13 Episode 13 Appraisal Ceremony ②

 Krena had a talent for swordsmanship. Both Gerda and Rodin froze with a look of wonderment on their faces. Allen calmed down in this situation and recorded Krsna's status in the grimoire's memo function.

(I had a feeling. To be honest, I didn't think that a swordsman's level of talent was enough for such a gag-like strength).

 It's been two and a half years since I've been playing knights with Klarna. We play for an hour a day, but my swordsmanship is now at level 3. I have more than 10 swords that were snapped and remade. Recently, I have been making wooden swords by myself.
 After 31 children, I am now in this situation.

 A swordsman (Krsna)
 One axeman (commoner)
 One monk (peasant)
 One merchant (son of the village chief)
 27 people without talent

(Something almost talentless. Chances are, it's one in ten or so.

"Finally, Allen, son of Rodin, put your hand over the crystal.

 At last. Rodin takes me to stand before the crystal. I hold out my hand to the crystal at the priest's request.

I see... this is how my parents know I'm a summoner. Well, it's just what the gods teach. I guess the god who sent me the news was a creator god.

 In the past five and a half years, many grasshoppers have been turned into light by Teresia, but he never told his parents he was a summoner. When asked why Allen thought he was a summoner, part of the reason was that he couldn't explain why he thought he was a summoner. And it wasn't a situation where an explanation was necessary.

 As I was thinking about this, the crystal emits an unprecedented light.


 The older priests and Rodin are all astonished. It is a light that surpasses the Kurrena. They cover their eyes with their hands as if they had seen the sun directly.

 The light subsides, and the pitch-black metal plate is inscribed in silver with words.

This, this is such a ......

 He is an astonished priest. He rubs his eyes and does a double take a look, as if he can't believe his own eyes.

Uh, Priest. What is your opinion?

 Rodin, who cannot read, confirms the results to the priest.

"Oh, no, there was no talent.

"I see.

 Rodin has seen Allen playing knight with Krsna the Swordsman many times. I thought his handling of the wooden sword was very unusual for a child. They were expecting him to have swordsmanship skills.

Hmm, your father seems pretty depressed. Well, it's fine that he has no talent, but what's this test result? (Did you skip work, God of Creation?

 Allen is dismayed to see a pitch black metal plate.

 [Name] Allen
 Physical strength] E
 Magic] E
 Attack Power] E
 [Quickness] E
 Intelligence] E
 Fortune E

(My talent is garbled!!!)

 On the pitch-black metal plate, all the statuses were ranked E and the results of the garbled talents were displayed in silver letters. It seems that the priest couldn't read the garbled talents either, so he judged that there were no talents.

 It seems there were commoners who could read. I hear them whispering about their lack of talent, but also about their lack of ability. It's buzzing, so the words come into Rodin's ears as well. Rodin looks at Allen as if the results of my child's evaluation were bad.

It's your son, Rodin, and you should raise him well. Raise him well.

 The priest's note is over, or the words on the metal plate disappear. Apparently, all of the child's talents are on record. Allen's testimony is also on record.

 Rodin leaves the church with his shoulders down. Allen leaves with him.

Are you just going to let him go, even if Krsna is the sage? No, after the results of the evaluation, there may be more to talk about.

 Gerda and Krsna leave the church after Rodin, but the church does not do anything in particular. They say they can go home like the others. Along the way, Gerda encourages a dejected Rodin. But Rodin's response is almost nil.

 It is a ceremony of appraisal that began at 9:00 AM. After the first explanation and 32 appraisals, it's still before noon. On the way home, I leave Gerda and Krsna. We go home to each other.

You're my boy. I'll make sure you're well brought up. But mom's going to be worried, so let's just say that I didn't have any talent.

 Once they were alone, Rodin would talk to me. Apparently, he thought Allen was depressed. He said that Teresia would be worried if he said that he had little ability, let alone talent. Allen is only lost in thought as he analyzes the results of the evaluation.

"Huh? Yeah. Dad.

 Allen replies with a smile and is patted on the head and is on his way home.

 When he gets home, he tells Teresia the results, but she gently pats him on the head. Teresia also tells me that it's our child.

 Goes to the nursery for a nap. Allen falls asleep next to his two-year-old brother, Mash, who is fast asleep. The bed has been replaced with a futon instead of a wooden one. I can't help but feel a twinge of warmth as my parents treat me warmly.

(Is this some kind of god or staff mistake? (I think the garbled text is because it didn't reflect the summoner's information until the metal plate of the appraisal ceremony.

 Summarize the results of the analysis of the appraisal ritual once again before going to bed. I'm going to document them in my grimoire.

(Well, I'm sorry to scare my parents, but I guess this means I won't have to tell them I'm a summoner for now.

 Since the appraisal ritual did not produce anything, you will continue to analyze the summons in the future, hidden from the eyes of your parents and brother. When I'm done, I'll go to another page of my past records.

(But still, all the abilities were E.) Thanks to that, one of the verification results is confirmed).

 Allen had a hypothesis that he needed to know for the past five years. This appraisal gave me an answer.

 It's true that the result did not live up to my parents' expectations, but E for all abilities is not just a bad result for Allen.

(Now I know if I'm the only one in Hell Mode, or if we're all in Hell Mode.

 Record the results of your hypothesis while looking at the Hypothesis section in the Notes section of the grimoire.

 Allen's hypothesis
 Hypothesis 1 Helpmode settings are reflected in everyone in the other world.
 Hypothesis 2: Hell Mode settings are only reflected in Allen. People in the other world are in normal mode.

 Erase Hypothesis 1 in the grimoire.

(Now we know that I'm the only one in Hell Mode. Otherwise, I wouldn't have all abilities at E.)

 Allen has nearly completed the verification of the appraisal ritual during the past few hours. First of all, status ability ranks like an expected value. They're all five years old. There won't be that much difference in status from person to person. Their level should probably be 1 as well as Allen's. I determined that status rank is an increase in the number of levels, or a ranking of growth potential.

 Then why was Allen's status all E. It is likely because Allen is the only one in Hell Mode. It is likely that he was evaluated at 1/100th of his actual growth rate, taking into account not only his growth potential and expected value, but also his growth speed.

 The growth rate in Hell Mode is 1/100th of the growth rate in Normal Mode.

 I was saddened by the current trend of the game becoming a null game, and was reincarnated in another world. It was a world where you were the only one in Hell Mode. It's truly a hellish world. But something is bubbling up inside Allen. You can feel something like a goal welling up inside of you.

"So this is the struggle against the Nurge. You want me to spend my life fighting the slugger and demonstrating the value of my commitment.

 I'm sorry I said that out loud and take a nap.

 I ended up playing knightly with Krsna at three o'clock that day, as usual. But the day didn't end there. In the evening, my parents went somewhere, saying that they had some business to attend to, and only Teresia came home before me. Then Rodin comes home more than an hour later.

"Huh? Whoa, what's the matter with you, Rodin!

 She has bruises all over her face and body. Her face is swollen from a blow. Teresia couldn't help but shout at Rodin.