19 Chapter 19: Strengthening

 It was around late September, about two months after the Order returned. He's almost six years old. It's still hot and Rodin is working the fields.

 The unusual thing is that Teresia is pregnant with her third child. She just found out that she is pregnant, so she will give birth at the beginning of the year. The village midwife came over and told me.

 So Rodin is now working the fields alone to rest Teresia.

 Teresia insists that she wants to name the third child after herself. Allen and Mash are both named by Rodin. Rodin promised that Rodin would name them after a boy and Teresia would name them after a girl, to which Rodin replied that he hoped to have a girl. It seems that they want to name it after a monster if they have a boy.

 Allen is staring at the grimoire, leaning against a tree that has been bumped against something hard tens of thousands of times, away from direct sunlight, and whose bark has been curled and twisted.
 The grimoire said in yellow letters, "The grimoire says

Synthetic skill experience increased to 10,000/10,000. Synthesis level is now 3. Your summoning level is now 3. The grimoire extension is now at level 2. You have an enhanced skill. You have one notice.

Yes, we're up at last. It's been a long time. It's a lot of information. Let's see where to start.

 The moment the synthesis skill experience reached 10,000, it was logged at once.

(It took me quite a while. (It took me a year and 11 months to finally reach the age of 3, or since I was able to increase my synthesis skill level.

 This is the result of using your magic to generate and combine skills every day. Since the magic power is fully recovered in 6 hours, I use the skill at least 3 times a day, and sometimes 4 times if I have time, and finally I was able to raise my skill level.

1 year and 00 months old, earned a grimoire, summon level 1, summon level H
1 year and 10 months old, summon level 2, acquisition of synthesis skills
3 years and 00 months old, Summoner G rank
5 years and 11 months old, summon level 3, acquisition of enhanced skills, summon F-rank

 There is a lot of interesting wording in the log. The first thing to look at is the status. Open the grimoire page and look at the first and second pages.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 5
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 20 (40) + 26
 Magic] 0 (20)
 Attack Power] 5 (10) + 26
 Endurance] 5 (10) + 6
 [Quickness] 12 (25) + 10
 Intelligence] 15 (30) + 4
 Fortune 12 (25)
 Skills: Summoning <3>, Generating <3>, Combining <3>, Strengthening <1>, Augmentation <2>, Deletion, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] 0/1,000

Skill level
 Summons 3
 [Born] 3
 [Combined] 3

 Enhancements 1
Skills Experience
 Composite] 0/100,000
 Enhancement] 0/1,000
Obtainable Summons
 [Bug] FGH
 [Beast] FGH
 Bird ] FG
 [ - ] F

 Insects] 2 G, 2 H, 2 G, 2 H
 Beast] G13
 Bird] 2 Gs.
 [ - ] 

(Oh my! Enhanced skills have been added! Also, the F-ranked summons have been released after all. Is this one marked with [-] until you get it after synthesizing it like in the case of Bird H? I wonder what's next! I want a dragon or something. (Summon a dragon!

 Skill levels rise and excitement ensues. Calm down and think about what to check next.

(Hmmm, the F-rank generation and synthesis is running out of magic right now. This will be after dinner. Otherwise.

 Open the grimoire with a flutter.

(Ugh, there are 30 holders for the cards!

 The contents of the Expansion Level 2 was that the summoner cards were expanded from 20 to 30 cards. That's quite a bit more blessing, I think.

(Well, that's all I can check now. The rest is a long time coming from God.

 On the back page of the grimoire there is a shiny object. The news from the gods that came when I was one year old is here again.

(Hmm, so he's finally decided to apologize. (Let's see.)

"Dear Mr. Allen

 Thank you for your continued patronage.
 I sincerely apologize for the unclear display of Ms. Allen's occupation during the appraisal process today.
 I also apologize for the delay in replying to you.

 First of all, there is an improvement: from now on, when the appraisal ritual is performed, "Summoner" will be displayed in the talent column. Also, we have already ordained the new profession to the High Priest that it has been added. As with other jobs, we have not told you the details of the profession.

 Next, I would like to respond to the fact that all abilities have been ranked E.
 As you know, our abilities now take into account both the status increase value and the leveling up speed. Leveling up, which is described as a divine test in this world, is not disclosed to the public, nor is the attainment of the test. Therefore, we do not disclose the mode, which is the difficulty of the ordeal.

 As a result, the specification takes into account both status increase value and level up speed, so all abilities are unchanged at E rank. Please forgive me.

 However, it is unfair that only Master Allen's status increase is not available.
 I will send you Master Allen's ability value if we only use the elevated status value. Also, we have attached this information in the memo column, so you will be able to check it even after the contents of the letter have been erased. Please note that the appraisal results do not take into account the blessing of the summoned beast.

 Name] Allen
 Physical strength] A
 Magic] S
 Attack Power] C
 [Quickness] A
 Intelligence] S
 Fortune A
 Talents] Summoner

 All of us in the Shin-Kai are determined to improve our services in the future, so we would like to thank you for your continued patronage.

 We have done our best to apologize and be sincere.
 Please refrain from making the same kind of complaint in the future.

          From Elmea, the God of Other Worlds

 When you read to the end, the contents of the letter disappear. It's true that the notes section of the grimoire shows Allen's abilities and talents.

(Hmm, I asked for improvement for about five months, and you responded. That's a very thorough statement. After all, the appraisal result will remain at all E's from now on. But I've never seen the expression "oracle" before.

 The appraisal results are all E and unchanged. However, the summoner was carefully described as having been ordained to the High Priest.

 I remember when I was Kenichi in the real world, the same polite notice came from the game distributor when the game's equipment data disappeared.
 I don't think it's a good idea to keep complaining bullshit just because the notice is long and polite. The opponent is God. They might even try to erase you from existence.

(Hmmm... The ability value is somewhat like Krsna's swordsmanship as a rearguard. He has about the same number of SABCs as the Kenshi? I see.

 I compared Krsna's ability value that I had written down in my grimoire with my own. In the real world, the ability of a swordsman was confirmed to be three stars. Even without blessings, he had the level of a 3-star profession.

(Was leveling up a god's test?)

 I once asked Rodin, who has been hunting the Great Boar, about his experience of leveling up. Indeed, he said something about overcoming a divine trial and increasing one's strength.

 Now that the letter was sufficiently verified and its contents were confirmed, it was time to strengthen it and generate and synthesize an F-rank. I've run out of magic, so I'll continue after dinner.

 Dinner is already over, and it's evening. At Allen's house, I'm going to cook dinner a little after four o'clock. Before five o'clock everyone eats around the hearth and then goes to the nursery to relax. Since Teresia is very heavy, I take the lead in cleaning up and washing dishes.

 By the time you're done, it's six o'clock. I go into the nursery and Mash is playing with me.

Come on, baby, come on.

 Mash's company. Mash has eaten his dinner and is hungry, and after half an hour of play, he falls asleep. Mash sleeps like a dead man and I put the quilt over him.

(Alright, now that Mash is asleep, what should we do?)

 Finally it is time for me. There's still some time before the sun sets.

(For now, let's just try to strengthen it. Maybe I'll generate an F-rank tomorrow)

 Apparently, rather than generating F-ranked summons, they decided to try strengthening them first. There are a total of four F-ranked summons, and the idea is to wait until they finish analyzing the enhancements.


 I'll just try to remember. Then a silver letter appears on the cover of the grimoire.

"Which card do you want to strengthen?

(Oh?) I didn't get a "Your magic is not enough" message. (I thought it would say "You're short" because you only have 10 magic power.

 Recall that I once had a generation level at 1 year and 10 months old, but waited until I was 3 years old due to lack of magic power.

(Then, eh, Bug H enhancement!)

 Then the card of Bug H in the holder floated in front of Allen's eyes and began to glow gold.


 Try desperately to cover your mouth to prevent your voice from coming out and be moved. The light has stopped and the cards are changing colors.

(Let's see, oh! (The margins of the picture on the card are gilded!

 The margins of the grasshopper's picture have changed from white to gold and white. And the words are written at the bottom of the margin.

"Durability +10, Speed +10".

So you mean the summoner's status has been increased? Does this mean that the summoner's status is enhanced? Does this mean that summons can be enhanced as well as raised to a stronger rank?

 The picture of the grasshopper is the same. The appearance of the summoner feels the same.

(Does this change the size of the denka? (Let's summon it!

 This looks as well as doubling in size or checking.

Oh! The summoner is glowing faintly. Can you see how it's been enhanced? It should be the same size.

 The size of the grasshopper does not seem to change. However, they glow faintly when strengthened. You can see that the card's appearance has also been enhanced by looking at the summoner.

Oh, Allen, mash, go to bed now. ......


 It seems to have recognized Allen's voice. Teresia comes into the nursery, where she doesn't sleep well.

 Grasshopper and eye contact is with Teresia.

"Oh no! Bug good! Why is there already this bug in the kid's room!

 The summons of Bug H, crushed regardless of reinforcement, disappeared as a glowing bubble .

"Well, good night...

 Allen was asleep under the covers up to his face in a calm manner, as if nothing had happened.