20 Episode 20 F rank

 September is over and October is upon us. Since Teresia, now pregnant, is unable to work, Rodin works alone from morning to night harvesting the crops.

 Among other things, Allen has finally turned six years old. It's been six years since he was reincarnated in another world. Thanks to your grimoire, you can record the memories of Kenichi in the memo function of your grimoire, but there are more and more times when you can't tell if it's Allen or Kenichi.

 It's October 1st, and my status has risen since I turned 6 years old. Your status, which was 0.5 times the bracketed status, has increased to 0.6 times. Your magic power has also increased from 10 to 12. This is helpful because the speed at which skill experience increases depends largely on the maximum amount of magic.

 We have only just begun analyzing F-ranked summons, so we don't have a complete understanding of them yet. I still don't know what the summons marked [-] are.
 At first, I wanted to generate and synthesize F-ranked summons the next day, but I decided to wait until after I had thoroughly researched their performance, as enhancements are quite useful.

 Enhancement Skills
Magic power consumption is 10
The effect is to increase two statuses to +10
Increasing status is a blessing
Different ranks of summons do not change the effect.
Repeated summons and carding do not erase the effect of the enhancement
Enhancements will disappear once synthesized
Enhancements do not change the value of the blessing

(I see, the summons stored in the holder should be strengthened if there is room.

 When you have to take out a summoner, it's better to take out an enhanced summoner.

 It's morning now. Allen is in the barrel. He's washing everyone's rags in the barrel with his bare feet. It's hard physical work, too. But because I can do it without thinking, I use it as a contemplative time to examine my summoning skills.

 At Allen's house, Rodin fetches water every morning from the nearby shared water fountain. A narrow canal runs through Allen's side of the house as well, so he drains the water into it. The barrel of water is flushed and the washed clothes are hung out to dry in the yard.

(Oh! The Alba Heron is flying. It's autumn. (Is it time for dad to go hunting?

 As I hang the washcloths on the pole I use as a clothesline, a little taller than Allen, I see the shadow of a bird at the edge of my vision. Through the laundry, you can see an albaheron flying lazily by.
 In the fall, there are other birds that look like crane cranes and are about half the size of the albaheron. I guess they are seasonal migratory birds. You can feel the change of seasons.

(Now that my magic power is restored, let's proceed with the F-rank verification.

 The verification of the enhancements is almost almost finished, and we are in the verification of generation level 3 and synthesis level 3 for F-rank.

 So far the verification results have been made
Generate level 3 magic power consumption is 10
Synthesis level 3 magic power consumption is 5 (unchanged from level 1)
Combining 1 insect and 1 beast F, the bird F

Now all you have to do is find the [-].

 Once the synthesis is successful, the [- ] disappears, but I have not yet found the pattern of synthesis. It's taking me days to find the pattern, creating and synthesizing repeatedly.

(Only insects and beasts can be generated, but birds must be synthesized, which is a mysterious rule. I've done the Insect F-Beast F, Beast F-Bird F pattern, so now I need to do the Insect F-Bird F pattern. Let's settle this one. (Otherwise, I'll have to find a combination with different ranks.

 When composing Insect F, Beast F, Beast F, Bird F, the summoned beast of the card placed to the left of the recess was composited. It was an obvious failure. I open the grimoire's synthesis page with a heartbeat, hoping that this time it will work.

 Place the Insect F and Bird F cards in the recess where the cards will fit perfectly.

(Composite Insect F, Bird F!)

 The cover of the grimoire glows with a shouting reminder. It seems to indicate that the synthesis was successful. But even without looking at the cover, you can see the result by looking at the synthesis page.

"Whoa! I got a new card!

 I can't help but say it out loud. Shut your mouth and take the resulting card in your hand.

(Is this grass?)

 In the lower right corner of the card is the grass F. (Is the grass for a summoned animal?

(It's a summoner, but it's grass.)

 Has a round, apple-like red body with a face. Slender limbs like branches sprout from the round body. On its head is a spatula with a leaf growing out of it.

Okay, grasses, but just pick a name. Now we have all four types of F-ranked summoned beasts (beast, insect, bird, and grass) and synthesized them.

Shape of the leech bug F status
 Species】 Insects
 [Rank] F
 Name】 Chu

 Physical strength] 15
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 13
 Endurance] 20
 Quickness] 20
 Intelligence] 13
 Fortune 11
 Protection: durability 5, speed 5
 Special Skill] Adhesion

Shape of the dog beast F status
 Species】 Beast
 [Rank] F
 Name】 Pochi
 Physical strength] 20
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 20
 Durability] 10
 [Quickness] 15
 Intelligence] 18
 Fortune 11
 Protection: Strength 5, Attack 5
 Special skill] Biting

Shape of the pigeon bird F status
 Species] Birds
 [Rank] F
 Name] Poppo
 Physical strength] 11
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 13
 Durability] 12
 Quickness] 20
 Intelligence] 20

 Fortune 14
 Protection: Speed 5, Intelligence 5
 Skills: communication

Shape of the apple grass F status
 Species] Grass
 [Rank] F
 Name] Appo
 Physical strength] 14
 Magic] 20
 Attack Power] 12
 Durability] 15
 [Quickness] 10
 Intelligence] 13
 Fortune] 20
 Protection: magic power 5, luck 5
 Special skill: Aroma

The "Bite" skill of Porgy in Beast F is the first attack skill of its kind. It may be a summoner-like skill that I finally thought of. But there are enough summons that it doesn't really matter.

 Four new summons can now be summoned. There's a lot to wonder about with each summon. We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, a summoner with the blessing Allen had been waiting for has appeared.

 I held the grass F summoner in my trembling hand and took it in my hand.

(Yay, an F-ranked summoner with a magic power increase blessing has finally appeared!

 It has the appearance of an apple with arms and legs. In the god world's meeting room, we might have debated which design we should choose among several proposals. I think it's interesting if this apple is the one they decided on.

 But what's important is not how it looks, considering that this blessing increases the maximum magic power by five. It's what we need most right now.

 There's one major concern I have in mind right now. It's probably that I need about 300,000 skill experience to raise it to the next summon level 4.

 To summon level 2, you needed 1000 skill experience of generation to get to summon level 2.
 To summon level 3, 10,000 skill experience of generation was needed and 11,000 skill experience of synthesis was needed.

 This is apparently a situation where it is safe to assume that raising all summoning-related skills will raise the summoning level.
 Because the generation level becomes 3, and the moment the synthesis level becomes 3, the summoning level becomes 3.

 We can see from this that it takes 300,000 skill experience to get to summon level 4.
I'll earn less than 100,000 skill experience for generation.
Earn 100,000 in synthesis skills experience
Earn 111,000 to enhance skills experience

 At the age of 6 years old, with a maximum magic power of 12, if the magic power is consumed three times a day without fail and the skill is earned, it will take more than 20 years to earn 300,000. Of course, as he gets older, his maximum magic power will increase, but it will still take more than 10 years to earn 300,000.

 The grass F cards will shorten that 10 and 20 years period.

(Now it's just a matter of how many grass cards you have.)

 It can hold up to 30 cards in the holder. You'll probably have more strength than the average villager. You'll never be short on power when doing laundry.

(At any rate, you'll have about 10 Beast F cards. We'll need the power just in case something goes wrong. There was a time when I was held down by a knight. (I think I'll be very selective about the other cards and have the maximum number of grass F's for the rest.

 Somehow, you need to think about the balance between leveling up and not interfere with the current life.

(Shall we look at the performance of the grass F card. Appo summon)

 The grass F cards become light bubbles and disappear. Then the grass F summoner appears. A summoner the size of an apple stands with limbs like branches.

(Hmmm, it's an apple. It's got arms and legs, but it doesn't move much. Well, it's an apple. She's an apple. Let's see what he can do. (Use the appo skill.)

 Instruct the summoner of the grass F summons a special skill. Then Fluffy and Appo begin to fill in. I'm sucked into the ground.

(Hmm? What is this? I'm going to be buried in the ground, eh? Isn't this a tree and not a grass? (A tree will grow back.)

 The grass F summons completely buried in the ground. A tree began to grow out of it. A tree the size of a sapling, about a meter across, grew out of it. I take a sniff. Something that smells like essential oil tickles my nose. Something soothing.

(What? Only this? It sure smells good though. (You can't have more than 10 of these)

 I wonder if grass F is useless except as a blessing.

 It's the evening of that day. The "knightly game" with Crenna is over, and Allen is inside the house. He's preparing dinner. Even then, I'm thinking about how to structure the cards.

"The man is late.

 Normally, it is long time to come back from the field. He's not coming back.

 Another hour goes by.

 Mash is here too, so we have to eat dinner first. He's still not back. The 6:00 bell rings. Play with mash. Mash is tired and is about to go to sleep.

I'm home.

Oh, you're late.


 Rodin is back. Rodin came back later than usual with a difficult face.

 Rodin came home at past sixteen o'clock. Teresia asks him why he was late.

What's the matter with you, Rodin? You're too late.

 It's Rodin who is taking a late meal that the family has already finished. Teresia asks what's wrong. Allen is in the children's room and listens in on what's going on.

"No, I got a call at the chief's house.


"I was asked to include some commoners in the upcoming boa hunt.


 Teresia has a look on her face, that's why she's looking so difficult.

"No, there's no problem. I'm not going to lose any of the guys I've been working with. I'm young and there are only four or five guys who want to go and they asked me to come in.

 I told Teresia to tell her that everything was OK. Then the conversation continued. He told the mayor that he wanted to practice, since there was a cooperation, and how to divide them into groups. Rodin talked to Teresia about such things.