16 Episode 16 Knights ②

 The knights move the villagers gathered in the square. This is to ensure that there is enough room for Klarna and the deputy commander's knights to fight.


 Gerda begs desperately. Even Gerda is being carried to the edge of the square by the knights.

"Are we going to tell him? It is said that Master Swordsman Doberg slayed a red dragon at the age of ten. She's already five years old, right?

 He is a knight commander who is good enough to fight. Send Gerda to the edge of the square and the knight stands beside her. Both Aren and Rodin rush to Gerda's side.

(Seriously, this is a terrible thing to happen.)

 Allen doesn't know what to do either. I don't know what I can do against the Order. Perhaps we're overwhelmed.

 A man called Crenna and Vice Commander Raybrand are standing in the center of the square. It looks like the vice-captain will be his opponent.

 The two men hold their swords. A little over a meter taller than Krena is nearly twice that height and fully armed with armor. Krena is wearing nothing but rags. It's not much of a fight, and the villagers, relegated to a corner, watch.

 But in this situation, Krsna is the only one who doesn't seem to be nervous about anything. She holds her sword with an unassuming look on her face. It's as if it's a game. And then, as usual, you say your name.

"My name is prepped! Let's get to work!

 That's a line Allen has heard a thousand times. I think it's begun.

"....My name is Reybrandt the knight. Come on.

 Reybrandt calls himself the same way.

 No judges. It's already started. Just as he played with Allen, Krsna will head toward him. Clutching a sword much heavier than a wooden sword, she rushes toward Raybrand.

 Their swords clash. It's Klarna's first sword, too, but she doesn't hesitate to wield it. The slashes are repeated.

(Maybe my swordsmanship level is 3, so I'm guessing Klarena's swordsmanship level is 5 or so.

 Allen is the only one in the world in Hell Mode. From the results of the stone-throwing test, Krsna's swordsmanship skill level should have risen by one hundred, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, and one hundred thousand. If she grew a hundred times as much as Allen did by playing knights with him, it would be the equivalent of a difference of two skill levels.

 With such an analysis of Allen, swordsmanship crosses to the point that a cut would be fatal. A metallic sound resounds in the square.
 Many villagers may have thought that Krsna would be killed soon and the battle would be over. But three years of playing knights had brought them together enough to cross swords with the knights.

 The knight commander said nothing, folding his arms with a difficult face and watching the two fight.

 Dozens of sword fights crossed for what seemed like minutes. What seemed to be an even fight begins to move.

The energy!

 The foot of a fully armed Raybrand, in the belly of the Crenna, is set. This isn't a sword fight only. Krena is blown away by a perfectly timed and perfectly placed kick.


 Allen screams. Crenna crashes into the wall of the building where she was blown away and is silenced. The impact causes the wooden wall to crack wide open.

 The knights seize Aren and Gerda as they head toward it. I'm pressed down to the ground.

It was impossible. Crenna's level is no better than one. I don't know how long you've been knighting, but you can't fight a knight who's higher in level and skill. (What do you think?)

 Struggling, trying to shake off the seizing knight.

What? Don't be quiet!

Let go of me, you bastard!

 Allen's body is also being held down by the hands of a much stronger knight. I try to get up, but I can't move. It doesn't look like he's going to get out.

 Reibrand doesn't give chase, but stays there. With everyone in the square staring at you, Crenna nods and goes completely silent.

 She kicks up with her armor-clad foot as hard as she can. The villagers are buzzing as they wonder if she's dead.

 The leader closes his eyes and sighs deeply.

Was that too much to ask? Hmm?

 That's when it seemed to be over. Kreena stood up slowly from her prone position. She held her sword, which she hadn't let go even after it was blown away, at the ready. Allen, who was still held down on the ground, watches as well.

 As for Krsna, who stood up in silence, she remained on the spot with her sword at the ready. It seems to be waiting for them to come at you.

 Krsna looks up and slowly looks at Raybrand. The villagers look on anxiously, wondering if they're still going to fight. Then Krsna shouts.


 With a shout, the crashing, hollowed-out walls of cracked wood shattered with the impact of something centered on Krsna's back.

 Like a shimmer, the outline of Krsna's body wavered widely, as if the light had been refracted.


 Crenna heads toward the rebrand again with that feisty voice. She leaps up and spins around, as if to exert centrifugal force, and is swung from above. Krsna's sword slams down from above Raybrand's head.


 A shock hits Raybrand, who takes the sword in both hands. The impact is so great that his feet are plunged into the hardened dirt of the square.

You are !!!!

 Raybrand also lets out a spirited cry and the crossing of swords is resumed. The flying sparks are clearly visible even in the daytime.

 But there's a distinct difference from before. Reibrand's sword pushes back down each time. The sword isn't holding up to the impact. I'm pushed backward, body by body.

 The sound of impact echoes through the village square. It doesn't seem like a fair fight. Even the untrained eye can clearly see that Raybrand is being pushed. Crenna wields a sword as big as her body like a stick and with unusual strength.

(What? What's happening? (Could this be, could this be extra skill?)

 The search for answers and possibilities within Allen. When transferring from the real world to this other world, Allen read the instructions for the normal mode. As I recall, it said that you can get an extra skill in normal mode with a gacha. I think it's the same for people in other worlds.

(Isn't swordsmanship just a normal skill that even I can get? I'm sure Krsna was born with some other skill. A special skill worthy of a swordsman.

 That's a power differential that leaves room for reflection. Watching, I don't feel like Krsna is going to lose. Before you know it, the knights holding down Aren and Gerda have been loosened up. The knights are watching the battle with astonished eyes.


 Krsna's sword is swung horizontally with a shout.


"B-ba, idiot!

 Laybrand's sword being snapped off. You scream as you see the sword that has been cut in half. The broken blade hovers in the air and sticks in the ground. Still holding the broken sword at arm's length, Reybrandt prepares for the chase.

That's it!

 At that moment, the Knight Commander shouted loudly, signaling the end of the battle.

"Heh? Is it over?

 Crenna replies somewhat unsatisfactorily, "Yes, the fight is over.

Yes, the battle is over. Let both sides draw their swords!

 Crenna runs up to Raybrand and bows her head.

Thank you! Uncle Goodness!

 We always say "thank you" to each other at the end of a game of knights.

"Oh, I'm not old enough to be called an uncle...

 As soon as he says so with a grimace on his face, Raybrand drops to his knees.

What! Take the Vice Knight Commander!

 The knight commander hurriedly tells the knights to stand up and carry Raybrand somewhere. Seeing that you are carrying it on your shoulder, it seems that you can no longer stand on your own.
 As expected, the knight thought it was unbecoming for him to kneel on the ground in front of many villagers. It's even worse when the loser is a five-year-old girl.

 The Knight Commander pats Raybrand on the shoulder as he walks past. He's probably thanking her for a good fight.

 Crenna comes to the leader with her sword. The leader is looking a little reluctant. He's looking alert.

"Thank you!

 Return the borrowed sword. Receive the Knight Commander.


 The Knight Commander tries hard to keep his face out of it. Look, the steel blades were ripped off in that battle. The blade was torn to pieces. What's even more surprising is the hilt. The hilt, made of steel as well as the blade, is bumpy and wavy. The steel hilt has marks on it as if a small child had grasped it with clay. How hard was the grip on the hilt? It's mid-summer, but you break out in a cold sweat at the sight of your tattered sword.

 The knight commander handing the sword to the knight when it no longer fits in the scabbard.

"That's the swordsman.
"It's true! I beat the knight!
"I didn't even see the sword!

 Villagers who saw the shocking things say. There were already more than 100 of them, and nearly 200 villagers had heard the commotion and were watching the battle.

 The battle had begun without any context, and had ended with Krsna's victory.