17 Chapter 17: Banquet

 The struggle with the knight is over. Gerda rushes to Krsna.

 Gerda is checking on Krsna to make sure she's okay. Dozens and hundreds of sword fights were exchanged. You can see the look on her face as she checks her cheeks and limbs to make sure she's okay. You take a kick from Raybrand, who was said to be the vice-captain of the Order, and you are blown tens of meters into the wall. You can check your belly and back, too, but Krsna is tickling you and laughing at you.

 There's not a scratch. Not even a bruise. Just a little dirty clothes on the ground.

Were they this tough? (I guess that means he was wielding a wooden sword in play, but he wasn't injured)

 Allen would spend an hour every day with Krsna, playing knightly games with a wooden sword, and he would inevitably get bruises on his hands and feet, which often resulted in bruises. But come to think of it, I don't remember Krsna ever being injured.

 Even the Knight Commander breaks out in a further cold sweat when he sees that Krsna's body is unscathed. Raybrand was carried out of the square, unable to stand.

"You did well raising the Swordsman. You have shown great strength.

 The leader speaks to Gerda. He kneels down to make sure Krsna is safe, and slowly reaches out to Gerda from above.

 Gerda is on alert. They call me into the square and have me fight a knight. I'm glad we won, but Krsna could have died.

 It was the knight commander, holding out his hand and not moving. Gerda wonders if the knight is asking for forgiveness as the leader shakes her hand. Gerda is quite short-tempered by nature. The blood rushes to my head and my face and head turn red. Whenever she fights with Rodin, Gerda basically gives her hand.

 So Gerda gives her hand. There's a difference between a serf and a knight-errant! There's a big difference between them. My beloved child and my best friend and their child are here. Still red-faced and desperate to stifle his anger, he holds out his hand reverently and shakes it.


 Jumpy. There is something hard in the hand. The feel of your palm indicates that there are several coins. Surprised, you retract your hand without screaming. Glancing down, I see that there are three gold coins in your hand. He gives the coins under the guise of a handshake.

"And now, chief. Would you like to spend some time with me and talk about the future?

"Yes, yes, we are preparing for the banquet at my house.

 You'll start talking about the future with the village chief who approached you as if nothing had happened. It seems that the knight leader has taken care not to show you the gold in the midst of so many serfs and commoners.

That doesn't bother me. You are Gerda? Will you come with my daughter?

"Huh? Huh? Yes,

 He replied, but glanced at Rodin.

Hmm? Well, yeah. You can bring your friends along if you're worried about them.

 I think he's trying to let his guard down somehow. I look at Rodin and he nods that I'm going with him. Krena asks me to go with you.

 They have preparations to make, so they'll have a banquet at the chief's house with dinner after 3:00 pm. Rodin is the only one who has to go to tell Mitilda and Teresia what happened, and Allen is told to stay with Gerda and Kurena.

 I'm going to follow Gerda. We never come to this area, which is basically the center of the frontier village. It's a fresh sight.

It's pretty big. There were more than 100 people gathered in the square earlier, and the population of the village is about 300.

 There are a number of stores here, partly because of the central location of the village. My eyes go to a corner that seems to be the commercial district.

There's an armorer. I see plant leaves inside the store over there. A vegetable shop? (No, apothecary-ish)

 While following Gerda, we also look at the stores and so on.

 Soon after the square, there is the mayor's house. It's my first time seeing this house, but it's quite large. In the real world, it would be about the size of two houses. I've lived in a shack that looked like a shack for a long time, so I'm sure it's a very solid house.

 Gerda asks you to wait here as she gets ready. You will be shown to a room, or is it a guest room, to relax.

I guess the feast will start at 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m., since the Knights of the Order came right after 12:00 p.m. Oops, I need to do some generating and synthesizing.

 Check the grimoire to see that the magic is restored. Both Gerda and Krsna are there, but it doesn't matter since the cards and grimoire are invisible to all but Allen. Generate and combine them to gain skill experience.

 It's a daily routine to improve my summoning skills that started when I turned one year old. At first I could only do it twice a day, but now I can consistently generate and synthesize three times a day. If you want to get stronger, I think it is important to work endlessly on your daily routine.

 After a few seconds of your routine, you look around the room.

(After all, there is a difference in the level of life between a serf and a commoner, especially at the chief's house.

 Soon there will be nothing more to do. There are many things to do at home, such as taking care of mash, examining summons, and throwing stones, but as you would expect, you are bored. I think I understand why reversies are so popular in a different world where there is nothing to do, and I start to fall asleep thinking about it. When Allen goes to sleep, Krsna reclines next to him. Gerda looks at them with soft eyes, saying that they are good sleepers.

Hey, I think it's about to start.

"Pa, Dad?

 Rubbing my eyes and looking around, I see Rodin. I remember that I was at the chief's house. I was taking a nap, so about two hours have passed.

 I follow Rodin and Gerda. They're going to the hall at the chief's house.

 I can hear the rustling of voices. Quite a few people are already here. There are nearly a dozen knights in the hall. And the villagers are there. And there's a child. It's quite a hall.

Hmm? What was that child with the mayor's child again? (That's a child with a talent for axe handling)

 Apparently, it's not just a banquet for knights, the village chief and Gerda. There are some well-dressed villagers who may be influential in the village.

 You are told to sit here, and you take a seat at the top seat. At the same table are the head of the knights, the village chief, a woman who seems to be the chief's wife and her child, and an axe-handler's child and possibly his parents. There are three tables, the first one being the top seat. The other two seats are occupied by other knights and villagers.

 Now that the swordsman is here, the feast is about to begin. The head of the village and the head of the knights are giving some kind of opening speech, but you haven't heard them. Apparently, they are wishing you well for the development of the village.

Oh, Mormo berries! (I'll have to take two of these back to Maman.

 Allen notices that an otherworldly fruit called Mormo berries is placed on the table . He decides to take a chance and bring it home as a souvenir.

 Eat your meal to your heart's content. The knights may have had a long journey, but they eat gingerly too. It's like a lie when you met them in the square.
 The deputy commander is not here. I don't know if he's not ready to eat yet or if he's just embarrassed because he fought with Krsna.

The mood of the Order has changed. Maybe it's because I've learned that he's the Swordsman. But if Krsna wasn't the Swordsman, he'd really be here to punish me.

 While Allen was thinking about this, the knight leader spoke to the village chief.

And now, chief. You have done a great job of cultivating this village. I've been here three years ago and you've come a long way.

Yes, yes. The villagers have all worked hard for the development of the village.

 It's a village chief who is starving to death. He's a good-looking village chief who's over 40 and rather overweight. The child is quite thin and slender, so I don't think the shape is inherited.

And now, sorry to say this to the mayor who worked so hard for 10 years to build our village...

"Huh? What is it?

 He is the village chief who looks as if something is wrong with him.

The master of the village has informed me that if Kensei is the real one, then this village will be a Krsna village.


 Until now it was called the frontier village. This year, the village was to be named after the village. It was thought to be the name of the village chief who did the pioneering work, but the lord decided it would be Krsna's name. It's the Knight Commander apologizing.

(You're a lot shorter than when we first met. Are you like that to begin with?

"Well, yes. It's the lord's decision.

 I don't particularly disagree. That doesn't change what I'm against.

(I see...is this the village where Kensei was born?)

 It's early in the day, but he really wanted to tell you first. More and more dishes are being brought in as we speak. Since arriving in another world, Allen has only eaten vegetables and meat cooked or stewed, so this is the first time in a while that these dishes have been elaborately prepared. As he gobbles up the food, he hides one by one, one by one, Mormo nuts at his feet.