197-Blade of courage and the heart of fate

Oh, um...

 Misa said as she looked at Shin's face.

''N-No, it's not? Just because I was a little bit shy about being serious, and Mr. Ray was helping me relax, doesn't mean I didn't take the class seriously--


 Singh said nonchalantly.

'I'm in class now. I'm not your father. I don't admire your mixing of public and private life.'

I'm sorry.

 Misa turned over as if in fear.
 Singh said, dropping back to keep his distance.

'Speaking of which, Ray Grundley. Where were you three nights ago and what were you doing?

...What do you mean?

 Ray asks back, not cracking a smile.

'No, I don't mean anything. It's just,

 Singh stopped and turned his face to Ray.

'Three nights ago, my daughter came home later than usual.

 There's a chill in his eyes.

''Let me ask you again. Three nights ago, where were you three nights ago and what were you doing?

 Magic power passed from Shin's hand, and the plundering sword shimmered suspiciously.

 It was completely public and private.

''Oh, father! That was at Ellen's house and it was late, that's what Ellen said too!

 Shin quickly replied to Misa's excuse.

'She had practice that day as the Demon King's Choir. The schedule was not until nightfall, however, my lord, on that day, you were in Delzogade doing your official duties until late into the night.

Well what does that matter?

'The girls in the choir, and especially Ellen's loyalty, are all things that I would like to set an example for, in my opinion. It is hard for me to believe that a loyal vassal as loyal as Ellen would leave the castle earlier than you, my dear.

 A loyal retainer knows a loyal retainer.

 Seeing the Fan Union girls working for the Demon King every day as the Demon King's Choir, Shin must have had his thoughts.

 In other words, he thinks this way.
 Eren must have gone along with Misa's backbiting, he thought.

''........tah, that happens sometimes.......''

 Misa laughed, as if in trouble.
 It was just a painful excuse in front of Singh.

'Misa, I'm not listening to you. It's not safe, so stay back.'

But, Dad, you know, you're not going to be mean to Mr. Ray.

He's not your father now.


 Misa gave him a troubled look, but he had no choice but to pull back.
 She looked at Ray with concern and he smiled briskly.

 'I'll be fine,' he said.

'Shall I have your question answered, Ray Grundley?

You can say whatever you want with your mouth.

 Ray draws a magic circle with one hand.
 A divine light gathers there, and he grabs the summoned spirit godman sword, Evans Mana, in his right hand.

''Let me answer that question with this sword.

'I will buy grace. But if there is any chicanery in your taiji muscle, I will immediately cut it out of your body.

 Ray and Shin confronted each other.
 Misa called out to them with a puzzled look on her face.

''.........Uh, Rei-san? Um, that's the Spirit God Human Sword, right? Wasn't it the Holy Sword that destroyed the Demon King? What is your father trying to get with a plundering sword? Um, are you two cool?

 But at the earliest, they were silent as they focused on each other's swords and swords.

''Ah, haha........what shall we do.......?

What's the matter with you?

 Misa turned around quickly.
 She seemed surprised that I was there before I knew it.

'What do you mean, Anosu-kun, it's not a problem?

Singh was a man who never knew love. But when he had a daughter named you, it was the first time he felt a sense of parental love. Because he didn't know love, he also doesn't know how to suppress his feelings.

 I said to Misa, who was looking at me like she couldn't understand me at all.

To put it simply, you can't stop being an idiot," I said. I'm sure you've never seen love before, but I never thought I'd be like this. What a smile.

''Well, um... but the sword the two of you are holding right now isn't smiling at all...?''

'It will be the path of every parent with a daughter. Ray must challenge you with a true heart and win you over. But Shin is a clumsy man. Words are not enough to understand each other. That sentiment is what Ray is attempting to communicate with with his sword.

...talking with the sword?

When you're as good as those two, if you cut them loose, you can imagine how much they feel for each other.

'So that's how it is...'

 Misa looks at both of them, as if still skeptical.

 The other students noticed that Ray and Shin were about to start practicing striking each other, and the other students began to pay attention to them.

'Hey. That. It's a good thing that Shin-sensei is carrying a magic sword, could it be bad.......I have a feeling that it's unusually magical.......?

What's more, the one you pulled out was the Spiritual Blade. Wasn't that the holy sword that was made to destroy the Demon King?

''Wait... wait... wait... could this be a one-on-one battle between the heroic canon and the Demon King's right hand man, Shin Reglia?

I guess you didn't get out of your stupor 2,000 years ago? So, I think Mr. Singh is trying to purge Ray's guy from class...

Otherwise, he wouldn't have pulled out that hideous-looking magic sword, and Ray wouldn't have brought out Evans Mana, would he?

 The students gulped and carefully distanced themselves from them.
 They looked like they didn't want to get involved.

''Kakka, omah, stop striking each other and look at those two. It looks like they are going to put into practice what Dr. Singh said first. It will be much more beneficial than all that prep work.

Do you mean you want me to die first?

'Exactly. Two thousand years ago, death was natural, and conquering death was also natural. Then you must experience death to reach that state! It's the difference between knowing this and not knowing how much you need to be hit to die!

 Dang, Eldmead clicks the floor with his wand.

And there is one more benefit to experiencing death. <"And there's another advantage to experiencing death. That is the magic that works on the root. By becoming aware of death, one becomes detached from the body and becomes aware of one's source. Then you'll be able to feel the meaning of the magic formula of the Revival (Ingal) with your own body!

 Kaka kaka kaka, Eldmeade chuckles with a throaty laugh.

It's as good as Sinn Reglia. It's the right hand of the demon king to make you experience death so quickly, to make you aware of the most basic of the basics of warfare, that is violent and yet delicate!

 The Cutthroat King pointed at them with his staff and said quietly, "Look, let's move.

''Look, let's move!''

 Ray kicked the ground.
 As if he had anticipated that move, Shin was already looming in front of him.


 The aftermath of the tremendous magical power bounces around, and the wind pressure stirs up the students' hair and uniforms.

 The magic power of the sword is superior to the Reishinjinjin Sword, but Shin is slightly superior in skill.
 The two men's perspectives were competitive, and Ray and Shin exchanged glances.

''I guess we'll call it a three-game match?''


 When Shin replied, a faint light covered the surroundings of the two of them.
 <It is the magic of the
 However, it is not for converting thoughts into magic.
 It is intended to make it easier to convey the thoughts of each other's swords to the other party.

 With the full power of the Spirit Godman Sword, Ray pushed Shin away.
 For a moment, he wobbled his stance, and a flash of Evans Mana to his right side.

 But it was an invitation. Daring to create an opening, Shin completely saw through the attack and avoided it completely with the slightest movement.
 At the same time, he stepped in and swung his plundering sword down with perfect timing.

 A blow from Gyrionoges that seemed unavoidable, however, cut through the sky.
 Ray's move was also an invitation, and he read his sword line and took Shin's back.

 Shin turns around and flashes his plundering sword.
 At the same time, the Spirit Godman Sword was swung down.

 Sword flashes and sword flashes formed a cross.
 Sparks of wind pressure and magic power scattered around them, and the two blades engaged each other.

''It's quite a foolish sword, isn't it?''

It's a pleasure to be flattered.

But my skills are still poor.

 At the same time as the words were spoken, fresh blood scattered from Ray's right shoulder.
 In a quick and unobtrusive move, Shin struck the plundering sword.


 Once again, Ray and Shin cross their blades.
 In the space of a breath, the swords are cut together a dozen times, and Ray's right thigh is slashed open.

 The third clash.
 Shin successfully deflected the Spirit Godman Sword wielded with all his strength, and Shin ripped open Ray's right chest.

 Ray jumps back in and out of range once more.

'You ducked the kryptonite well. It's no ordinary skill to not let a plundering sword take it from you. But how long will it last?

 The brilliance of his demonic sword surpassed even his previous ones.
 Perhaps because of his love for his daughter, Shin had completely overwhelmed Rei.

''Oh, um.......it's not over already.......it was a three-way match, wasn't it? Dad, you've already put three in, haven't you?

What do you mean? There's not one in there.

 At my words, Misa gave me a look of not understanding.

'Three games means until one of us dies three times.

'Don't worry so much. The three-game match is a common rule in sword fights two thousand years ago. Shin and Ray are both used to it.

 Misa looks at Shin and Rei, who are in a battle of wits, with their lips tightly knotted.

The actuality of this is a very good thing. It's a good thing that both parties are unwilling to compromise.

'Well it just looks like they are seriously cutting each other up, but do you and your father have any kind of dialogue with that, Ray-san...?

Yeah. Okay, let me explain.

 <I used the Thought Communication (Leaks) to make sure that the thoughts and feelings I felt for the two of them were transmitted to Misa.

"That's my interpretation. There may be a few mistranslations, but you can assume that's the general idea.

 At that moment, Ray moved.
 Just like before, he pushed Shin away and created a distance, and this time he struck a blow of the Spirit Godman Sword.

 His courage was overflowing in that sword.

 --Give me your daughter! --


 --I won't--.

 An unfathomable resolve overflows from Shin's magic sword.
 However, Rei doesn't mind, and launches an onslaught with the Spiritual God and Human Sword.

 Within one breath, thirty consecutive blows, the unstoppable blade of the sword attacked Shin.
 At the same time, Shin also made his magic sword shimmer like a flash of light.

 It's the ultimate in sword speed, and the two collide with each other's fast blades as if they were competing with each other.

 It was exactly as if their non-negotiable thoughts and feelings were clashing.
 Putting their beliefs and pride on the line, the heroic Kanon and the Demon King's right-hand man Singh now clash the holy sword and the demon sword.

 The one challenging them is Kanon, and the one to intercept him is Shin.
 The strong feelings of both parties become sparks from the clashing swords and burst into flames.

 --Give me your daughter! I'll make you happy. I'm risking my life! --

 --don't do it, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it! --

That means you're a hundred years early.

I'll get through that hundred years while I'm typing with you!

 As if absorbing Shin's technique, Rei absorbed the momentum of the plundering sword with the Spirit Godman Sword.
 Shin's body wobbled slightly as his own power was used.

 --What's wrong with me? If there's something wrong, I'll fix it! --

 That discarded sword, wielded with the momentum of marriage to get approval for a relationship, is the very blade of courage. This is not a preparation that can be shown to ordinary people.
 If you are serious, you must give it your all from the start. I'm sure you know that, but it's the normal course of events for the world to fail.
 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get a job.

 --I'm not going to be able to get rid of them. You're not ready for this level of skill, and you're not ready for marriage. You can't protect your daughter! --

 The merciless blade that knocks down that courageous blow without question is indeed the right hand of the demon king.
 Beyond logic and common sense, he doesn't do it anyway, it was truly the summit of an unreasonably impregnable and impregnable sword.

 --Give me your daughter, give me your daughter, give me your daughter! --

 --don't do it, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it! You're a hundred years early! --

 Sword and sword, blade and blade, fighting each other.
 The magical power of the two men who put their faith in each other and refused to take a step back is small and fading in spite of their fierce sword fights.

 The two men are aiming at the secret depths of the sword. The two of them are aiming for the secret depths of the sword.
 However, with the seven roots, it was extremely difficult for Rei to completely reduce his magical power to nothingness.

 Earlier, it was Shin who had reached the point of nothingness.

''Plundering sword, the secret depth is one--''

 The tip of Gyrionoges' sword buzzed like a whip, and like a living creature, it attacked Ray at a transformative pace.


 --Give me my daughter back--

 Within a moment, six consecutive shots.
 Ray was helpless and his life was taken away six times.

 I'm not going to be able to get it right.

I got six of them. Apparently, two hundred years were too soon.

Mr. Ray!

 With a change in blood, Misa runs to the fallen Ray.
 Then a magic circle floats on his body and the magic of is used.

 Muffled, Ray got up.
 Shin's cold gaze pierced him.

'If you learn from this, don't take Mass around too late at night. Otherwise, the next time you do, you may end up taking its roots instead of its life.

 With his back turned, Shin leaves.

 Just as Misa rushed over, Shin stumbled and dropped to one knee.

'..............Are you okay?

 Misa looks into Shin's face with concern.


 Singh said, and put his hand on his own left chest.
 A small amount of blood was seeping into it.


 Shin mutters.

 It is extremely difficult for Ray, who has the seven roots, to exercise the secret depths of the sword as it is.
 But at that moment, he had reached that point just in time.

 Although it didn't reach Shin's life, it's true that not even that sword flash was reflected in his demon eyes.

''........Come to think of it, Reno also immediately asked for a marriage proposal.......''

 Singh said as he thought about the past and stood up.

'Misa. I'll tell you one thing.

 He opens his mouth over his back to avoid eye contact with her.

'If you're not at least man enough to beat me, I won't be allowed to date you.

".........Well, that's impossible for most men to do if you say that.......your father is too strong......

 Singh left the scene, not listening to Misa's grumbling.
 On the way, he said.

''And don't lie to me. If you're going to be late, please at least . I won't ask you for any particular reason.

'What...? Um, is that...?

Leno will be worried about you.

 Misa looked back at Ray with a smile.
 He too smiled briskly.

 Shin leaves the scene prematurely. Or maybe the fate of a stubborn parental heart that can't approve of a relationship was cut off by a tiny bit of the Spirit God Human Sword--