02-Invitation from Del Zogade

 It's been a month since I was reincarnated.
 In the meantime, I've been researching this world two thousand years later, and it seems that the magic formula has degenerated to a lower dimension than I had imagined.

 First of all, it seems that humans don't even know about the existence of  However, in this era - they call it the age of magic, but the existence of people who reincarnate seems to be unknown, at least to the world.

 Gusta and Isabella, or whatever my parents interpreted me to be, seem to think I'm a very smart baby. I was born with the ability to talk, have a magical gift, and so on.
 <Although growth (kurst) seems to be a high level of magic in this day and age, it is still barely known to the public.

 If the existence of reincarnation is not recognized, then it can't be helped.

 But what was surprising was that I was reincarnated as a human child.
 Two thousand years ago, I sowed my own seeds. I used magic to produce seven of my own blood, and ordered them to increase the number of their families. The reason for this is because they need a vessel to draw their own blood for reincarnation.

 As I suspected, the blood of Demon King Anos has never ceased to flow for two thousand years, but I didn't expect it to be mixed in with humans as well.

 No, considering that the demon race and humans had stopped fighting, it was probably natural for a mixture of blood to be born.
 Somehow, somewhere in the back of my mind, I must have thought that the demon race and humans were incompatible. For a thousand years, humans and demons were divided by a wall, and during that time, they diluted and eventually eliminated the root of each other's misfortune.

 The proof of this is that the humans don't know much about the demon race, apparently. I asked my parents about it, but they were still not familiar with them.
 They seem to know that the demon race is on the other side of the wall, far away, but they don't have any other information.

 However, it's probably because this place is far from the demon world, or in other words, the country of the demon race, Dirhade.


 I felt a slight flow of magic out of the corner of my eye.
 I open the window.

 Then an owl jumps into the room.
 A tossed letter settles in my hand.

 It's an invitation. It's marked "Demon King Academy Delzogade".

"Demon King Academy...?

 Delzogade is the name of my castle, but I don't remember ever hearing of the Demon King's Academy.
 It must have been built in two thousand years, but what the hell?

 As I was wondering, an owl that had jumped into the room opened its mouth.

''Delzogade is a school for training Demon Emperors. It was established to welcome those who are descended from the blood of the Tyrannical Demon King, i.e., those who are in the royal family among the Demon Clan, and have them become fine Demon Emperors.

 Demon King of Tyranny, eh? It's a nostalgic name, but it's me. Back then, I was more often called Demon King Anos, but perhaps it would have been better to have two names to pass on to future generations.

''The role of the Demon King Academy is to take the Demon King of Tyranny as the founder and make the one closest to that Demon King's founder reign as the Demon Emperor. You are the one who has the blood of the Founder in your veins. Hence, I have an invitation from Derzogade. We look forward to seeing you at the Demon King's Academy.

 I have the blood of an ancestor, or rather, I'm that ancestor.
 Well, I suppose they came here by following the peculiar traces of magic power flowing from my blood, but is it possible for a messenger to look into the abyss beyond that?

 The fact that I was reincarnated means that the blood of the ancestors flowing in my body is seemingly diluted.  However, if I carefully analyze it with my demon eyes, I can see that it's all the blood of the Demon King Anos that has been altered.

''It's also said that this year is the year the Demon King's ancestor is reincarnated.

 The fact that you know that means you've talked about the day I'm going to be reincarnated until today.

''The students who plan to enter the Demon King Academy this year are already so promising that they are known as the Chaos Generation. Among them, there are some who are believed to be the reincarnation of our ancestors. When the Primordial Ancestor returns, Delzogade will be abuzz with the joys of all the Demon Clans.

 I see.
 In other words, the Demon King Academy is there to find me after my reincarnation.

 If that's the case, there's no reason why I can't go there.
 Besides, I'd like to see this promising generation of demons, my descendants of the Chaos Generation, with my own eyes.

''I've definitely received an invitation.
We are looking forward to welcoming the leader of the Ancestors' bloodline.

 The owl took off.

 Well. Once that's decided, good things must come quickly.
 You will not look so good in your present form when you go to Delsogade.

 <I will use the Kurst magic.
 My body is enveloped in light, and my body has grown to the equivalent of a 16-year-old.

 Well, I guess that's about it.

 I leave my room and head to the front door of the house.
 It's midnight now. Dad and Mom are asleep, so it won't be a problem to get out.
With that in mind, I put my hand on the front door.

'Who's there?'

 I heard my mom's voice behind me.
 Hmm. Good grief, you're awake. And you wouldn't know it was me in my grown-up form.

 Anyway, I turned around to explain.

'Anos? You're big again!

 Mom said that as soon as she saw my face.

'You're well aware,'

That's understandable. Even if you are a little older, Anos is still Anos-chan.

 It's annoying that I'm even called the Demon King and I'm being channelled, but well, it doesn't matter how many times I say it, I can't fix it, so I can't be bothered.

'Where are you going to go this late at night? It's not safe out there.

 Even though I was reincarnated, it doesn't change the fact that I'm her son now.
 Now that I've been found, I won't be able to leave without a word.

''Mother. Do you know about the Demon King Academy?

 Mom nodded her head as if she didn't understand.

'I don't know. Where is the school located?

It's a long way from here. It's in Dillhade.

What's wrong with a school in a country that far away?

I got an invitation. I was wondering if I could enroll. I'm thinking of going.

No, no, the school's that far away? Watch out! Because Anos is only a month old.

 It's true that it's been a month since I was born, but I don't want the reincarnation to be treated like a baby.

 However, I don't believe in the story of reincarnation at all.
 After all, my mother doesn't know the letters of the Demon King.

"We can't go that far to Dillhade, Mom. There's a wizarding school nearby, can't we just go there?

There's nothing to learn in witchcraft school. Besides, I'm going to school on my own, so you don't have to come with me.

'No. I told you, Anos, you're only a month old. We can't let her live on her own at her age. What are you going to do about the money?

I've earned my keep.

'How? The world is not that easy--

 Magic power gathers in the palm of my hand, and a gold nugget is created there.

''Eh...? Lies.........this isn't a magic fake.......it's real.......

 Mom is an appraiser by trade, so she's good at appraising precious metals.
 That should at least give you an idea of how easy it is for me to make money.

'Anos, how did you do this? Not even the wise men of the castle can do this kind of magic.

 Mom's surprise is considerable. It would be. When it comes to the wise men of the castle, they are among the best magic users in the country.
 No matter how human they are, if they couldn't use this kind of magic, they would have been the first to die in the mythical era, but it seems that the world has become a much more peaceful place.

'Creating something real in this world is the foundation of creative magic, mother. It's only elementary when you can create imaginary metals, mithril and orichalcon. To the Demon King Anos, it's the equivalent of child's play.

 I hope this makes you believe that I've been reincarnated for a bit?

I don't care how good your magic is, you can't do it. And you know what, Anos only calls himself "Anos". You know what? You know, when you grow up, you don't call yourself by your name.

 Chi, that's the point...

What is the Demon King's Academy anyway? What are you here to study?

I don't know what to do. It would be easy to go in force.

"Okay, Isabella.

 Dad came from the back of the house.

"Don't let a man decide for you what to do.

''But, dear. Anos-chan is only a month old, and besides, I don't know much about the Demon King's Academy.

'If the men meet for three days, they will say, "Scrape and see". Anos has been here for a month. Then you'll have to open your eyes ten times as wide. Well, my father's eyes don't get any bigger.

 Ah, yes. Well, after living with you for the past month, I've learned something.
 My mom is very anxious and my dad is a bit of an idiot.

I know what you mean, Anos. It's called the Academy for Demon Kings, it's a school for training wizard kings, right? Anos is good at magic, so that's why he wants to master it.

That's pretty much right, pretty much...

 It's not really true at all, but let's just call it that.

Go ahead, Anos.

 Dad said in a forceful tone, pushing me back.

'Are you sure?'

 Dad nodded.

"But we're coming with you.


'If that's the path your child decides to take, it's your job as a parent to support them. That said, you're only a month old. You're still young.

I don't want you to worry about it.

 'Chitty-chitty,' says Dad, pointing his finger up.

'You have no idea, Anos. You know what? You know, when kids leave, they miss their parents. You've just been born, you know. The loneliness is just as bad here as it is anywhere else.

 Dad, who goes out of his way to use difficult words.
 You shouldn't be so tall, I think.

"Hey, Isabella's gonna miss you too, isn't she?

'Yeah I never thought I'd grow up so fast, so I'm sorry. Anos-chan is probably a child prodigy who was given great power by God. So you might think that your mother is a hindrance, but could you stay with me a little longer?

 As you can imagine, I'm at a loss for words.
 I didn't have parents before my reincarnation.

 My mother is dead.
 I don't know if my father is dead or if he left me, I don't know.
 At least I never talked to them.

 So it doesn't matter.


Well, if you're lonely, then I'll have to do it.

 Mom's face lit up as she said this.

'Okay, it's settled! We need to get ready to move. Hey, don't worry about it. My dad's a blacksmith. You'll be eating well wherever you go!

 So the three family members decided to move to Dillhade.