374-Prologue-Reincarnation of God-

 Two thousand years ago--

 Demon King's Castle Delzogade.
 The darkness of the night was deep and full of silence.

 On his throne, the lord of the castle, Demon King Anos, was sitting on his throne.
 He was sitting on his cheeksticks and looking down into the darkness as if he were pondering.

 A flicker of light flickered.

 He looks up and directs his gaze to the high window in the throne room.

 There, a silvery white light shone on him.
 In the night sky, which had been shrouded in darkness, the , Artiel Tonoa, which should not have been there a moment ago, was shining faintly.

 Fluttering, fluttering--
 A single petal, resembling a snowflake, slipped through the high window and entered the castle.

 It softly landed in front of the Demon King's eyes.

 With a blink of silvery white light, the snow and moonflower forms an outline of a person.
 And so, a girl with long hair - Militia, the God of Creation, manifested on earth.

 She turned her serene eyes straight to Demon King Anos.

''Have you been waiting for me?''

I knew you would come.

 Anos stood up and walked loosely to Militia.

'The source of destruction, Averniu, the god of destruction, was corrupted by me.

 Silently, Militia nodded.
 As if she already knew.

'This castle?'

The end of the line.

 With her two eyes, the God of Creation looked at the castle.
 Like a bird's eye view of the world, her divine eyes should have seen everything in the Demon King's Castle Delzogade.

''-- Averniu is...''

 The words spill out of her mouth gently.

'What did you say?'

 For a moment, Anos closed his eyes.
 The words of the God of Destruction before he turned into the Demon King's Castle Delzogade flashed through his mind.

''I don't want to be in despair,''

 That voice was indeed a sorrow that the divine race should not have.
 Hence, it was deeply engraved in the Demon King's heart.

 Opening his eyes and looking straight at the Creator God, he told him.

'I've had enough of being an orderly staring at destruction.

You saved her.

 As if to mock himself, Anos laughs.

'I don't know. I just don't like this world where everything is fragile and doomed. I didn't want the God of Destruction, the < Sun of Ruin> Sarge Eldnave, to make Dirheid the country I wanted it to be.

 When Anos held up his hand, Delzogade's three-dimensional magic circle was activated.
 Along with the countless magic letters that emerged, a shadow sword appeared there and pointed the hilt at his hand.

 The Demon King grabbed it.
 The shadow flipped and the Rational Sword Venusdnoa appeared.

'I didn't save you. I merely postponed the problem.

 Militia said to Anos, who gave her a sharp look.

'You have fought to the best of your ability as an individual life in this world.

 Without changing his expression, but with an expression that is somehow gentle, the little god says

'The rest is the role of the Creator God, the Order.

Don't be so stubborn. I've come this far. I will follow you to the end.

 Silently, Militia shook her head from side to side.
 Her long hair swayed.

'It's okay.'

 Militia met Anos' gaze softly.

''........Hmm. If you don't need my power, though, that's as good as it gets. What do you plan to do?

I've been thinking about it. And, uh,

 Militia said in a gentle voice.

'It's what she wanted,'

Do you understand?

 Militia smiles slightly.

'It was in the letter you delivered to me.


 Anos raised the cutting edge of his Ridiculous Sword just slightly.


 As he said this, the Creator gently touched his hand to his own chest.

'If I have my way, you will be destroyed.

 To the expressionless Creator God, Anos said.

'Do you not fear?'

'God is order. There is nothing to fear.

 Releasing her hand from her chest, Militia stretched out her hand to beckon her.


 Venuzdnoa's cutting edge turned towards Militia.

 Walking loosely and without making a sound of footsteps, keeping the silence of the night, the Demon King stabbed the reason-destroying demon sword into the right chest of the Creator God.

 No blood flowed, yet the blade slashed the god.

 Her precious things.

 The sword that destroys reason, destroys order.

"Reincarnation (Silica)

 A huge magic circle is drawn, and Anos holds the drawn Ridiculous Sword up to it.

 Countless black particles begin to rise up from within the castle.

 They are fragments of consciousness, separated from the god of destruction, Averniu.
 Each and every one of those particles fills the throne room.

 <Anos looked at the source of that wandering inside the magic circle of the with his .

"Militia. I'll make your wish come true. Averniu, the god of destruction, will be reborn as a demon. Not bound by order, she will shed her god's trappings and release her thoughts.

In your blood?

 Militia asks.

Averniu and I share the same Devil's Eye. The distant descendants born of my blood will have a glimpse of this evil eye. I will link the eye with the magic eye and use the sword to trick it into believing it is the master of its own.

 Even if he is reborn, God is God.
 That order will be destroyed by Anos, the demon king, and Venuzdnoa.

'Be kind to him,'

Me? To Averniu?

 Militia nodded.

You're going to reincarnate, so you might as well cut out any ties to your previous life. Especially the past when he was a god of destruction.

"We may forget our memories, but we never forget our thoughts.

 In a tone of conviction, the Creator God said.

'It is the reason of the world, and if it gets in the way, I will destroy it.

 Militia smiled.
 As if to say that even the Demon King Anos has something that cannot be destroyed.

'Follow your thoughts, I'm sure you'll remember.

 Her eyes emit a silver gleam.

'About you,'

What makes you think that?

 Militia replied, as if compassionately and just a little happily.

'Because she has fallen in love.

It's an honor.

 Anos said in a self-mocking tone.

'It's only an imprint. It's just that I happened to be the one who first brought feelings to Averniu and freed him from that order of destruction. In a world of peace, the mind will be even freer.

 Anos removed his gaze from Militia and looked up at the high ceiling.
 Or maybe that was what he was saying to Averniu.

'I have taken away the rough world, the ruined order that was borne, the sins that were committed, and every fetters that bind the heart.

 Loosening his mouth, Anos says.

'If that's what you want, you can fall in love again. With a free heart without fetters. In truth, meet the one you love.

 The creator god stood silent.
 When Anos returned his gaze, she opened her mouth.

'Let us make a pact.'


 The Demon King looked interested at the creation god's suggestion.

''When you reincarnate, you should go see her first.


If she falls in love, take it.

 Anos laughed out loud, funny that the little god had uttered that with a serious expression on his face.

'Haha. I see you have come to take it. You've come to take the prancing horse. Funny thing to say.'

 Anos cleared his throat and laughed.
 Militia said matter-of-factly.

'God doesn't get the joke.'

I'll think about it.

 <Anos turned his gaze to the magic of .

 The reincarnation of the divine race is different from that of the demon race and humans.
 It is even more so when it is separated from order.

''Shall we decide on a name?''

 Militia looked into Anos' face with a question in her eyes.

'Averniu will be born as my offspring. As long as the divine order is lost, it will be difficult for you to find him too. <Besides the Devil's Eye of Doom, there's no harm in marking him.

 Averniu is born as a descendant of the demon race that Anos creates through magic.

 He could at least work on the roots of his descendants and have their teachings passed down from generation to generation in his subconscious, and decide on a name.

'If you can't think of one, I'll decide on one.


 Militia said.

'How about Sasha?'

Good name.

 At Anos' words, the creator god smiled.

'Thank you.'

 Anos turns around and asks her.

'What about you?'

 For a moment, Militia stalled in her reply.
 After thinking for a moment, she said with a gentle look on her face.

'Somewhere, I'm watching over this world, and over you.