3 Episode 03: Grimoire

 Allen was surprised to see a large book appear in front of him.



(Oh my god, I started to cry.) (Oh, calm down, I'm counting prime numbers.)

 At the age of only one year old and unable to control his emotions, he suddenly starts to cry loudly. He tries desperately to control himself.

 The house Allen lives in is a one-story house. There is a living room with an earthen floor in the center and a sunken hearth at the far end, where the three of them eat together. There are two rooms on either side of the hearth, and Allen always sleeps in one of them.
 It's a so-called children's room. Teresia comes running in response to Allen's loud crying as he lies at the back of the room.

Oh, no, they're going to find this book. Go away.

"Allen? Are you okay?

 Allen wanted and the big book vanished.

"Aye, aye.

(Gee, I'm having a hard time speaking baby language. Well, my mouth isn't developed enough to speak clearly yet.

 Allen smiles at Teresia, giving her a smile as if to say it's okay to smile. A pat on the shoulder as if to say, "Don't scare me anymore," and Teresia returns to the dirt floor.

(I didn't get it, did I? No, I think the timing was out. (Maybe this means that others can't see the book?

 I think I saw the book floating perfectly in the air, both in terms of Teresia's gaze and timing, but my eyes never went to the book. You didn't seem to notice.
 If it's all right, I'll try to pull out the book again, reminding myself to get out of the book.


(The book came out normally. It looked like it had a silver or white pattern, but it was a thick, black book. (You summoned the book because you're a summoner?

 Take a closer look at what the book in front of you is about. It was a very thick book. A pitch-black hardcover. It was like a thick dictionary in the National Library. It was a plain black book with no writing on the spine or cover.

(Hmmm, turn.)

 When Allen reminds the book to spin, it begins to spin around. You can touch it in the same way, and it feels like a normal book.

(Looks like a real book floating around, let's open it up.)

 Try to open the first page. It's a reminder to open the first page to float in the air.

(Oh! (It's a status!!!)

 An unprecedented sense of rapture surged through me. On the first page, Allen's status was displayed.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 1
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 1
 Strength] 4 (40)
 Magic] 2 (20)
 Attack Power] 1 (10)
 Durability] 1 (10)
 Quickness] 2 (25)
 Intelligence] 3 (30)
 Fortune 2 (25)
 Skills: Summoning <1>, Generate <1>, Delete
 Experience] 0/1,000

(Hoho, how should this look?)

 Allen's motto is "He who controls the status controls the game".
 The key is to find the clues to the strategy from your status.

There's a difference between the parentheses next to strength and skill. That's why the parentheses are different. Huh? (There's also something on page 2)

Skill level
 Summons 1
 [Born] 1
Skills Experience
 Generated] 0/1,000
Generatable Summons
 [Bug] H
 Insects] H0 pieces
 Beast] H0 pieces

 Check the second page. Apparently, the details of the summoning skills are displayed.
 Compare page one and page two.

(The skill level on the second page is the same as the number in the brackets for the skills on the first page, so does this represent the skill level, or does the 4 in stamina, which is a tenth of the number in the brackets, probably represent a decrease in status with age?

 By Allen's estimation, stats such as physical strength and magical power are roughly one-tenth of those in parentheses. It's natural that there is a difference in status between adults and babies. I surmised that this represents the subtraction of status by age.

(Don't go any further than this is expected.)

 Think first of what you know, rather than unanswerable analysis.
 Move your gaze to page 2.

(There's a difference between summoning and generating. Summoning does not, but generation has something called skill experience. Now it's zero because you've never used the skill. (Does having a denominator mean that if you earn 1000 skill experience, you level up?

 The conditions under which the skill experience increases are not shown, so we do not know.
 But for gamers who have played the game long enough, it's common knowledge that the more skills experience you use, the more skills experience you get.

(Does that mean you can summon bugs and beasts from the looks of it? (What's H?)

 Further analysis of the summoner's skills on page 2, rather than status, which we do not know any more.

(In other worlds, adventurers have ranks, like S-ranked adventurers. Does that mean SABCDEFGH is the 9th? No, you don't start that low, at least you don't start that low, like E. (I've never seen an H-ranked monster or anything like that. (I've never seen an H-ranked monster or anything like that.

 Allen was a gamer when he was in the real world.
 But he used to read otherworldly novels on the way to work or to relax after a long day of gaming. I have quite a bit of knowledge about otherworldly things.

(That's about all I know now. Let's summon the rest and see what happens.

 Check the other pages of this book before trying to summon. Look for something other than status.

(There aren't enough pages. It's so thick.

 There are not so many pages, and the white book's contents are thick and creepy.
 The next pure white page has a dent in it. It's a vertical rectangular indentation.

(Hmm? You want to put something in here? (10 dents in total, ho ho)

 There's no explanation, it's just a rectangular depression. I can only guess that it would contain something like a card. There are four recesses on one page and three pages of recesses.

(Is that all? Hmm? (The page at the end is glowing)

 You notice that there is only one faintly glowing page. Open it.

(Is this a letter or an announcement?)

"Dear Mr. Allen

 Thank you for your help.
 Are you enjoying the other world?
 I sincerely apologize for the delay in sending the grimoire.
 I sincerely apologize for the delay in sending you the grimoire.
 Because you have chosen a profession that has not yet been tested, the paperwork was not completed.
 Our staff has made this booklet in a hurry.
 Please note that we cannot accept any questions or cancellation of this book.

          From Elmea, the God of Other Worlds

 Reading the contents, I found the reason for the delay in sending this book.

I see. Well, it was me who chose this profession, ignoring the warning message that the test wasn't finished. (And if you've spent a year setting up a profession, you've got a solid one.

 Allen was unexpectedly positive about receiving a message from an otherworldly god. And once again, he is convinced that this world is otherworldly.
 When he read through to the end, the words disappeared and he returned to the blank page.

(That's it. If there's nothing else I've missed, I'm going to try to summon it.

 Allen was the first to try to summon.