7 Episode 07 Level Up

 It's been one year and ten months since Allen's reincarnation in another world. He'll be two years old in two months.
 He is doing well, thanks to good parents. She has recently been weaned. Although we were poor, we were raised with care and I think today it is a blessing.

 My parents are serfs, so Allen is a serf. From his time in the real world, Allen believes that there are two main elements of being a serf.

The lack of freedom of choice.
Cannot own land

 There are many theories, but it comes down to these two main points. In the real world, this was the system that prevailed until the 19th century. Some countries still follow a similar system.

 I have learned in the last ten months that this otherworldly calendar is apparently six days a week, thirty days a month and six days a week for twelve months a year. Get to know this other world little by little.
 Also, there are four seasons, and the environment changes in spring, summer, fall, and winter. It snows quite a bit in winter, and the second winter was very cold because the house is quite close to a shack.

 The events and memories of the past ten months or so go by like a lantern.

 That's what the message feature on the cover of this grimoire is doing right now. The cover of the grimoire is pitch-black, but whenever Aren makes a summons or there is a change in status, a message will flow through, just like a game log.

 Usually the log is silver, but this time it's yellow text. Yellow letters are sure to be a happy color for Allen in the future.

'Your generation skill experience has been increased to 1000/1000. Generate level is now 2. Your summoning level has been increased to 2. You have gained an additional level 1 synthesis skill. Enhanced level 1 is now available. Memo feature for grimoires has been added.


 For a gamer, this is the most rewarding moment for hard work. It doesn't matter anymore what you eat or how cold it is. As the summer is in full swing, Teresia is now working in the field with Rodin. It makes me feel good to scream.

(Shit, shit, this and that, but first of all, what is your status?

 The log displayed on the cover of the grimoire is full of things to worry about, but first, let's check the status.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 1
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 1
 [Physical strength] 4 (40) + 8
 Magic] 0 (20)
 [Attack Power] 1 (10) + 8
 Durability] 1 (10) + 2
 [Quickness] 2 (25) + 2
 Intelligence] 3 (30)
 Fortune 2 (25)
 Skills: Summoning <2>, Generate <2>, Combine <1>, Expand <1>, Delete <1>.
 Experience] 0/1,000

Skill level
 Summons 2
 [Born] 2
 [Combined] 1
Skills Experience
 Generated] 0/10,000

 Composite] 0/1,000
Obtainable Summons
 Bug ] GH
 Beast] GH
 [ - ] G
 [Insects] H 2 sheets
 Beast] H8 pieces
 [ - ] 

(This... there's a lot more "-" in there. What's this?

 Too many things bothered me, I stopped thinking. Clutching the floating grimoire in my little hand, 15 minutes pass.

(Oh, calm down, apparently the generation level has gone up, the summoning level has gone up, and G-ranked summons can now be generated? (Maybe it's a system where the variety of summoned animals increases as the rank increases?

 I assume that the summoning level or generation level has been increased and a new summoner has been added.

(In the meantime, I'd like to generate the added summons, but I don't have enough magic to verify otherwise.

 I see the words "status synthesis". I'm guessing that summons can now be combined. Since summons are stored in card format, this probably means that cards can now be combined with each other.
 G generation and synthesis seems to require magic, so we'll continue with the rest of the verification. I don't have any magic, as I just spent it to level up.

(Even so, why does 10,000 or so multiply the skill experience required for the next generation level by 10 times?

 At the current pace, it will take four and a half years to generate three times a day. This is taking so much time. Since Allen's level is only 1, I'll have to figure out a way to raise his maximum magic power.

(Next up is a grimoire extension, but oh! The recesses in the holder, eh, that's 20 and double! That means you can stock up on 20 summonses. You'll also get double the blessings! (Woo hoo!!!)

 If you have 10 to 20 holders, the number of summons you can stock as cards doubles. Since the blessing is added to each summoned beast that is carded, it could be said that this alone doubles the blessing.

(Well, what about the memo at the end? Huh? There are about 10 pages of notes! Oh! This one can record notes if you're conscious! (Woo hoo!!!)

 The memo feature at the end of the grimoire, as the name suggests, allows you to use the margins of a page at the end of the grimoire as a memo. That's ten pages worth. It's a grimoire as big as a dictionary, so you can take notes on just about anything. And it reads your thoughts and writes them automatically. That's quite a useful feature.

(Now that my magic is zero, let's take a nap and try something we couldn't verify at night.

 It was one-year-old Allen going back to his nap in delight, knowing that the benefits of leveling up were quite great.

 Rodin and Teresia come home. They put the farm tools on the floor and wash their faces and moisten their throats. Rodin gets the water for the jar every morning from the water fountain. He uses this water to cook the food and to wipe Allen's body.

"Allen, have you been a good boy? I'll be making dinner soon.

"Yes, Mom.

 Teresia's baby language has decreased a lot. Lactation is over, and it seems to be for the growth of the child. The Rodin family is not a very seasoned family, so the only way to cook is to boil or bake, so the food is ready to go. It is Rodin's role to grind up vegetables, beans, and potatoes for Allen.

 The meal begins without a word of thanks or a prayer. We're in a closed frontier village, so the conversation is pretty much the same.

I heard that your neighbor, Krena, is a bit tomboyish. Gerda says she needs you to play with her.


(Come to think of it, I had a neighbor. I haven't seen him since the demolition of the Great Boar.

 It reminds me of the pink-haired toddler who came in the arms of neighbor Gerda.
 This frontier village is reasonably large, as there are many fields in the village. She is less than two years old and still in the house as per Teresia's instruction not to leave the house alone. So you never get to meet your neighbor.

Well, you have to get along with your future wife, because she might be your future wife.

 Teresia, who is about to turn 20 years old, seems to like to talk about such things. Oh my goodness, she happily joins the conversation. It's a small world and your parents know each other and are the same age or so. Basically, it's normal serfs who find a mate in cases like Allen and Crenna's. Since they basically can't go out, it's as if there's no other way.

"Huh? Can I leave the house?

"Well, I guess I won't be able to do that until I'm three years old.

 Apparently, the curfew continues until the age of three, albeit next door.

 The family reunion is over, and I'm going back to the nursery.

I'm getting my magic back, so I guess we'll just have to do this. Should I switch to G-generating or synthesis? Maybe I'll just make a synthesis of the new skill.

 A grimoire appears. Perhaps because he thought it was a composite, the pages turn over.

(Oh, there's a new page in the grimoire! There are only two dents in the middle, oh! The next page has only one dent in it. This is two summoned beasts in one. (I don't know how to combine them, so I'll just try to combine two beast Hs.

 Fit two pieces of the beast H into the recess.

(Okay, synthesis!)

 But the two cards remain intact and no change occurs.

(Huh? (How funny was that?)

 Check the grimoire cover log. This is quite helpful. There's a message on the screen.

You don't have enough magic for level 1 synthesis.

"Huh! Not enough!

 Oops! I yelled and covered my mouth. It seems that the maximum magic power of 2 is not enough.

(What? Could it be a dead end? (Is the maximum magic power too low to synthesize, then what about G generation?

 The synthesis was determined to be impossible due to lack of magic.
 I'm going to try to generate G. I don't know what the "-" is. I don't know what the "-" is, so I'm going to try to make it a beast.

(Beast G generation!)

 But nothing happens. Thinking that this is something else, I check the cover of the grimoire.

I don't have enough magic to create the beast G.

(Oh no, you mean you can't generate and synthesize a beast G with your current magical power? (Is the maximum magic power too low?

 I'm at a loss. Apparently, even though the level of the game has improved, there are still many things that cannot be done.