6 Episode 06 "Developing the Village

 Rodin is back.

Hey, Teresia is home!

"Oh my God, you're early, are you okay?

 Teresia heads to the dirt floor. She is surprised to see her husband Rodin dressed as she is. Dirt is all over the floor from where she fell.

Oh, she's okay. Yeah, I'm not hurt. The Great Boar went wild, and I fell a little bit. Is Allen awake?

 Fall is in full swing in mid-October. The reaping is almost finished. All that's left is the potatoes, but the harvest will come a little later. Rodin is out hunting with the village men in the nearby woods today. They are all serfs, of course.

 Since they are called serfs, they should be working farmers, but for some reason they go out hunting in the fall and winter. The reason for this is still unknown to Allen.

Well, I hope he's okay. Are you sure you want to take Allen with you?

Yeah, I promised I'd show you the demolition site. I've got to get him out of here, because it's already started.

 liltingly, Rodin comes into the nursery.

"Allen, wake up. I got the Great Boar! He's so big!

"Look, really, Dad, I want to see the Gure and Boa!

 A year old on the outside, 35 years old on the inside, doing his best to act out the feeling of what just happened.

I'm going to take you now! I promised to be a good boy!

"Yay, wow!

 The last time I heard the story of how you caught the great boa on a hunting trip, I begged him to show me the next time he caught it, and he said it would be good to be a good boy. Allen is basically a good boy because he doesn't whine so much.
 Rodin wanted to say 'if you've been a good boy' at least once when he had a child.

 I'm going to take Rodin in my arms and let him out. It looks like Teresia is not going.
 She does not want to see the demolition site.

 Rodin's clothes are drenched in sweat and other things, but strangely, Allen is not uncomfortable.
 I know how much Rodin works for his family.

 In fact, this is the first time Allen has seen the frontier village. Usually he sees it from a wooden window or from the back porch, or from the front yard, with Teresia in his arms.

It's all farmland and country. There's a house over there.

 It was a village lined with several fields. The fields are divided into several different colors, probably because they are growing different crops. Most of them have been reaped since October, but some crops, such as potatoes, seem to have not yet been harvested. Sandwiched in between such fields are houses popping up.

 With his curiosity on full display, Rodin calls out to Allen, who is standing at Rodin's chest level watching the scene of the village.

Look, Allen! It's Alba Heron!

 Far ahead of Rodin's gaze pointing to the heavens, a bird is flying. It looks quite large. It's too far away to see clearly, but there's a huge bird flying high in the sky. I wonder how many meters it is. It feels so big that there aren't even many of them in the real world.

Is it there?

Yes, this time of year when they're migrating north. It's just one bird, but you should keep in mind that they often fly in flocks. When it starts flying, they say it's the beginning of fall.


"Yeah. Hexenbiest. Well, a hexenbiest that doesn't come down to earth much. Dad has had one once and it's really good.


"If there's a hexenbiest bigger than that one in the sky, you'll have to hide in the house!

I know, the Doragons will eat you.


"What's up?

 Rodin is just staring at Albaheron. Wondering about the silence, Allen calls out to him.

"Hmm? Oh no, it's nothing. We're about to demolish it.


 Unbeknownst to him at the time, he would be told a few months later that Albaheron was the source of Allen's name. He was named after his father's wish that his son would be free, like Albaheron, who could go anywhere in the heavens.

 Naturally, Allen doesn't understand such a feeling now, so he follows his curiosity and looks around the village.

This area looks like a residential area. I live on the outskirts of a frontier village? Boa! Great Boar, here comes the first hexenbiest!

 About an hour's walk from my house, the fields are gone and houses are lined up. Beyond that, it looks like the entrance to the village. A gate can be seen ahead of a large object.

 And in front of it, there is a great boar, which has already been dismantled considerably. Although the dismantling process has progressed, the original form still seems to be intact, and we can clearly see that it is a boar. There is a crowd of nearly 50 people at the demolition site. Some people are dividing the boar into chunks of meat.

It's huge. It's over three meters long. That's not the size of a boar.

 The Great Boar's tremendous presence is overwhelming. In the real world they're about the size of hippos. You can't help but gawk at its face with its fangs.

 Rodin had told me that there are magical beasts in this world, but this is the first time I've seen one.
 Rodin takes Aren in his arms and moves closer and closer. I can feel everyone's eyes on me.

(I see, so it stands out.)

 Apparently, Allen has an idea for everyone to see Allen.

"Oh! Here comes Rodin. Hey guys, here comes the merit!

 A member of the dismantling crowd shouts for Rodin's arrival.

"Hey, hey, don't say that out loud, you're embarrassing me.

Shut up. You're going to run out of meat, merit!

 In front of Rodin's eyes, a man as stocky as Rodin comes in, with a beard and chest hair. He has a beard and chest hair, and his face and appearance are as grim as a gorilla's. He is holding a girl in his arms.
 He's holding a girl in his arms. She's about Allen's age.

"And I told you to stop. You just jabbed me in the throat, didn't you?

 Apparently, Rodin has put the finishing touches to the Great Boar. He looks very embarrassed by the praise from the crowd.

"Oh! You brought Allen today? It's been a long time since I've seen something like that, but it's really dark eyes and dark hair.

 Both Teresia and Rodin had brown hair. But Allen's eyes and hair are the same black as before his reincarnation. Apparently it's quite unusual, and I still feel a lot of eyes on me.
 Furthermore, Allen's face looks more like his mother, Teresia, than the wild face of Rodin.

"That's right, Gerda, good boy. Allen, say hello. This is Gerda, your neighbor.

How do you do?

(Ugh, I wonder what a normal greeting is for a one-year-old. What's the right thing to do?

Oh, come on, he's really a year old. I'm one year old and there's a big difference.

Yeah. He's smart, unlike me.

 Neither Rodin nor Gerda are hardly comfortable with one-year-old Allen being able to speak.
 These are peasants who have never had a child before, and who in a previous life had no primary education.
 It's no wonder.

So your foolishness was real. Here, Krsna, you say hello.

"Give me...

(Okay, so that's the right answer.)

 Krsna with pink hair and blue eyes.
 As if embarrassed by everyone's stares, Krsna hid her face in her father Gerda's chest.

 It was on this day that Allen met Krsna for the first time.

"Hey, hey, what happened to the usual tomboy Krsna?

 Gerda giggles, but Crenna keeps her face down and occasionally glances at Allen. Each time her eyes meet Allen's.
 Rodin approaches the demolition site, leaving the conversation with his neighbor unattended. It looks like he's going to show me the Great Boa up close and personal, as promised.

Oh, a hexenbiest. I guess we'll level up after we kill the monster. I can't wait to learn how to do it.

"How long does this animal last?

Yeah, I know, this is a C-rated Hexenbiest. You'd have to run for it if you find a hexenbiest stronger than this one.

(Hmmm... I think it takes about 20 people to defeat a C-ranked monster. (Hmmm, it takes about 20 people to defeat a C-ranked hexenbiest.

 As I gazed at the Great Boar dismantling site in Rodin's arms, someone spoke to Rodin, saying that he was ready. He is ready. Go to the dismantled meat yard. They give me a piece of meat tied with a string.

It's a big piece of meat. That's at least 10 kilos of meat. You got the meat for killing the Great Boar. He eats dried pieces of it now and then?

 Certainly, says Rodin, who receives the meat, holding Allen in one hand. It seems that there are several people who have already been given chunks of meat, as if they were participants in a battle.

Have you seen enough? Teresia is waiting for you, and we're taking the meat home, okay?


 Saying that, it was Rodin and Allen returning to the footpath from whence they came, bringing a souvenir of meat.