10 Episode 10: Stone throwing

 Late October. An albaheron flies north. It's the bird that gave Allen his name.

(I guess it's time for the harvest to be over and it's totally hunting season.

 Recently, Allen's father Rodin is in a good mood. It's the hunting season. In October, the men adjust their schedules and go hunting. He has already gone out twice this year between potato harvests. Rodin is a big man, over six feet tall and well-built. Rodin, who wanted to be a hunter, is looking forward to the hunting season. Teresia needs nutrition for her second child.

 Thanks to this, Allen and Klarna are growing up fast. Successful hunts will reward participants with a block of meat. This is a valuable animal protein for the serfs who usually rely on beans for protein. About 10 successful hunts are made between October and December, so he may be a good hunter.

 In addition, from January to March, they go out to hunt elk-like C-ranked monsters called white deer. It's said that they're not as easy to catch as the great boas of autumn because they're covered in snow and their enemies are all white and difficult to spot.

(Hmmm, now let's see how it turned out.)

 Yesterday morning, check the grasshopper for bugs H put in a hole made by the beast G's mole.

"Oh! Denka! You're alive! Now you know you can subpoena me for an entire day and not have a problem.

 I was trying to verify how long a summoned beast summoned from a card could stay summoned by putting a grasshopper in a hole dug in the corner of the garden.
 There is no strategy site and they do not accept questions, so I had to verify the performance of the summoned beast by my own trial and error. Now that I am free to go out into the garden, I'm going to try to verify this and that.

 By the way, Denka is the nickname of Insect H.
 You can create, summon, and combine them with nicknames instead of Insect H. You don't have to say their names. You don't have to say the name, just remember it.

List of Summoner's names
Insect H. Denka (Grasshopper)
Insect G. Peonta (frog)
Beast H. Choroske (mouse)
Beast G. Moguzo (Mole)
Bird G. Chappie (parrot)

 Obviously, this is a name to give to a pet rather than a summoned animal. You can change it as many times as you like, just change the name field in the grimoire.

(Well, what's next?)

 Allen goes to a tree growing in the garden, leaving Bug H intact. At his feet, ten stones fall down. Allen had left them there. Allen picked them up and threw them out, one by one, toward the tree. As he threw them, he remembered that he had been in another world about three years ago.

(I remember the description of Hell Mode says that only the skills you select for your profession are initially available. I'd take the summoning technique. This in no way means that you can't get any other skills.

 After throwing ten stones at the tree, pick them up and throw them out again, noting them on the ground in the "right" shape.

(For now, it's 100 stones. I need to throw a hundred every day to discover some kind of law of the skill's acquisition.

 Allen wants to see if he can acquire the so-called 'stone crushing' skills by throwing a stone.

 I want to know as soon as possible if it is possible to obtain skills other than summoning by throwing this pebble, and what the conditions are for obtaining the skills. Since I was reincarnated to a different world at the age of 0, there is no harm in knowing as soon as possible.

 Currently, you are gaining experience in synthesis skills, but basically it only consumes magic power, and a few minutes a day can be finished in three sets. In this other world, it's just not enough for Allen who wants to take the plunge.

 In the distance, the bell rings for 12 o'clock.

Aren't you ready for lunch?

"Yes, Mom.

 It seems that the steamed potatoes for lunch are ready. I'm going back home. It's still before noon. Allen is trying to make stone-throwing a part of his morning routine.

Let's play again tomorrow! Huh? !


 Four hours have passed since then. There is Allen, exhausted today, playing knightly games again. At Teresia's urging, Krsna runs home. In a poorly lit frontier village, especially in the suburbs, it's dark at night. As you can imagine, it's not safe to tell them to eat their food.

That's the end of the day. If Krsna comes every day, it's likely that swordplay will be up first.

 Today was another battlefield battlefield. If we're going to play knights every day, I'd like to see you develop some sword-related skills.

 Today, dinner prepared by Teresia is on the table and the three of us sit around the hearth. The serfs are simple and poor, but if you ask me if there's not much to eat, there isn't. In Rodin alone, a well-built person over six feet tall does physical labor from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. The calorie consumption is higher than the average person today. The calorie consumption is above the average for a modern man.

 Seasoning such as oil is less and meat is inevitably a reasonable amount, because it is necessary to take in that many calories with little or no meat. Potatoes, wheat bread kneaded and baked, and beans. Thin soups are filled with vegetables that have been picked and dried in the summer.

I remember today you threw a stone at a tree.


 As expected, Teresia seemed to be bothered because her son was unsure of what to do.

 Rodin also reacts. Teresia reports to Rodin that Allen was silently throwing a rock at a tree.

'Why was he doing that?

Yes, my dad said that there might be a Hexenbiest outside our house. If they come out, you have to kill them with a rock to protect your mom!

 He replied with a childlike smile for a reason he had been thinking about. Allen had been told by Teresia and Rodin that there might be a hexenbiest out there that might be a reason why you shouldn't leave your house.

 I've heard that this frontier village is fenced in and there are only low-ranking hexenbiests outside the fence. However, even these low-ranking monsters can still come in through the cracks in the fence every now and then. If you find them, they will be exterminated by the guards or adults in the village immediately, but that doesn't change the fact that they are still dangerous for children.

They look like rabbits with horns. It's good.

 Just as I remember, Rodin had caught a couple of rabbits for me in the past and they were on the table. They were horned rabbits about the size of a medium-sized dog. They have an unwritten rule that they belong to the person who catches them, so if you find them as valuable meat, you'll be the first to catch them.

For God's sake, Allen.

 Although we are eating, Teresia is touched by Allen's answer and hugs him tightly.

Oh, that's right!

 Apparently, Rodin is happy that his son is growing up brave. As for the child's answer, it was close to a perfect score. He patted Allen's head as Theresa cradled him.

"Of course you'll protect him, Crenna.


 It is Rodin who has already heard from Gerda that Krsna is as good as the horn rabbit. That's why Krsna has been coming to Allen's house.

Well, we're having fun playing knightly, and when I turn five, I have to have my evaluation. Good luck with that one!


(Oh?) What? (That's the first word that's come up.)


When you are five years old, God will see if you are talented.

 Teresia tells us. She tells you that in this other world, there is a ritual to test everyone, including peasants, for their talents. Many people are tested as having no talent, so I feel that it is the parents who tell you not to expect it that are expecting it. Apparently, being tested as gifted is one of the few chances to escape from the serf.

 In the morning, I threw stones, played knights in the afternoon, verified summons in my free time, periodically gained skill experience by consuming magic power, and helped Teresia.