249-A sloppy memory floats on the surface of the water, with dreams

 After the free time was over, he and the students of the Demon King's Academy took a look around the streets of Geolheise.

 Other than the sacred ground of the divine dragon, there were other places where bonfires were lit in various places, and even there, choirs were offering songs to the gods.

 Perhaps because it is the time of year when many pilgrims come in from outside, we were not looked at suspiciously, even by us, who are obviously strangers, but rather received a warm welcome.

 We went into a random shop, had a bite to eat and then returned to the dragon's dressing room.
 I drew a magic circle and built the Demon King's Castle there with
 It's the time for the chanting festival. Even though I got permission from the bishop, I'm burying most of the levels underground so that it won't be too obvious. Only the ground floor, where the main gate is located, is out in the open.

The lowest level will be the teachers' rooms. The rest of the rooms are yours to discuss and use as you see fit.

 Once the main gate was opened, the students entered the Demon King's Castle.

The security of Georhese seems to be good, but it will be less popular at night. Do not go out. I can't help you. If you still don't mind, you can do what you want.

 After nailing that much, I went through the main gate.

 I got on top of the magic circle that was set up on the first floor.
 The ones following me are Shin, Erdmeade and Arcana.

 I'm going to put some magic power into the magic circle and move to the lowest level.

I'm going to use the back room. The rest are yours to do with as you please.

"As you wish.

 After speaking briefly, Shin walked without hesitation and opened the door located in front of the back room.
 'That's where I can prevent the enemy from entering my room in the event of an attack.

''Then let's rent a room over there, shall we?

 Eldmead walked into the room furthest from mine.

'What about you?'

 I asked Arcana and quickly pointed to the door of the back room.
 It was wooden, disproportionate to this castle.

'Is that room meant to be something?'

It's just a diversion. I thought it might help you remember something. I'll show you.

 He walked loosely to the back room and opened its door.

 Inside it was a wooden room, not very spacious.
 The furnishings and furniture are not of the highest quality, but rather very commonplace items.

 I tried to recreate the house I had seen in my dream, where I lived in the forest with my sister.

 If that was my memory, I must have used Ibis to build it. The idea came to me and I recreated it for fun, but nothing in particular stuck in my memory.

Is this the memory you had in your dream?

It looks like the house I used to live in with my sister, though.

 Staring, Arcana looks around the house.

'I wonder why? I think I remember that.

 She walks quickly and touches the door that leads to another room.

'Is this your bedroom?'


There are two beds.

 Arcana opened the door.
 She stared curiously at the two beds lined up there.

'Come to think of it, I didn't tell you my sister's name.

 As I stood behind Arcana, she tipped her face back and looked up at me as she looked up at me.
 Her silvery white hair swayed softly.

'It's Arcana,'

 She held her tongue for a moment, and then she said.

''........why are they the same as me?''

Well. If you met me 2,000 years ago, you were probably my sister.

 Arcana gave her a strange look.

 She turned forward again and walked into the bedroom.
 She looked down at the bed and then back at me again.

'Before you became a god with no name?'

If there's any chance, it's that. Well, it's reasonable to wonder. I have no idea how it happened.

 As he said it, he walked over to the bed and sat down there.

'Well, even if it's a different person with the same name, it's not impossible. My dream sister had a much different personality than you.

 I turn to Arcana, who is still and thoughtful.

'Arcana. Let me get one thing straight, do you want your memory back?

If it will help you.

 Hmm. Quick answer.

"You're a god after all.

 I lie down on the bed and look up at the ceiling.

'You would have renounced your own name. Or perhaps you wanted to give up your memories as well. Remembering doesn't mean you can't become a nameless god again.

"...it must be my sin to have abandoned the name. So I have caused him to despair.

 He would be the man that Arcana could not save after he became a god without a name.

'Whatever that past was, I suppose I should not have forgotten it.

"You had to leave your name or you wouldn't have your heart.

That's right. But now that I have the feelings, I think: "I want to get back God's name and memory. I want the name and memory of God back. It was not to be forgotten.

 The lack of emotions is the reason why he was able to get rid of his name and memories.
 And because they got feelings in exchange, they seek the name and memories they lost again.

 It's not a true thing.

'You taught me. Surely there is a way to regain God's name and memory and not lose our emotions. And so, I think it will be my redemption to continue to save people.

If your mind is made up, so be it.

 Arcana walked over to me and got on the bed.

'Fluttering memories, dream after dream, floating on the surface.

What do you mean?

'If I were your sister, maybe my dreams and yours would bring back strong memories.

 I see.

The burden on you will be great.

No. If it might help you remember, go ahead.

Thank you.

 Arcana kneels down to straddle my body and gently places her hands on my chest.
 Then, she lays them on top of my forehead and forehead.

 A magic circle floats on her body, and the clothes she wears glow and disappear in a haze.

 Just then, the door is thrown open with a bang.

"Hey, wait a minute!

 Arcana turned around.
 Sasha and Misha were there.

I had a bad feeling about this, and when I came to you, you slutty god. I'm not going to let you do anything that insulting as long as I'm around!

Son of the Devil. That's what you need to do to get your memory back. Not sluttish, but holy. Not insulting, but clean.

'I know. But if you're asking me if I thought you needed to sleep with me to get your memories back, Anos would tell you! I swear I'll tell you!

 Sasha swoops in with a bright red face.

'Well, it's not impossible to do it. However, the use of unofficial magic is less accurate and consumes a lot of magic power. Separately, there's no point in avoiding sleep.

 Sasha shushed him as he said this.

'Don't look at me like that. "Don't look at me like that," she said, "I'm not the kind of person who disobeys the advice of my men. If you have a problem with that, you can tell me.

"The problem is....

 Sasha looks down.


 With a bright red face, she says, as if to squeeze out a faint voice.

'Because I don't want to...'


 When Sasha shut her mouth in annoyance, Misha said instead.

'Sasha is worried about Anos.'

What's Arcana going to do to me?

 Misha shakes her head from side to side.

'Arcana is a good girl. But worry is worry.'

 Well, it's not hard to understand.
 It is only natural for one of your men to think that something would happen to their master, just in case.

Then that's just fine. Then that's just fine.


 Sasha looks back at me with a wink.

"If you're worried about her, stay close and watch her. And while you're at it, I'll let you dream. If you are in direct contact with the order of the dream goddess, you will know if there is any suspicious activity.

"...but...that means...

 Sasha squirms and looks at me as if she's trying to figure out my intentions.

'Do you want to sleep with me?'

 Misha asked.

'That should not be a problem.'

It's not a problem...

Do you disagree?

Well it's not like that, but...

 Sasha turned over with a bright red face.

'Then come on. I'd feel safer with you by my side, too.'

Is that...really...?


"...I see. I see. Yeah, well...

 Sasha nodded as she gathered her thoughts.

''Well if Anos says so then I can't blame him...''

 Walking awkwardly, Sasha came over to the bed.
 Misha followed closely behind her.

'Uh, and how do I...?

To the left and right of Anos.

 Arcana says.

 Following his words, Misha sits a bit to my left and falls down with a thud.
 Sasha comes to my right and lies down, stiffening up.

 Misha turned to me and smiled softly. 

'What's wrong?'

It was like a family.

Is that what it is?


 Arcana pulls her forehead to my head again and opens her mouth.

'No divisions, no boundaries,'

 Arcana drew a magic circle over all of them. Their clothes were engulfed in light.

'Wait, wait, hey, isn't this the guy who gets naked?

'Stop the anti-magic. Just put it into your storage magic.

No, I don't mean that. Where's the bedding? You don't mind a futon, do you?

 Arcana nodded.

'Warm snow turns into a bed.'

 The snow and moonflakes that danced softly around us made the bedding underneath us glow and change into a thin sheet of cloth. It was draped over us.

 As it is, Arcana's magic goes into effect, and our clothes are exposed to the light, and we all turn into stark nakedness.

 Misha blinks and the lights suddenly go out.
 Only the small lamp on the wall is lit by her magic.

 If you look at Misha's face, she whispers in a small voice.

'Don't look.'

 She scowls.
 She seems embarrassed, which is unusual for an unmoved Misha.


 I look at Arcana above me, but Misha is lying on her side, staring at me.

 Sasha, on the other hand, is turning away and stiffening up.


 Arcana called her.


Relax. That won't get you into your dream.

...Well, that's not really how it should feel...?

 Sasha tries to be natural, but the more she does so, the more her body becomes more and more strained and prone.

Don't get too comfortable.

 Reaching out, I grab Sasha's head and turn it loosely towards me.

''Kya........er, um........um......?''

Look into my eyes.

 She still turns her eyes to me.


You're here for me, aren't you?

 Curtly, Sasha nodded.

'I'm happy for you. But don't feel too overwhelmed, just go on as usual. Nothing will happen to you. You'll just dream about the old days.


 When I said that, Sasha put her forehead to my body as if she was trying to protect me.
 I'm sure you're not the only one who's been through this.

Is this okay?

 Arcana nodded and rested her forehead on mine again.

The night comes and lulls you to sleep, and the flickering memory floats on the surface of the water, dream after dream.

 The bodies of all of us were enveloped in a pale, transparent light.
 Once I surrendered to the inviting sleepiness, my consciousness quickly faded away.