375-Witch drinking a star

 Zaa ... zaa ... zaa ...
 And then I heard a ringing in my ears that sounded like a mixture of noise.

 Sunlight shone on my eyelids.

 A dull pain shook the back of my head, and my slumbering consciousness gradually regained its contours.

Anos, shall we have breakfast soon?

 I heard my mom's voice in the distance, and I opened my eyes.

 There was a little girl blinking in front of me, fluttering and blinking.

 She was perched on a chair next to the bed, her fluffy vertical rolls fluttering in the wind.
 There was an open book in her lap.

 She smiled thinly.

'Good morning.'

 Misha told her matter-of-factly and closed the book.

'Have you overslept?'

A little.

 I guess what I did with me was a bit exhausting.

 I loosely raise myself up and Misha draws a magic circle.
 I put my hand in the center of it and take out a jug of water and a cup from inside.

 She poured cold water into the cup and held it out to me.

'Don't want it?'

I was just thinking about getting one.

 Misha smiles happily.

 I thirsty with water and I get up.
 I let the magic circle I drew slip through my body and change from my nightgown to my plain clothes.

Misha-chan. Anos-chan, are you already awake?

 I heard Mom's voice again.

'I'm up now. I'll need you to fix me some lunch while I have breakfast.

 I send my voice flying with magic power to my mom on the first floor.

'Yes! Anos-chan is growing up, you know!

 A cheerful voice replied.

'When did Misha get here?'

 She nods her head slightly when I ask her that.

'About two hours ago?'

 Looks like we've been waiting a long time.

I'm sorry. You didn't have to wake me up.

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head from side to side.

'It looked good,'

 You got my attention.

Where's Arcana and Sasha?

Arcana went to Gadesiola.

 Speaking of which, did you say you were going to check on her?

Sasha's still sleeping.

 Hmm. I'm weak in the morning, but as expected, it's rare for me to sleep until noon.

Let me go wake you up.

 <Drawing the magic circle of the Gatom.

Anosu, get over here! It was an emergency!

 Another noisy voice came from downstairs.
 It was my dad.

 I looked at Misha and she shook her head.
 Well, you wouldn't know. What the hell is the emergency?

Give me a minute.


 I left the room and went downstairs with Misha.

 When we come to the shop part of the blacksmith and appraiser's shop, I see my dad in a pretentious pose, with one foot on a chair and a blacksmith's mallet on his shoulder.

 It doesn't look like an emergency.

'Father. What's the matter with you?

The pose.

 Dad said with a look on his face as if he'd stirred up all the despair in the world.

'I couldn't make up a pose!

 This is the current state of the heroes who fought unheralded in history two thousand years ago.

It looks the same as it always has, doesn't it?

 Then Dad waved his index finger from side to side and said, tsk tsk.

Listen, Anos," he said, "you can't be a man. "Listen, Anos, it's not enough to be the same as always. You have to keep pushing the envelope. And the end of that is what made me the man I am today.

 I don't understand.
 I looked at Misha and she nodded her head.

'Extinguish the light and increase the light, and then take that light and overcome the extinction?'

 Hmm. Even dad's posing makes sense.

 In other words, as Dad's shame approaches social ruin, his shame shines brighter and has overcome social ruin?


Maybe you're not being bold enough.

 Then my dad made a startled expression on his face.


 Dad's eyes fluttered open like this, and he expressed his astonishment.

 You say, like you're onto something.

"All right," he says. I'm coming around to it, Anos. I don't know what I've been missing. Dad, you've never been told that you lacked daring. In fact, the only thing I've ever been known for is being rash, and I've been praised for being too rash.

 I don't think that last one was a compliment.

'But, Dad. I've had a baby, I've had more responsibilities, and I've been on the defensive without knowing it...

 I didn't think we'd ever been attacked before.

I didn't think you were going to tell me that, Anos. I didn't think you could teach me. That's what I thought my son would teach me.

 Dad says with a chuckle.
 He just wants to say it, as usual.

'All right! Let's do it. One step, no, three steps! Dad, let's remember who we were that day and then we'll step into the realm beyond that!

 Dad holds the mallet upright and stretches out his arms and legs, propped up on his body so that he lies on his stomach, using only the slender handle as support.

 He stretches out his arms and legs as if he were a street performer.

Thank you, son!

 It was a splendid balance.

'By the way, why were you posing for it?'

 Dad said in a pretentious manner, keeping his balance as he swam through the air.

'Listen and be surprised, Anos. Dad, I'm going to make an apprentice. He's coming to the workshop today. I just wanted to show you how cool it is first.

 We can only hope that the apprentice who was shown the gusto will not leave on his feet.

'Good morning, Anos-chan!

 Mom, dressed in an apron, looked up with a big smile on her face.

'Misha-chan, you're going to eat your dinner too, right?'

 Misha looked at me.
 I can see most of what she's saying.

'Can I have some for Sasha? I'll bring him in now.

You too, Sasha. I'll take care of it. Anos is tired, mom, so let's go for it! Let's eat a lot of food and get our spirits up!

 She said with a smirk and went back into the kitchen.

'Well, Dad, I'll be back by the time you're ready to eat.

Oh. Go on. You'll find your father here in the new world.

 Just before I transition with Misha in the Transition (Gatom), the vertical mallet I was standing on loses its balance and Dad dives to the floor.

 But he's smiling at me and giving me a thumbs-up.
 He refuses to take a passive role, and you can only imagine what happens to him.

 The sound of my father's fall fades in the distance, and a canopy bed appears before me.
 Sasha's room at the Necron house.

'Are you okay?'

 It's probably Dad.

What, it happens all the time.

 I looked over at the bed, but Sasha wasn't there.

 There was a glass of wine on the small table next to the bed, which he had been drinking from.
 Sasha must have drunk it after she woke up.

'A misunderstanding ... no.'

 The scent of self-inflicted witchcraft drifting from the glass hits my nose.
 I sent my magic power and the glass flew through the air and settled in my hand.

'What's wrong?'

It's booze.

 Misha rolls her eyes slightly.

'Did you mistake it for water?'

'Most of them must have drunk in their sleep. They're probably drunk and wandering around out there somewhere.

 Looking at the entire area of the Necron house with my demon eyes, I saw Sasha was surprisingly close.


 I pointed, and Misha hobbled around to the other side of the bed.

 Sasha was asleep on the floor.
 For some reason, she had her face tucked under the bed, with only her legs slightly exposed.

'Get up, Sasha,'

 He grabbed Sasha's legs and dragged her out of bed with Zuzu.
 A blonde girl appeared, hugging a liquor bottle.


 Misha says matter-of-factly.
 All of it has been drunk, or there is not a drop of liquor left in the bottle.

'No wonder you never woke up,'

 As she said this, she drew a magic circle of detoxification (Ys) on Sasha's body.

 Just as the alcohol was about to be removed, she opened her eyes with a snap and destroyed the magic circle with her .

"....What are you doing?

Hey, my Demon Lord.

 Harkily, she spoke.

'It's boring to have too much to drink. I wish I could have gotten more drunk.'


 I responded appropriately and used the magic of .
 Without a moment's hesitation, Sasha destroyed it with her .

"Hey, let's play again today!

 Sasha smiled gracefully as she got up.

'What are you talking about all of a sudden?'

If you win, I'll give you a tuft of hair today.


Yeah. You want my body, don't you? Fine. But if you win. I'll only give it to you after the Demon King wins.

 Misha cocked her head and muttered curiously.

'An unusual way to get drunk.'

 You've had a lot to drink.

When I win.

 Sasha gently touches her index finger to my lips.

'I'm going to take your lips. I will cast a spell of love on you. Absolute obedience to me and I won't tolerate any kind of backchat.

 I think you said something similar when we first met.

"You're going to be my Demon King. Okay?

I can't help it.

 I put my hand on Sasha's shoulder and hold her towards me.


 Sasha blushes and looks at me with her .
 An ordinary person would have lightly broken through the anti-magic and knocked her into a coma.

They won't be able to destroy you for that.

 At such a close distance that our foreheads meet, I also use the Magic Eye of Ruin to offset Sasha's Magic Eye of Ruin.

"The game is a standoff. If you avert your gaze, you will lose.

I'm good at this. Because just from my sight, everything in the world will perish. Demons, humans, spirits, and gods will perish at the sight of me. No one will see me.

Ha ha. Hahaha. So, here we go.

 I glare at Sasha with my .
 Sasha huffs and smiles and glares back at me.

 After a few seconds of staring at each other still, Sasha gently put her hand on my cheek.

''What is that hand?''

'N... nothing...'

 As she says it, Sasha forcibly throws my head away and tries to avert her gaze.

 Furthermore, I put power into the Demon Eye of Doom and try to look into Sasha's eyes.
 As it is, I use the power of the magic eye to push through and make her look away.

''Wow, I understand........''


'Uh ... so ...'

 She turned red in the face and looked away from me, as if in contemplation.

''Well don't look at me that way you idiot...''

I guess I win.

 As soon as I said that, I used the Ys on her.
 I sobered her up and sobered her up.


 As if she noticed, Sasha looked at me, then shifted her gaze to Misha.


 But he's not quite there yet.


 Sasha didn't respond to Misha's call for help, but instead looked at the two of us in a daze.

 A teardrop of tears fluttered out of her eyes.

'Thank God. 'Militia, Anos.'

 She must have sobered up, though, because she said something like.

'It's nice to see the three of you again, as I promised.


 Misha muttered curiously next to me.

'Hmm. 'I see,'

 I stare at Sasha's face, my eyes fixed on the evil eye.

"Sasha, open your mouth.

'What...? Mouth, mouth? As soon as I met you, what the hell...? The demon king is so arrogant!

Just open it. You own your body, don't you?

Hey, I told you it was going to be a hair day...

 Shyly, Sasha looks at me and discreetly opens her mouth.
 Then I saw a pale, glowing magic in the back of her throat.

'Totally. What are you swallowing just because you're drunk?'

 He brought his lips to Sasha's open mouth and took a swooshing breath.

 And a pale white light floods out of Sasha's lips as she moans unspokenly.


 The pale light eventually grew to the size of a pebble and began to twinkle like a star.



 I thought Eyal blinked widely in front of me, and then the light gradually faded and then disappeared.

'Sleepwalking, drunkenness, mishandling with alcohol, and dreaming of the past that Eyal had shown me, I guess.

 Sasha's eyes, which had been stunned, gradually come into focus.


 I said as I asked myself, and Sasha looked at me.

'Are you awake?'

 After being in a daze for a while, Sasha nodded her head.

'Well, yeah I overslept I'm sorry...'

I'm fine.

"...I was having a weird dream and it felt like the past of 2,000 years ago washed over me, swallowing Eyal, swallowing me up...

It wasn't a dream you swallowed. I don't know what you saw, but thanks to you, Eyal is gone clean.


 Sasha looks back at me in surprise.

'....You're not dreaming...?

Yeah, of course.

Is that... the past... that's what Eyal showed you...?

 Sasha murmurs as if she is remembering the dream she just had.
 With a terribly complicated look on her face.


 Sasha said with a look of disbelief on her face.

''I'm Averniew, the God of Destruction.