01-Prologue ~Reincarnation~

 Age of Mythology.
 There was a man who was feared to be a demon king, who destroyed a nation of men, burned down the forest of spirits, and killed even the gods.

 His name was Anos Voldigord.

''--So what do you think?

 Sitting on the throne, arms crossed, Demon King Anos spoke the words.
 That alone was enough to make an ordinary human being feel awe, but as far as the people in front of him right now were concerned, he wouldn't have to worry about that.

 A brave canon chosen by the Holy Sword to cut off even the predetermined fate.

 The great spirit Reno, the mother of all spirits.

 And Militia, the God of Creation, who created this world.

 Including Anos, the four people who would influence the fate of the world and will be talked about in the future were all together in the Demon King's Castle Delzogade.

''I understand the story. It's not a strange deal. But now you're talking about peace?

 The Brave Canon said.

'That's right,'

Demon King Anos. How many people have you killed in your life?

 With cold eyes, Anos replied.

'On the contrary, I ask you, brave canon. How many demons have you killed in your life?''

 He returned the canon's line exactly as he had said it.

 Who drew the bow first, the human or the demon race?
 There is no way to know now.
 No, knowing would not erase the past now.

 The reason for this is probably a trivial matter.
 One of them killed the other.
 And the one who was killed got revenge.

 The rest is just the same.
 Revenge because they were killed, and kill because they were avenged.
 The hatred built up endlessly between the two races, and the cycle of tragedy accelerated to an unstoppable point.

 Both humans and demons are alike in the sense that they abhor anything that is different from them.

''Are we supposed to believe your words of cruelty?''

'What if it's not brutal? If you don't fear the Demon King Anos, you humans don't mind killing demons. You don't even feel the slightest bit of guilt in the name of justice, and you even hail the people you kill as heroes.

Because of the atrocities committed by the demon race.

I'm telling you, it's people who made it happen.

Are you blaming the demon race for everything?

It means there is no right or wrong in war.

 The Demon King Anos glares at the hero.

"Canon. You humans seem to have no doubt that the world will be at peace if you defeat Demon King Anos, but is that really the case?

It's obvious.

No. You know it's not true. You know it's all a trick. Killing the Demon King Anos will only create more fires. I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do that. No.........

 Anos is just talking.
 However, with his immense magical power, he did so, and every word had a compulsion like magic.

''Even if the demon race is destroyed, the humans will still make new enemies. Next time, they will make spirits different from themselves, and if they eradicate the spirits, the gods who made them themselves. And if we destroy the gods, this time humans will start fighting each other.

Sure. People have their weaknesses. But I want to believe in people. I want to believe in your kindness.

 Kukuku, Anos laughed.

 The brave canon is a much better person. He is not ignorant of the ugliness of human beings, but he still has the courage to believe in the kindness of people.

Then, canon. In addition, how about believing in the kindness of the Demon King Anos?

 The canon doesn't answer right away.
 He's probably doubting that this offer is true.

'As I said before. The world is divided into four parts. The human world, the demon world, the spirit world and the divine world. I will erect a wall between the four worlds and build a door that will not open for a thousand years.

 If we don't engage with each other for a thousand years, our resentment towards each other will dissipate.

"All of these lives will be turned into magic, and with the three of you working together, that much magic can be activated.

You would die for peace? You were even called a demon king.

You're the ones who called me in. "You called us here, and we're not going to die. I will find a suitable vessel and reincarnate. But you will not awaken for another 2,000 years.

 The canon fell silent.
 After a while, he said as if he was ready.

 Despite proposing it himself, Demon King Anos could not hide his surprise.

 He explained it in good faith.
 He also showed proof that there was no demerit to humans, spirits and gods.

 The only problem that remained was the emotions, the hatred and resentment built up between them and each other.

 That's why those were truly courageous words.
 It was at this moment that Anos, the Demon King, understood for the first time the meaning of his being called a brave man.

''Thank you.''

 Then the canon laughs slightly.

''I never thought the day would come when the Demon King would thank me.

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd have to thank a man for his bravery.

 The two men look straight at each other.
 Although their positions are different, their power and the strength of their hearts have always been recognized by each other.

 Now, at last, their long battle is about to be rewarded.

''Then let us begin at once.

 The Demon King Anos slowly rose from his throne.

 Then, he held his hand in front of him.

 At that moment, countless particles of black light began to rise up throughout the castle.
 A number of magic letters were painted on the walls, floor, and ceiling, everywhere.
 The Demon King's Castle Delzogade is a huge three-dimensional magic circle prepared by Anos.

'This body is the gateway to magic power.

 Anos stepped forward, exposing himself unprotected.

 First, the great spirit Reno, followed by the creator god Militia, pointed her palm at him.
 What was released was a tremendous white wave. It was like seeing a star up close and personal. An infinitely equal mass of magical power was shining dazzlingly.

 No matter how much magic power is poured into it, the body of the Demon King Anos would not be able to justify it if he was exposed to that much of it unprotected.

 Finally, the heroic canon drew his holy sword.

''Are you ready to reincarnate?''

You're done. You can come.

 A fierce rush of magic power that seemed to spark with crackling sparks was loud and piercing to the ears.
 The Demon King's Castle Delzogade began to collapse, unable to withstand the exercise of the great magic that seemed to stir up all the magic in this world.

 Kanon kicked the floor and thrust out the holy sword in his hand with all his might.

 The sword blade, which was filled with magic power and turned into pure white light, pierced the heart of the Demon King Anos as if it were sucked in.


 Blood dripped from Anos' chest.
 His mouth was red and wet.

 Now the great ambition would come true.

 He was sick of it.
 He was tired of fighting, of this barren world.

''........Brave Canon. I thank you again. If you were to be reborn two thousand years from now--

As a friend.

 'Huh,' laughed Demon King Anos.


 His body disappeared with the light--


 Two thousand years later.

 A baby is born into a human family.

"You're... Look at you, you're born. Our baby.

 A woman, Isabella, happily holding her newborn baby.
 Beside her is her husband, Gusta.

'He's so cute. You're going to be a fine man.'

 Gusta pecked the baby's cheek.

'Have you thought of a name for me?'

Yeah, his name is--

 It was the moment Gusta was about to speak.

'His name is Anos. It's Anos Voldigord.

 Gusta and Isabella look in astonishment as they open their mouths angrily and bare their eyes to the point where they think their eyes are going to pop out.

'Hmm. Two thousand years, but it's only a moment.'

 When he was alone, he turned to the couple, who were still surprised.

'Oh, I'm sorry. Was this the first time you've seen a baby reincarnate, by any chance? I have surprised you, but in this day and age, you are still your children. Take care of them.



 The couple said in unison.

'He spoke!

 Anos makes a face that says it's normal for a reincarnated baby to talk.

'It's hard to talk in this body. Do you want to grow up a little?

 A magic circle floats on the body of Anos, the baby.

 Instantly, he grew quickly and easily to the equivalent of six years old.

That's about it for now.

Stoned, Anos got his feet on the floor.


 If you look at them, you can see them ramble and shake, and again Gusta and Isabella look astonished.
 Then, they say in unison with their voices.

''Oh..........I've grown up!

 Anos had a look on his face that it would be natural for a reincarnated baby to use