200-Resistance Hideout

 The carriage had left Midhayes and was running south.

 Around them was a wasteland of nothing but sand, dirt and rocks.

 In this direction, the scenery would only look similar for a while. Once we passed the wasteland, we could see the city beyond, but at the speed of this carriage, it was impossible to make a day trip.

 I peer out the window of the carriage and look at the other carriage in front of me.
 It was painted black and richly decorated.

 The occupant of the carriage was the head of the Angart family, Zelseas.
 When I looked closely, I could see the inside of the carriage through my evil eye.

 I'm not going to be able to get to the bottom of it.
 It's not a coincidence that they put Ramon on that side of the carriage.

 I leisurely look at the scenery and listen at the same time.
 Eventually, Zelseas opened his mouth.

''Well........it could be useful.......''


 Ramon made a barefaced sound.
 It was as if he didn't understand.

'You brought him here, Anosu,' he said. He's a monstrous talent at that young age. Besides, I like the idea of him being a child.

 Zelseus runs a hand over his white beard.
 No matter how strong he is, he has a way of saying that a child can do anything about it.

It's a good thing I brought you here too, Zelseas.

 Ramon said tonally.
 He wouldn't understand much of what Zelseus was thinking.

I'll ask you one thing.

 Zelseas made his magic eye (eyes) shine.
 While releasing particles of magic power from his entire body, he asked threateningly.

''Is Anosh really your brother-in-law?

But of course.........I'm not the kind of man who trusts others so easily, you know. No matter how strong I am, I'm not in the position to entrust my back to anyone other than those who have been with me for many years, no matter how strong they are...........

 It's a painful thing to say, the way you make yourself look so big.

 Zelseas stared at Ramon in silence.
 He was only the head of the Angert family, and he was powerful enough to scare Ramon.

''Why did you stay silent?''

Sir, do you mean...?

A person with that kind of magic. You know that's what we need. Why didn't you tell me this until today?

That's not...

 Ramon is impatient, but he is struggling to wrap his head around it.
 The reason is because we just met today, but I don't think I can say that frankly.

''.....................Because he is my brother-in-law.

 After thinking about it, he somehow managed to twist the words out of his mouth.

''No matter how talented he is with magic, Anosh is still a child. The Demon King's army isn't an opponent that can be defeated by going head-to-head with him, and I'm not so much worried about him as I am about...

Hmm. You're right. In order to counter our inferiority in terms of strength, we will have to focus on assassination and espionage. It is a correct decision that no matter how powerful you are, a child is not a good enough burden. Ramon, it looks like you're not as stupid as I thought.

 After a moment of stupefaction, Ramon laughs.

'....but of course.

 He would not have thought of that, but he replied in good form.

'But it's true, isn't it?'

 As a reminder, Zelseas asks.

''Eh........yes. I don't know what Zelseas-sama has been worrying about since a while ago, but.......

 Thinking for a moment, Zelseas said.

'Very well. You are no fool. I will tell you what I think.

 Smiling, Ramon nods.
 He must be thinking that this is an opportunity to rise to the top of the leadership from the bottom.

''I will raise Anosh as the true Demon King of Tyranny and gather further comrades. Many of those who have left the Imperialists have decided that we do not have the cause and power. Once those are in place, there will be many who will return.

You are very good, Zelseas. It's an excellent idea. And yet, you still want to take back the title of Demon King from that bastard Anos and reinstate the royalists, right?

 Zelseas gives him a blaming look.

'I can understand your impatience, but I think that would be hasty. If you rush things, you will fail to serve.'

 Ramon gulped at the power of Zelseas.

''Of course, of course, I understand. I mean, eventually.

 Sighing, Zelseas strokes his beard.

''For that reason, what is important is the identity of Anosh. That much power, in the unlikely event that he is a spy for the Demon King's army, all of our plans will be ruined.

 Without pause, Ramon said.

'Don't worry. I raised Anoosh, and I've known him since before that bastard Anos showed up on the scene. He loves me and will follow my orders no matter what.

 Since there is a  From his point of view, he doesn't want to miss this opportunity to raise his position in the royalist group.

 On the contrary, if he is going to make Anosu Porticolo a true demon king of tyranny, he may think that he can practically be the one who can give orders to it.

 There is nothing more difficult to handle than an incompetent and ambitious subordinate.
 The question is whether Zelseus can see that.

Very well. Ramon, if this goes well, I will consider offering you a position in the leadership. We'll continue to fight together to protect your precious blood.

Heh, nice to meet you, Mr. Zelseus.

 It's a relationship of trust that seems to be fragile and crumbling, despite being an enemy.

 With such a bond, it's almost unthinkable to try to accomplish something, but the current royalists probably don't have the luxury of time to talk about it.

 They have lost many of their comrades in arms, and Anoosh Porticolo's presence is a welcome relief to them. Zelseas and Ramon are both smiling with a grin, as if to say that their outlook for the future has opened up.

 Hmm. Well, at best, it's a short-lived dream. Until you realize that what you have brought into your lives is a tremendous poison.

 Then there was no conversation for some time.

 Eventually, the carriage seemed to slow down, and then slowly came to a stop.
 The door was opened and we went down and found ourselves in the middle of the wilderness.

'Do you understand, Comrade Anosh?'

 Zelseas is staring at the rough earth.
 When he turned his demon eyes there, he saw an unnatural hollow underneath the ground.

 It was quite deep and intricate, and the magic power of the demon race could be felt in many places.

''Hmm. Looks like the royalists are very good at digging holes.''

Ha, ha. That's true, though.

 Zelseas draws a magic circle on the earth.
 <The Dias invoked and the earth cracked open.

 Behind the cracks that opened up, there was a huge tunnel.

Surprised to see you, Anos. Well, it's just a place for good guys to hide out.

 Ramon said with a smile on his face, as if he was proud of his toy.

'Ho. That's funny.

 Zelseas floats up with the magic of and goes into the tunnel.
 I flew through the air and followed him.

"Is this what you want to show me, this hiding place?

'That's one thing, but there's another thing that's interesting. We set up our base here for one purpose, not to mention the ease of hiding.

 Deeper and deeper, Zelseas descended to the bottom of the tunnel.
 How far down he had descended, eventually the lowest level came into view.

 When he landed there, there were dozens of armor-clad and bandaged soldiers in the area.
 In the lowest level, there was a huge side hole, and Zelseas let himself walk to it.

 Soon, what came into view was a huge green shadow.

 Two long, sharp horns could be seen. Stupidly large eyes turn towards me with a glare. Its protruding body was covered in scales that were as stubborn as metal, and on its back were long wings.

 This monster, whose entire body is chained with countless "Guigel" chains, is a dragon, scrambling about ferociously, ready to tear it apart.

 Even two thousand years ago, they were on the verge of extinction, but how could a species survive in this age of magic?

What do you think, Comrade Anos? What does it feel like to see a dragon for the first time?

'It looks faster than a horse. Why don't we make a carriage out of it?

 Zelseas rolled his eyes and then chuckled.

'That's a good word. It's a good thing that I asked you earlier if you are good at the magic of 'Nedra' and 'Eager'. I want to strengthen and enslave this dragon by turning it into a demon.

Can't you?

 How far have you gone to find out about dragons, so I probe.

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results. Also, among living creatures, it is difficult for Nedra to be effective. Although we have tried to turn Nedra into a monster, there is no sign of it turning into a monster.

You want to be a pet?

'Pets? Yes, you could say that. Dragons have tremendous fighting ability, and they eat demons and humans. If this one turns into a demon, its power will also increase dramatically, and it will not be something that can be pursued so easily. <It will be difficult to completely subjugate it with slavery, but it's only necessary to lead it to Mid-Haze.

 That's the idea.

"You want to unleash your dragons on Mid-Haze and attack the Demon King's army.

''You, sir. You have only captured one dragon, but if you can gather as many as ten dragons, the army stationed in Midgaze won't be able to hold them. To take advantage of the chaos that would occur during the battle with the dragons, the strength of the Demon King's army will be thoroughly reduced. If we do so, the victory of the royalists will be near.

I suppose it's the people who will suffer first?

''That's why it's good. The Demon King's army will not be able to focus on fighting the dragons in order to protect the people. Of course, we'll let the royalist demons escape beforehand. I wouldn't go so far as to say that the people who team up with the tyrannical Demon King are also evil, but they will get what they deserve.

Hmm. So I should make this guy a demon first?

Yeah, I do. Can you do that?

 Zelseas gives me an expectant look.

 Instead of replying, I took a step forward and drew a magic circle to cover the dragon's entire body.
 The magic I exercised was the magic of .

 Then the green skin and scales began to gradually turn black.

''........Oh......this is......wonderful......!

 Zelseas watches the dragon's demonization with a grin and a smile.
 It's just that he has no idea what his own actions will lead to.


 When I muttered that, Zelseas turned to me curiously.

Stupid...? What's the matter with you...?

First thing.

 <As the Demonization (Nedra) spell progressed, the dragon's massive body swelled even larger. It's muscles leap as if they are boiling, and the tunnels rattle and shake from the particles of magic power released.

''Oh, oooh...! 

 With a mixture of astonishment and amusement, Zelseas looked at the black dragon.
 The next moment, there was a sound of something popping off with a gishy-yin.

 It is the same as the one that tied the mouth of the dragon, the restraining magic chain that had been tied to the mouth of the dragon was torn off.

It's not just a matter of time before you get your hands on it.

 The howl of howling pierces your ears.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of your time with the help of a few of your friends.

It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them. What do you think you're doing? You people, reconnect it!

 In a panic, Zelseas instructs his soldiers.

''Ya, I'm doing it. But...!

I can't hold it! It's too powerful!

''Nonsense......dozens of people lightly tore off the Restraining Demon Chain........''

 Stunned, Zelseas looks at the black dragon.

''Zelseas. You are underestimating the potential of the dragon too much. It's no wonder that if you become a demon, you won't be able to chase it with this much of a restraining magic chain (gigel).


 The black dragon bellowed again.
 At its ferocious sound, all the soldiers' feet cowered.

''........Don't be frightened! Stop moving. I don't care if I kill you!

 The soldiers drew their magic swords and rushed towards the black dragon.
 Instantly, the remaining was torn off and the dragon's huge body was released.


 With a roar, a single swing of a giant claw and the soldiers were instantly reamed down.


 Zelseas glares at the dragon in frustration.
 He must be thinking that if he gets this power, he will be able to get it.

One more thing.

 I drew a magic circle and ejected the Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Geo Glaze) from it.

 The jet-black sun drew a dark tail like a comet and enveloped the black dragon, making a fierce sound and burning it all up.

 The black dragon turned into ashes, leaving no bones behind.

''Hey........! Um........that many monsters with a single blow.......?

''No matter how many demonized dragons there are, a dozen or so of them are not the enemy of the Demon King's army. The only people who would be sacrificed would be the people of Mid-Haze.

 At my words, however, Zelseas's mouth twisted up in a happy manner.

''I ... ta, you're right, it was a miscalculation. But it's a happy miscalculation, comrade Anosh. It's a good thing that we have found out that a far more powerful ally than the dragon that has been turned into a demon is working for our royalists.

The last one.

 Zelseas nodded his head slightly as I uttered this.

'You don't see the fatal problem,'

 Zelseas still has an expression on his face, like he doesn't know what he's talking about.

'You were in no hurry to look into my abyss more often than you should have been in a hurry for merit.

 I draw myself a magic circle.
 <Using the magic of Growth (Kurst), that body has grown to the equivalent of a 16-year-old.

 Both of Zelseas' eyes are filled with surprise.
 It seems as if something unbelievable has suddenly appeared in front of their eyes.

...Oh no....

 The unspoken voice is squeezed out of Zelseas.
 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about.

 It's not a matter of time before you get to the point where you can't even look away, but you can only continue to stare at him.

''Well........demon.......king..... ...sama........why.......?

 As he stepped out loosely, Zelseas reflexively backed away and knelt in place.

'The words at the Demon King's second coming ceremony. If you've forgotten them, I'll teach you again.'

 With his head down, he rambled and shivered.
 He seemed to be unable to speak as his entire body was dripping with greasy sweat.

'Zelseus. This country will not tolerate malice.