Besides, if they don't disobey me, they're free.

I'll take that as a free gift. Then why do you keep your people in a cage in the wall of Benno Yevhen?

It's a dangerous world out there. It's my duty to protect my children from bad gods and bad adults who believe in them.

 With a big serious face, Viaphraea said.

'Why do you go to the trouble of limiting the food available if you go out and tamper with the memories of your people and then ration them?

Families are supposed to eat together. ─ Families are supposed to share a table, and even if they are poor, they share their food and support each other to survive. That's how it's always been in Gadesiola. Bordinos was the father, and the people lived hand in hand, like a family.

 A happy Vihlea recalls.

This country will always be the same as it was when the Boldinos created it. ─ This country will always be the same, as it was when Boldinos created it, and I will do everything I can to keep it alive. I will do everything I can to keep it alive. I would do anything to keep it alive.

I'm so disgusted that I can't even speak. Those who rebelled against God created a nation. But minds are always changing. There will be those born in this country with a fresh mind. Not all the people can be of the same mind.

 It's not as if my words didn't resonate, and Viaphlea just looked at me blankly.

It's a good thing that you don't believe in God, because when you grow up you don't need the protection of your parents. The people who no longer need this country, what have you done with them?

'This is the utopia that Boldinos created. If anyone denies his desire to be a martyr to his beliefs.
Whatever it is, Gadeisiola will not tolerate it. Don't we need this country?

 'Haha,' laughed Viaflair lecherously.

'That's not a joke,'

"Hmm. This is to be expected, Viaflair. When the first High King founded the country, his principles were not wrong. Indeed, there were those who had lost faith in God gathered here. The reason they couldn't go out was because the danger was so great, and the reason they were rationed was simply because there was no food. But the circumstances surrounding the country are always changing. The hearts of the people who live there will also change.

 As if to confront him, he flies the words to Viaflair.

'How long in the world do you think it's been? If the mind of Boldinos, who has become an agent, remains unchanged, the people will soon leave.

'No, no one has left. ─ No, no one has left us, this country is still as happy as it was when Boldinos created it, it is full of smiles and happiness, and I have to protect it. This country is as happy and smiling as it was when Boldinos created it, and I must keep it that way. I have to protect it until his heart returns to normal. Until his time begins to move. We will wait for him in the same form. Because this is his country.

"Via Flare.

 Unchecked anger spilled out with his voice.

'There is no country for him. There is only their country.

It's the same thing. This is his and our family's country. We will wait forever until his heart comes back to us.


 I say, spitting in the face of the idea of Viaflar.

You can enter, but you cannot leave. Those who are born here will never know the outside world for the rest of their lives. They will have a dragon implanted in their roots, their memories will be tampered with, and if they disobey, they will be forced to do what they are told. The king does not see his people and all he thinks about is the man. He starves his people and declares that it's dangerous outside, but he doesn't even try to do enough to prevent the shaking rain.

 I just came here today to find out how devastated it is.
 And even that would only be the tip of the iceberg.

 How bad it really is.
 I get angry just thinking about it.

There is no freedom here, no family. This country is a cage. This country is a cage, a prison made by a wretched woman who waits for a man who will not return, a prison of tit for tat.

 He draws a magic circle and draws the Sword of the Almighty, Levine Girma, from it.

'Today is the end of Gadeisiola. No, it was over long ago.

 He held his sword, still in its scabbard, and ran his hand over the hilt.

'I will destroy you.'

 'Huh,' she sighs languidly.

'You're her child, Anos, and you don't want to understand her grief one bit, do you?

 Via Flare draws a magic circle on the floor.
 The one who appeared there was Pope Gorloana, who had grown the wings of the High Dragon.

 Parasitized and insane at the earliest? He doesn't utter a voice and has empty eyes.

'In him is the High Dragon who has devoured the most gods. He's got the power of the Trace God and the Gospel God, and his roots are stronger than God's, and in near infinite quantities.

What about it?

'From now on, I'm going to let her nest in your roots. Then you and I can be real parents to each other. Bordinos and I will become a real family. And you will understand the beauty of this country.

 You mean, falsify my memory.

Hmm. How many gods did you think you could reach me, no matter how many gods you ate?

 'Haha,' chuckles Viaflare lecherously.

'I know you're strong. You are the son of Boldinos. But you are no match for me and Boldinos' son, the High Dragon. You've only destroyed a small part of it. How many High Dragons do you think there are in this country? When push comes to shove, all those kids will be your enemies.

 'Besides,' said Viaphraea.

'Anos is here to help the Pope and the Cardinal, right?

As a matter of fact.

Then you know what I mean. The parasitic High Dragon is now biting deep into Gorloana's roots. If you try to forcibly pull it off, his roots will be destroyed.

 So you're a hostage.

''The sooner the High Dragon destroys the source of Gorloana, the sooner we rip it off, the better.

'That's why Ahide isn't here. Even if he could, it would destroy his roots.

You're not the one who took Ahide on an errand?

Yes. If we take him away, we can lure Diedrich and Nafta, the god of the future, into our home. We've done our job.

 It doesn't matter when I destroy it.
 When Ahide is gone, there will be no more royal dragon sacrifice.

 There will be a future where Ricardo will give his life.

"Hey, you know what, Anos?

 As if proud of his victory, Viaphraea says

'Accept the High Dragon into its source. Then the dragon that nests at the root of Gorloana will be transferred to you. You can free him.

 Then she laughed down at me.

''Or, no matter how much you are, I'm not sure you're confident that you'll be able to accept the High Dragon at the root and get away with it safely?''

Ha-ha. That's a very, very cheap provocation. Very well.

 I delivered the Almighty's sword, Levine Girma, into the magic circle and I stood on a stick and exposed myself.

'I'll ride. But you will regret it. But you will regret it. You'll be putting your own hands on my sweet child.

What do you think?

 As if to say, as if to say, "It's as good as I thought it would be," Viaflair smiled.

"Go to the nest, my sweet child. I'm going to make your brother my real child.

 The High King issues an order to the High Dragon.

 Then the parasitic Gorloana steps out and thrusts its hand out to me.
 I thought my right arm was dyed black, but it turned into a purple dragon.

 A huge dragon head emerges from my arm, gnashing its fangs mercilessly into my chest.
 Fresh blood spurts out, and from the open hole, the high dragon enters my body.

 On the contrary, one after another, the High Dragon was slipping out of Gorloana's arms.

''Huh? You are so patient. Shouldn't it be quite painful?

What? That tickles me.

Haha. I wonder how much longer you can keep talking like that.

 The High Dragon's entire body settled inside my root source.
 Instantly, the dragon inside me began to flail as if it were suffering.

 Golloana's expression turned slightly grim.

''What are you in a hurry for? You have been warned. It's suicide to try to get inside my body, much less the source of it. You will be immersed in the blood of a demon king, and you will be destroyed before long.

"Yeah. I knew it. Your roots are special. Even the High Dragon would perish before it becomes a parasite. But that child is special even among the High Dragons.

 Gorloana shows the back of her right hand and makes the pearl of selection shine.

'The High King Viaflar commands you. Enneteloton, the Parasite, follow the order and nest in Anos the Nonconformist.

 With the order, the divine order flooded my roots.
 It dismisses even the blood of the Demon King and begins to erode my depths as fast as it can.

 Slowly, slowly, the dragon of supremacy fills up inside me.

"Here, look. My child is nesting in your roots.

"...hmmm. I see. So the dragon that made me a parasite is also a parasite of a god.

'Yes, Anos. You made the mistake of thinking that we cannot use God because we are a nation that believes in a god that Gadesiola does not worship. For us, God is something we use. It's easy for us to command him, even if we don't believe in him.

 Vierflair laughs with pride.
 The High Dragon's horns sprout out of my head as if to say that I've taken control of my body.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you're not the only one. You had such a big mouth earlier, aren't you going to be parasitic now? You're pathetic.

 I'll fill the Demon King's blood to the root, but I can't corrode the High Dragon as if it has adapted to it.

''Haha, it's useless to resist so much, right? Once you get that far into the root cause, the ennetroton will always be a parasite according to order. The only way to stop them is to destroy the root cause.

 She quickly held up the Alliance Pearl Ring.

''Your roots,'' she said. There's no way you can do that, right?

 As a precaution, Viaflare sent her magic power to Meijiju.

 The parasitic god Enneteloton, and the root of the parasitic source of the high dragon, remade my body.
 The dragon's horns and tail, and then its wings had appeared.

''Haha! Hmmm, hahahahahaha! It worked. It worked. I'm sure Boldinos will appreciate that.

 With a satisfied look on her face, Viaflair stared at me.
 Then she walked up to me and smiled at me.

'Come on, Anos. Come on, my darling. Lick my feet. I will show you that I am your mother.

Hmm. Licking your foot...

 I pointed my palm to Viaflair's leg.
 She smiled as if pleased.

''-this is how it works?''

 Instantly, my palm draws a magic circle.
 The head of the High Dragon that shot out from there vigorously bit into Via Flare's leg.

''Geez, geez, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

 My horns, wings, and tail all retracted, and instead, a single giant high dragon appeared from the magic circle.

 That guy is swinging his head around with the lower half of Via Flare's body in his mouth.

''........What are you doing? I won't let go...!

 Viaflare opened her mouth and spat out a purple breath from it.
 A super-heated flame burned the High Dragon, and she barely escaped from its fangs.

 The dragon's wings sprouted from its back and the High King flew through the air.

 I'm pretty sure it's a parasite...

"Hmm. Didn't Boldinos tell you, Viaflare? There are plenty of parasites on earth, but never on the demon race.

 She has a look on her face that says she's never heard of it before.

'Do you know why?'

 Viaflare didn't answer, concentrating on healing the wound with her recovery magic.

'Because if you parasite a demon race, the last thing you want is for that parasite to be dominated in reverse by immunity. If you parasitize a demon race with strong magical power and immunity, that's what happens, whether it's a dragon or a god.

 The High Dragon roared and pounced on Via Flare with its fangs bared.
 As she flew through the air, she barely ducked the dragon head's rush, which had been waved at her many times.

''..........................Stop, my sweet child, do you know what you are doing? My dear mother! I was born with this pain in my belly! My child is going to defy me?

'Don't lick the demon race too much, Viaflare. As long as you're a parasite on me, you're part of me.

 Kicking, Viaflair flicks me a look.

'Make it stop, Anosk! What does it matter what happens to Golloana?

Yeah? I don't think you can afford it, now, can you?

''It's a pity. You may think you've outsmarted them, but you've only got half the Hegemony of the dragon that lives inside you. There's still half a dragon left at the root of Gorloana!

 As if to confirm what Viaflare had said, the horns of the dragon sprouted from Pope Gorloana and wings appeared.

''Hmm. Then let's rip off the other half.'

'Haha! What are they talking about? I told him that if he did that, the root of Gorloana would be destroyed--

 Viaflair was momentarily exclaiming.


 She looked at the Pope with an astonished expression.
 Even though it didn't emit any kind of life, the dragon's head was churning out of its right arm.

 As soon as that high dragon thought it had bared its fangs, it roared and flapped its wings.
 As if to break the wind, that thing rammed into Via Flare.

 The High Dragon bit off her wings, causing Via Flare to fall and slam into the ground.
 In pursuit, the two High Dragons pounced on her.

 While putting up a magical barrier, Viaflare barely blocked their fangs and claws.

''D........why........! It can't be. It can't be! Because the remaining High Dragon in Gorloana isn't even a parasite on you.......

What are you talking about? Isn't the root of the High Dragon the swarm? It's a dragon that is multiple and one root. It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one. It's obvious what my immunity to the attack of the parasite will do if it follows that connection.

 As she realized, she turned pale.

''The Demon King's immunity is ferocious. It will never stop until it has eroded the entire herd.

'....lie....no...it can't be...it can't be...it can't be! 

First things first.

 She used her recovery magic to heal her wings, and once again she distanced herself from the two High Dragons.
 Even as she did so, the High King made an expression of disbelief.

''.........First, ha........?

''All the people in this country are parasitic to the High Dragon. It was probably a group that originally split up.

 She trailed off as she affirmed.

'If you don't quickly destroy my immunity, all the people of this country will fall under my control.

 Via Flare's expression was tinted with despair.
 She clenched her teeth gingerly and with tears in her eyes, she chanted a magic to the two High Dragons coming towards her.

 In an instant, that High Dragon stopped moving with a snap and fell to the floor with a loud noise.

 Its root source was devoured by its own root source.
 The collar when the High Dragon lost control - it would be a self-destructive magic.

 Viaflare gently touched her hand to that dragon and spilled her tears.

''My sweet child........''

'Does it hurt your heart so much to have a piece of the group on your hands, Viaflair?

''Of course I won't forgive you, I won't forgive you, I won't forgive you, I won't forgive you Anos I will. I will never forgive you for allowing me to lay my hands on a child with Boldinus! Don't think that a normal spanking will be enough!

Last question, Viaflar. Will you not show any of your mercy to your people?

 I didn't answer the question, just met Viaflair's gaze as she stared at me in a form of indignation, and I responded with more anger than that.

'Very well. I understand perfectly," he said. I have a potion for this parasitic and stupid woman's country. This is the--

 The Sword of the Almighty Levine Girma appears in my hand.
 Immediately afterwards, I stabbed him in the chest with the cutting edge of the .


 He stares at the screaming Viaflare with his cold demon eyes and crucifies her to the wall with the blade of possibility as it is.

''-- The High King's death.