03-Too weak offspring

 A few days later--

 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one.
 It's the only castle that was built as a three-dimensional magic circle, and even after two thousand years, its stately appearance is still intact. The only thing that has changed is that it's a little bit old, but that's been the case since I lived there.

 The only thing that has changed is that they changed its name to the Demon King's Academy.
 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them. It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

Anosu-chan, take care of yourself.

 I told them it wasn't necessary, but when my mom and dad found out they had an entrance exam, they came all the way to school to see me off.

You know what I mean? Heh heh heh, heh heh, normalcy!

 My dad is fuming.

"No, let's just stay down, Dad.

Oh, oh. That's going to work out for you.

'Yeah yeah. My little Anos is already so solid in a month, I'm sure she'll pass!

 Naturally, there were no other demons that had their parents coming with them.
 I was slightly embarrassed by the gazes around me.

''Well, I'll be off then.''

 Turning on his heel, he headed to the line of demons lined up in front of the main gate.

''Keep up the good work, keep up the good work, Anos! Good luck, good luck, Anos!

 Hmm. My father is in trouble.....

 But this is what it means to be a human parent, isn't it?
 It's not unexpectedly bad, but it's frustrating, or something.

"Hurrah, hurrah, Misha! Fight, fight, Misha!

 I heard an embarrassing cheer from behind me, not unlike my dad's.

 I glanced in that direction and saw a stern man with a bearded face clenching his fists and shouting loudly.
Although there was some demon blood mixed in, it seemed to be thicker than human blood. Is it as much as my father? That means he must be human.

 Out of the man's gaze, there was a girl walking aimlessly with a blank expression, perhaps out of embarrassment. Her long, platinum blonde hair was in a fluffy, vertical roll. She's a pretty girl with blue eyes, a slender nose, and an expression of innocence left on her face.

 The clothing she wore was a robe based on black and white. The embroidery and designs are of demonic origin? I'm sure that they are not both human parents, like me. It's also possible that your mother is a demon.

Hang on, hang on, Anos! Good luck, good luck, Anos!

 Just before I entered the main gate, I heard my dad's voice again from behind me.
 The girl from before turned around curiously and then followed my dad's gaze and looked at me.


 We just looked at each other.

'Don't give each other a hard time,'

 She laughed with a huff as she uttered that.


 The girl gave her short agreement.
 She's not very talkative or taciturn, but she doesn't want to open her mouth any further.

 But she doesn't seem to be wary of us.

'I'm Anos. Anos Voldigord.

 After saying it, he realized that it was a bit awkward.
 After all, this is the name of the founder of the Demon King. I hope it won't cause any trouble, but it's also true that there's no reason to hide it.

 Well, it's understandable anyway. It will only make a difference whether it's early or late.


 Unexpectedly, she didn't mention my name in particular.

'.........Misha Necron....

 I wondered why he didn't even show interest, but then again, so be it.
 It's been two thousand years. It's not like anyone is interested in the Demon King Anos.

'Nice to meet you, Misha.


 After all, Misha answered shortly.

 As she was about to go through the main gate, a man stood in front of her.
 He has sallow skin and his entire body is trained like steel. His white hair was cropped short and his appearance was about twenty-five years old.

 The man smiled a condescending and mean-spirited smile and said to us, "Ha.

Ha. Since when did the school become a playground for children, accompanied by their parents for entrance exams?

 Hmm. What's this all of a sudden?

...Hey, what's that?

''Oh.........this isn't good....... If the unprincipled Zepes spotted him, that guy will not be able to go home in one piece.......

 Apparently, this guy is famous there.
 That's right, the line continues on the right hand side. As I recall, there was an arena over there for show and tell, but I see, so the entrance exam will test your skills.

''Is Misha good at fighting?''

...not so much...

 I guess that means I'm not good at it.
 Well, that's fine with me, since we were in peace.

 We headed to the right side, where the line continues.

You are...! Hey, it's you, it's you!

 He called out to me too loudly, so I turned around to give him a look.
 The guy from before was staring at me.

'Hm. He finally turned around.

 Good grief, you don't have much decorum for a descendant of mine.
 I'll give you a little belt.

'Sorry about that. It's too small a magical power to see.

Wha... what... what...?

 Instantly, the man peeled his eyes away in a rage.

''Are you insulting me knowing that I am the Demon Duke Zepes Indu?

"Demon lord...? No, I've never heard of it. Are you famous?

 Oh, I see. It's not a mythical era, but a popping-up alias from less than 2,000 years ago.

Hey, hey. Hey, now's not the time to apologize.

 It was a terribly cold voice.
 Zepes turned his unrelenting gaze and clenched his fists tightly. Particles of magic power gather and several magic circles are drawn on it.

 Hi, Fu, Mii.....Five multiple magic circles?

 With a flash, he opened his palm and a jet-black flame condensed with darkness was summoned.


Well, what do you know? That's good. Pleading for your life? Lick my shoes and I'll forgive you. If not, I'll use this dark flame that is said to consume even the gods, Gresde, to make that little girl's face look like a skeleton. Hahahahahaha!

 Wha........what a low-dimensional magic formula. To handle this level of 'Gresde' magic, you deliberately drew five multiple magic circles?

 I can't help but be amazed at the fact that they are talking so much and showing me magic that is inferior to a child's game of fire.
 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one.


 He exhaled.

'....What....what...what an idiot! How absurd!

 The that was summoned into Zepes' palm was blown out by my breath.

"You, you........what in the world did you do.......?

What's the surprise? I just put out the match with my breath.

You think my Demon Flame is the fire of a match?

 To begin with, me and Zepes have a fundamentally different way of using magic power. He desperately gathers up magic power and uses it diligently. But I naturally accompany each of his actions with magical power.
 In the age of mythology, if you couldn't do this kind of thing, death was a certainty, but no longer is peace and quiet a degeneration of magic to this extent.

 But I suppose it's a good time. I'm not going to be the only one who can do that.

You don't think you're going to return such an insult to me alive.

 But I don't think you can't be serious, but this guy.....still not understanding the difference in levels?

"Wait a minute.

 When he said that, Zepes' body instantly stiffened as if he was in a golden bind.

''........What's wrong?''

What...what...what...what did you...do...?

 Oh, I see. You're being compelled by the magic that is naturally embedded in my words.
 Listening to what I say with the words and spirits of this ceremony, it seems that I only have a vulnerable anti-magic.

''Well, you'll have to sit there for a while and think about it.

 As soon as he said it, Zepes looked terribly apologetic.

'How I've never been one to talk to someone I've never met before ... oh, if there was a hole, I'd go in ... how sorry I am. Have I done something I didn't....

 Standing there like a scarecrow, Zepes continued to reflect.

 The examinee from earlier, who saw this, let out a surprised voice.

''........That's great, that guy. He's making me apologize to that Zepes........

Yeah. And you saw. <He eliminated the Demon Flame in one fell swoop. He's quite the anti-magic user...

''You don't look it, but you could be the dark horse of the generation of chaos...''

 That's an exaggeration.
 Well, I kept my voice moderate. Even with his magical powers, he should be able to break the compulsion in 10 minutes.

I'm sorry to make you wait. Let's go.

 I called out to Misha, who was waiting for me, and started to walk away.


 In a small voice, she calls out to me.



 Ha, I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

'I won't deny it, but in this case it's not appropriate.

 Tilting her head to the side, Misha asked.

'....What's appropriate?

He's too weak.

 We walked into the arena where we were testing.