196-Educational guidance of swordsman teachers

 The arena was silent.

 Someday, somewhere, I've seen a scene similar to this one.
 The students had a look on their faces as they said so.

 No matter what, what came to mind must be the tyrannical demon king who was called a non-conformist.

''........That's quite a feat.......''

 Sasha said in a natural tone of voice, but at the volume of those around her.

'You're a boy genius, indeed.

 She smiles, with plenty of room to spare.

'But I'm not quite there yet.'

 Sasha gracefully brushed her twin-tailed hair back into place.
 Anosh was a genius, but he was not as good as the Demon King of Tyranny, and he was exuding the atmosphere of tyranny as much as this without saying a word.

''........I see. It looks like you were kind of amazing in that hamper, but from Sasha-sama's point of view, you're still not there yet.......

''Ah. I thought it was just like Anos-sama, but as expected, it can't be the same as the Demon King of Tyranny...

I guess I'll have to learn to look further into the abyss.

 If the girl who is called the Witch of Doom and who has seen the tyrannical demon king up close and personal in the Anos Squad says so, the students would have to agree.

 No matter how great they look, they must think that they haven't yet peered into the abyss. They can't even properly measure my power to begin with.

 Instead of coming up with an impromptu idea, Sasha's deception will be quite effective, why not?

I have to say, it's great. That's Anoosh Porticollo, boy genius. His skill with sword and magic reminds me of a tyrannical demon king.

 Eldmead blurted out without reading the air at all.
 Sasha flashed a sharp gaze with a look like this guy.

''Huh...? If Eldmead-sensei says so, then Anosh-kun is pretty amazing after all.......

I guess.

 When the student muttered something like that, Sasha smiled gracefully.

'Yes, Miss Eldmead is very complimentary.

 He said this slowly, probably because he was thinking in his mind about how he was going to mend the situation.

'But despite the fact that I may have looked perfect at first glance, I'm still just a kid.

 Then the students' gazes were focused on Sasha.

'There must be a specific reason why Sasha-sama said that, right?

'I'm not one to say words without evidence, so what was wrong with me?

Quiet. I'm sure Lady Sasha will explain it to you now.

We don't want to miss it.

 Sasha's expression grew slightly stronger.
 She looked at me as if she was just looking into the abyss, then opened her mouth.

'Hey, Misha. Don't you think so too?

 He threw the whole thing to his sister.
 Misha blinked with a snap.

''The structure of the magic magic formula is lax. <If the activation of the had been delayed for a few moments, it's possible that Ramon wouldn't have come back to life.''

 I used
 That's a pretty good move.

It's a good idea," he said. The skill with which you channeled the force is just about as good as it gets, but that was too poorly done by Ramon. I'm sure you've got a lot of momentum going for you, and you've fallen down.

 It was just a tour de force, but Ray made it up like that.
 As expected, the way he lies is very bold.

It's just that he's a trained swordsman. You have a different eye for detail. I've been thinking that the flow of magic power is somewhat strange for Anosh to have done, but I see, Ramon is even worse at this than I thought. I didn't notice that much....

So, simply put, Mr. Ramon tripped and fell into a wall and died?

How rash can you be........

 When the students had just said that, Eleonor quickly said.

''Hey, just because Anosu-kun is cute, you can't go into it with such vigor.

 Giggles and giggles from his classmates escaped him.
 Ramon couldn't move from his spot, despite the humiliated expression on his face.

 He was slammed into the wall, so his arms and legs were completely restrained.

''That was a pretty good match.

 I send my magic and pull Ramon off the wall.
 When I'm finally freed, he asks me.

''You ... I thought you ... weren't good with a sword?''

"Hmm. Well, you see. I don't know what would have happened if Ramon hadn't gone easy on us.

 For a moment, Ramon is puzzled.

'Since I'm a transfer student, you were going to let me have the flowers, weren't you?

"...oh, yeah. Well, you know. You know what I'm talking about. If I'd been serious, well, it could have been the other way around... hahaha.

 Hmm. How can you grow so much when you've just died?
 You're finally three years younger than I am.

Do you have time after school?

 Ramon asks me.

'I'm free,'

All right, come along for the ride. I'll take you somewhere interesting.

 Apparently, they decided it was worth it.
 Now, where are you taking me?

I'm looking forward to it.

I left something in class. Don't go get it.

 With that said, Ramon sneaked out of the arena.

 Thanks to Sasha and her team's quick thinking, their interest in us is gone, and the students are all back to their striking practice.

 The guys in my squad were also each striking swords together.
 Sasha and Misha, Eleonor and Zesia, and Rei and Misa were each practicing.

'Let's go!'

 Sasha strikes down the sword as hard as she can.


 Misha struck it away.
 Although they cut each other off with serious expressions, their swords lacked power.

 It's a good thing that you're able to have a good time with them.
 It seems that you still can't even handle a magic sword.



 They both swung their swords at the same time and struck down.
 But, however, the two swords were blocked by a single staff inserted between them.

'That's enough.'

 Stopping the two swords, the Cutthroat King Erdmaed said.

''Isn't that poor sword handling for that Demon King's men?

 Sasha stared at the Cutthroat King as if she was miffed, but she didn't argue with him, probably because it was true.

''Aside from being a poor swordsman, shouldn't you at least be able to handle a magic sword?''

 Eldmead drew a magic circle and drew two magic swords from it.
 He thrust them in front of Misha and Sasha.

''Come on, pull them out.

 Sasha looks at the magic sword in front of her with an unflattering expression.

''I've tried many times, but the demon sword is still not a good match for me.

 Misha nodded his head in agreement.

'Then maybe today is the day your efforts will pay off. Now pull it out.'

 Misha and Sasha hold the hilt of the magic sword in their hands.
 However, even though they put their strength and put their magic power into it, the magic sword doesn't seem to move slightly.


 Gradually, Sasha was getting out of breath.

''You see........you see.......it's still no good.......''

Kaka, that's not so bad. You're almost there.

I'm not so sure. He doesn't seem to be listening to me at all...?

 'Dan,' said Erdmeade, putting his staff to work.

'What you lack is consideration for the magic sword. The magic sword is not a tool. You should try to treat it as an equal.

 Immediately, the Cutthroat King pointed his staff at Misha.

''Misha-kun, you're the opposite. Try to be more arrogant. Let me do what I say. Do what I tell you to do. There is pride in the demon sword. We don't choose a demon lord who is only nice to us.

 He lifts his lips in amusement when Sasha and Misha try to follow his advice.

'Yes, yes, that's the way it's going. Isn't that wonderful? Another thing you lack is confidence. The magic sword is out because you think you can pull it off. Then send the magic power to the root of the sword with the belief that it can be pulled out. There's no way you can pull it off. Someone with as much magic as you guys have is using this level of magic sword!

 Eldmaed said as if to inspire them.

''This Cutthroat King is second only to the Demon King when it comes to the power of his magical eye. Now, we have three seconds to get out of here. Scrape off your eyes. Three, two, one.

 At that moment, as if a gear had been engaged, Sasha and Misha quickly pulled out their magic swords.

"...I'm surprised...

 'Cuckoo,' laughed Erdmeade.

'What surprises you? You are the men approved by the Demon King. It doesn't matter how badly you are at manipulating the magic sword, there is no reason why you can't do it. You have that much magic power to begin with.

 Dismissing that, Erdmeade flicks his gaze around.

''There, Omae! You have some pretty good taiji muscles. But that's not how it works.

 <Even though he was having trouble breathing due to the , Erdmeade was going around instructing his students with a pleasant smile.

 In another place, a pair of men and women were beating each other up.



 With a whirl, the sword flew through the air and fell to the floor of the arena.
 Ray popped Misa's sword away.

''Haha I'm sorry I wasn't able to deal with you...''

 Misa picks up the sword.
 She's already had her sword flown away ten times now.

'I've been thinking about it for a long time,'

 Ray puts his sword down and moves closer to Misa.

'Don't you mean it?'


 Ray laughs briskly.

'I think you can be your true body now, can't you?

'The rumour and lore of the Spirit Mass is the reincarnation of Avos Dilhevia. It may not be as strong as it was then, but it shouldn't be random enough to strike a match with me.


 Missa looks down, as if she doesn't want to.

''........but I'm a little scared.......''

What are you afraid of?

I'm just the same as I was before. I'm afraid that my character will change a bit if I become my true self.

 Mass chuckled at that.

'I think I'll probably end up looking more like that Avos Dilhevia.

Can they hijack your consciousness?

'....Oh, no. No, no, that's not true. We are properly united, and the real me can feel the real me now. But, I mean...

 Misa said in a fearful sort of way.

''Rei-san might not like you...''

I'll be fine.

 Rei lays his own hand on Missa's hand holding the sword.


You can't change my feelings with the way you look or the way you talk to me. As long as you are you, I love you.

 Mass stared at Ray with a blush on her cheeks.

'Misa. Let me show you the real you. 

 Shyly, Mass nodded.

'You seem to have quite a bit of leeway, Ray Grundley.

 With a gasp, Ray turned around.

 Before he knew it, Shin was standing right behind him.
 With cold eyes that seemed to chill the bottom.

 It was such a killing spirit that a hundred battle-hardened brave men who had passed through numerous battlefields would jump back as soon as possible.

 Shin says to Ray without losing his expression.

''It appears that you are lacking an opponent, so I will serve you.

 Putting his hand in the magic circle he had drawn, Shin drew his plundering sword Gyrionoges.

As I was saying...

 Shin's eyes glowed coldly.

'Shall I have you die? Three times.

 The number of times was increasing.