4 Episode 04   Summon

 Allen decides to try his first summoning.

(Okay, okay, you can summon a bug or a beast.)

 The second page of the grimoire states that insects and beasts can be summoned.

(We're in a house, let's try to summon an insect.)

 You don't know what will be summoned. At first I expect some low-ranking monster or something will be summoned.
 But what if I choose Beast H and a big wolf or bear is summoned? A summoner is supposed to be a more senior occupation than a demon king. It would be best to be just as cautious as possible.

 It's been a year since I reincarnated in another world. The past year has flashed through my mind like a doodle. I remember sucking the tits of my beautiful mother, who was less than 20 years old. My beautiful mother wiping my body. My beautiful mother changing my diapers.

I'm sorry. thoughts flowing through me. All right, I summon it! (Bug Summons!)

 Allen raises his hand to the sky and, in the manner in which he moved the book, reminds himself to summon the insects.
 But nothing happens. The nursery is quiet in Allen's room.

(Hey, nothing's happening.) Is he on the floor? Are you on the floor?

 As nothing has changed, sit up and look at the whole room. He has already finished his dinner. The farmer's night is fast, and darkness is filling the room.
 If possible, it would be best to verify the summoning while it's still dim.

(Huh? Was that a bad word? (Sammon Insect!)

 Nothing seems to come out of it. I'm going to change the words and try this and that.

Come on, bug!

 Thinking that it's not enough to remember the words in your head, you try to vocalize them in a lispy, juvenile manner.
 But nothing comes out.

(Oh, boy, are we in trouble? (What to do)

 I'll go through the grimoire again. Nowadays, you can find detailed game strategies at strategy sites. If you go to the anonymous forums, you can find a question thread that will give you the answers. There is basically no trouble if you don't understand something.

(Does this mean that you can only summon them after you've done the generation?

 I have one hypothesis. Summon, generate, and delete, so I figured that generation could do it.

(Bug, generate!)


 The grimoire glowed faintly. It wasn't the part of the page that shone. It was the cover. You will notice the book's cover glowing faintly in a long darkened room.

(Hmm? (It says something!)

"What rank of bugs do you produce?

 The cover of the grimoire shows a question in silver letters.

(Which rank means this H is the right rank? H rank generated!

 Then something shiny appears in front of you. The light subsides and something like a card appears.

(Oh! The card! There's a picture of a bug on it! (This is a grasshopper)

"One bug rank H generated

 A card about a quarter of the size of the cover of the grimoire was produced. It has a beautiful picture of a grasshopper, and in the upper left corner is written "Bug H." (A grasshopper?

(Grasshopper? It doesn't look strong at all. So it's an insect, even though it's a summoned beast. By the way, his magic power was reduced by 2 to 0.

 I spent a year imagining the summoning of sea dragons, heroic spirits and gods of death, as in Greek mythology. But what I was able to do was to create a card with a grasshopper on it. Moreover, it seems that all the magic power is needed to generate a card.

(Well, it's no use to regret it. So the indentation at the end of the grimoire was a holder for the card. I see.

 Now that the card is done, we have a rough idea of what to summon.

(To be continued tomorrow. It's already dark in the room.

 The room was originally dark, but now it's completely dark. Since there's nothing to light, I was forced to place the Insect H card I created in the grimoire holder. We'll continue the summoning process tomorrow.

Good morning, Allen.

 There is an intense light coming into the room. It's as if Teresa had opened all the wooden windows in the room.

"Good morning, Mom.

 The sun seems to be getting pretty high already.

(Apparently, this other world is set for 24 hours too. It's about 8:00 right now.)

 His parents, like Allen, have been serfs since birth, and perhaps because he is not that educated, he has a hard time knowing what credits or standards to use. At one year of age, he's too young to ask questions of himself, but when he listens to his parents' conversations, the subject never comes up. Time has recently been figured out, but money, weight, and distance are still unknown.

 I don't think I'm going to be able to read the books in the archives of a nobleman's house and cheat knowledge from an early age, as is often the case in other worlds.

 The morning of the serf is early. As for how early it is, Allen has never seen his father in the morning. He's probably out at six o'clock or earlier. You'll note that Teresia also mentioned in her conversation with Rodin that Allen is getting older now, and she's willing to help him in the field, even if it's only while he's asleep.

(As expected, it's not a good idea to summon my mother when she's here in this small house. He sometimes comes to check on me when I'm awake. Maybe I'll wait until it's time for a nap.

 Allen has not told his parents that he is a transmigrant from another world, nor has he told his parents that he is a summoner. He's playing the lispy baby. I don't think I'll ever have to tell them.
 It might make them think I'm possessed by a fox or a demon.

 Twirl the grimoire and wait for the summons.

 After finishing your chores, you receive a nursing gift from Teresia. It was quite embarrassing at first, but you've gotten used to it. You have no libido, and you feel like a wise woman or a hermit.  

Good night, Allen.

"Good night, Mom.

(What happened! (It's nap time)

 Carried in a hug in a child's room. He is placed on a bed with a wooden fence. Allen is alone in a dimly lit room with the windows closed.

(There we go.) Well, let's start where we left off yesterday.

 Pulled out a grimoire and let it float in the air. Pull out the Bug H card from the card holder inside.

(Let's see if I can summon it without saying a word. Summon Bug H!

 Put your hands out in front of you and bring the full force of the feeling of summoning. Then a light leaks from the card. It glows faintly, and the card disappears as it disintegrates, revealing a grasshopper.

'Oh! Grasshopper!

 A gasp escaped my lips. Your eyes are glued to the grasshopper that spontaneously fell to the floor outside the wooden fence of the bed.

(Hmmm, that's pretty big, at least six inches long. Maybe a grasshopper. It's a giant grasshopper, like you'd find in Africa or Southeast Asia. Well, the grasshopper.

 Watch the grasshopper. The grasshopper jumps directionlessly and without a plan. They don't even look at each other.

(They're called summonses, so they do what they're told? (Come here, come here, come here)

 The grasshopper makes eye contact with Allen for a second.

(Oh, did you notice? (No matter what, it's not a sore throat, according to Chihuly)

 Flapping his hands, he attempts to guide it.
 But the grasshopper quickly takes its gaze off Allen and jumps around again, erratically.

Oh, no! It's just a grasshopper. It has no intelligence, no instructions, nothing. There's nothing in the grimoire? Hmm? (There's more pages!)

 As I successfully summoned it for the first time, I checked to see if there was any more information, and found that the third page, which wasn't there before, now opens.

(I see... If information or something is added, this thick grimoire will have a new page added. (Hmmm, so this is the status of a grasshopper.

 The grasshopper's status is shown on the third page of the grimoire.

 Species] Bug
 [Rank] H
 Name] None (please set)
 Physical strength] 3
 Magic] 0

 Attack Power] 2
 Durability] 5
 [Quickness] 5
 Intelligence] 1
 Fortune 2
 Protection] Endurance 1, speed 1
 Special skill] Jumping

(Hoho, it's pretty weak, but compared to me as a baby, it's pretty good. Do you have more attack power than me? Hmm? What's Kago? Do you think I'll get my blessing? What! (My status is increasing!


 Allen's stats have increased by 1 for durability and 1 for speed since I saw him yesterday. It's marked as a plus.
 I can't help but let out a fist-pumping squeal at the surprise that summoning him will increase his status.

You've got to sleep now, Allen, you've got to sleep.

 Teresia, who was in the yard, comes back in response to Allen's voice.

(Huh! Oh no, it came into the room. (Would it be bad to put out the grasshopper now?

I'm sorry, Mom.

"Hmm, it's okay, huh?

 Grasshopper and Teresa's eyes meet.

"Oh no, buggy !!!!

 Teresia's foot attacks the grasshopper.

(Huh, my summons has been trampled! (Ki, disappear ...)

 The grasshopper disappeared as a glowing bubble. Thinking that the grasshopper has escaped, Teresia chases after it. You are appalled by the situation, but you cannot show it. She regains her composure and goes to sleep. And so begins Allen's work as a summoner.