70-Prologue-King of Heroes and People-

 Two thousand years ago--

 The royal capital Gailladite.
 Located in the center of the human continent of Azation, this capital city is the headquarters of the Gailladite Demon King's Defeat Army, which has the brave canon chosen by the Holy Sword.

 Gailladite is also a military city that prepares for the attacks of the demon tribe, and there are magic columns and armaments throughout the city to ward off evil. An ordinary demon tribe would have disappeared as soon as they set foot in it, or else it would have become a beehive, but one demon tribe walked proudly through the place.

 It was the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigord.
 He walked leisurely as if he was breaking down a weed, thinking that the warding he had put in place to protect himself from the enemy was insignificant.

 There are two men in the corner of his eye.

 One was a brave canon carrying a holy sword.
 And the other was Jelga, the king who ruled the royal capital Gailladite and the general of the Gailladite Demon King's Defeat Army.

 Jelga is about sixty years old, but the energy and magic power emanating from his entire body far surpasses that of an ordinary human being. He is Kanon's teacher and a former brave man.

 Before Kanon was born, he fought numerous demons to the death to protect Azation. Even now that he has retired from the front lines, he is still leading the army to defeat the demon king and causing a great deal of damage to the demon race.

''Canon, let me go.''

 Jelga said with a prepared voice.

Theo Trias," he said, "if you fire the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon at close range, even he won't duck. Even the tyrannical demon king should stop for a moment. I'll use my holy sword to pierce him.

'Sir that's....'

"Don't get lost, Canon. Be brave. I don't have long to live anyway. It's a small price to pay if this old man's life is the foundation of a peaceful world.

 A magic circle containing holy light is drawn at Jelga's feet.
 This is the "Sanctuary (Ask)" that only the brave can use.

 It is a great magic that can unite people's hearts and convert their hopes and wishes into magical power. It's a great magic that allows people with inferior magic power to oppose demons with their hearts.


'The Demon King... today, that tyrannical Demon King...'

"More wishes, all kinds of wishes, for Lady Gerga...

"Please let there be peace in the world...

You have to protect our tomorrow.

 <In the Sanctuary (Ask), people's thoughts overflow and holy light begins to gather to Jelga from all over the city.

 This is the royal capital, Gaillardite. It is the last remaining stronghold of the humans. Therefore, their prayers are stronger than anything else, and their prayers swell enormously.

Let's go, Demon King! The people who were killed by you will be made whole today!

 <Clad in , Jelga rushed towards the Demon King of Tyranny.
 Behind him, the canon readied its holy sword.

 Demon King Anos deploys a magic circle of fifty-four guns. From there, was fired like a rainstorm.

 One after another, the jet-black sun struck Jelga. <Even though the power of the is changed into anti-magic, the Demon King's magic power is tremendous and his life is being cut down in the blink of an eye.

"....It doesn't work.......this is nothing compared to the pain of my wife and child who were killed by you.... ...!

 A loud explosion rang out, and the former hero continued to advance despite being wrapped in black explosions.


 Jelga's hands are closing in on the tyrannical demon king.

 With just one more step, the Demon King's right arm pierced through Jelga's abdomen first.

''Hmm. You seem to be acting like a tragedy all on your own, man king. The humans killed the mother who was carrying me. It's a terrible feeling to be born from a dead body.

 Jerga laughs, spitting up blood.

"...go to hell with me, demon king of tyranny...

 Even though his body was pierced, Jelga extended his arm to the Demon King.

''Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias).''

 <The thoughts of the people gathered in the Sanctuary (Ask), the magic power, turned into a cannonball, and were unleashed all at once.
 It was as if a huge explosion had been triggered, and the two were enveloped in a holy light.

''Now! Oh, come on, Kano--

 The words were cut off.
 His lungs were clenched and the strength drained from Jelga's body.


 <The power of the Sacred Area Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias) was insufficient.
 Originally, it was powerful enough to penetrate the Demon King's anti-magic, but his prayers and wishes were rapidly diminishing.

''What, I only intimidated you today.

 <In order to reduce the power of the
 If he was so inclined, he would be able to neutralize anyone without much anti-magic, no matter where in the city they were located, without making up his mind. It would even be easy to kill them.

''........How dare you....... I won't forgive you........just you.......

'Hmm. Hmm." "That's about right. The way I see it, your roots are at their limit. I'm amazed that you have fought so hard in your own body, but if you die one more time, you won't be able to revive.

 With that uttered, Anos crushed Gerga's other lung.


Well, it won't be for long anyway.

 Jelga collapses to the spot.

'Well, brave canon,'

 The Demon King said to the canon with his holy sword at the ready.

''Don't you think it's about time we had some peace?''

 The canon glares back at the demon king.

'Is that a line from the one who is plunging the world into chaos?

From your point of view, yes. I want peace in Dirheid. And if I get it, no one will destroy Azéon for the sake of it.

 The canon stares at the demon king with a guarded look.

'If you're interested in my words, come to Delzogade. I have also invited the Great Spirit and the Creator God to join you. If you don't like what I have to say, join forces with me to defeat me.

 As if his business was done, the tyrannical demon king turned his back on canon.
 <Using the magic of the , he left.

'.........my predecessor.......

 Immediately, the canon ran to Jelga and healed him with
''I'm sorry........''


 Jelga stands up.
 Kanon said.

''........sir. The root, shall I return it to you?

 The brave canon has seven roots. They were originally acquired from others through great magic using the power of the holy sword.
 By collecting rootstocks from a number of people little by little, he obtained seven rootstocks that could be used against the Demon King.
 Among them, Jelga was the one who handed over the majority of his own root source.

''It's impossible to do that now. No matter how many holy swords you have, once the root is cut off, it can't be completely reversed.

''Still, we can restore the teacher's roots somewhat. As it is now, the teacher....

'Canon. It was a decision I was prepared to make. I bet on you to defeat the Demon King. I'm not the only one. So did everyone else who shared the root with you.

 With an unwavering will, Jelga says.

'You are hope. You will defeat the demon king and save the world. You are the only sun that shines in this world of darkness. Even if this is not possible at this time, the day will come when your holy sword will fulfill the longing of our humanity. I cannot afford to lose that hope to the love of my life.

 Hearing Jelga's words, the canon shuts down.
 After a moment, he said

''Well what do you think, doctor?''


That's what the tyrannical demon king just told me.

 Jelga answered immediately.

''It's not worth believing. Demons are creatures that are born to kill humans. You can either destroy them or we can destroy them. It's one of two things. There can never be coexistence.

 The canon nodded.
 There was a hint of shade to his expression.

'Kanon. You are kind. But, you see, the demon race is not the kind of creature that you can give your kindness to. They are unclean beings that should not exist in this world. You don't need to feel guilty about killing them. Slaughtering them is their salvation, too. Have courage. You were chosen by the Holy Sword, you are the hero.


 When Kanon replied, Jelga wobbled and fell to her knees on the spot.


... yeah. No need to be so fussy. I'm just a little tired. I'm too old for that....

 Kanon looks at him with concern.


It'll be fine. But first, go back and inform them that the Demon King has escaped. Everyone will be anxious.


 The canon ran toward the castle.
 Jelga stared at his back.


 Jelga drew a magic circle on the spot.
 He used the magic of .
 His figure disappeared from the place.

 He shifted into a dimly lit room.
 There is a magic circle on the ground, ceiling and walls. Perhaps they are maintained by them. A large amount of water spheres were floating in the air.

 It's not just water.
 It is holy water, a formless magic tool that is said to have been purified by God.

''........the demon race must be destroyed.......''

 Jelga turns her gaze to the holy water ball.

''........even if I were to turn my body into magic.......''

 He muttered with a dark look on his face.