376-The water of the cup

 Misha rolls her eyes.
 She's unfazed by most things, but she seems unusually surprised by the seriousness of the situation.

'Did you see that in your dream about Erial?'

 Misha asked, and Sasha nodded.

'Anos and Militia, the god of creation, talked about it. They said that Averniu, the god of destruction, hated being an order of destruction and wished to be reborn. After Anos pointed the Rational Destruction Sword at Militia, he separated the consciousness of the God of Destruction from the Delzogade, as Averniu wished.

 Curiously, Misha nodded her head.

''Militia and the Rational Sword?''

'Hmm, I don't know why, but that's what I was doing. Does that mean I did something to the Creator's order?

 Sasha says with a thoughtful look on her face.

'Anyway, Averniu, the god of destruction, was cut off from the order of destruction. <He said that since he has the magical eye of destruction, he can use it as a link to be reincarnated as a descendant of Anos.

Hmm. Well, it's not impossible.

 If I had told you in the past, you would have found the art of it.

'Just so we could meet again, Militia named Averniu after her reincarnation. 'Sasha,' he said.

 <The Eye of Doom is my descendant, Sasha.

Indeed, you are the only one.

"Sasha is the God of Destruction...

 Muttering, Misha stared at Sasha's face.

'Is the God of Destruction a good boy?'

.... hmm. Maybe that's a better answer than I thought.

What's the answer?

 Sasha asks.

'Heavenly Father God Nausgaria resurrected Surgieldnave and made it shine in the sky. But that light of destruction - the Black Sun - did not harm my men or the people of Dirheid. I had that certainty.

 I look into the blonde girl's face, into the abyss of her roots.

 I have no idea.
 But maybe we had already met two thousand years ago.

If it was you, then it makes sense.

 So right now, the God of Destruction, Averniu, is divided into two parts.
 His order is in the Demon King's Castle Delzogade, and his heart is in the demon race called Sasha.

''Well I don't really feel it at all.

That's what happens when you don't remember.

 Hmmm," said Sasha, a thoughtful expression on her face.

'You mean I, who was the God of Destruction Averniu, was on the side of Anos like Militia...?

Perhaps. But if that's the past that Sousei showed us, it's a bit of a mystery to me.


Why did Militia take that memory away from me?


 Sasha spilled the words as she understood.

 Militia took the memories of Averniu, the God of Destruction, away from me and left them on the Creation Star.
 Unlike with my father, it seems that there was no need to take away my memories.

 So why did he take it away?

I wonder why?

Did you see anything else?

 Misha asks, and Sasha twists her head around.

'Hmm, it's a bit fuzzy, maybe because it was a dream... but I think she said it would only postpone the problem...'

What are you talking about?

'I can't remember that...'

 Hearing her own words, Sasha gasps.

''........thoughts, can't get them out...?''

 She looked up.

'Well Militia told me that. She remembers. I was Averniew.

How did you do that?

Well, I think I'm the one who...

 Remembering what had happened, she froze with her mouth hanging open.
 Gradually, her cheeks turned vermilion.


 Misha muttered curiously.

It's nothing. It's just a thought. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. I think they said that you have to retrace your thoughts to remember.

 You want to retrace your thoughts, remember.

Well. Does it work that way?


 Misha asks.

'It's hard to say. 'It's hard to say, because the reincarnation of the gods seems to be different from the others. But it could also be a metaphor for something other than what the word means.

Does it actually leave a memory?

''Ah. It's possible that Averniu left his memories somewhere in the form of a starburst, for example. A place where you can find those memories that you don't want to forget, using those thoughts as clues.

 I looked at Sasha and she averted her gaze as if to escape.

'Why do you avert your gaze?'

Hey, it's nothing.

 If it was nothing, I wouldn't have to avert my gaze.

Do you still have any memories of the time you were Averniu two thousand years ago?


There's nothing left!

 Hmm. Do you see a little bit of confusion in your memory?

Oh, well. Then I'll bring your thoughts back to life.

 Sasha braced herself to embrace her body.

No. No. Memories lost during the reincarnation cannot be regained by using Evi. You can't get them back by using Evi. Magic doesn't work.

But what are we going to do then?

 Curiously, Sasha asks.

'Do you remember when we invited the underground people to Dillhade and gave them a drinking feast?

'What? Uh........I don't remember anything about that time at all.......

 Sasha says, ashamed of his own abomination.

'You spoke of things you didn't understand at the time, but now that I think about it, you may have been talking about something that happened two thousand years ago.


 Sasha's voice spills out in surprise.


 Misha agreed.

'But when you say that, I can't remember any of it, can I? You mean you're going to try to pull that time out with ?

'It's not bad, but it doesn't help to remember that much. But it does give us a clue as to how to pull out the thoughts of 2,000 years ago.

 I draw a magic circle on the spot.

''Hey.......is that.......?''

It's booze.

 <By the magic of Lowe's, a fine wine is born.
 I float my creation glass in the air and pour myself a glass of wine.

"Drink. "Drink and remember.

Are you nuts?

'It might be easier to trace those thoughts now that I've seen the events of two thousand years ago. Because even then, it seems that the pact of divine matrimony between Nafta and Diedrich was something that stuck with me.

 I pushed the glass against it and Sasha took it in both hands.

''I'll just do it, I'll try, but...''

 Sasha stares at the red liquid in her glass.

'Can I get properly drunk from one drink or so?'

 She gulped down the wine in one gulp while slurping it down.


 Suddenly, Sasha drew a magic circle on Misha and tried to send her flying away.
 With a snap, Misha blinked.

''Should I go...?''

 Misha asks.

'Yes. 'Yes, I think it might give us some clues.'

  magic was completed and Misha shifted as she was made.

 Sasha turned her gaze to the space where she had disappeared.

''Huh? Where did Misha go?

 He flew himself in.

I'm here.

 With a click, the door opened and Misha came into the room.
 She had been sent very close to me.

 It was a total waste of time.

Good. Let's get going.

 Sasha grabs Misha's hand.


Delzogade. I want the three of us to see me in a castle.

 Misha gives me a look.

'Let's hang out for a while. If we shoot a few, we might hit it.


 Sasha reaches out to me.
 With a sigh, she says.

'Let me give you a lift.'

I appreciate that.

 The three of us held hands and we moved on.
 We came to the grounds of the Demon King's Castle Delzogade, right near the entrance to the arena.

This way.

 Sasha started to walk away and we followed her.

 She walked for a while, looking busily around her, but then stopped abruptly.


 Sasha flipped around and stared at me resentfully.

'What's up?'

This is me.

 Sasha points to the Demon King's Castle.

"Is this me?

Well, yeah.

It's a castle.


'I would have liked something prettier and prettier... something pink... something disastrous...'

What, no other castle in the world is as good as this one.


 Sasha's expression breaks out in happiness.

'Ah, the most powerful castle that will never fall,'

 Huffing, Sasha laughed.

'None other than my Demon Lord.

Don't say that.

 Then Sasha starts walking again, looking in a good mood.
 As soon as she did, she spun around and, going backwards, said to me.

'Hey. Can I go over there?

You can go wherever you want.

Okay, I'm going to go.

 Sasha turned forward again and plunged into the tower that was nearby.
 It wasn't even a door, it was just a wall.

'Sasha, look out!'

It's okay. I know how to get in. I'm the only one who knows the secret entrance.

 Despite Misha's concerns, Sasha heads straight for the wall.

 The Demon King's Castle Delzogade is the form of the God of Destruction, Averniu, who changed his form.
 If that's the case, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a hidden entrance that only he could pass through.

 Me and Misha followed Sasha's movements with our gaze and put magic power into her magic eye.

 She increased her pace and without hesitation, she jumped into the wall of the tower.


 With a gurgle, he hits his head as hard as he can and Sasha collapses to the spot.

'Uh ... anos ... the secret entrance has been defied ...'

 It's very hard to imagine if he's just a drunkard or if he's following the thoughts of Averniu, the God of Destruction.


 Misha crouched down and gently stroked Sasha's head.
 She smiled happily.

'Thank you, Militia,'

 Misha blinked at me with a snap and looked me up and down.


Hmm..... Well, that may be the case.

 It's because Sasha is Averniu.

 But Misha is a pseudo-personality created by the magic of in this era.

 Can a god incarnate there?

I have a feeling he's going to show up soon. 

 Sasha says.

'That man?'

'Yeah, that guy. What's his name?

 Misha nodded her head.
 Sasha stood up vigorously and started walking again.

'The secret entrance was this way.

 Then he opened the tower door normally.

 The room is full of books.
 A large number of books are crammed into the bookshelves that are set up all over the place.

 We follow Sasha up the stairs without hesitation.
 We reached the sixth floor, the top floor.

'Who's there?'

'Hmm. I can't remember that one, but maybe I'll find out when I get there.

 After climbing the stairs, we made it to the top floor.

 And there it was.

Oh....he's not here....

 Wherever you look, there are no people in sight.
 Well, even if you're tracing your thoughts, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're talking about the present moment.

''Well that's funny.......I was hoping you would come.......''

What do you find out?

 Misha asks.

'Well. This is still too early to tell--

 When I broke off the words, Misha looked at me curiously.
 She held up her index finger and urged me to be quiet.

 With a thump, I hear footsteps coming up the stairs.
 It's coming closer to us.

 Based on the number of footsteps, I would guess that there were two people.

 The pace is getting faster and faster.

 Finally, those two people began to run up the tower.
 Soon, they would reach this top floor.

 Misha and Sasha gaze in the direction of the stairs.

 Two figures jumped into the air with great force.

''We're waiting for you!''


 Their eyes meet ours.

'Wow! Anos, it's you guys, right?

 It was Eleonor and Zesia who came.