26-Second match

 We headed to the upper level of the underground dungeon and me and Misha were climbing the stairs.

'Catching up?'

 Misha asked.
 Even though Sasha has made it impossible for her to use
''It's okay.''

 I lifted my foot slightly and stomped the floor of the landing with a ton.
 Gaggah, doo-doo-doo, the underground dungeon begins to shake loudly.
 It's a tremor that makes it difficult to even stand.

'Hold on.'


 Clinging to my hand, Misha managed to withstand the tremors.
 It lasted for about a minute or so, and the shaking finally stopped.

'You can let go now,'

 Misha gently let go of her hand.

'What did you do?'

'We've changed the terrain a bit and created a dead end. We'll catch up with it even if we don't want to.

 We move on.
 Eventually, as we finished climbing the stairs, a bright space appeared in front of us.
 It was the room of the natural magic circle we passed when we came.

 There was Sasha there.
 She was standing there, as if at a loss. It's probably because the passage that should have been there when I came was nowhere to be found. The terrain has changed so much since I stomped my feet earlier that it's a dead end.

"Yo, Sasha,

 When I called out to her, her body shook with a jolt and she turned around.
 Clutching her royal scepter, she braced herself.

''Is this also your doing?''

 I suppose he's referring to the room being a dead end.

'Well, do you think I'm going to teach the traitor a lesson?'

 Sasha's gaze grows steely.
 I guess she can't read my aim and is wary.

'If you want the king's scepter, you can kill me.

What, Misha wants to make up with you.

 Sasha rolled her eyes and then revealed her annoyance.

You're an idiot. Have you forgotten what you did to me just now?

 The words uttered sharply.
 But Misha just looked straight back at Sasha.

'It's disgusting. You're a silly little doll, that's for sure. Anos, you too. I can't believe I'm going to take such a girl's word for it. You know what? That child you've grown so attached to doesn't exist. It has no life and no soul. He's just a junk doll that will be gone tomorrow.

'Hmm. I heard that earlier, so what?

 Sasha is at a loss for a response, as if my words were unexpected.

''Yes, I talked to her. You act like you're a doll, but you act like you're very much alive. Are you afraid to disappear?

 Sasha says as she argues.


What's the difference?

I know I'm going to disappear. I'm not afraid.

 Misha said nonchalantly.

'But first I want to make up with Sasha. That's all.'

 With a snap she glares at Misha.

'I need to know the truth.'


 Unusually hesitant, Misha asked fearlessly.

'Does Sasha not like me?

 Sasha didn't answer that question.
 She turned to me and said.

"Hey. Can we play again?

 Guess what I'm going to say, you're a woman who never learns.

What kind of a game are you playing?

I'll draw a magic circle for you. "I'm going to draw a magic circle and if you can cast a spell on the circle for the first time, you win. If not, I win.

 It's difficult to use a magic circle constructed by someone else and exercise magic. And if you don't know what kind of magic it is, you have to completely understand the magic formula on the first try. Normally, the person drawing the magic circle would have an overwhelming advantage in the game.
 As long as the opponent isn't me.

''Are you sure? In such a way as to give me an advantage. I can handicap you more.

No problem. Even you could never do that.

 Hmm. Confident, you mean. Interesting.

"What do you want to bet?

If you win, I'll answer her questions.

What if you win?

You will do as I command, and you will use one of your own magic.

 Strange conditions.

'What kind of magic is that?'

'What? If I don't find out for sure, will I be too scared to compete?

 Law. He's a guy who knows how to stir things up pretty well.
 The reason why I dare to ask you to use one of the magic instead of absolute obedience to my orders is to increase the force of the Zekt.
 It's not something that can be abrogated with a half-hearted price, but that's why they are so wary of my high magic power. If you make the conditions simple and limited, the compelling power of the works stronger.

''It's good. Let's accept it.

 Sasha smiled with satisfaction and used the magic of the .
 After confirming the contents, I sign it.

''So? What's that magic circle?

I'm going to start drawing.

 Sasha turns on her heel and starts to walk away.
 She stops just in the center of the room.
 Silently, she closed her eyes and held the upright royal scepter in both hands.

 Particles of magic power rose up, and a magic circle in its original form that became a magic circle floated at her feet. The circle gradually spread out and covered the entire room.
 It's a magic circle of considerable size. It's a bit too much for Sasha's original power, but the royal scepter and the raised her magic power and assisted in the construction of the magic circle.

 Magic letters floated in the magic circle and magic gates appeared one after another.
 More than ten minutes passed. Sasha is still building the magic circle, but I still don't know what magic she's going to use either.
 There are two reasons.
 For one, I don't know what this magic is.
 The first reason is that I don't know this magic, and it's not like any magic from the mythical era. It's a newly developed magic that has been around for two thousand years. Or, given Sasha's confidence, it could be something she had developed herself.
 The other reason is that the magic circle is still completely unfinished. From the looks of it, it's not even ten percent done. That's too many options, and as expected of me, it's impossible to narrow down what kind of magic it is.

''How long do you plan on playing it?''

'Don't worry, we'll be there by midnight tomorrow. We'll be gone by the time that girl is gone.

 Considering the pace at which the magic circle is being built, it will be completed just before midnight tomorrow.
 I see. I'm sure it's mostly a strategy to steal my time. I'm not going to be the only one who's been in the same boat for a while.
 Or, they might be planning something else.

'Huh? Are we starting to get a little impatient?

You'll be giving me a run for my money, so I suggest you do the best you can. You can play all the tricks you want, but it won't matter.

You have a lot of confidence. You'll see. I'm going to win this time.

 I've shown and demonstrated the difference in ability that much in the inter-team examinations, but where does that confidence come from? It's not like Sasha doesn't understand my power, you know.

''Interesting. I'll spare you that reckless courage and leave it unseen until the magic circle is complete.''

 I sit down there and close my magic eye.
 <I used the magic of the
 Sasha is concentrating on building a magic circle. It's on such a large scale. If she makes the slightest mistake, she won't be able to make it in time. Her pride would not allow it.
 With quite a bit of concentration, Sasha continues to draw the magic circle without error.
 Soon the sun is setting and the moonlight is coming into this room.

 Misha stared at her sister.
 Desperately building a magic circle, she continues to pour her gaze on the scene, sparing even the blink of an eye, as if trying to burn it into her eyes.

 And so, with each passing second, the showed 11:45 in the night.