199-Royal savior

 You come up the stairs to the top floor of the mansion.
 The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the luxurious door.

 Ramon stopped in front of it and knocked on the door.

It's Ramon Ivar!

 He let out a brisk voice, and a voice came back from within.


Excuse me!

 When I opened the door, I found myself in an office.
 On either side of the room, armor-clad and bandaged demons stood upright and immobile.

 At the front, there was a lavishly decorated desk, and a man sat at it.

 He had blue skin and a white beard. He had a slender build and a nervous look to him, but his eyes were sharp.

 He had his first glimpse when he gathered the powers that be in Mid-Haze. Judging by the magical power that overflows from its roots, there is no doubt that it is him.

 Zelseus Angert.
 He is the current head of the Angert family and the second most powerful man in this city, second only to the Demon Emperor.

 He also attended a meeting to decide on new policies to be promoted in Mid-Hays, and he made some pretty meaningful comments.
 If anything, he had made some harsh suggestions to the Imperial Family, but was that a pose to keep them from realizing that he was an Imperialist?

''Is that the new comrade you were talking about?''

 Zelseas asks.

'Yes, my brother's name is Anosh Porticolo.

 I stepped forward proudly and said to Zelseas.

'Anosh Porticolo, I'm six years old. I came to you because I am interested in the resistance activities of the Imperialists. Are you the leader?

 Zelseas frowns slightly uncomfortably when I say this.

''I'm sorry. Zelseas-sama. This guy has this way of talking to everyone.

 A lot of demons don't care about language, but apparently Zelseas doesn't.

''Well, well, that's good. I'm a very tolerant man. I don't blink an eye at everything a child says.

 He spits out, and Zelseas puts his cheekbones on.

'Let me ask you something, Ramon, just in case. As you know, we need a lot of comrades in arms right now. That doesn't mean that we want to be a cat's paw. This is a noble cause. Do you understand?

 Ramon said hurriedly while almost being consumed by the power of Zelseas.

''........but of course. Anosh is a child, but his magic and spells are incredible. If you take a look at it for a moment, I think you'll understand it right away. Maybe it will be our trump card--


 Sharp-eyed, Zelseas stared at Ramon.
 With that, he closed his mouth as if he had shrunk.

''I'm not asking your opinion. I will decide whether it is a handful or not. All you have to do is do as you're told and gather your people.

 Ramon nodded in frustration.

'Ha, yes...'

 After all, Ramon doesn't seem to be in much of a position here.
 He's just running an errand to get the resistance together.

You said Anoosh. We don't discriminate against you because you are a child. But if you want to join our ranks, you'll have to show strength.

 Clink, Zelseas snapped his fingers.
 The six soldiers on either side of the room line up in front of me.

''These men are my entourage. They are all strong demons. You may choose the person you wish to defeat. I won't ask you to defeat them. If you can hold out for 10 minutes, you can be one of them.

 I briefly stroke the demons in front of me with my evil eye.

Hmm. So we'll see how it goes with the small fry first, huh?

 Zelseas's expression distorts.


Bring all six of you together. I'll show you that you can't even do the warm-up routine on your own.

"...kid do you have any idea what you're talking about?

 One of the soldiers steps forward.
 He glares at me in anger.

"We are proud to serve House Angart, too. Do you think you will get away with insulting us like that?

 Another soldier stepped forward.
 I could still see the irritation on his face.

"Cancel it immediately. "Cancel it immediately, or you will be punished as a child.

 I grinned and told them.

'That's the spirit. You're going to die if you don't take it seriously.

 As if they can't stand it anymore, the soldiers draw their magic swords one after another.

"Isn't that a good idea, Zelseas-sama?

Yeah. But if it works, don't kill it.

 The six of them surrounded me as soon as Zelseas gave me permission.

'You can at least use storage magic, can't you? Draw your sword. Let's change that arrogance.

 Without responding to the words in particular, I waved my hands dangling to loosen my wrists.

''Well kid, what do you think you're doing?''

If you think you can't cut them down without weapons, you're wrong.

I'm pretty stiff these days from lack of exercise. I would love to help you, but I'm afraid that's not an option for you.

 The moment he spoke, the soldiers clenched their swords in a form of rage.

''........Fine. Regret it!''

 One of the soldiers leaps at me.

 I don't even turn my head to look at him, but just keep waving my hands dangling.
 As the stiffness in my wrists gradually loosens, my hands are fanning themselves, and the wind swirls around them. It quickly became a violent whirlwind that turned into a small-scale tornado.


 The tornado generated by the wrist flexibility movement flips the attacking soldiers away.

''Wha...! Oh, my God!

You! What the hell are you doing?

 Two soldiers were closing in on me from both sides at the same time.
 I put my weight on my right leg and stretched my leg loosely.

 That weight shift accompanied by magic power became a violent shock wave, and the soldier on the right side was blown away.


 Furthermore, he loosely shifts his weight from his right leg to his left leg and changes his outstretched leg.
 Instantly, the shock wave generated by the extended leg blows away the soldier on the left side.


 He folded his hands and stretched out gingerly as if to poke the heavens.
 Then, as if the soldiers were being pushed up by something invisible, they were suddenly blown up and pushed to the ceiling.


 As it is, she loosely draws a large circle with her arms crossed as they are, as if to unwind her body.



 A storm blew wildly in the office.
 Six soldiers were flying around the room in circles, as if they were being stirred.

 They stretched out their arms to the heavens again and relaxed their shoulders with a thud.
 With that weakness, the soldiers fall, and at the same time, with a thud, the entire room falls to the floor.

 The office is now on the fourth floor from the top floor.

''Hey...! Oooh.....

 Zelseus has a grim expression on his face, and he puts his hands on his desk to endure the tremors.

 One more bend, and with a thud, the office becomes the third floor. After the second time, he fell to the second floor, and after the third time, he finally dropped to the first floor.

 If you lightly twist your neck to the right and left with Koki, Koki, it is as if the space was twisted accordingly, and the soldiers' bodies are about to be roughly torn apart.


Beebeebeebe, beebeebeebe, beebeebe!

 I straighten my right arm and cross my left arm over it. Zelseas said, his blue face turning even paler as he tried to pull his right arm back and extend it around his shoulder and upper arm.

''Wow, okay. That's enough.

 That being said, I stopped relaxing my body.
 The office was in shambles and the soldiers were dying.

As you can see," he said, "it's not even a preparatory exercise. We can't even get ready for this.

 I draw a magic circle around the six fallen soldiers and cast a spell of healing on them.
 The wounds heal quickly and they regain consciousness.

 Zelseus looks at me with a shocked expression.

".........I didn't think that the preparations.......were exactly as they were described.......

 Zelseas mutters to himself.
 He falls on his face and starts to think about what he's doing.

 And the next moment, he looks up and sees the man with a stinky smile on his face.

I'm afraid, comrade Anoosh. I said that I would not discriminate against you because you are a child, but no, I guess I underestimated you. Together, we will restore the history of the rightful demon race.

 Zelseas got up from his chair and walked over to us and held out his hand.
 We shook hands, and he said, "I hear you're good at magic as well.

''I've heard that you're good at magic as well, but can you use the magic of ?

 It is a magic that transforms animals by magic power to make them become demons.

 In the current Dillhade, it's forbidden to use on animals unless certain conditions are met.

''Of course.''

What is the magic of the Iger?

No trouble.

'That's great. Apparently, our luck is finally coming together. Perhaps you could be the savior of the Imperialists, Comrade Anosh.

 While saying that, Zelseas smiles a lowly smile.

 <Slavery (Ije) is able to dominate the target that is enchanted. It is difficult to work on those who have a will, such as demons and humans, and is mainly used on animals with low intelligence. It is this magic that controls messengers, etc.

 <The fact that we have confirmed about the "Demonization (Nedra)" means that we are going to create a demon and control it.

 However, the Angart family should have no trouble finding a magician to do such things as Nedra and Iger. 

 The fact that they went out of their way to say that after seeing my power, does this mean that they are trying to turn me into a demon that ordinary magicians can't track?

Ramon, get the carriage ready.

 Ramon, who had been lying on the floor, stood up and said, "Yes! I reply.
 Immediately he left the office.

'Where are you going?'

Hey, it's just around the corner. Comrade Anos, I've got something to show you.

 Zelseas uttered, with stagnant eyes.