1 Episode 01 Prologue

 The man's name is Kenichi Yamada. He is a 35-year-old businessman. He's a single man.

It's over, but it's only been three years.

 The man is alone in a 1K 8-tatami room, muttering. It's midday on a Saturday now. He laments at his computer screen without going outside.

 The computer screen shows a fantastical castle scene with the word "FIN" fashionably displayed in the lower right corner. It is an online game, or maybe it is an online game, and the characters of the game are saying goodbye to you.

"No, well, this was a slippery game too. It's slimy. Maybe you're glad it's over. Think of all the time and money we've saved.

 I've spent my bonuses and salary on gacha and billing items, but I don't seem to feel sad about the end of the service.

 It was an online game that I started 3 years ago, but I was dissatisfied with the way it was set up and the strategies were too easy. Despite my dissatisfaction, I continued to believe that one day they would upgrade the game and add more challenging elements to the game.

 But the number of users didn't increase, the game distributor decided to terminate the service.

Huh? What's that, launching a new service?

 Quit the game and look at the home screen of the game distributor.
 There, there was a link to a new game to start. The link seemed to be the introduction page of a new game, so you click on it.

"What, eh...

 Kenichi is astonished. It is lined with language that makes him despair.

Level up on your own while you're logged out!
You can easily reset your profession!
The AI will do the fighting on its own!
Now you can get three chances to win a gacha that will surely bring out a legend item!

It's a hopelessly slippery game. It's not a slippery game, it's no longer a slippery game. When did this happen...

 The man covers his face with his hands and remembers the good old days of gaming. It was twenty years ago when I had my first taste of online games.

 It was a struggle to level up, and it was normal for it to take a month to move up one level. I still remember the excitement of changing classes to a senior position after six months of work.
 Dying had a death penalty, your equipment would fall to the floor and you would lose 20% of your experience.
 The bosses have incredibly high HP, and even in a 50-man raid, you have to hit them for over an hour to die. Sometimes it took me three hours. It's a must to keep a spare keyboard handy because it can't withstand continuous fire and often breaks.
 Moreover, you can only drop one item even if you try your best to kill it. Then the 50-man killing spree begins.

 A game that you spent not hundreds of hours, but tens of thousands of hours on, was discontinued more than ten years ago.

 I have played many games for the excitement of those days.

 But times have changed. People began to hate the challenging elements they were not looking for. Both the big players and new game distributors shifted to the slippery games.
 Levels went up quickly and weapons, armor and skills became easy to obtain.

Let's look for another game.

 Give up on your current game distributor and search the net for games with a high level of challenge.
 Type "game devastation settings challenging" in the search bar and search for the game you want to play.
 You find a site with no publisher and no game title at the top of the search results.

The site with no distributor and no game title showed up at the top of the search results. What, invite you to the never-ending game?

 The screen is filled with curious statements such as "A game that never ends, a game that never ends, a game that never ends.

I see, a fantasy world of Western-style sword and sorcery. Do you want to try it out, or do you want to set it up directly on this site?

 Kenichi decided to give it a try, if he was interested.
 The game is not a downloadable format, but rather a site where you can set up various settings, so you go to the settings screen.

There are several difficulty levels, starting with easy mode. Normal, Extra, Hell and. Easy mode would be silly.

 Apparently, the game's difficulty can be set by the user. There is also a good explanation of the differences in difficulty.

Easy mode
 Obtain skills at 10 times the speed of normal mode, which allows you to grow your skills.
 You can gacha up to 3 extra skills.
 This is the most popular mode for those who are new to the game and who do not like to level up.

Normal Mode
 Normal mode.
 You can pull up to one extra skill in gacha.
 This is the most popular mode and allows you to develop your skills reasonably well.
 If you can't decide which mode to choose, choose this one.

Extra Mode
 It takes 10 times longer to obtain and grow skills than in normal mode.
 However, you can grow your skills to a level that is unattainable in normal mode.
 You can pull one normal skill with a gacha.
 This is the best mode for those who are familiar with the game, and for those who are dissatisfied with the normal mode because it is too easy to play.

Hell Mode

 Leveling up, getting skills and growing skills takes 100 times longer than in normal mode.
 There is no growth limit. No gacha is available, so only the skills you choose for your profession are initially available. Hindsight is 20/20. Despair will come to you.
 If you can get beyond the despair, you are sure to discover one truth. This is a playful mode of the creation staff.

 As you increase the difficulty of the setting from Normal Mode, Extra Mode, and Hell Mode, skills become harder and harder to obtain and level up.
 However, the growth limit seems to be relaxed and the level increases rapidly.

Can you choose between Hell Mode and . Can I choose a profession?

 Select Hell Mode without hesitation.
 Then it switches to the occupation selection screen. There are some professions you've seen in games.
 Swordsman, fighter, bandit, merchant, wizard, sage, sage, saint, saint, and high mage.
 This profession also seems to have a difficulty level. When you click on an occupation, a difficulty level appears.

There are many professions. There are many professions. The lower the profession, the higher the difficulty level is. There's even a brave man and a demon king?

 The professions listed below seem to be the rarer and stronger settings. The difficulty of the profession is indicated by a star.
 Swordsmen and fighters are marked with 1 star for difficulty.
 Swordsmen and high mages seem to have 3 stars.
 Brave men and demon kings have a difficulty level of five stars.

What is it? I have a feeling that the Swordsman and the Swordsman would be better, but why do you make them choose?

 The upper version of a swordsman would naturally be considered a swordsman. Then anyone would choose the Swordsman.
 Select the swordsman to confirm. When you select one, the screen changes and then you can choose your rank.

Commoner, baron, count. So ranks are determined by gacha. There's even a king. Would the same be true for a swordsman?

 You can select a class that seems to appear in otherworldly novels.
 Since Kenichi has read many otherworldly novels, he can easily understand the ranks.
 Press the redo button to return to the occupation selection screen and select the Kenshin again.

You can only select a serf, commoner, or baron. I see, the stronger the occupation you choose, the harder it will be to train and the lower your rank will be.

 If you select a brave man, you can choose from serfs and plebeians, which are determined by the probability of a gacha.
 The probability of gacha is also displayed and your rank is determined by luck. The stronger the occupation, the more likely you are to get a lower rank.
 The higher your profession can grow into, the lower your rank is likely to be, the more likely you are to start at a lower rank.

Let's see which one we'll choose. We've done it with swordsmen and wizards. Maybe I'll give the healer a try this time. I've never played the witch king before. A serf and the witch king sounds kind of interesting, huh? I still have a profession.

 When you try to choose the Demon King, which you thought was the bottom choice, you realize that there is a further choice of profession.

'Summoner? Does that mean that summoners are harder than demons?

 The bottom of the profession selection was summoner. The difficulty level of the summoner is marked as 8 stars.
 For now, if you choose Summoner, the only option seems to be a serf.

Summoner. I haven't done much of this, but it would be cool to be able to summon a dragon or something.

 The man has played many games. Not only did he play games on the Internet, but he also played a lot of software-based games for home use. In one of the nation's most popular games, I remember a summoner summoning a summoner that looked like a summoner from Greek mythology.

Okay, summonsman, class of serf. Is that all you have to choose from?

 I selected "Hell Mode", "Summoner" for the mode, "Summoner" for the occupation, and "Serf" for the rank, but there doesn't seem to be any more choices.
 I looked all over the screen to see if there was a choice of appearance or gender, but there was only a single click button.
 Would you like to start? The only thing that appears on the screen is a big click button called When clicked, a message appears.

The Summoner has not yet finished its trial and has no users. Do you still want to start? Yes/No

"Huh? Does that mean the test is still on? Then how can you choose. But it's funny. Well, I'll test you!

 Kenichi selects 'yes' without hesitation. The screen flickers and the 1K 8-tatami room is empty.
 Kenichi Yamada has disappeared from the real world.