11 Chapter 11: Brother

 Months passed, and Allen turned four years old. The season is early spring in March. It is the time of year when the snow is slowly diminishing and the fields are budding green. Allen was alone in front of the tree in the garden.

 This is the first month he's been throwing rocks since he was three years old, and now he's been doing it for about a year and a half. On the cover of the grimoire is a yellow log that tells you to level up.

'Level of throwing is now 3.

(Finally, the throwing is at level 3.)

 Allen successfully acquired a skill called throwing and managed to further raise the skill level to 3.

 While looking at the notes in the grimoire, he checks the number of stones he threw.

(After all, there are certain rules for acquiring the skill. Just 10,000?

The number of stones thrown in the throw (cumulative) over the past year and a half or so
The 10,000th throwing level 1
The 20,000th throwing level 2
The 120,000th throwing level 3

(Throwing skills may only be so, but with certain conditions for skill acquisition and leveling up)

You have to make a certain number of attempts to get the skill
To get to skill level 2 requires the same number of attempts as earning skill level 1.
Skill level 3 requires 10 times as many attempts as skill level 1

 The surface of the tree, which had been thrown at the stone 120,000 times, was peeling off in a circle where the stone hit it. At first, I decided to throw the stone 100 times a day, but at level 2 I realized that the number of attempts was relevant. From then on, the number was increased to 300 and now it is.

(If this is a normal mode and not a hell mode, then 100 attempts is enough.

 Hell mode requires 100 times more effort to level up and grow skills than normal mode. I guess this is experience or the number of attempts to grow a skill.

(Now, what about level 4 throwing? If it takes a million throws to get to level 4, then it would take more than 9 years to throw 300 times a day. There's nothing else to do. I'll just keep throwing until I decide to do something else. (And if I throw another 100,000 or 200,000 and my skill doesn't improve, I can confirm it with a million throws.

 Check the status and think about the upcoming schedule.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 4
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 16 (40) + 26
 Magic] 1 (20)
 Attack Power] 4 (10) + 26
 Endurance] 4 (10) + 6
 [Quickness] 10 (25) + 10
 Intelligence] 12 (30) + 4
 Fortune 10 (25)
 Skills: Summoning <2>, Generating <3>, Combining <2>, Expansion <1>, Swordsmanship <2>, Throwing <3>, Deletion <3>.
 Experience] 0/1,000

Skill level
 Summons 2
 [Born] 3
 Combined] 2
Skills Experience

 Composite] 1,325/10,000
Obtainable Summons
 Bug ] GH
 Beast] GH
 [Bird] G
 Insects] 2 G, 2 H, 2 G, 2 H
 Beast] G13
 Bird] 2 Gs.

 At 1 year and 10 months I became summon level 2, but at 4 years and 5 months I am still at summon level 2.
 I started to raise my generation level 2 and synthesis level 1 when I turned 3 years old and made them 3 and 2, respectively.

(Regarding the fact that he did not become summon level 3 even though his generation level was 3.

 This always crosses my mind when I check my status in the grimoire. Perhaps it's because the summoning level hasn't reached 3, but the number of summoned animals hasn't changed. The bird G-rank was released when the summon level was at 2. To summon higher ranks, you need to raise the summon level.

(I don't know how to raise the summon level, though.

 Cross-world reincarnation with no guidebook or strategy book. I had no choice but to try and do it myself. Even though my generation level was 3, my summoning level was still 2, so I wondered how to get my summoning level to 3, and I decided to make my composite level 3. I thought that if all levels are raised, the summoning level will be pulled up as well.

 As for the synthesis skill, its magic power consumption remains at 5 even if the skill level is raised. Apparently, unlike creation, the magic power consumption may be fixed for synthesis.

 As for swordsmanship, my skill level increased naturally as Krsna came to play knights almost every day. In a year and a half, swordsmanship reached skill level 2. As a result of increasing the number of stone throwing attempts, my throwing skills have improved more.

 As with throwing, the presence or absence of skill and its level makes a difference in everything, including power. Whether it is throwing or swordsmanship, the movements of the body are compensated. Your body movements are compensated to make your posture more natural and correct. And the power of the pebble and the power of the sword strike seems to have increased.

Skill Level Acquisition and Verification
Corrected body movements
The higher the skill level, the more powerful it is.

 This is a sword and sorcery fantasy style, but it's not a game, it's another world. There is no visible damage or anything like that, so I don't know how much, but there is an increase in power.

Allen, can you help me with my lunch?

 It's almost noon. Teresia calls to Allen in the yard. I'm going back inside to help my mother.

"Yes, Mom,

 Standing next to Teresia with an infant on her back and helping to make lunch.

 Teresia successfully gave birth to her second child, a baby boy. She gave birth around December of the year before last, so the infant on her back is a year and a half old. He's already awake, or maybe he's just flapping his legs.

 Rocking his back, he hands Allen a steamed potato and a pestle, and says, "Mash, it's almost done.

"Mash, it's almost time to eat.


 Slobbering, is the mash to reply with a stretched feeling of pause. Allen's younger brother was named Mash. He has brown hair and green eyes, and his face looks more like his father's. He was named after Rodin, of course.

 Naturally, Rodin named him after the monster in this other world. According to Rodin's story, he's a wolf-like monster called Maada Garsh. He is a lone wolf that moves freely through the world. I feel my father's strong desire for me to live freely.

 Like Allen from Albaheeron, I think the prototype of the name is long gone.

 When I asked about Madhagarsh's rank, I was told that he was a B-ranked monster, two ranks higher than D-ranked Albahelon. I don't think there's a better brother than my brother.

Eat well and grow up. My brother.

 Already weaned, my brother is mashing the potatoes to keep them from choking. I have not yet helped in the field, but I have increased the amount of help in the house.

I'm home!

 Rodin came back from the field at the end of the garden. We all sit around the hearth and have lunch together. Note that lunch is rather light due to being a serf and otherworldly cultural reasons.
 After scarfing down a couple of steamed potatoes, Rodin often returns to the field.

Incidentally, I heard that this village will become a devoji village next year. The lord sent me a messenger.

 Rodin tells a story he heard from a fellow serf at the morning communal watering hole.

"So the village will finally have a name.

(Does that mean it's not a frontier village anymore?)

 It is now nine years since the village was settled. Now that development and production have settled down, the village will be named after itself in the tenth year.

Yeah, well, we were told the village was named after the chief. So it is.

(Debozi village chief, I've never seen)

 It reminds me of a story Rodin once told me. A pioneer village is named after the most famous person in the village as it is developed. Basically, it's often named after the first chief.

 Rodin returns to the field and says he'll be back. Teresia also stayed with Mash until he was a year old, but after he was a year old, she would help Rodin with the work in the field when it was time for his nap.

(It's a family reunion.)

 It is Rodin who kisses Teresia on the cheek and goes out. Teresia looks happy as she says "I'm done". I look at the mash, wondering if I could have a third one. My brother Mash, who is desperately eating, clutching a wooden spoon, making a mess around him.

 Sometimes I wonder why I was reincarnated. Why did I reincarnate?

 I really wanted to play a game in an abandoned setting. So I don't have many regrets about coming to this other world of sword and sorcery fantasy. Leaving the real world at the age of 35 might make my parents a little sad, but I think it's not that damaging because I wasn't married and didn't have a girlfriend.

 But when I first came to this world, I thought it would have been better to transition as an adult rather than to reincarnate as a baby.

 I wanted to focus on my own development as a summoner, unbounded by anything. I would go to the nearby city and become an adventurer, hunting monsters and working hard to level up and improve my skills.

 If you play the game, you will find the strongest equipment and make sure that you have achieved the highest level. That's the way I've always played the game. I wanted to do the same thing in another world.

 Allen has been in another world for four years. He still doesn't even know the name of this country. It's not mentioned in my parents' conversations and I don't even dare to ask. It's a kingdom, and this village is in the barony.

It'd be nice to have a happy family. At least we can free everyone from the serfs. I don't know how to free them.

 Having a younger brother made me think more about my family. I had a goal other than leveling up.