'Hmm. So that's how it goes, Melhayes.

 I said to the old man who appeared.

''The stabbing of the magic sword of the contract into Rey and this magic sword tournament were all your schemes. The reason you are a Unificationist is simply because you were balancing power with the Imperialist faction. This is because if the imperial faction grows too big, there will be many who will run amok like Emilia did yesterday.

 Melhayes nodded condescendingly.

'You are on the left, sir.'

'Your roots have not been hijacked. 'Whose orders?' Or is it your own will?

 Melhayes doesn't answer.

 He had no memory of me. Is that why it was so easy for him to betray me?
 Or did you know all this and hide the fact that you have memories?

 Or is it neither of those?

I hear the head of the Unificationist movement is an unidentified demon. Is that Avos Dilhevia?

Do you think I'm going to make you an offer?

 Well, I guess so.

All right. I'll make you throw up with all my might.

I'm afraid that's not possible, Master Anos.

Ho. There's a big one. <You think you can beat me just by locking me in a prison named Azeisys?

No, sir. No, it's already been won. While you were indulging in such games as the magic sword tournament, the game was already decided. The game has already begun. The reason for your defeat is that you were too resigned to your feelings for a moment and didn't realize it.

 Melhayes draws a magic circle.
 He stuck his hand into it and took out a royal scepter.

 It should have been kept at the Demon King's Academy, but the Seven Demon Emperors Old Man would have no trouble getting it.

''The left arm that was amputated by Initio can't be healed so much.

 What Melhayes says is true.

 Initio is a magic sword that slices through the magic formula.
 Even if you try to cast a recovery spell, it will remain in effect for a while and the magic formula will be destroyed.
 You'll be able to heal your left arm if you give it time, but he's not dumb enough to wait for that to happen.

 He took the trouble to show up at this time when my arm was cut off.

"Moreover, the Circle of Suckers has sucked out so much of your magic power that it's now less than half of what it used to be. You can't even expect the help of your subordinates inside this Azeisis Prison.

 On either side of me, particles of magical power gather on either side of me.
 It formed a magical gate and two men appeared there.

 Seven Demon Emperors, Old Gaius Anzem and Idle Anzeo.

''Hm. Looks like it's time to pay our debts.''

 Gaius carries the supreme magic sword Grageon.

''Even if it's rotten, it's the founder, Gaius. Be on your guard.

 Idle grasps the flame magic sword Zeth and the ice magic sword Ides in both hands.
 All of the demon swords were destroyed by me and Ray during the Great Demon Sword Training, but it looks like you were able to repair them.

''Do you understand? It's three to one against the Seven Demon Emperors. No matter how much you think you are, there is no way you can win in this situation.

 I snicker at Melhayes' words.

'Huh. Kukku. Three against one. Can't you even count, Melhayes?

What are you talking about?

 With a thud, the extremely large magic sword Gragesion left Gaios's hand and stabbed into the ground.
 Gaios's huge frame collapsed on the spot.


 Next, the idol's head falls off with a botry.

''........This, this........!

 The blade ran like a flash of light.
 Melhayth unfolded the magic gate and disappeared into it.

 As the blade cut through the sky, Melhayth had shifted behind it.

''As expected, you can't slay three people at once, right?

 In the direction of the voice, Melhayes turned his gaze in the direction of the voice.
 There was Ray with the Vajra Iron Sword in his hand.

''Ray Grandsdry.......should be dead.......''

'If you lose to me in the final, Rey will die. The magic sword of the contract that ate into him would have been able to gouge his roots even deeper. If that happens, it won't be able to revive him. But that's only if the magic sword of the contract is stuck in Rey's body.

 Melhayes hastily said as he realized.

''........Are you saying that you destroyed the magic sword of the covenant that was stuck inside your body by pretending that you stabbed the sword into Ray Grandsdry's heart......?''

I knew you'd try something. If they're going to do this, they're going to want me to be off my game. In other words, the moment of truth. <Just when I thought you'd succeeded in framing me by swallowing me in Azesis, you let go of Rey's magical eye. I was able to use the opportunity to do the opposite.

 Melhayes glares at me and Ray with a grim expression.

'Did you think you were observing me one way or the other, Melhayes?

''There should have been no pretense of showing it........ Ray Grandsdry was indeed fighting you seriously.

He was definitely serious.

 Ray says.

'I really wanted to fight Anos and protect him. <I was prepared to destroy the Circle of Suckers and lose my mother. I wasn't lying when I said I wanted to throw my sword at him for the last time.

Then how could you have caused me to destroy the magical sword of the covenant in the blink of an eye when I let go of my magical eye?

''I'm not showing you. I figured that even if I hit him with everything I had, he would transcend everything. And it looks like he actually did.


 Melhayes exclaimed at Ray's words.

''Looks like I miscalculated. Did you think that with that much of a handicap, it would be all you could do to protect yourself, protect the and defeat Ray?

 Melhayes doesn't answer, just glares back at me quietly.

'But it's not really a big deal. I took Ray's full force. And at the same time, I was also fighting you offstage. I only won those two battles.

 Melhayes gave him a look that said, 'No way.

'You said I was playing around and didn't notice, Melhayes.

 He turned his expression of composure and said to that Seven Demon Emperors Old Man.

''Did you really think that I need to stop playing around with you because of your petty tricks? I won't let him get in the way of my fight with Rey. I won't let you kill Sheila or Rey. I'm not going to let you get in the way of a fight with Sheila or Ray. It's as simple as that.

 I take a step forward.

'I'm afraid I've certainly misjudged you somewhat, sir.

 'Potentially,' Melhayes let the words slip out.

But that's just it. But that's just it, no matter what happens, it's always a good idea to be well prepared for the unexpected.

 Melheis creates a magical gate in front of me.
 As you can see from what happened earlier, using it, he can connect space to space within this and transfer freely.

"Do you think you can escape from me?

No, sir. No, I will not run away. I'm sure I miscalculated a little. But that doesn't change the fact that I won.

 The magic gate opened slowly.
 There was a figure in it.

 Ray's gaze grew steely.


 The one who emerged from the magic gate was Sheila, who should have been in the audience just now.
 <Her body was restrained by the magic of the .

 She seemed to have lost consciousness, as if her spirit disease had worsened again.

''For what purpose do you think I got her to recover her condition and come to Delzogade?

 Melheis draws a magic circle.
 Dozens of red jewels appeared and emerged from it.

'Destroy one of these jewels, and one of the original rumors and lore of her roots will disappear.

 Melhayes flicked his finger and destroyed one of the red treasure balls.
 If I check with my demon eyes, Sheila's magic power has indeed weakened.

 The total number of treasure balls is 46.
 The number of people who know about her rumors and lore must be about the same.

I'm sure that's clear to you. So, what are the terms of exchange?

 For a moment, Ray glanced in my direction.

'You mean if you want to save Sheila's life?'

 Melhayes nodded condescendingly.

'You are on the left, sir.'

 Melhayes deployed a magical gate to cover Sheila and the treasure ball.
 The two disappeared into another dimension as if they were sucked in.

''If you will sign the Contract (Zekt), then I will help her.

 Even if it's difficult to kill me, if it's a contract, you can at least tie me up.

Hmm. Then you can kill me.

 When I said that, Melhayes made an amused expression.

''.........misheard, is it? What did you just say?

I said, "If you want to kill me, kill me.

 Once again, Melhayes shushed me.
 I say to him threateningly.

"But do it mindfully. If you kill a hostage, there's nothing to protect you.

 Melhayes turns his gaze to Ray.

'Ray Grundley. 'Are you willing to sacrifice your mother, sir?'

'I was prepared to do it to begin with. My mother wouldn't want me to sacrifice myself for her.

 Melhayes couldn't get his next words out quickly enough.
 I guess he didn't expect us to ignore the hostages so easily.

''........Do you think such a bluff will work?

Then you should try it.

 Melhayes remains silent and looks at me as if to find out my true intentions.

'What's the matter? Get on with it. You didn't take a hostage when you wouldn't kill him, did you?

 Stepping forward, I stepped out and pointed my right hand at Melhayes.
 I deployed a single magic circle there.

''Looks like I have to show them that I'm serious, sir.

 From the magic gate, Melhayes took out five treasure balls and destroyed them.

''Now, how long will her body last?''

 Never mind, I'll just say.

"Only five?

...What do you mean?

What are you so afraid of? If you're going to destroy it, why don't you just destroy everything quickly? Or are you afraid I'll kill you the moment you break it?

"...you will regret it...

 Melhayth pulls out twenty more gems from the magic gate.

''This is more than half, sir.''

What about the other 21?

 Melhayes doesn't answer, he just stares at me.

'Melhayes, who the hell do you think you're fighting?

 I glare at him with a deadly look on my face.

'You think I'm going to do your bidding just because you took a hostage?

 The magic circle is filled with magic. The black sun makes a slight appearance.

"Since you don't seem to have noticed, I'll tell you, you've already given up your life when you faced me.

 Melhayes reflexively took a reflexive stance and took up an advanced position.
 A moment later, Ray threw the Vajra Iron Sword he was holding at him.


 Melhayes effortlessly brushed the sword away.

'If you do a bad job, your mother's life is really--'

 Melhayth tried to look at us again, but his expression turned grim.

 A moment later, Ray had jumped into the magical gate where Sheila had disappeared, and I had followed the treasure ball into another magical gate.