52-True master

 Kurt takes a glance at my sword with a cold look on his face.

''Are you going to fight with that sword?''

Was I wrong?

''From the looks of it, it doesn't look like a magic sword. I can't even bring myself to fight an opponent who has nothing but a mass of metal that doesn't have any magic power to penetrate it.

Hmm. Well, how about this?

 I draw a magic circle on my sword and use the magic of  The Vajra Iron Sword is clothed in my vast magical power and emits a chaotic glow, like a mythical magic sword.

"If the sword doesn't have magical power, you can supplement it with your own magical power.

 Although magic that can harm the opponent is not allowed in the magic sword tournament, is an exception. This is because it is common sense to use this magic that makes the magic sword clothed with magic power when handling the magic sword.
 The magic power of the magic sword plus one's own magic power is the sharpness of the sword, so to say that the lack of magic power of the magic sword is a disadvantage.

 However, I'll give you that much of a disadvantage.

''Before the start of the first match, the organizing committee of this tournament will make an announcement.

 Flying overhead, the owl says.

'There has been a change in the rules of the tournament that has not been communicated. I will tell you about it here. In this tournament, the use of adecins or similar magic is now prohibited. It is also forbidden to attack with anything other than a sword.

 Then men in vestments appeared around the stage.
 Sixteen men in total.

''The match will be watched at all times by watchmen. Please be aware that if you are found to be in violation of the rules, you will be severely penalized and in some cases disqualified once.

 I see. I'm glad to see that.
 <As long as the Armament Enhancement (Adesin) cannot be used, this Vajra Iron Sword will not be able to break through the magic barrier that Kurt wears, and on the contrary, it will be destroyed.
 I can easily break through the magic barrier with my bare hands, but attacking with anything other than the sword is forbidden.

 In other words, at this point, I've sealed my victory.
 All that's left is for Kurt to cut off my sword with his magic sword.

 Perhaps he was planning to change the rules at his discretion after seeing the sword I had prepared.
 Even if he brought up Venusdnoa, he must have given some kind of reason and banned its use.

'Good grief. I'm afraid of your father's rooting around.

 Kurt says.

'How could I possibly lose without these little tricks? Well, anyway, the result is the same, so I don't mind.'

 Kurt pulls out his magic sword.
 It's a crystal-clear sword barrel. However, it's not an ordinary one. Its blade ripples like water flowing through it.

"So that's Kurt's water magic sword Aesius.......

''The water sword barrel, which doesn't have any shape, is impossible to destroy, even if it's an Iwa Demon Sword. And yet, it's not half as sharp as it should be...

''With a mere metal sword like that, it would be split in half at the first shot.......

 A murmur escaped from the audience.

''Then it's the first match of the first round of the Dilheid Demon Sword Tournament! Please start!

 The owl gave the signal to start the match.

 Instantly, Kurt stepped in with a stagnant gait, as if water flowed through him. In the blink of an eye, he caught me in time and thrust out his magic sword Aesius.

 A three-step thrust in the space of a breath.
 That increased to nine, and in the next moment, it reached twenty-seven.

 The water sword blade split into countless numbers and thrusts were coming from all sides of me.

''It's out of nowhere! Kurt's secret technique, the Sui-Ga-Renma-Tsu!

You're done! Not one person in the world has ever ducked that!

Zamermillot, half-breed!

 Hmm. That's a very tepid attack.

 I slipped past Kurt's attack and looked down at him.

'Is that your secret technique? I've got a classmate who's a lot faster at hitting than that.

I only ducked once... so let's not get carried away.

 I catch the magic sword Aesius, which was cut up from below, with my vaulted iron sword.
 A violent collision sound rang out with a gishiiiiiiiiin. 


 Wordlessly, Kurt just wore an astonished expression.
 This was because there was no way the magic sword could be stopped by a mere metal sword without magic power.

''Oh, hey, watchman! Look, that guy should be in foul trouble!

Yeah, that's right! There's no way Aesius couldn't have cut a sword that dull!

Foul play. Foul play!

A half-breed! You're being a coward! Disqualified, disqualified!

 From the audience, "Foul! Foul! The chorus of the chorus begins.

 The sixteen watchers use their magic eyes to their fullest extent to watch me and the sword I'm holding.
 Instantly they panic.

''What.......what do you mean? This guy doesn't use magic....

'No, of course not! How do you get Aesius without magic...

But I don't feel any magic at all!

There's no way! There's no such thing as magic that can't feel magic!

''........You mean the power of that sword......?

Idiot! Find it! There has to be some kind of magic!

 Hmm, it's useless.
 What I'm using right now is the secret magic (Nazira) spell. It's something that hides all kinds of magic.

 <It's not every person in the mythical demon tribe who can see that with the armament enhancement (Adesin) and the secret magic power (Nazira) superimposed on it. In addition, the demons of this era will never be able to detect it.

 If you don't have proof, you can't call me a foul on me.
 As long as Melhayes is in the unification group, if they do too much, they'll get themselves taken advantage of in the opposite direction.

'.........Hey, the warden won't declare foul play.......

"So you're admitting that you don't use magic...

''That sword ... at first glance, it doesn't seem to have much magical power ... but it's as powerful as Aesius?''

 As if the water current was intensifying, the thickness of the sword barrel in front of me increased.
 It may be that Aesius is releasing all of his magic power, however, the sword in my hand didn't falter and was taking it in comfortably.

''........Why........such a magic-less sword.......?''

It's not quite as magical as it sounds.

 I put my hand down and push Kurt back gingerly.

"That's why my father was so passionate about it. "That's why my father put all his heart and soul into this sword, so don't think you can break it.

"...a nonsense...

 Grinning, I say, provokingly.

'Don't you know, Kurt? A sword forged by a true master craftsman with all his heart and soul has something else in it that is not magical.

 If he swung his sword out, Kurt would easily lose his power and be flung off.
 He barely took a passive approach as he stabbed Aesius into the ground.

''.........Did you hear that, did you hear that......?''

''The sword of the mind ... thoughts strengthening the sword ... how is that possible...?''

It can't be. It can't be. How do we explain this? In fact, a phenomenon that can only be described as such is occurring right before our eyes right now...!

''A true master craftsman who can forge a sword as good as Aesius'...! Who the hell is his father?

 Hmm. Sounds like you're bluffing.

'Looks like I'm going to have to get serious.

 Kurt turned his murderous gaze on me.

'I really wanted to save it for the final, but let me show you. I dedicated my body to the sword and arrived at this state of mind. One sword demon, the essence of Kurt's swordsmanship--

 Aesius' sword barrel disappears.
 He held that sword, which was now only on the hilt, upright.

'Hmm. That sounds interesting. But.

"Kurt's style of fencing, the secret of his art...

 He gingerly put his center of gravity on one leg.
 In a moment, Kurt's body was cut into countless sword flashes.


 He gets to his knees, seemingly unaware of what has been done to him.
 Trying to get up, he stabs Aesius into the ground and uses it as a wand.

'You have exactly one minute.'

 Aesius shattered into pieces and he fell face first onto the cobblestones.
 Then he crawled on the ground and reached for the remnants of the magic sword.

''.........What........in the world.......? 

 Kurt doesn't even seem to know what happened to him.

 It was nothing.
 I just walked loosely and loosely struck my sword.

 Even though the sword was made by a true master craftsman, that Kurt in just one minute...!

In the last tournament Kurt didn't get even a scratch on him...

'It's been thirty-six years since then, and I'm here to see how far Kurt has grown to a terrifying strength...'

"...what's going on? What the hell is that thing...? If you belong to the Delzogade Demon King Academy, you're still a student. Who the hell are you?

 The abrupt end to the film only brought a few voices of confusion from the audience.

"Hmm. It's a shame. I should have watched the secret secrets anyway, without regard to time.