9 Episode 09 Pretend

 This frontier village has been established for eight years. The center of the frontier village is near the gate where Rodin once took me. There are several commercial establishments around there, including stores and inns, and the chief lives in such a densely populated area. There aren't many serfs, but commoners live there.

 The area where Allen lives with many fields is on the outskirts of the village.
 That's why the bell rings in the center of the village, near the gate of the densely populated area.


 Feel your heartbeat rise and feel yourself getting higher. You are surprised to find yourself elated by the inevitable battle.

 The bell has stopped ringing and it's been ten minutes or so before he arrives. Your adversary and rival.

Whoa, I'm here to play!

 A young girl with pink hair down to her shoulders and sparkling blue eyes comes through a gate in a rude garden. She is dressed in the same linen clothes that peasants often wear, just like Allen.
 And in her hand she holds a roughly-hewn wooden sword that for some reason is unbecoming of a young girl.

 Crenna has been coming to visit since Oct. 1. Apparently, her neighbor Gerda had heard that Allen would be turning three years old and that Teresia would give him permission to expand his free range.

 On the first day of October 1st, Krsna came with Gerda. For some reason, she had two roughly sharpened wooden swords in her hands from that time on. I had a bad feeling about that.
 After her nap was over and the bell rang at 3:00 p.m., Gerda had gotten down on her knees to ask Rodin to play with the tomboy Krsna.

 Ever since then, Krsna has been rushing to the Allen house every day at the sound of the bell. The moment the bell began to ring, she was running.

(There was a time when I was wondering what it meant that the muscle-bound Gerda couldn't be held down.

 Krena's father, Gerda, was even bigger than Allen's father, Rodin. Veins protrude from his tightly stretched arms. Because of Rodin and Gerda, I've been led to believe that there are a lot of muscular peasants.

Hello, Krena. You're looking good today, what do you want to do today?

(Grabbed it, so I kind of get it, but I'll check to make sure)

 My face puffs up in a way that's easy to understand why you would ask such a question.

"Let's play knights, let's go there because there are trees in the way.


 Krena's all smiles. No place is too small. Allen knows that land and environment also play a role in the battle situation.

(I remember reading that this world is a fantasy of sword and sorcery. So that's what it was.

 Two children tucked into a large part of the yard. They hold roughly sharpened wooden swords at each other. Their blades must be about thirty centimeters long. They are about a third of their own height.

Let's go! Huanmaaru!


"Oh no! What a great idea!

 Crenna's face is sulky. You'll have to say your name to get the game started. I'll wave my sword and tell you to get it right.

(Shame on you, Gerda! What are you teaching her? Why do I have to play with all my might at my age . (Well, I'm 3 years old.)

"My name is Knight Allen! Come on, come on!

 He holds the wooden sword in his hands around his waist. Although his mental age is 38, he introduces himself in a loud voice.

 Satisfied with Aren's announcement, Krsna closes the distance at once. Allen is shocked by the wooden sword. This time it's this one, and with both hands, he brings the sword down with all his might, but Krsna easily swats it away.

 The knightly game continues. The sword is waved and crossed. A clank, clank can be heard across the yard.

(Oh, that's strange, absolutely strange.)

 From the beginning, all the way to the back of the line. I'm ruminating in my mind that this can never happen. Because Allen had a full complement of summoning card blessings and got beaten to a pulp for a day or two.
 I've been working on my cards. I switched the ranks I owned from H to G, made two of each card I thought I'd need for validation, and made the rest into a beast G with an attack blessing.
 His powers are beyond ten years old. In Allen's mind, it may even have reached adulthood. He's using his skills and blessings to the fullest, and he's not too old to take on a three-year-old.

(I can't hit him at all, but should I increase my speed with bird G? No, you can't take it any lower. You're missing everything.)

 Apparently Krsna is faster and more aggressive than you. You are desperately trying to adjust your position with the innocent demon to avoid being driven into the corner of the garden.

After all, playing with that thing is more fun than with papa!


 Crenna flails her free hand and talks to you excitedly. Apparently, they're the same size and size, and Allen, with his cards and his seriousness, is just the right person to play knight.
 He replies with a wry smile. The game has just begun. The game lasts about an hour with a break.

 The serfs' night comes early. The peasant's nights are early. Sometime after 4:00 p.m., Rodin and Teresa will return when they're done working the fields.

"Oh, my goodness, Krena, we came to visit again today.

"Yeah! I was playing squirrelly with it.

 It is Teresia smiling as she sees Allen and Crenna covered in mud in the garden. Allen is relieved that the game is over, as he was on the defensive.

Yeah, that's good. Krena, it'll be dark soon, you should go home.

"Yeah, okay, see you tomorrow! Huh? !

 The girl, clutching the wooden sword, runs out with a burst of energy.

You're working hard, that's my son.

 A pat on the shoulder by Rodin, who is generally hearing about the situation from Gerda.

 A flurry of dinner preparations are underway. There's one thing that's unusual about the dining scene.

This is my dad's.


 Allen gives Rodin a bowl of fried beans. Allen began to help with the chores.

"Allen is a good boy.

 Being patted on the head by Teresia. At the age of three, Allen began to help at home. There's one reason for this.

 Slowly and carefully sits Teresia, protecting her belly. Teresia's belly is large. Teresia is pregnant with her second child. This is the second child we've been waiting for. The story is that it should be born around the new year. I'm worried about her body, so I help with the chores.

 While the meal is going on, Allen talks to Rodin.

"Hey, Mom, you have a big belly, let me help you pick the potatoes.

 I can't see Teresia getting stuck sometimes these days . I don't mind my parents knowing that I have some power, even if it's about summoning techniques and summoned animals.


 Rodin is at a loss for words. Apparently, he's in quite a shock. He froze, unable to find the words.

"Allen, Allen is just a kid, he's allowed to play with Crenna.

 Irresistibly, Teresia comes into the conversation.

"That's right, Allen. You've helped me enough that you're working on the house. You'll be working on the farm someday, so until then, go play.

 When Allen was Kenichi, when he was a child, he was in charge of cleaning the bathroom. Remembering those days, he said he would help in the field too.

 But to Rodin, working the fields is a labor of love. A farmer's work. It's no fun, and I wouldn't let a three-year-old do it. And I don't think it's good to be a serf.

 We have a big difference in values, Allen and Rodin's conversation. It's been three years since his reincarnation, but Allen has lived for 35 years as Kenichi. Those values and common sense can't change in three years or so.

(Hmm, I knew it was a bad idea. And he's three years old, after all. Well, maybe I'll start a new routine tomorrow.

 Allen also thought it was a no-brainer to say no. There were still things I wanted to do, but I wanted to help out with the house if I could before that.
 There were still things he wanted to do, but first he wanted to help out at home if he could.  

Speaking of which, Klarna was here today.

What's up with you, Crenna?

 It was Allen who smiled as he told Krsna's story today, shaking off the air of family reunion that had become something heavy with the suggestion of household chores.