8 Episode 08 G Rank

 Three years have passed since Kenichi Yamada was reincarnated in another world and became Allen. Allen is now three years old.

 Now that Allen is three years old, Teresia has given him permission to go out around the house. Allen's birthday seems to be October 1st in this world's calendar. This day is considered the harvest festival of the frontier village. I see that this year's meal was lavish, but I was three years old when I learned that it was also a harvest festival. I felt as if Christmas and my birthday were the same.

 The harvest festival is not the same as a Bon dance in the center of the village. There is a religious facility called a church in this frontier village, where the chief offers the harvest to the god of fertility.
 The serfs never participate in such ceremonies. Come to think of it, I remember that Rodin was on a hunting trip on his first birthday.

 I've learned a lot about serfs in the past three years. Sixty percent of the harvested crop is paid to the village headman, the lord's representative, as a tax. The exemption from the original pioneer exemption has already disappeared and the tax will be taken away for good. Since the tax is 60% of the harvested crops, the more crops are harvested, the more leftover crops are paid to the village head.
 In addition, Teresia told me that if the harvest is too small or if you cheat on the tax, you can be dropped into slavery, which is even more unfortunate than the serfs.

 So not all of the remaining 40% of the crops and meat from the hunt would be food. It can be replaced by salt, which is essential for survival, or by diapers made of Allen's rags.
 And there are four seasons in this other world. It doesn't seem to be a snowy region, but the winter is suitably silvery. We need firewood to protect ourselves from the cold.
 Half of the meat you receive for hunting, which is nearly 10 kg at a time, goes to pay for firewood.

 Life in the frontier villages is mainly barter, as you are a serf. But even the serfs have some money. Allen came down with a high fever around February of this year. Allen remembers Rodin ripping off the floorboards in the nursery, picking up the coins, and going out. When he returned, he gave me some medicine, probably an antipyretic, to drink.
 He took almost all of the money with him, and now there are only a few coppers and iron coins when he removes the floorboards. There's also what looks like five or so pebbles. This is a rabbit's magic stone with horns. This is the first time Allen has seen the money in the world, and this is the first time he's seen a magic stone.

 And then one day, some time after he had turned three years old.

 Allen is now leaning against a tree that grows in the yard. It's not a big tree, but it's a decent size tree. The garden is fenced in, but it's easy to see through, so I'm using the tree as a wall to verify the summons.

(Done, I have a rough idea of composite level 2 and generation level 2.

 It was only when Allen was one year and ten months old that he learned synthesis level 1 and generation level 2.
 The reason why this was verified now was because he didn't have enough magic power to spend. It seems that when his birthday comes on October 1st, Allen's status will increase by 10%. The status suppression by age will be released by 10%. Now, at the age of 3, the maximum magic power is 6, and I've finally been able to verify it.

 And by setting the composite level to 2, I have successfully completed the analysis of G-ranked summons.

 First, here are the results of each test.

 Generation Level 2
Magic power consumption is 5

 Composite Level 2
Magic power consumption is 5
Combining insect G and animal G results in bird G

 Take notes on the memo function in the grimoire to get a general understanding of the results.

 I put the summoned bird G on my shoulder and check its status.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 3
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 1
 [Physical strength] 12 (40) + 26
 Magic] 1 (20)
 Attack Power] 3 (10) + 26
 Endurance] 3 (10) + 6
 [Quickness] 7 (25) + 10
 Intelligence] 9 (30) + 4
 Fortune 7 (25)
 Skills: Summoning <2>, Generate <2>, Combine <2>, Expand <1>, Delete <1>.

 Experience] 0/1,000

Skill level
 Summons 2
 [Born] 2
 [Combined] 1
Skills Experience
 Combined] 20/1,000
Obtainable Summons
 Bug ] GH
 Beast] GH
 [Bird] G
 Insects] 2 G, 2 H, 2 G, 2 H
 Beast] 12 Gs, 2 Hs, and
 Bird] 2 Gs.

(We'll see what we can do. It's been established that skill experience is the same as magic consumption.

 Check the remaining magic power.

(If your skill experience level is the same as your magic consumption, it's more efficient to be level 3 generated at level 1 than level 2 generated or level 1 combined, which consumes more magic. It's a waste of extra magic power.

 Allen's maximum magic power is 6, generation level 1 consumes 2 magic power, and generation level 2 and synthesis level 1 consume 5 magic power. If you want to efficiently convert your magic consumption into skill experience, you have to choose generation level 1.

(That's enough to raise your skills. Let's see.

"Hey, Allen.

 Allen talking to a bird G on his shoulder. He reminds him in his head that it's a skill.

Yeah, I'm Allen.

 Bird G replies in Allen's voice.

(I see, summonses are getting a lot more useful now that they are G-ranked.

 The status of the three newly summonable bodies is now available.

Shape is the status of the frogworm G
 Species】 Insects
 [Rank] G
 Name] Piunta
 Physical strength] 7
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 6
 Durability] 10
 [Quickness] 10

 Intelligence] 7
 Fortune 8
 Protection: Endurance 2, speed 2
 Skill] Provocation

Shape of the mole beast G status
 Species】 Beast
 [Rank] G
 Name】 Mogusuke
 Physical strength] 10
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 10
 Durability] 6
 [Quickness] 5
 Intelligence] 7
 Fortune 6
 Protection: Strength 2, Attack Power 2
 Special skill: Digging a hole

Shape of the parrot bird G status
 Species] Birds
 [Rank] G
 Name] Chappie
 Physical strength] 7
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 5
 Durability] 6
 [Quickness] 10
 Intelligence] 10
 Fortune 8
 Protection: Speed 2, Intelligence 2
 Special skill] Voice imitation

 As usual, his status is quite low and, like the H-rank, he rarely listens. However, it was the specialties that caught Allen's attention.

 Bird G summons can reproduce Allen's voice. In fact, budgies, for example, can learn a human voice, but the accuracy is nothing compared to that. It's a complete human voice. However, you can't learn too long words or multiple voices.

 Then summon the beast G summoned beast that is protruding from the hole in front of you . The mole, which is about the size of a small dog, easily digs a hole about 30 centimeters in size and one meter deep .

(This could easily be made into a pit or something.)

 A summoned beast that does not require magic and can perform an infinite number of special moves. It can't make you do what it says, but it will dig a hole where you want it to.

 Finally, there is the summoner of Insect G beside Allen. It's quite large, about the size of a bullfrog.

(Provoke it.)

"Gekko Gekko Gekko

 The frog, instructed in a speciality, changes its body color from green to red or yellow and begins to chirp while jumping erratically.

 Watching the G-ranked summoner, I think. Apparently, the goal of a summoner is not only to be able to summon a strong summoned beast.

 For example, this bug G frog might be able to change the target of the monster beast from you to a frog with a provocation. If the beast G mole is a mole, you might be able to dig a huge hole and make a trap if you try hard enough. You've learned the importance of understanding the characteristics of the summoned beast.


(Hmm? (Is it about time?)

 A bell in the distance. It was the bell that signaled three o'clock in the frontier village.
 Allen clutched the wooden sword on the ground.