303-Distorted heart

 'Haha,' said Viaflare, spilling her voice with a mixture of madness.

'It's funny. Where did I come to my senses? I was confident in my acting, though. All men are so easily fooled. Except Bordinos.

"Hmm. I don't know if you're trying to play the bad girl, but you're not going to get used to it, and that's only for today. I have a friend who has played the role of a demon king, but you have to have that kind of talent to be able to fool a man.

 She meets my gaze squarely and glares back at me with hatred.

'I tried to trick you, that's true. That stuff you said earlier was definitely fake. But I'm not lying about what Boldinos said.

Ho. So you're saying there's a real one.

'Yes. I didn't mean to tell you, but if you don't want to be tricked, it can't be helped. The leader of the Order of the Phantom Knights serving me.

 In a voice that sounded like a little girl's, Viaphraea said.

'Your father, Cerys Voldigord. He is the first High King Voldinos.'

 This time, Celis is the first High King.
 Well, it's not impossible.

It's even more stinky than before. You want to say that that man challenged the god of integrity, defeated him, and then became his representative?

Yes. Didn't you talk to him? Did you notice anything funny?

Unfortunately, I don't remember him at all. I thought he was a bit of a nutter.

'Yes, he's broken. Boldinos has forgotten what it was like to be God's representative. He has forgotten his love for his country and his love for his people. With his love for me.

 You've lost your mind because you've become a substitute, right?
 It certainly looked as if he was missing something vital.

 It sounds like a good excuse, though.

But he hasn't completely forgotten everything. But he has not completely forgotten everything, he still has some feelings for me.

 Viaflair murmured, as if in a faint hope.

'In a hushed voice, he whispers. 'Again and again, you love me.'

 Haha, and an indescribable laugh.
 Sadness, madness, and an overflowing hatred permeate her expression.

'Hey, do you know what I mean? That emptiness, you understand?

 She asks me with a dark look on her face.

'I'll never forgive you. I will never, ever forgive. I will never forgive the gods for making him that way, for being so kind to him. The Selection Judge who changed him.

So you think you can destroy it and take it back?

'Yes, yes. If we fulfill his long-cherished wish, I'm sure he'll remember that heart, even if he can't get back on track.

 I know it's hard to believe.
 But I can't be sure of that since I didn't know him before the change.

"So you think your god of choice is Cerys?

'Oh, that's not true either. I hoped it was. So I just lied about it for the sake of it. My god of choice is Galvadrion, the God of Violent Eating, who is no longer with us. He is no longer with us.

 Viaflair sneers.

 This time she was honest with me, but she doesn't understand.

'Why did you lie to me?'

'I wanted to keep Boldinos in the dark. I was told not to see you. ─ I was told not to see you, because you have terrible powers and you are a deaf son. But after what I told you, you're probably wondering what happened to Boldinos. So I made a fake one anyway.

 That's a weird answer.

"What did you want to do in there?

Haha. What did you want? What did I want? Haha. That's a funny thing to say.

 Clearing his throat with a croak, Viaflea laughs again.

'Hey, Anos. You're the son of Boldinos.

 In a sticky tone, the High King said, ''Well, that's just what that man says.

''Now, that man is just saying what he wants to say.

I know it. Bordinos told me so.

'He is a man of many lies. He's not worthy of belief.

No. It is true that he is a liar, but he would never lie to me. So you are definitely his son.

 Giggling, Viaflare smiled happily.

'A testament to the woman she once loved. I'm so angry that I want to break it, but that woman is gone. I forgive you, because you are my son. Because you are going to be my son. Isn't it only natural that you should want to see her at first sight?

Is that it?

Yes, I do.

 Viaphlea has an expression on her face, as if there is something wrong with her.

I don't understand. I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do. I'm not sure that a king who has a responsibility to his country will act on his own behalf without informing his men.

No problem. It's just to see my son, right?

 Is he really saying it or is this another lie?
 I don't know how it feels to be true, though.

'Yes, but, yes.'

 Huffing and puffing, she chuckles and utters a mousy word.

'I've changed my mind after meeting you in person.

 Viaflare gives me an insinuating look.

'I'm sure Boldinos will be happy to get along with you. Then maybe he will get his heart back. I doubt it, Anos.

 Hmm. Another outlandish thing to say.

I see. After all, let's defeat the future god Nafta together. I'm sure he'll be very happy to see you.

'Celis is a stinking man, but you're a pretty good one, too. Think of one thing: how does one feel in the presence of a man who may or may not be your father, a companion you've never even met, when you hear that?

Aren't you glad?

 It was as if he had no doubt about his own good intentions.

'I can't help but think you're crazy.

You're a deaf girl. He was right.

 Viaflair said in a tone that sounded as if he were leaning on memories.

I will be your mother. I am going to be your mother. I will be your mother and I will discipline you.

 Viaflair holds out her hand.

'Come. My little girl.

 Then, from the ashes of the fake Boldinos, purple wings appeared wetly.
 The one who crawled out of it was the High Dragon.

'Don't worry, Anos. "Don't worry, Anos, your mother will take care of you and Boldinos. You must surrender to this dragon. Then the three of you and your son will live in harmony.

 With a look of true urgency, Viaflair said.

'Hmm. Let me ask you one thing, are you insane?

Are you the one in your right mind? The Boldinos have lost their minds and they're feeling lonely. It's a family affair, even though we usually fight each other, we help each other when the need arises.

If you're really family.

I just proved it to you. There's no doubt about that.

So you're going to force me to let the dragon live on my behalf? Kukku, kuhahahahaha. I see, great family bonding.

 Vierflair glares at me as if I'm offended by it.

'Isn't it natural to discipline a rebellious child strictly? Bordinos has lost his mind and can't do it. So, instead, I will do what he originally wanted.

 She gently points her fingertips to me.

"See, my little High Dragon. Let him nest.

 The High Dragon roared and charged at me, its muscles leaping.
 Fierce fangs are pointed at it, but it cracks them effortlessly, tearing it into eight pieces with its jet-black fingertips.

''Haha, it's no use. You tried it the other day, didn't you? No matter how much you slice and dice, that child will only grow in number.

 The pieces of flesh of the eight dragons that were sliced open are crumpled and distorted, transforming into eight dragon heads. At the same time, they stick out their fangs at me.

"The Black Thunder Emperor.

 Jet-black lightning wrapped around my right hand and covered the place with a roar of thunder.
 The expanding bolt of lightning popped at once, shooting up, down, left and right all at once, turning the eight dragons into charcoal in the blink of an eye.

''Really, you're a hard-listening child. If you want to be a good boy, you will do what your mother tells you to do. You know what? I said it was useless, I said it was useless.

 I tell her to press on, and Viaflare smiles.

 From a single extinguisher, more than a dozen high dragons appear this time.
 In total, it's about one hundred.

''Do I understand? Come on, baby. Go ahead...

 In the middle of the order, Viaflare exclaimed.
 The one hundred high dragons that had increased in number were being bitten by the black thunder fangs.

''What is this...?

"The Noavus.

 It is the ancient text magic that I once used on the Scarlet Monument King Gilisilis.

 The target of the that had just been shot out was not the High Dragon, but the walls and floor.
 He drew a magic circle with black lightning on them to form the magic formula of the Annihilation of Black Lightning.

 The highly efficient Black Thunderbolt Annihilation Fang will never leave you, regardless of whether its roots are split into two or three.

 The one hundred dragons were torn into pieces by the black thunder fangs and turned to ashes.

 Countless other dragons emerge from the scene, but the Black Thunder Destroying Fang remains bitten by each and every one of them.

The root of the supreme dragon is a group of dragons, so it seems that they are divided into groups, whether to cut or burn, but as expected, if you chop them up to the point where they can't be divided, they will be destroyed.

 The number of High Dragons increased rapidly, and then they were being devoured by the  Via Flare's face turned pale.

It's not here. Hey, my sweet little boy! What do you think you're doing? You won't be able to repel such magic! That's an order! Hurry up!

 She is screaming desperately, but the High Dragons are screaming ahhhhh, and their numbers are constantly increasing.
 In other words, they are being shredded.

'You seem so fragile, commanding the impossible. The idea of you being my mother is a difficult one to accept, but I'll try to be lenient. However, it is important that you have the common sense to be the mother of a demon king.

 After a violent thunderclap rang out with a giggling, gaga gaga gaga, every single one of the countless numbers of High Dragons disappeared.

''Old age, follow your children, Viaflare!''