14 Episode 14 Reconciliation

 It had been three days since Rodin had returned home with multiple bruises on his face. When Teresia asked Rodin how he got the bruises, he never answered. She remained silent with a sulky look on her face.
 But Krsna would tell me why the bruise was there the next day. She said she had a fight with her neighbor, Gerda.

 I didn't find out the reason for the quarrel, but it happened on the day of the ceremony. Somehow I think it was because I had no talent and all status E ranks.

 You're going to be able to get the best out of it.
 However, when Allen was Kenichi, the equipment he had spent a year creating was lost due to the obvious negligence of the game's management, with the game server down. At that time, he had asked the game master (management staff) to restore the equipment from the backup data almost every day. I'm going to send my telekinesis every day until I get an answer from God.

Are you ready, Allen?

"Yeah, Mom.

 I don't think there is anything in particular to prepare. I'll just take a wooden sword, just in case. Something is overly influenced by Krsna.

"Come on, you're coming, too. I mean, you were awake earlier, so why are you sleeping?

 It is Teresia who pulls Rodin up, who is lying down holding the mash. Apparently still sulking.


 The bell rings for 3pm in the pioneer village.

 Today we're going to the neighbor's house. It's the end of April now. I'll do a little less work on the fields than usual and then I'll go to Crenna's house.

(It's been a long time since I've been to Krsna's house.)

 Allen has been reincarnated in another world for five and a half years. He's been playing with his neighbor Krsna since he was three years old, and Krsna almost always comes to visit him. But, of course, there are times when Allen goes to Krsna's house.

 As we share dinner, we leave the house with a basket of food.
 You'll be next door in less than 15 minutes.

"Hey, I've been waiting for you.

 A woman with pink hair and blue eyes replies cheerfully. Her hair is short and frizzy.

"Mitilda, I'm sorry my Rodin got you in trouble the other day.

What are you talking about? My Gerda is old enough to be a grown-up.

 This Missy-tongued woman is Mitilda, Krsna's mother. Mitilda leads the four of us to a house that looks like it was once a shack. Naturally, she has brought Mash with her.

 We'll be staying at Krsna's today.

Hey, come in!

 As soon as you enter the house, you hear from Krsna. Perhaps it's because the whole family unusually came to Krsna's house together, but her voice is more energetic than usual.

 There's a dirt floor and a hearth at the end of the hall and two rooms. It's almost the same as Allen's house. In fact, it's the same as Allen's house.

"Hey, are you still sulking? I mean, you were awake a minute ago!

 Dragged Gerda, who slept like a bear in her bedroom, with one hand to the room with the hearth. Her face is bruised and bruised, just like Rodin's.

 Later, Teresia and Mitilda's joint effort to prepare dinner proceeds.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

 While waiting to be led to the children's room next door. I'm Lily, Crenna's sister. She's got pink hair like Kreena. Gerda's hair is brown, so she has her mother's hair and eyes. She says "ta-da" and smiles, holding out her hands to me, so when I reach out my hand to her, she squeezes it.

(It's very soothing!)

 Krena's sister Lily is one and a half years old. She was born when Allen was four years old. It's been a long time since we've seen each other, but I've heard a lot about Lily from Krsna.

 Meanwhile, dinner is being prepared. We're all gathered around the hearth. There are not so many extravagant ingredients. The usual beans, potatoes, yeast-free flatbreads, and vegetable casserole with a slice of meat.

(This sounds like the kindergarten birthday parties I went to as a child.)

 It's not that wide a family hearth. It's quite cramped with two families sitting on it, but that doesn't matter. There's something very warm about this sight.

Here, drink.


 Somewhat still in a quarrelsome tone. Gerda carelessly holding out something like brown pottery. What is it? Rodin held out an empty wooden cup and poured it into it, thinking, "Is this a drink?

"Is this alcohol?


What's going on?

 Rodin appeals to Gerda with his eyes to see what a serf means by liquor. It is Gerda who serves him wine that is not served at harvest festivals. The last time Rodin had a drink was when he married Teresa.

The chief came yesterday, I left him there.


 Somehow it just made sense to Rodin. His brow furrows.
 Then it's Gerda talking about the situation of the last three days or so. The chief has left his drink and is now going to report to his lord. He said that he was told that he may have to take Krsna with him to the town where the lord lives.

 Rodin's face wrinkles further when he is called by his lord.

"That's enough. The chief was concerned because our son was a swordsman and brought a bottle of wine for us. Don't mind the little things.

"I don't care about it. And I'm happy for you. You're not just an officer, you're a nobleman now.

 Rodin isn't jealous of Krsna because she is a swordsman.

Then why are you asking me to stop going out with you? Even before now, HEBUAH!

 Gerda howls from the force of alcohol. Startled, Mash and Lily cry out.
 And before she can finish, a beautiful straight right lands on Gerda's right cheek. It's the fist of Michilda. Don't scream because the kids will cry.

If the ...... nobleman is dating a serf, he might lose his chance. He's a swordsman.

 Fearing Mitilda's fist, Rodin's voice is subdued. More than half of the bruises on Rodin and Gerda's faces were caused by a blow to Mitilda, who had intervened as if the fight was a fight to the bitter end.

 Now that I've heard that much, I understand what the fight was about. In this other world, serfs only marry serfs. Commoners only with commoners. Perhaps the nobles do too.
 Apparently, Allen's lack of talent was not the cause of the quarrel.

 A swordsman's talent, or even a swordsman's talent that might make him a hero. There was more to Krsna than just serving and becoming a knight. The village chief will report to the lord himself in two days' time.

 Rodin told Gerda it was time to stop being a family affair. Gerda's reply was a fist.

(Hmm, I see, our misunderstandings.) (Well, maybe it's better if the kids step in between.)

By the way, the four of us came to the frontier village!

 Tell everyone a story you heard from Rodin in the past. All eyes are on Allen's innocent smile and voice.

"Oh, yes, Allen. There are four of us from the next village. Just like Allen and Crenna, there have been four of us since we were kids.

 Mitilda talks about old times. She says that all four of them were born into a peasant family and played together. Of course they were serfs, so they were poor, but they had fun.

 Rodin and Gerda are listening in silence.

 Ten years ago, a neighboring village received a proposal to start a new village around here. And the lord's messenger says. If you come to Kaitak village and cultivate the land and start a village, you can keep your fields.

This is how the four of us discussed it at that time.

 Even Teresia joins in the conversation. It's like an old scene has come back to life.
 A serf can't own land, but it's rarely confiscated out of the blue. But the eldest son is usually the one who succeeds his parents. None of the four was the eldest son or son.
 Sixty percent of the harvest goes to the serfs as tax. It doesn't matter how many children you have. If the field remains the same size, then the more children you have and the more you grow and mature, the more you eat.

 The four of you unanimously agreed to go to the frontier village to cultivate new fields.

Well, the four of us came to the village, where there was nothing, and we all built two houses together.

 Gerda also joins the conversation. First we must build a house, and the four of us built each other's house. So both houses are built the same. At first, they built a mudroom and hearth room for each other, and when they had children, they each added two rooms to their own house.

That's right: ......

 Rodin closed his eyes and seemed to recall that time. He didn't say anything else, but it brought back memories of his childhood and the first hard days of the settlement.

That's right, Allen. Rodin was great. Did you hear the story about the first time he beat the Great Boar?

"Huh? I'm not listening.

"What? Don't do it!

 Pressing down on Gerda's mouth is Rodin. He starts to smile and flirt.

(Good, looks like we've made up.)

 Memories of childhood and the hardships of the frontier village seemed to have made up for it. The conversation in the hearth lasted until late into the night.