258-Gospel, come

 Kneeling and praying, Pope Gorloana says

'If you and I are both the elect, if you wish to wage a holy war, I will do so. However, know that I will not be at your beck and call, even if I am defeated by force. Even if you are defeated by force, you will not break this prayerful heart.

 His clean face conveys an unshakable will.

''You will never be able to reach the scriptures, the trace god Lieberschneid.

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to listen to the truth.

 I look down at him and I return the words.

'So? How long do you think you can keep praying? You're not going to sit down and fight me.

Is there something wrong with you?

 Gorloana says as she sings out, keeping her attitude of prayer to the point.


'I am Gorloana Delo Giordal, Pope of this Giordal. I have been given the title of Savior by the God of Selection. I will never fail to pray to God until the day when salvation comes to this country, to the depths of the earth.

 As I kneel, he glares at me.

'Please, be my guest. My body will be protected by a divine miracle, and I will avenge every affliction.

Interesting. Then I'll feel free to do it.

 At the same time as the words are spoken, a huge magic circle is constructed on the floor.
 A jet-black flame appears, which becomes a chain and binds Gorloana's kneeling body.

''Prison Flame Chain-Binding Magic Array (Zora et Dipto).''

 As the Prison Flame Chain (Goku Ensa) flared up to black, it built up a magic circle for exercising great magic.

'Thou shalt know fear. No man can bind God.

 A divine light gathers on the pact pearl of Gorloana's selection.
 As soon as you think a fire is lit in the center of the bead, a three-dimensional magic circle is drawn on the bead.

 It is layered and stacked on top of each other.
 In the blink of an eye, the magic power that was expanding rapidly reached a divine level.

 A mysterious tone resounded and the pillar of the tuning fork reverberated.
 The sound gradually increased in volume and played an unfamiliar tune, roon, roon, roon.

 God appears behind the Pope.

'Come, Gospel, come. <''The Summons for the Selection of the Celestial Gate of the Divine Seat (Guara Nate Forteos).''

 A lone sound resounded, and the one who appeared was a long-haired god dressed in a blue coat.

 The manifested god descended on Golloana's body as if he was being sucked in.

 The Pope's magic power swells up, and his body, bound by the , shimmers like a mirage and disappears.

 With an investigation of "ron", Golroana's body appears behind me, about ten meters away.

"Gospel God Doldired.

 Arcana says and lines up next to me.

'The chosen god of Pope Gorloana. The figure of Dordirred, the sound-governing figure, is sound itself.

Hmm. No wonder. Chains and fire can't tie you up. By the way.

 He looks down at Arcana.

'How's that wound Diedrich gave you?

I'm better.

Well, then, I guess we'd better get on with it.

 He drew a magic circle and unleashed the magic of the Vacuum Zone (Badrom).
 The room becomes a vacuum, and a silence that cannot be reached by sound envelops the area.

 But as if to break it, a roar and a gospel sounded.
 The music reverberates off the pillar of the tuning fork one after another, and when it resonates, it fills the room with magical power.

 The gospel god Dordy Red is the god of sound. Maybe that's why the magic power seems to double each time it is echoed and resonated by the pillar of the tuning fork.

'On the Day of Resurrection, the believers who have perished will have a provisional life with the gospel. Oh, great God, we thank you for your miracles.

 As if in prayer, Gorloana sings.

'The Gospel Book, First Movement, "The Rebirth of the Faithful (Eglade),


 In total, there are thirty-three of them.

'Even in a vacuum, the gospel resounds. As long as that sound rings, Dordirred is immortal.

 Arcana says.

'I see. But that's unusual. A phonetic magic circle.

 It would draw a magic circle of sounds and invoke magic through changes in the gospel.
 It is not as useful as a general magic circle, which is activated by the pitch, pronunciation, and tone of the sound.

 Construct a phonetic magic circle. In other words, the magic is not exercised until the chanting is completed.
 But apparently, in the order of the Gospel God, you are doing that chanting in an instant.

'You will see, nonconformists. They are the faithful who have been praying to God here in Geordal, and they are successive popes. Before the miracles of God, you will simply bow down.

 I kicked the ground with a zap, and the dead, who had been revived by the
'On the blizzard night, all shall be frozen.

 Arcana blew snow and moonflowers around them, freezing the lower half of the attacking dead in the cold air.

''Hmm. If you are saying that the past popes have returned from Hades, I will ask you with all the courtesy I can muster.''

 I throw a few words at the dead, who are blocked from moving.

'Is this country's goal to make peace with Dirhade or not? Each of you shall give your thoughts.

 As if to answer the question, the dead of
 The phonetic magic circle echoed a powerful counter-magic, breaking the frozen ice into pieces.
 In the midst of yet another blowing snowstorm, the dead raised their phonetic swords and pushed forward.

'Do not ask the obvious. "Do not ask what is obvious; only the longing of the moment binds them, the dead, to the longing of the moment. How can a pope who cares for his country wish for anything other than to pray and chant to God?

It's just a ghost that gets you what you want.

 A jet-black bolt of lightning wrapped around my right hand.
 It swelled up and flew around the room as if to fill it.

 I was shot out by the Origin magic, the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jilasd), and the thirty-three dead people disappeared without leaving a single bone.

The dead are immortal. No one will be able to destroy them again.

 L'ong, l'ong, the gospel echoes, and once again the dead of the Congregational Rebirth (Eglade) rise again.

At the Second Reincarnation, the perished believers will bring God down on their bodies. Many gods will be revealed here, and the darkness will be dispelled, and the world will be filled with light.

 When the successive popes drew their magic circles, they used , a summoning of possession.
 The magic power increased by an order of magnitude.

'The God of Sound Watch, Milahi Idee Jism'

 The thirty-three popes pointed their tuning fork swords at us.
 A mass of sound accompanied by magic power was released all at once.

"Snow falls and lights the ground.

 The falling snow and moonflowers became the wards protecting us, blocking out the mass of sound.

'Before the thirty-three popes and the thirty-three gods, all things will bend their knees and hang their heads. Believe, O heretical people. Believe in the works of God. Just pray and you will be saved.

 As Gorloana sang, the popes' phonetic swords sounded even stronger and resonated as they sang.
 With the power of the Gospel God Dordy Red, their phonetic magic circle was strengthened.

'The Gospel Book, Second Movement
 A mass of sound breaks violently like a dragon's roar, attempting to push through the wards of Mishi Mishi and Snow Moon Flower.

'They seem to be quite pious popes. But did you really give everything to God?''

Do not ask the obvious. A pope who cares for his country has no self-interest.

 Pope Gorloana returns the words.

'Then you want to bet? Now I'm going to expose the Pope's self-interest. If I win, you will tell me where the trace god is. If I lose, I will give you Arcana.

I told you that I would not be persuaded by you, sir.

As long as you give me a scratch, you win. I'll even give you Dillhade.

 I drew the magic circle of the Contract (Zekt).
 The Pope let out a small breath and looked at me.

 One more push.

"You seem to be confident in your singing. In that case, I'll only respond with a fight about hymns. I will erase these wards immediately.

 Then the Pope said, "In the name of the Almighty Glorious, I hereby swear.

"In the name of the Almighty Glittering, I do hereby swear...

 With those words, the signing of the was established.
 At the same time, Arcana erased the Snow and Moonflower's wards.

 <The Sacred Sound Dragon Vomit (Zabios) raged and attacked, but I already had the magic flute I created with the Creation Architecture (Ibis) on my right hand.

The Magic Flute Cancellation (Goldross)

 If you put your magic power into it, the tune of a hymn will overflow from it.
 The music played from the magic flute collides with the sound, as if to cancel out the Sacred Sound Dragon Vomit (Zabioz), making it disappear.

''Hmm. "Hmm... That's quite an effect for a hurried process. After all, you have to hit sound against sound.

 As he says it, he hands the magic flute to Arcana.

'Use it,'

 Arcana took the magic flute in her hand, kissed it and began to play the tune of a hymn.
 <The ward that blocked the Sacred Sound Dragon Vomit (Zabios) was further strengthened.

 As if to shed light on her, Artilian Tonoa shines and illuminates.
 The silvery white brilliance slipped through the ceiling, creating a bridge of light from the canopy to the ground.

 Slowly, the descends.
 As the light of the half-moon slowly approached, it enveloped the magic flute.

The moon swallowed it and waited for the snow to melt and a new form appeared.

 Artilian Tonoa and the magic flute mingle, and a divine magic flute with the power of the Moon of Creation is born.

 When Arcana blows into the flute, the created music quickly drowns out the Sacred Sound Dragon Vomit released by the 33 tuning fork swords.

 Again, the momentum of the music did not stop, and the mass of sound released by the divine flute swallowed up the popes and made them disappear.

''Dordy Red is next, prepare yourself.

 Arcana blows the magic whistle.

 A divine and frightening tune resounded, and it struck the gospel.
 The investigation of the magic flute interfered with the sound that sounded like a roon, and the gospel became slightly smaller than before.


 Golloana, who is possessing the Gospel God, distorts her expression.

'Hmm. It seems that this is working. Don't tell me you're not selfishly inclined to stop praying because of your own selfishness.

 Gritting her teeth, Gorloana continues to pray only.

''I told you that those who have perished are immortal...''

 L'ong, l'ong, and the gospel echoes, and once again the dead of the Congregational Rebirth (Egredo) rise again with the God who watches over the sound.

At the Third Reincarnation, the perished believers chant to God. The sacred tune, passed down from generation to generation, will become a divine fire that will consume the plagues.

 The thirty-three divinely-surrendered popes echoed with clean voices and sang a high-pitched chant. They resonated and built a multi-layered phonetic magic circle.

 A divine pillar of fire stands over us, covering our surroundings.
 It narrows its range slightly, as if to push away the echoes of Arcana's magic flute.

'Thou hast said. 'Why do you pray so much? The Savior replied. 'I am not praying alone, but here are the prayers of those who have believed in God, those who have gone to Him, and their prayers are here. Oh, the Redeemer sings. With the dead of old. That the music of God is the salvation, the flame that burns all that opposes God.

 Gorloana sings cheerfully.

 As she does so, the chanting flames gain momentum, crushing the echoes of the magic flute and trying to burn us all to the ground.

''Hmm. I agree with you that music is better when everyone sings and plays together. I agree with you completely, Gorloana.

 I followed the connected magic line and sent a thought transmission (leaks).

"You hear me, Devil's Choir? "You've arrived at the right time. Let's try out one here to see how well love works with the gods.

''Yes! Anos-sama!

 The voices of Eren and the others who had been waiting at the Demon King's Castle echoed.

'Sing. Give me your love.

''Yes! Anos-sama!

"Garde Usk.

 The magic that sinks into the abyss of Eren and the others' love and converts all of their thoughts into magical power is the Garde Ask.

 The madness of the Demon King's Choir's love transforms itself, and the jet-black light that overflows from the choir twists and turns around me like a viscous substance.

The third movement of the Gospel Book, "Chanting Flame (Lanrez).

Okay, this one.

 He says to Pope Gorloana, who prays

'The Demon King's Hymn No. 6, "Neighbor,

 Arcana immediately accompanies her neighbor with her magic flute.
 <The flute, which possesses the power of the Moon of Creation, is capable of creating all kinds of music.

All are fleeting before prayer; before God, all are bowed down. This flame will burn you and blot out your sins.

 The blazing chanting flames engulfed me and Arcana.
 The flames raged up to the heavens, breaking through the ceiling and even reaching the canopy.

 It is the very flame of God.
 It is the fire of purification that wipes out everything in the world and leaves no ashes behind.

Oh, iniquity! Your sins burned away with the flames..................

 Golloana's eyes widened.
 She must have heard a voice delivered through the flames, tracing .

 The light of the muddy expanded and corrupted the flames.
 I hadn't even suffered a single burn.

''Ah, God...'' ''I didn't know there was a world~~''


 The ghosts of the popes who had been concentrating on chanting and merely trying to fulfill their long-cherished wishes at the moment of the moment screamed and blew away.

 They were invaded by the sticky black light and rotting.
 At the sight, Gorloana could only gawk and doubt her ears.

 Even the flames and the dead corrode, and the horrible thing is the corrosive power of the .
 It corrupts only the target, perhaps because of love.

 In terms of its simple corrosive power, it could even approach the blood of the Demon King.
 But really, which one is better?

Are you convinced?

It was only a reflex, a scream........selfishness.......

So let's make them pay for it.

"Ku-ick, Ku-ick, Ku-ick-woo

 As expected of the current Pope.
 Gorloana remained in a posture of prayer and endured the light of the Garde Ask, which attacked her with tyranny.

 Then she sang a chant to counter the tyranny with flames.

 The popes also prayed one by one, echoing the chants, and once again, the flames of chanting hit me and Arcana.

Your chanting is not bad. "Your chanting is not bad, but it is not enough to pray. It's all about the excitement...

 The Demon King's hymn resounded now, accompanied by the Demon Flute played by Arcana.

'This one's choreographed!

 I kicked the ground as if riding the music.

'Don't open it...'


 <My regular fist thrust, clothed in the Garde Ask, blows out the divine flames.

"Don't open it!


 At the same time as pulling the right, the left, unleashed regular fist thrusts, bunched up the jet-black and blasted the dead of the .



"Don't open it, it's a forbidden gate.

Sta! Oh, my God! SAY!!!

 Three more blows.
 Before the Demon King's hymn, their chant pops up.

This is such a forbidden song...

 Looking at the screaming dead, Gorloana looks in astonishment.

''Oh ... do not fear ... my predecessors. What is there to fear? Once a man perishes, he will not perish. You have been invited to the presence of God, and now you are immortal.

 Gorloana exclaims as she looks at the one dead person who has completely decomposed and disappeared.

Don't you understand?

 Me and Arcana were standing in front of Gorloana, who was praying only.
 The Demon King's Choir's song echoed.

'Ku ick, Ku ick, Ku ick-woo.'

I don't know....................

In other words, I don't know why, but it's fun, so it's okay. That song brought back the true feelings they had at the moment of the moment. They became a Buddha.

I'm a....Buddha...

Pope. One cannot live only for the sake of one's country. Everyone has a heart. Forgetting the pleasures of life, and becoming only a prayerful being, what is life?

You can't mean--

Their forbidden gates were pried open by these women.

 He raises his right fist as hard as he can.

'Prepare yourself. Next time I'll put the forbidden key in your heart.

Don't let him in.


 A magic flute resounds, and the is clothed in a fist.
 The orthodox fist thrust that is thrust out blows away the Evangelical God Dordy Red.


 My right fist thrusts into Gorloana's pigeon tail, which should be the sound itself, forcing him to lift his body.

 Sound for sound, love for God.
"Don't let me in!

"....don't...stop...don't...don't...make that sound in the gospel - oh, oh, God is rotten. .........?


 My left fist strikes the Pope's abdomen again, causing his body to snap in a crooked line.

'Don't let me in, that's a forbidden key.

"....the gospel is gone...

Yeah! Whew! Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

 He slammed the clad in both fists into the Pope's face.
 Like a bullet, the Pope blows backwards, snapping a few pillars and hitting the wall, finally stopping.

'I don't know if it's the Gospel or what,'

 The Gospel God Dordy Red is corrupted and destroyed.
 I said to the Pope, who had lost his divine power.

'Did you think that a song without choreography would resonate with me?