588-Five World Claims

 Ottolu looked up at the cavernous ceiling.

 After carefully observing the black skies, beyond the sky, she quietly lowered her gaze.

'Woe Isak, Naga Arzenon has left the Seventh Elenesia.

 Turning to the representative of the St. Upper Sixth College, she says

'The statement of Isak the Woe is considered to be a declaration of hostility by Ewezeino against Pablo Hetara. Article V of the Treaty of the Pavlohettara Academy, any small world that declares hostility to Pavlohettara or commits an explicit act of hostility to Pavlohettara will be expelled from the Academy's alliance. In accordance with the Treaty, I hereby expel the world of Ewezeino from the Pavlohettara as of now.

 There is no objection.

 The plague said that the Holy Sword World of Hyphoria would be crushed.
 Pablo Hetala will not be able to ignore this.

''Due to the urgency of the situation, I will inform the Alliance of Academies of the situation.

 She uses
 Guy walks out into the center of the room.


 Yellow bullets appeared from the painted magic circle.

 When Guy let those magic bullets fly into the sky peeking out from the hole in the ceiling, they split into countless pieces and spread out like an umbrella covering the sky.

''I'll be on the lookout for my own re-entry into the Seventh Elenesia.

 Guy says.

 The spread covers the entire sky above the Seventh Elenesia.

 It's like a technique to detect anything that enters the area. If it's that extensive, it's hard to miss those who come in from the outside.

"The All-Academic League has been informed of the attack of the plague victim Izak and the expulsion of Evezeino.

 Ottolu said.

'But it's getting messy, isn't it?

 Bellamy reached into the center of the magic circle and took out a mallet.

 With a light shake of it, he shattered the half-destroyed desk and broke the floor. Then a magic circle was drawn on it and the desk and floor were quickly restored.

 In the blink of an eye, even the hole in the ceiling was restored to its original state, and even the palace, which had been destroyed by a third, was restored.

It's not going to restore your magic. It's better than nothing more than a mere hurricane.''

The functions of the Pablo Hetala Palace will be restored by Ottolu later.

So, yeah.

 Bellamy turns to Lebrahard.

'Wouldn't it be better to ask your father for help with this? Mr. Lebrahard.

'It seems that the plagues are aimed at the first king. I don't want to bring them together.

I don't want you to see him. You should know better than I do that Ordov is a man who has fought and survived a disaster. You know him well, and more importantly, he's got the right morale.

 Lebrahard nodded with a straight face.

''There is no doubt about the greatness of the Prior King. But the hunting academy in Highforia is not that thin. Everything about the plagues has been told to us by the previous king.''

 Bellamy raised an eyebrow.

'Are you saying we can handle this on our own?'

'We can't move forward into the future forever if we pull out those who have been deposed every time there is a crisis. We've prepared ourselves for that, I think we've prepared ourselves for that.

 Shrugging his shoulders, Bellamy says.

That's a noble idea, though," says Bellamy. But I guess it's not too late to move on to the future after you've dealt with the disaster, is it? In the first place, Izak is after your father, so it would be dangerous to let him wander around the shallow world like this.

We'll protect you. We'll shelter you in a place where no one will ever know.

 I understand that he doesn't want to send his old father to the battlefield, but I doubt he's this stubborn.

 Even though we've been told about the plagues, there's still a difference between those who have actually experienced their power firsthand and those who haven't.

 As Bellamy said, you don't have to go to the front, you just have to take command in the rear.

 What's your reason for refusing until then?

"Lebrahard's Head of State.

 Standing upright and immobile, Guy sounded honest.

''I propose to use the Prior King Ordoff as a decoy to ensure that the plagues are destroyed. The First King's safety will be guaranteed by our Abyssal General Army in Ehrenesia.

I can't drink that.

We can't participate in unreasonable operations either.

 Once and for all, Guy assured him.

'That's fine with me. The dispute with Ewezeino is an age-old Hyphorian problem, and I know that there is no reason for us to help the Eleanians. We know that we have no right to help the Elainesia side.

That's insane.

 Bellamy blurted out.

'The risk of Highforia being dropped by the plagues is a risk that we, Ehrenesia, cannot afford to overlook. Without the power of the Abyssal Grand Army, do you have any intention of fighting off the Eavesino?

 With a genuine look on his face, Guy asks.

'Ewezeino and Hyphoria are natural enemies. Their fangs and claws will tear us apart, and our swords and arrows will pierce them. The plagues are a formidable force, but they are not without their counterparts. We can see it as a place of battle that will determine victory or defeat.

 Reasonably, Lebrahard replied.

'The odds are slim in their territory, but in our hunting grounds, the victory of the hunting nobles is unassailable.

 Would the plague man have the advantage if he fought in the plague abyss world of Ewezeino, or would the holy king have the advantage if he fought in the holy sword world of Hyphoria?

 The order of the two worlds would bring diametrically opposite benefits to the inhabitants of each world.

''So you're trying to lure the wicked to Hyphoria.

 Lebrahard nodded at my words.

'We know that the plagueman's objective is currently the First King. As you said, I think it's safe to assume that he will ride into Hyphoria in three days.

'If we can get Hyphoria to believe that we are harboring Ordoff in an information war, we should have no problem. But what if they don't come on board?

 Lebrahard replies to Gui's question.

''Captain Gui, the Abyssal General Army is good at warfare, but the plague is a beast. If it's a hunt, it's the sole domain of our hunting academy. There is no option for Isak to wait for the right time.

I'd like to hear your rationale for this.

'The thinking of the beast is that even if there is no Ordoff in Hyphoria, he will surely come running to you if you are rampaging in your homeland. The quickest way for a plague victim to attack Hyphoria is to attack Hyphoria.

'Although we deem the risk to be too great for eVezeino,'

 Immediately, Gui states the question.

When reason and craving fight each other, craving always wins out for the inhabitants of Eavesino. Risk is not on the mind of the miserable man. The only thing that matters is your impulse. Otherwise, he would not have come to this pavlohettara alone in the first place.

'Assuming it's true. Still, I wondered if using the First King Ordoff as an actual decoy would be more effective against the beast's craving. We'll use our magic bullets to shoot it out of the air before the calamity comes into contact with the First King.

"I can't have the First King acting as a decoy.

''If you're worried about the strength of the Abyssal General Army, we'll have as many troops as we need.

 Lebrahard gave a small shake of his head.

''It's not a matter of risk. No matter how large a force you are protected by, I cannot let the pride of the hunting nobility make the great former king do such a dishonorable thing as bait. That strategy will not be understood in my Hyphoria.

 Staying upright and immobile, Guy did not return the words.
 He must have realized that further negotiations were pointless.

 At the root, Hyphoria is the same as Ewezeino.

 The only difference is that what they choose instead of rationality is impulse or pride.
 Perhaps that's why we know what they think.

'I know it's irrational. I can't blame them for not being able to understand Ehrenesia.

Excuse me, Headmaster Lebrahard.

 Without losing his genuine face, Gui said.

''Without Grand Admiral Ziji's permission, I can't move the main body of the Abyssal General Army. However, the first squad that I lead has some discretion. During the decisive battle, we can position ourselves near the Hyphoria and provide cover.

That's enough. Let's be grateful.

 Guy stepped back and Bellamy sighed heavily.
 'I'm just saying that I'm not happy with the current decision.

'I'm just insane, though. If we use Hyphoria as a hunting ground, it will certainly give us an advantage. But it won't just be the hunting aristocracy that will be there. What do you think about the people who can't fight?

You said you've made the preparations. The people will be evacuated to safety. We will hunt the plague before it breaches the perimeter. I will call upon the ironmongers in the ironworks to assist me. Is that understood?

That's why I'm against it. That's why I'm against it. If you guys go to war, we can't just stand by and watch.

 Before the Academy Alliance, they would have made an agreement between the two worlds.

 If they refused, perhaps Badilure would not be able to receive Hyphoria's support in the event of an invasion of its own world.

'The plagues will be dealt with by us Hyphoria. We will also take on the Lion of Perdition of Artsenon as best we can.

''Wouldn't it be a beehive of luck if you bowed to Grand Admiral Gigi?''

I don't think he's a man driven by emotion.

 'Huh,' sighed Bellamy with a grand sigh.

'Let me think about it for a minute,'

 Lebrahard nodded his head.

'Strategist Rekol. Do you think Luzendrfolt will be able to flex his forces?'

It's a matter of timing. The puppet emperor can't move.

What about the Puppet Squad of the Humanoid Society?

It's up to the puppet emperor.

Your opponents are in inviolable waters. It is against the treaty that you cannot help them at all, since they have declared hostility to Pablo Hetara. Do you understand?

Don't be ridiculous.

 Bellamy interrupted to remonstrate.

'Luzendort has just lost its head of state. It's not about what's going on out there, it's about what's going on in your world. I don't think he has the authority to make decisions.

I know. I wish to convey that to my puppet Emperor Bezu.

I'll tell him.


 I think it's more than enough strength if you can mobilize even one Rekol. Although I haven't seen the bottom of his power, he's still better than Parrington.

 It could be that his position is that of a military strategist. Maybe he hasn't shown his strength here at Pablo Hetara.
 Or is he hiding his power?

So, Head of State, Anos.

 Lebrahard turns to me.

''How much strength can the Demon King Academy in Militia produce?

If he tries to destroy Hyphoria, I'll stop him.

That's encouraging.

"But it is not the way of my world to put the sword before the words.

 Lebrahard narrows his eyes.

 Bellamy gave him a dumbfounded look.

'What do you care about now?

"Woe is me, Izaak and Ordoff," he said. Or so I thought, no wonder they have a cause over there.

There's no cause for fear of an Isaac. A man who destroys the world on a whim?

"This does not mean that a bad person has to do anything but evil.

That's true, of course.

 Bellamy says in an absent-minded tone.

'Lebrahard. You have an idea of that promise, don't you?

 Quietly he replied.

'Headmaster Anos. As a hunter, I would advise you. If you seek meaning in the cries of the beast, its fangs will devour you in a heartbeat.

 He holds my gaze, as if to say, "I've got nothing to hide.

 I'm sure he has nothing to hide.

"Do you really believe that?

Did I sound like I wasn't expecting it?

 Unfazed by the shaking, Lebrahard listens back as he usually does.

 'I suppose that means he doesn't want to talk.

'It could be that you are the lion of Arzenon's destruction that you carry so much weight on the shoulders of the plague.


 A chuckle escaped him.

'That's prudent. 'I won't deny it now without a caveat. As Naga said, I am the lion of Arzenon's destruction.

'Then you had better be careful. If you speak in defense of the plagues in your position, it will sound like you're one of them.

That must be a rotten ear.

 Lebrahard kept a straight face, but said nothing more.

 I guess he just wanted to show others that my words are worthless in trying to find out what Isak's intentions are. You have no intention of arguing with me in the first place.

We still have three days.

 I'm going to put my magic into the fixed magic circle of transition.

"We will explore the plague and set up a dialogue. "If he wants to destroy Hyphoria, I will protect him. You won't have a problem with me going through it.

 I said as I transitioned from this place.

'Once I get to the bottom of this, I'll tell you guys.