5 Episode 05 Verification

 Ten days have passed since I was able to summon for the first time.
 It's past noon now, and it's time to wake up from your nap. Staring at the cover of the grimoire, I think about the future. On the cover you can see Allen's status.

 After ten days of summoning under Teresia's watchful eye, I've learned a lot about grimoires and summonses.

 Let's start with grimoires.

If you say "grimoire", a grimoire will appear.
Status and reminder that the status is displayed in silver letters on a pitch-black cover
Generate and remind you to produce and what to produce appears in silver letters on the cover

 The function of the grimoire was like this. No news from the otherworldly gods has arrived since then.

 And about the cards you generate.

Summons can be stocked up to 10 cards in total
Can summon up to 10 bodies in total at the same time
The more you card, the more blessings you get
Summon the card and then return it to the card as many times as you want

 It seems that there is a limit to the stock of grimoires, or you can only summon up to 10 cards and stock them by carding them. When I try to generate the 11th card, the grimoire cover asks me to delete the current card. It's the same even if you have a summoned beast out.

 Beast H also tried during the last 10 days.

 Species] Beast
 [Rank] H
 Name] Choloske
 Physical strength] 5
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 5
 Durability 2
 [Quickness] 3
 Intelligence] 1
 Fortune 2
 Protection: Strength 1, Attack 1
 Special skill] Running around

 Beast H verification results
The form of the beast H is a rat (rather large)
Like grasshoppers, they almost never listen
Verbalize or remind them to use their skills and they will use them.

 As you can see from the "Chorosuke" in the "Name" section of the "Status" column, summoned beasts can be given names, and can be generated and summoned by nicknames rather than by beast H. It's true that an abbreviation would be useful for verification and analysis, but I'd still like to have a name. It's true that abbreviations are useful for verification and analysis, but I'd still like to have a name.
 You don't have to say it out loud, just remember it.

 The name of the grasshopper in Insect H is "Denka".

 At the moment, it is not intelligent enough or it does not listen to you at all. I thought that special training would help, but there is no sign of change.
 It lacks intelligence and won't listen to me at all, but it is the only thing I can tell it to do.
 Apparently, summonses have special skills that are assigned to them, and Beast H will do so with just a word or a reminder to "run around" or "special skill". It doesn't consume magic power or it will do it as many times as it wants.

 Right now, it's staring at the Beast H rat, desperately trying to get it to do what it says with some kind of telekinesis.

 Allen continues to examine it under his breath and without making a sound. Incidentally, the grasshopper has been turned to light by Teresia three times in the last ten days. The house looks like a shack that grew out of a shack. There is almost no insulation and no soundproofing. There are many cracks and crevices that allow insects to enter the house, but the summonses seem to be a bit larger than the average grasshopper, which makes me feel uncomfortable.

 Enduring sleepiness and hunger, I desperately looked for signs of Teresia and examined the situation for 10 days.

Chorosuke, I know you can do it. Come here.

 From a remote corner of the room, he spreads his arms out in a gesture of coming to me. As if she heard his words, her eyes met with the beast H's for a moment.


 I can't help but gasp.
 I'm delighted that I finally succeeded in using the summoned beast. But the beast H's summoner changes its gaze and wanders around erratically.

No, no, what kind of job is better than that of a demon king?

 It can also be used against summons.

(Summons are useless in battle, but if you have 10 rats in your grimoire, your attack power will increase by 10. I was so scared that I could hold wood from home!

 Thanks to my awakening to the power of the Summoner, I became more powerful than a normal one-year-old.
 And through repeated generation and summoning, I've learned how to raise myself as a summoner.

(But that's Hellmode, it's a lot of work to level up.)

 Hell Mode is a setting in which it takes 100 times as long to level up as Normal Mode. It is said that if you master this mode, you will obtain a truth, but it is a mode that requires extraordinary and untiring efforts to cultivate.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 1
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 1
 [Physical strength] 4 (40) + 8
 Magic] 0 (20)
 [Attack Power] 1 (10) + 8
 Durability] 1 (10) + 2
 [Quickness] 2 (25) + 2
 Intelligence] 3 (30)
 Fortune 2 (25)
 Skills: Summoning <1>, Generate <1>, Delete
 Experience] 0/1,000

Skill level
 Summons 1
 [Born] 1
Skills Experience
Generatable Summons
 [Bug] H
 [Insects] H 2 sheets
 Beast] H8 pieces

(Skill experience is barely 24. So your magic consumption is directly related to your experience, well, hypothetically, I don't have any skills other than 2 magic consumption)

 The results of the verification of the conditions for obtaining magic power and skill experience.

The magic power consumption of summoner H-rank card generation is 2
Magic consumption is added as skill experience
From cards to summons does not require magic power
From summons to card does not require magic power
Magic power is fully recovered after half a day of sleep.

 I found out that to increase the generation level, you need to generate as many cards as you can.

(But it's 2 magic power, and the maximum magic power is 2, so it'll take 500 days to raise the generation level to 2 if you only generate cards once a day. It seems that the magic power fills up in about 6 hours, so I'll have to aim to generate cards twice a day. (That's still 250 days).

 I feel the endlessness of leveling up in Hell Mode.
 Magic power recovery was fully restored after half a day of sleep, so I assume it takes about six hours to fill up.
 As a toddler requiring 12 to 15 hours of sleep a day and with no clock, it was difficult to wake up regularly for 10 days, even if you could recover magic power up to four times a day.
 Sometimes I was able to generate cards three times a day, sometimes only once, but from now on I'll try to generate cards twice a day.

(I'd like to have a memo function to record my thoughts, I'd like to be able to write them down, since they're so thick.

 I want to take down 10 days' worth of insights as much as possible.
 If you are a gamer, it is natural to use a spreadsheet to analyze your level and status. I don't want to say it's that extravagant, but at least I want to record the verification results.
 I keep asking you to let me use your unused blank pages in the hope that I can deliver them to the gods of another world.
 As you complain about the grimoire, you hear Rodin's voice from the dirt floor.

"Teresia is back!

(Oh! He's back. (This feeling is that there was a harvest!

 You can hear the cheerful joy in Rodin's voice. And it was Allen's heartbeat on Rodin's return.