2 Episode 02 Reincarnation

 Warming up. Kenichi realizes that he has lost consciousness. Then he finds himself in a warm pool or warmer liquid than that.

(Huh? (Breath!?)

 Kenichi is confused to know that he is in some kind of liquid. However, he can't move his body properly, or maybe his body is not strong enough.

(Oh no! You're going to die? Hm? What, you don't need to breathe to be okay? (What kind of condition?)

 You're in warm water, you can't see anything, you can't breathe, but it's okay. And there's something incredibly calming about it.
 Kenichi has been an ordinary office worker, so he has been exposed to the rough and tumble of the real world, but this soothes his fatigue.
 He became completely silent and just waited for the time to pass.

 Then one day, ten days passed.
 Kenichi suddenly feels uneasy. I don't know what it is, but I'm getting anxious.

(Huh? What if? What's this? (It's gonna get weird)

 I feel as if my whole body is tightening strongly from the head.
 You still have no strength, no eyesight, no ears, and only consciousness.
 Just when you feel your whole body is freed from the tightness, you're placed back in what feels like lukewarm water.

(wheezing, breathing, giggling)

 You've never had a problem with not breathing, but suddenly you find yourself wanting oxygen. When you suffer from not being able to breathe, you feel a jolt in your buttocks. It hits me again and again. It's like my buttocks are covered.

Buh! It hurts! (What the hell!!!)

"Whew, whew, whew!

"Hey, he's breathing! Good job, Teresia!

"Yes, you...

 I hear a voice that I've never heard before. It sounds like Japanese, but your eyes are almost blind and your ears are deaf. The airway is clear and I'm not sure if it's fresh or not, but it's absorbing the oxygen it's seeking and desiring.
 There seems to be two or three people around you, but you don't even know how many people you are surrounded by.
 You are taken out of the hot water and wrapped in something fuzzy, and after a while you regain your composure.

(There is no doubt anymore that this is an incarnation. Thank you so much. Why are you reincarnating from before the birth? (At least start at about five years old!)

 Six months have passed since then. Kenichi has spent his days looking around. His eyes and ears could see and hear better than when he was born.
 Now that he can crawl, he has the means to get around, albeit only for a short distance.

"Are you asleep, Mr. Allen?


 Here's what I've learned in the last six months. Kenichi Yamada was named Allen.
 There was no gender selection, but he was born a boy.
 The woman holding me now is Allen's mother, Teresia. She looks not yet twenty years old, but she's just as she appears, a woman in her late teens. She is a very beautiful woman with brown hair tied up to her back with a string and green eyes.
 She is placed gently on a small bed made of a simple wooden fence. She covers me up to my shoulders with a coarse, cozy, not-so-cozy linen comforter.

"Teresia, I'm home.

 It's past noon now. A stocky man comes in from the dirt. He's sweating and soil is all over his body.
 This man is Allen's father, Rodin. He has brown hair like Teresia and a wild face. He's big and muscular. He must be about twenty years old.

 I had a hard time knowing my father's name because Teresia usually calls the man you.

 Teresia handed Rodin a couple of baked potatoes.

"Hmm? Have you eaten Teresia yet?


 Choking Teresia. Rodin returns one of two pieces to Teresia. This is an exchange I've heard a lot in the last six months.

"You can't. You've got to eat well or you won't produce milk. The taxes in the village have been reduced until next year, so we've got to have our children grown up before then.

"Thank you, dear

(Doesn't this village have a name?)

 This village seems to be a newly settled village by the lord. Perhaps because of the young age of the people, I often heard in the conversations between the parents that a child was born in a nearby house or a new child was born in the village.

(Looks like I'm still the only child of the couple.)

 There is only my father Rodin, my mother Teresia, and myself in this house.
 Pioneer Village has a favorable tax system, I wonder if that's why both Rodin and Teresia came to this village to be independent from their parents.

 Rodin munches on his potatoes, drinks from a wooden cup and drinks from a water jar, and then seems to leave again. He often kisses Teresia on the cheek before he leaves, so he's still in love with her. I think that sooner or later she will have a brother or sister.

(The life of a serf is not easy, but it's a life of its own.)

 Allen chose to be a serf in the real world, so he's not that unhappy with his current situation. He's a beautiful mother and a family man. If I have one complaint, it's that.

(status open)

 Reaching into the air and chanting in your mind as if asking for something.
 But nothing comes out. You reach into the air and bring your hand back.

(I'm a summoner now.) Am I too young to summon? I can't even check my status, and this is pretty much hell mode. (There's nothing to do.)

 Allen is a six-month-old infant. No more, no less. He should have been born as a summoner, but he can't do anything like that.

(I remember in this kind of story, the protagonist who is reincarnated as a baby learns about the magic flowing inside his body and acquires an enormous amount of magic while he is still an infant. I don't feel that inside my body at all.

 In the absence of answers, drowsiness sets in. Her body is a perfect infant, so she cries and pees when she's hungry. And when he got sleepy, he would go into a deep sleep.

 Six more months later, a year had passed since his reincarnation.
 It was the beginning of autumn, so I guess I was born in the fall.

 The food is more sumptuous than usual. Since Allen is starting to wean himself, he usually eats beans boiled or potatoes steamed and mashed with a pestle and pestle.

Thanks to your defeat of the Great Boar, the food is gorgeous today.

"Mm, I worked hard for Allen today!

"Thanks Dad, Mom

 Allen's family are farmers. There's a field by the house where they grow potatoes and wheat. I've only been held by Teresia and let out to the yard, so I'm just guessing from the story.
 For the past year, or rather since my consciousness became clearer, the family's work has been entirely farm work for about nine months.
 Apparently, after the crops are harvested in the fall, the men of the village get together and go hunting in the nearby woods. The hunt seems to be fun for the muscular father.
 I remember my father saying several times that if he hadn't been born a farmer, he would have wanted to be a hunter. Some of the meat from the hunt was given to those who participated, apparently in order to bring down their prey.

(It's almost a taste of the stuff, though.)

 This is Allen, who eats deliciously the food, which tastes almost like an ingredient with no saltiness. The roughly mashed apple-like fruits are indeed delicious.

 When the meal is over and he's lying on his bed, Allen thinks to himself, "Isn't this a bad idea?

(This isn't so bad either. He'll be a summoner one of these days.

 Thinking about this, I raise one hand to the sky. You whisper again the words you've whispered dozens of times.

(Status open)


 Suddenly, a jet-black book appeared in front of Allen's eyes. It was floating in the air a short distance away from my hand.