18 Chapter 18: Banquet ②

Also, there is one more thing.

 Also, the Knight Commander will speak.

"I'm sorry about the fight with the knights this time. I don't blame you, but you've been nervous lately.


 Apparently, he will tell us the story of the battle between Krsna and Vice Knight Commander Raybrand, which took place in the square. Both Gerda and Rodin listen to the Knight Commander. The village chief also reminds them to listen to him, so he listens carefully.

To tell you the truth, about three years ago, a certain Count's son became a saint.

(The Swordsman was born a Count? Huh? Wasn't it up to the baron? (A sword saint is born)

 This reminds me of the relationship between titles and professions that Allen saw in the real world for character creation. A swordsman should only come from a serf, a commoner, and a baron.

 The leader of the knights proceeded with the story. He was revered as a swordsman and served the royal family. Yes, he was big and his swordsmanship was perfect. But he was not so strong when he should have been able to show his power as a swordsman. Now there was another saint, Doberg, and the difference in power between him and Doberg was obvious.

"Ha ha!

 Gerda says what she's talking about.

I had them re-evaluate it, and it was a swordsman's talent, not a swordsman's. I was surprised to see that other noblemen had their talents checked. Other noblemen were surprised to learn that some swordsmen and wizards pretended to be swordsmen or wizards who had no talent, or pretended to be swordsmen or wizards who claimed to be swordsmen or great mages. The kingdom has become very desolate.

(I see, there were a lot of talent window dressing for the nobility in the kingdom.

 The story goes that the angry king handed down a rather heavy punishment. The county was confiscated for falsely claiming to be the Sword Saint.

This time when I heard that you are the Swordsman, I was compelled to check. The church has checked and there are no false reports.

 A swordsman has to report to the royal family. But only recently have heavy punishments been meted out among the nobility for window dressing. I've checked the church and it seems he really is a swordsman. But the lord is still concerned. So he took the time to check the church, and now, three months later, he's been sent to find out if the knights are really swordsmen.

 This is also an apology to Gerda and Krsna for trying. I feel he explains the situation quite carefully to the serfs.

 Look at Krena.

 Maybe it's the first time he's eaten something, or maybe he's just gobbling it up. You hardly listen to him. She's excitedly biting into the bread.

"So it was.

Well, so make sure you report the results of the appraisal next year or later on, so that we don't have to lie. I don't want to punish the village chief for creating a village like this.

 Naturally, he is a knight commander who tells you not to misunderstand and that you should not hide any bad reports.

What should I do with Krsna now?

 Gerda asks as the conversation comes to a close. I don't know what to make you do, even if you're a swordsman.

Hmmm, you're right. Hm, well... For now, just raise her well.

 Seeing Krsna eating like avenging his parents, the Knight Commander replies.

Yes, yes.

And, as of now, when they are twelve years old, they will attend the school. You will have to be educated. After graduation, you will serve the royal family.

(Oh! (There's even a school!


 Allen reacted to the school, but everyone, including the mayor in his seat, reacted to the royal family. Serving the royal family means that you'll be under the king's direct control.

The school?

Hmm, a college town. The best ones get educated and trained.

 He tells us briefly about the school. It's a school for those whose talents are recognized by the appraisal ceremony. Enrollment and student life are expensive, but the lord will pay for the swordsmanship.

If I go to Gakuen, can I become a believer?

"Bah, stupid, Dogora

 Interrupted the story is a gifted axeman Dogora . Large build, a face like a potato, I feel. His eyes are shining brightly.

"Hmm? That child.

"I'm sorry. My name is Dogora, my son. He is a gifted axe man and has always said he wanted to be a knight.

 Saying sorry, I put my child in front of you with guns. Of course I'm sitting here with the knight commander to sell my child.

An axe man, huh? The most wanted by the knights is a spearman, but an axe man is also very valuable. We offer tuition assistance if you do well on the entrance exam to the school.

(Hoho, more spear than axe. But still, the tuition subsidy.

 Is there a solid system for subsidizing tuition or something like that? I wonder if there's an alternative to having to work in a subsidized territory after graduation or something like that.


 Dogora seems glad to be heard.

Well, yeah. I'll be sending a teacher to make sure that Crenna doesn't fail the entrance exam, well, at least for a little while longer. I want you to work hard. Dogora, if you want to be a knight, you'll study with me.

"I get it!

 Apparently talent alone won't get you into the school. He's the Knight Commander who will tell the village head. It seems failing the school entrance exam is problematic for the lord. I also say that others may take the teacher's class so that it doesn't interfere with Crenna's studies.

 The parents are rubbing Dogora's head to see if they want him to use more respectful language. But contrary to this, his face is very happy. I'm talking to the head of the order to Dogora's officers.

Will that one be studied?


"What? Kuro bread is brainless. Why are you studying? A weak man can't be a brother.

"That one's strong! We're always playing Scrabble!

I know you. Without the ability to do it, your ability to do it is very weak, right?

"It's not true! They're so strong. I know everything!

(Hey hey hey stop it, Crenna. (Why pour oil on the fire)

 Kreena's face turns bright red when Dogora says something bad about Allen. She puffs out her cheeks and gets angry. Kurrena shouts so loudly that the other knights and villagers pay attention.

 They look at Allen, who has been eating his meal, oblivious as air.

"Speaking of which, this dark-haired girl...

 An unusual dark-eyed, dark-haired child was at Krsna's side. Since it was not much compared to the sword saint, it was the knight commander who was a little curious but did not touch it.

It's my child. Sir Knight Commander.

 Rodin bows his head. Who are you to say that? It's been a while since the feast began, but Rodin hasn't joined in the conversation with the leader.

"This is my friend Rodin.

 Seeing the Knight Commander, Gerda introduces Rodin. Something about the name Rodin stuck with me. He says it as if he just remembered.

"Rodan? Are you a boa-hunting Rodin?

(Huh? You know what? (Or rather, I heard something like two names)

 From the dark-haired boy Allen, the Knight Commander's consciousness goes to its parent, Rodin.

"Yes, yes. My name is Rodin.

 Somehow the Knight Commander knows.

"Oh! I'm sorry about this. Why didn't you tell me your name? We were just about to leave when we didn't see the village hero!

 The Knight Commander with a sudden change of attitude .

"Huh? Because you know about me?

Of course. The master has come to praise you. This territory is most concerned about how to increase the food supply. The master is pleased that after establishing a village and increasing the number of fields, somehow the meat of the boa is available every winter.

 In winter, the processed meat came from the frontier village every year. Now the lord's city is even said to be heralded by the meat delivered from the frontier village, says a gleeful Knight Commander.

 These are great boas, with edible parts weighing more than a ton each. Not even half of it is consumed in the village. Most of it is carried to the city where the lord lives. Nearly ten great boas are hunted each year. Several tons of boas are a valuable winter food source.

I found out that Rodin and Gerda lead the serfs in the hunt. A sight to behold! These are not my words. I hope you will take them as the words of the Lord.

 There is no particular reward of any kind, but it is Rodin who was complimented by the Knight Commander. He praised Rodin in a voice that echoed through the hall. The villagers are all listening in on the conversation.

"Oh, thank you.

 It's Rodin, who feels very much as if he's been rewarded with something to keep hunting the boa. And I'm glad that Rodin was praised as much as I was.

 Shortly thereafter, the party was over, and they were on their way home. He has managed to bring home four Mormo berries hidden in his clothes. I was a little lighter on my feet than I had been, wanting to tell the story of Rodin's praise to Teresia.