64-During the settlement

Let's go, Anos.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this as well.

"Too late.

 The Vajra Iron Sword is matched with a thrust to the tip of the Initio that was coming straight at him.
 If they collided, the Vajra Iron Sword would be destroyed with every before the magic sword that sliced through the magic formula.

 However, Ray avoided striking the Vajra Iron Sword and changed the trajectory of his thrust midway.
 His aim was the in his left hand.

 A moment before Inythio's cutting edge was going to penetrate there, I opened my left hand.
 With a snap, Rei stops the sword.

I'm not going to be able to get rid of it. You could have skewered my palm with your current momentum.

If he grabs the sword in return, we don't stand a chance.

 Hmm. That's good.
 I dare to pierce my left hand and grab Ray's sword. In swordplay, Ray is superior to me, but there's no way I'd lose if we were comparing forces. As long as I brought it to that state, I could completely seal the sword, but they won't let me do it that easily.

''Then it's our turn now.''

 He reached out his left hand and carelessly grabbed the barrel of Initio's sword.
 Ray quickly drew his sword as soon as he could and dodged it.

 At the same time, I swing the Vajra Iron Sword down to Ray's brain with all my strength.
 At this point in time, there's no other way to receive it with Initio.

 But if you take it properly, my sword will break. That would be as good as winning the match and losing the game for Ray. <If it wasn't a victory by destroying the sucker's circle, then I would be putting a heavy burden on my shoulders. Rey can't destroy my sword.

 But what do we do?
 If you don't catch it with your sword, you'll avoid a mortal wound.


 Ray intercepted the Vajra Iron Sword with the drawn Initio.
 At that moment when the tip of the blade collided with the tip of the blade, I felt a strange response.

 It was soft. As if to absorb the impact, Ray struck down my sword with all his strength, not defying its power, skillfully changing the direction of his power.

''Ho. Let me see it again.

I don't care how many times I have to come back.

 Sword and sword collide. But there was only a startlingly quiet sound, and my sword was knocked away. I changed angles, changed the amount of force I used, and unleashed a series of blows, all of which Rei successfully deflected. At first glance it seems easy to do, but it's no exaggeration to say it's a divine act.

 Even in the age of mythology, how many demons were capable of such a feat?

''You are a terrifying man, aren't you? If you're willing to break my sword, you've already taken a few hits.''

Unless your sword was a demon sword and you weren't wearing the 'sucker's ring', that would be a different story.

 I use the Vajra Iron Sword, and my magic power is constantly being absorbed by the sucker's ring.
 According to the rules, I have to continue to use .

 Ray can't use his left hand and can't go head-to-head with my sword.

 As for the size of the handicap, they're both similar in size.
 We can't say that we can't have our fill of each other, but at least we don't have to worry about our opponent's disadvantage.

"I can't believe.......that sword is a decent match for Initio.......

''Initio, who can slice through magical techniques, should also be able to slice through the techniques on the magic sword...! In fact, my opponent's magic swords in the past could have broken off with a few blows, so what the hell is going on...?

''........Since it's a sword with no magic power, it doesn't have a magic formula in the first place, so it doesn't have the effect of the Initio......?''

Idiot! If it's just a mere metal sword, then that's a mere pair of swords that would be split in half...!

...Is it still true...?

"....the sword of the heart forged by a true master craftsman...

Do you believe in something other than magic?

 Such off-base words were flying from the audience.
 The battle between me and Ray was so fierce that there are probably not many people who can figure out exactly what is going on.

"Are you going to go for an endurance fight like this?

 I cross my blade and Ray catches my sword again.
 Wary of being grabbed by Initio, Ray is on the defensive.

''I'm not going to take advantage of your handicap. If you buy time, it's just what the imperialists have in mind.

''It's an unnecessary concern. It doesn't matter how much of your magic is sucked out of you, it won't matter at all. Just think of beating me, that's all.

 I closed the distance a little too forcefully against Ray, who was trying to deftly measure the timing.
 At that moment, Rei flashed an Initio.

''Of course I'm going to do that........!

 Ray's blade, which turned into an attack at once, strikes the in his left hand without an inch of error.


 Quickly, he tries to catch the blade with the palm of his hand, but Initio's trajectory changes.
 My aim is my left arm. My muscles stiffen, and I thrust out the Vajra Iron Sword, ready to strike each other.

 Fresh blood splatters.
 Initio bit into my left arm, and my sword pierced Rei's shoulder.


 Trying to push Initio further into the left arm that had been bitten into, Ray spun around to gain momentum on the spot. The spinning force is transmitted to the sword and Initio reaches the bone.

''You've failed. There's an opening.''

 He wielded the Vajra Iron Sword.
 Ray twisted himself, but he couldn't duck it, and the blade grazed his neck, blood splattering.

 No, no. Ray is already running his sword with a cool look on his face.
 It wasn't that he couldn't duck, he didn't duck.

 I guess he decided that if he tried to stay unharmed in front of my sword, he couldn't inflict a fatal wound for any length of time.

 Ineetio flashed and blood flowed from my left arm.
 At the same time, my sword was slicing through Ray's waist.

"You can't beat me for endurance!

You'll never know unless you try.

 Innitio and the Vajra Iron Sword intersected and slashed at each other's bodies.
 It's a change from the previous brinksmanship, and with each round, both of them get more wounds.

 I let the flesh cut through and the bone break.
 That's what Ray is trying to do to me.

 We continue to unleash our desperate blades, avoiding only fatal wounds on each other.
 Our wounds are growing by the minute, and our blood is flowing, but we're laughing.

The only thing I can say is, "That's great, Ray. You've become even more of a doer than you were the last time.

You are the one, Anos. I thought you were so much better than you were then, and yet you still haven't shown the depths of your power.

 I have no hard feelings and I don't want any honor.

 It was just that, yes, it was fun.
 Trading swords for swords, blade for blade, even every drop of blood that dripped, was a joy to us.

 Every time we exchanged swords, Rei's fearsome genius surpassed my own from a few moments ago, and I couldn't help but be amused, and he seemed to revere my bottomless power, which he still couldn't see, no matter how many times I surpassed him.

 The Imperialists, the Magic Sword Tournament, and even Avos Dilhevia are not in his sights.
 Right now, he just needs to focus on dancing in splendor on the stage where solemn sword fights rang out.

 Long, long, sword fights will take place.
 The audience, unable to speak anymore, watched with bated breath as the battle switched between the two sides without a moment to catch their breath.

 So half an hour passed, an hour passed, and we were still crossing swords.

 Probably me and Ray both wished for one thing.
 Please, may this time last forever.

 Still, the end will come.
 We both knew that it was coming soon.


 My blow sliced through Ray's right leg and finally brought him to his knees.
 In return, I had suffered a severe laceration to my left arm.

"Hmm. Your arm can hardly lift.

 Using the magic sword as a wand, Ray slowly stands up.

'Ray, it's over, that was fun.

Yeah. Me too, for the last time.

 Sword at the ready, we both stepped forward at the same time.

 Ray's target is my left arm.
 I'm sure he intends to destroy the sucker's circle by bypassing my sluggish hand.

 My aim is one--
 They were in between swords, at that moment.

 Just as we crossed paths, a voice called out for him.

 I could see her out of the corner of my eye.
 In the middle of the auditorium, just inside the entrance, was Ray's mother, Sheila.
 Mass is also with her.


 Within Ray's hand, Initio shimmers.
 <I forcefully raise my arm, which has become dull, in order to avoid it aimed at the .

 At that time, the magic sword spins around and cuts up the base of my left arm.

 The timing couldn't have been better, a perfect sword strike that took advantage of the moment my breathing and muscles relaxed.

 My severed arm waited in the air.
 Was that the aim from the beginning? Ray glares at the < ring of suckers> of the falling arm.

''Taking my arm, that's a big deal, Ray.

 Faster than Ray was trying to cut the , I made a thrust with the Vajra Iron Sword.
 Quickly, Ray used the belly of the magic sword as a shield.

But I've won again.

 The moment the cutting edge touched the demon sword, he put all of his into it and pushed out the Vajra Iron Sword with all of his strength.

 It was just then.

 A huge magic circle emerges on the arena stage.
 It immediately unfolded a certain magic.

 This is--?

 Initio was broken in half and my sword was stuck in Ray's chest.

''Well that's great, Anos I thought I'd won this time...''

 He smiled with satisfaction.
 Then he staggered back and fell on his back.

 But there were no cheers.

 A magic circle emerged on the stage of the arena.
 The magic used was the magic of .

 Only in this place was I transported to another dimension isolated from the delzogade.

This is the moment I have been waiting for for so many years.

 A hoarse voice rang out.

'At last, it looks like I'll be able to take care of you, sir.

 The one who appeared was an old man with a white beard.
 One of the Seven Demon Imperial Elders was Melheis Bolan.