15 Episode 15 Knights ①

 Three months passed since the appraisal ceremony in April, and it was now July. After all, Krsna hadn't been called to the lordship in those three months. Rodin and Gerda had a sleepover and seemed to be able to reconcile. Teresia had told me that they had always had a fight now and then.

 It's a normal summer day in the pioneer village. The temperature will be well over 30 degrees Celsius. Make sure mash drinks plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Mash is now two years old and can walk a lot, so he follows you everywhere. At three years old, it looks like Mash will be allowed to go outside.

 Allen's training progress, but his level and skill level remain the same. He is about to reach composite level 3. Since you have to generate two cards first, the level of synthesis is not as high as the generation level. It's almost time for all that hard work to pay off.

 Swordsmanship is still at level 3. Hell Mode doesn't level up that easily.

"Are you ready, Allen?

"Yeah, Mom.

 There is something big happening today. A party of knights is coming to the frontier village. Krsna wasn't invited by her lord, but to their surprise, they're coming to see Krsna. Three months after Krsna was certified as a saint in the church, she finally moves the knights.

 The heralded messenger came a few days ago. The messenger told the chief, and the next day the chief came to Gerda's house. He asked them to come to the house.

(The Order. Is he the ruler of his domain? A peasant's heavenly man. I hope he'll say goodbye to me just by looking at me.

 Called, of course, is Krsna and her father Gerda. But Rodin, his best friend since childhood, goes to see the success of Gerda and her child Krsna. Gerda even asked me to come if I could. Witness the moment when your best friend wins success from the serfs.

Then I'm off. Teresia.

 Theresia is staying at home with Mash again today. You mustn't take Mash and start crying because of the crowd and the horses.

 When you go to Gerda's house, Gerda and Krsna are already standing in front of it. Next to them is Mitilda holding Lily.


 Krena looks at Allen and gives a big wave.

(She looks so happy.) It's nice to see a knight.

 It's almost three years since she started playing knights. Kreena would say 'Kishikuna!' every day. and kept calling himself. The knight comes to see Krsna today. I can hear the joy in his voice.

 The four of us are going to the residential area. It's a little before 9:00 a.m., so we'll arrive after 10:00 a.m. The Knights will arrive past noon.
 Don't keep the Knights waiting and head to the residential area long before you know it.

 It takes about 15 minutes from Allen's house to Krsna's house, keeping pace with Krsna and Allen. From Allen's house to the center of the residential area, you'll arrive in about an hour.

I'm a beginner today!

Haha, I'd have to ask the Order.

 Gerda pats Crenna's head. I'm sure it'll be like this forever. I listen to Krena's stories as we reach a residential neighborhood.

"Where do I go?

 Rodin asks.

"I thought you said it was a plaza.

"The square? Isn't the gate or the mayor's house?

 It seems to be a square in the center of a residential area. There's a big crowd in the square. You can hear voices from here and there saying, "The Sword Sage is coming. They've all heard that the Knights are coming today.
 As expected, all eyes are on Krsna, rather than dark-eyed and dark-haired Allen.

 When Krena and Gerda come, no one will come near. I guess they want me to wait until the knights come.

(Ugh, do we have to wait more than two hours from now? (I have nothing to do and I think I'll go to bed)

 Allen begins to fall asleep without regard to the gaze of others. It's like sleeping on a bullet train or airplane ride. Basically, Allen sleeps when he has nothing to do. As Allen falls asleep, Krsna leans against him and goes to sleep.

 I was having a good night's sleep. As he sleeps peacefully in a corner of the square, he hears the bell ringing at twelve o'clock. It's much louder when you're close enough to hear it. You're startled to wake up.


"Oh? Wake up? Apparently, they're on their way.

 Reply to Rodin's voice in a drowsy voice. It seems that the party arrived right on time.

(Well, they're not visible from here, but they've already arrived.

 The villagers are buzzing around. I look around, thinking that the number of people has increased considerably. There are quite a few serfs who don't usually come to the residential area. You can tell whether they are serfs or commoners by their clothes.

 While I'm thinking about this, I hear the sound of horses running.

Oh! You really came. You came all the way to the frontier village? (I don't know how far away the city is from the lord)

 A group of knights on horseback is coming. There are no dozens or hundreds of knights. It's a cavalry of about ten men, a size that can be counted by eye. I'm thinking we won't need so many people just to meet Khrena.

 The village chief is waiting in the square. He rushes up to the knight who looks like the cavalry's commander. I can't hear him clearly, but I think I'm greeting him with a welcome.

 It's the village chief, pointing with his hand toward Krsna. To confirm the destination of his gaze, he removes his helmet and the knight, who appears to be the commander, looks at Krsna. All at once, the knights remove their helmets and check on Krsna. Krsna is already awake and returns a blazing gaze.

 The village chief beckons to them. Apparently, he wants Krsna to come to him. Gerda looks at Rodin's face and nods. At last I meet the knight.

 Krena walks with Gerda to the knights. Rodin and Allen watch over them.

Will Krsna leave the village with the knights? No more games and no more naps together?

 With mixed feelings of well-being and sadness, I look at Krsna as she walks up to the knights. It's a little far away, but "kurena is! A loud voice can be heard saying, "I'm not sure I can do this. The burly, burly, macho Gerda is quite low. You can feel Gerda saying, "You're being a little loud.

 A burly knight commander with a moustache is talking with Gerda, Krsna's father. It's hard to tell what kind of conversation they're having because of the distance. I'm just observing the conversation.

 As you watch the conversation, you're suddenly surprised to see Gerda squirm.

What? Oh no! No way!


 Apparently we're not talking peacefully. Rodin is startled and approaches until he hears the conversation. Allen follows him. It's a square that's buzzing with the sound of Gerda's voice and the movement of her body. There are already more than 100 commoners and serfs in the village listening in on the proceedings.

 I can sense that Gerda is trying to persuade them.

Krsna is five years old and has never even held a sword, mmm, this is absurd...

"You still say? Wouldn't you be a swordsman? Then there is no problem, is there? Or did you conspire against us, or against our Lord?

"Well, no, but fighting a knight...

 It's Gerda who persists in the conversation. The commander calls out to one of the knights who dismounted from his horse behind him, saying that there is no point in arguing with him any longer

"Vice-Admiral Raybrand, get ready.

"Ha! Knight Commander

 Move the horses out of the square. The knights under their command will take the horses somewhere. The mayor looks at me and wonders what's going on, but he takes the knight's orders and leads them to the stable.

Oh no, Krsna is going to die. Please.

 Gerda gets down on her knees on the ground.

"Hmm, I see you still don't understand, so let me clarify. It is a capital offense to deceive, not only your daughter, but also your daughter. Your daughter, of course, is guilty of it. If you don't fight the knight, I'll cut off your daughter and you, too, for deceiving the knight here and now about being the sage.

 I'm at a loss for words. Despair oozes from her face and from her whole body. One of the knights gives Krsna a plain, unsheathed seriousness. It's a double-edged sword nearly as long as Crenna's height. A western-style longsword.

(What? Seriously, isn't that unreasonable? What does that mean? (So you intended to fight Krsna in the first place and designated a square?

 I finally have a handle on the situation. Thinking about what to do and how to get out of the situation, Krsna interjects.

"Huh? Can I become a squirrel by pushing that squirrel?

 The knight commander was astonished at this statement.

"Yeah, that's right. Win and you'll be knighted.

"Yeah, I get it!

 Only one person in this situation was smiling Krsna. She was staring at the real sword in her hands for the first time with sparkling eyes.