347-Dimensional Red Blood Spear

 Newly, the underground ruins fell silent.
 As if dragged by the sharpened concentration of Yeejus, silence was brought into this place.

 Quite naturally and without any sense of discomfort, the Dark Lord's magic power had turned into nothingness before I realized it.

''Red Blood Demon Spear, the secret depth is four--''

 As if he didn't need any tricks, the eyes of his vessel flashed and he released the secret depths of his magic spear.

"-- the blood gate.

 The protruding tip of the Dhiid Atem disappears.
 Suddenly his entire body was slashed open and a great deal of blood was splattered on him.

 The magic spear was used to pierce him.

 Then the blood that flowed down writhed and took shape like a living thing.
 A high, huge gate was created in front of the Iggess.

 Silently, the blood gate opened.
 Behind it, the Dark Lord holds his spear at the ready.

'You are looking for the Founding Star Erial behind this gate, in the temple at the top of the stone steps. If you want memories, you can go through here.

 The peaceful Dark Lord glares at me behind the gate.

 There's no time for his magic spear.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea for me to be the first to go through the blood gate, or if it's a boundary that only affects those who try to pass through it.

Hmm. Well, I'll let you pass through.

 Loosely I go up the stone steps.
 I didn't use any magic, I just went straight ahead, but he didn't even seem to stick out his spear.

 <When I came to the front of the blood gate, I stepped out there without hesitation.
 I stepped inside the gate.

 And then I was at the bottom of the stone steps.

"Only ghosts can pass through the Blood Gate.

Hmm. I see. So, inside that gate, space-time is distorted.

 He draws a magic circle and fires the Gio-Glaze.

 The moment the jet-black sun entered the Blood Gate, it suddenly disappeared.
 The next moment, the bullet landed at the bottom of the stone steps with a thud.

 I went up the stone steps to the front of the gate again and stopped there.

''It's quite a feat of great secrecy to let him cross the dimension without my anti-magic. In exchange, not even your time-and-space-breaking spear can reach you from there.


 Holding his spear, Yges continues to bleed from his body.
 If they do nothing and continue to stare at each other, they will lose all their blood and die.

 The secret depths of his life are extremely powerful.

What are you doing to protect him?

Known. A man who is a ghost and a dead man has nothing left in this world to protect but his unborn child.

 I take a step inside the gate.
 <The Blood Gate twists the space limpidly, but I stare at it with the Devil's Eye of Doom.

 I take a second step inward.

"Did you think you could bend my steps just by distorting space-time?

Of course.

 A flash of red light raced at an unstoppable speed.

''-- You don't think so!

 The Red Blood Demon Spear Dhiid Atem aims straight at my face.
 <I wore the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) in my right hand and received it.

 Immediately afterwards, the tip of the spear of Dhrid's Atem turned to liquid form and the red blood adhered to the raised wall.

''Red blood demon spear, the secret depths are corporal-- .

 The Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) clad in my right hand was sent far beyond the distance of time and space, and before I could deploy the next barrier, Dichid Atem, which coagulated again, pierced my right arm.


 The tip of the spear turns to red blood and sticks to my right hand like a bed.
 <It lures me to the edge of time and space faster than the demon eye of doom can destroy it.

Blood Gate Spear.

 Immediately, I cut off my right arm with my left hand.
 <The right arm, which was bathed in the , was swallowed up into the distance of time and space and disappeared without a trace.

 The third step was ticked off, and I was flesh and blood with Yeejus.


 Faster than he could draw his spear, he drove his jet-black fingertips into the Dark Lord's earthen belly.

''Red Blood Demon Spear, the secret depths are Riku--''

 Even as he spat blood from his mouth, however, the Dark Lord said.

''-- ''

 The blood of the Dark Lord that pierced my fingertips and spurted out turned into a spear and attacked me.

 <The moment I put up the raised wall and blocked it, it returned to blood, just like the Blood Gate Spear, and stuck to me.

 <Every single one of the four walls, every single space, every single one of my body became distorted.

 The tremendous amount of magical power sent me far away into space and time - just before I was about to be sent away, I kicked the ground and went outside the blood gate.

Hmm. It's just as I thought.

 <The effect of the Blood Spear Fang doesn't work, and my body won't be sent to the end of the distant dimension.

 All of the secret secrets I just used are only effective inside the Blood Gate. Even if it's inside, there is a limit. Once you've climbed all the way to the top of the stone stairs, your power won't reach the top.

 Since the technique limits the space it can be used in, its power is immense.
 It makes everything fly through time and space with ease.

"If you want to pass through the gate, wait there until the blood runs out.

 The Dark Lord looks at me with his one eye.
 The blood flowing down the drain is the very essence of his magic.

You're the Dark Lord, you've been throwing away your life, you've been stalling for time. What are you waiting for?

 I glare at him, and he meets my gaze head on.
 Or maybe he's not waiting for me.

 As long as I don't try to walk through that gate, this way of fighting won't work.
 He's luring me in by making me think there's something to be said for stalling.

 It's a ploy to play on thin ice.
 It's the willpower of the Dark Lord that I can't reach if I don't risk it.

 If you just want to win, you can just stare at each other like this.

 But - the demon king is the one who lays waste to everything.

It's certainly worthy of being called a ghost. It's a way of fighting that the living of tomorrow cannot.

 <Using the Total Demon Complete Healing (Aye Sheal), he heals the wound.
 The severed right arm appears there, joined together.

"But you are still not even close to me.

 Loosely I step out.

'I don't have time to give it to you, ghosts and all.

 <I'm retracing my steps inside the Blood Gate.

No matter how many times I try, it's the same thing.

 A red flash of light rushed through.
 The spear, thrust straight out, aimed at my left chest.

 I dodged it as if to dodge it and closed the gap between us in a single step.

The point is, I don't touch the spear, I don't touch the blood, I just move you.

 Drawing a magic circle with his right hand.

"Dimensional Gate Keeper (Baloika)

 The one that appeared behind Yeejus is the evil, jet-black gate.
 <It's a magic that imitates the Blood Gate.

"This is useless. It's a good level of dimensional magic, but it doesn't come close to me!

 <The Dimensional Gatekeeper (Baloika) is activated and tries to send Yeejus away to the far side of space-time, but a plume of blood rises from the Blood Gate, blocking it.

 The gate and the gate collide with each other, ravishing each other's dimensional distortions with their magical power.


 Putting his shoulder against mine, pushing me away with vigor, and leaving me out of time, Yeejus blinked his spear.


 <When I caught the red tip of the spear at the Benno Yevhen, it was covered in blood again.

"You cannot escape from my spear.

Big deal.

 But this time, the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) will not be sent to another dimension.

 Just as Yeges prevented the Dimensional Gate Keeper (Baloika) from being sent to another dimension.
 This time it's the Baloica that's opposing the Blood Gate, barely restoring the distortion of space-time.

"Let's compete with dimensional magic. At last, it's the Demon King!

 Dhiid Atem turned into a flash of light and poked me in the brain, throat and abdomen almost simultaneously.

 I dodge the two blows by twisting my neck and catch the spear hilt aimed at my abdomen with the fingertips of my
 With a thud, Dhiid Atem turns into blood and slips through my hand.
 At that moment, the blood freezes in Yeejus's hand as well as his hand with the magical ice (shade).

"I've got him!

 When I tried to lift the spear, Yeejus gingerly stepped on it with both hands.

"Hmm. It's as powerful as it sounds.

 I scattered particles of black magic power from my right hand, and when I put more power into it, Yeejus's body floated softly.

 As if to swap positions with me, I slammed the spear backwards.
 The stone stairs were destroyed with a thud, but just before it happened, Yeejus cut off the frozen spear with his blood sword and landed on his feet.

 But I'm higher on the stone steps than he is.
 To avoid raising me to the top step, Yeejus ran without looking aside.

 I'm sure the effect of the Blood Gate is not in effect there.

...but, huh....

 Instead of going up the stairs, I pierced the heart of the guy who ran into me with the fingertips of my
'I told you I wouldn't be able to get a foot in front of you,'

...What... this is what I was aiming for all along!

 Spitting out blood, Yeejus says.
 <When the hand of the Root Source Death Kill (Bevsud) slices through his root source, the blood of the Red Underworld gushes out from there with great force.

 All the blood in my body, the blood of my root source, in such a large amount that it is used up.
 And it formed another behind me.

"The Red Blood Demon Spear, the hidden depths are lacquer--

 With a slam, the two were closed.
 The blood shed by the Dark Lord had created a pool of water between the gates.

 No, it was a pool of blood at its earliest.

''-- ''

 Only my body is slowly sinking into the pond of the earth.
 I can't already feel my legs. I'm being transported to another dimension.

Let it rot away at the end of the dimension.

 Yggess raised his hand and the blood in the air turned into a dhid-atem as he raised his hand.
 He stabbed it as hard as he could into the pool of blood.

 The blood splatter rises violently and my body disappears, consumed by space-time.

 Yeejus uses his spear as a staff and lets out a heavy breath.
 The two s turned into a red mist and disappeared.

'.........Demon Lord.............

 Seeing the outcome of the battle, Giste let out a worried voice.

''It's an unnecessary worry. That man will come back, even if he's from the edge of the dimension. Even if it will all be over by then.

 Edges said, with a wounded body.
 He had one last job left to do, and his eyes held determination.

'Hmm. Then it's a little too soon.

 At the words I threw at him, Edgess looked up with a hint of blood.
 I was standing at the spot where I had climbed the stone steps.

"........what did you do........?

 As he says it, Yggess runs up the stone steps.
 The blood, the source of magic power, has been drained out and he has no more power left.

 As long as I'm closer to the Founder's Era, I can't create the Blood Gate again to stand in the way.

I can't prevent that much of a secret from happening. Therefore, I pushed it further. <That's why I used the Baloika to accelerate the distortion of space-time.

 I effortlessly shoo away the protruding dhid-atem and grab him by the throat.


 Yeejus is still trying to thrust his spear out, but his entire body is bound with the .

 The chains of flame bind his body in a tight grip.

"After a full circle, space-time has almost returned to normal, and the slight distortions that remain are what sent me here.

 <The Zora e Dipto draws a magic circle for enacting great magic.

"Well, Yggess. Jiste was worried about you being killed by a ghost. And that Kaihiram would take your place.

 The Dark Lord did not give up even in this situation and turned his ship's eyes to me, looking for an opportunity to regain his life.

''Now there's an easy way to prevent that from happening. Do you know what it is?

 Yeejus tries to tear off the coiled prison flame chains with all his strength, but it's not something that can be done by an exhausted guy.

''........What are you going to do.......?''

 Scowling, I gave my answer.

'Just for good measure. I'm going to kill you first.