21 Episode 21 Bonfire

 One morning in mid-October. The time is around 6 o'clock.


 You will wake up to the sound of water filling the water jar.

Good morning, Daddy.

Oh, you're up.

 For a long time I couldn't get up early in the morning, but recently I can finally get up at 6am without an alarm clock. Rodin does his morning routine.

"Yes, dear,

Thank you.

 Teresia is awake too. Give Rodin the burlap sack. There's dried meat and dried potatoes and a leather bag with water inside. You carry it on your back like a kasaya.

 In the living room where the hearth is located, there's a two-meter-long pole. There's a large, thick blade at the end. It was designed to bring down the boa. I was checking carefully last night to make sure everything was okay. I had borrowed it from the armorer the day before the hunt.

 Rodin takes the spear in his hand.

Then I'm off.

"Are you going to be late?

"We'll have some newcomers today. We'll be hunting in the neighborhood. Won't be too late.

 With that said, it was already quite cold, and we were off.

Boa hunting. I'd like to go there someday. I'd like to improve my level.

 It's been six years since his reincarnation, but Allen is still at level 1. This is because he can't leave the village where the monsters are. A peasant needs permission from the chief to leave the village. But I've heard that asking for permission is basically not granted. Except for what is necessary for village activities, such as this boa hunt, no permission will be granted. The serfs are also restricted in their movement.

 They perform the quota of stone-throwing.

(Stone throwing means you have to throw the stone a million times until the next skill, if that's confirmed. (I've already thrown 200,000 times since the last time I went up, but it's not going up)

 Keep throwing and throwing round stones, but still keep throwing. Rain or wind, it keeps on throwing. Neither Rodin nor Teresia thought she'd be throwing it every day. Rodin talked to Gerda and she said, "My daughter plays knight every day at home, too! That being said, I decided to think of it that way.

(This is not a normal skill for me. It's too thin per hour).

 Both swordsmanship and throwing have a skill level of 3. If you keep raising them from nothing, it should take 10,000 times to get from skill level 0 to 1, 10,000 times to get from 1 to 2, 100,000 times to get from 2 to 3, and then 10 times more.

 At this rate, you could spend your life working on it, and it would feel tough to get to 5. Perhaps 4 is the limit. It's worth upgrading your skills if you're expecting a tremendous effect, such as doubling and doubling in power as your skill level increases, but I don't think you can expect that much increase in power.

(It's true that the power is more powerful than when it was not a skill. My hunch is that it will double at skill level 3).

 There is no damage indication, so it's just a feeling, but I think it's twice as powerful as when I had no skills.

(After all, I'd better master the summoning skill. I'll use swords and stones in moderation for self-defense when something goes wrong. (The grass F wasn't the only thing that smelled good, either.

 I see a tree about a meter long growing in front of me. It smells like essential oil. It's a soothing scent, devoid of any odor. I can keep smelling it.

 I'm looking at the grimoire's memo function.

(Hmm, still, the magic recovery time has been reduced from six hours to five.

 When the grass F tree was grown in the yard, the number of skill experience gains from the consumption of summoned skills increased from 3 to 4 times.
 I have been gaining skill experience every 6 hours for 5 years. Since it is every 6 hours, it is possible to gain skill experience 4 times in one day: once at midnight, once in the early morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night. However, this method will always result in less than three times on the second day.
 However, when I grew a tree with Grass F's special skill aroma, I was able to get four times three days in a row (is five times harder?).

(Is 5 times tough? Four hours is not possible.)

 We have verified how far it has been reduced, and it is now confirmed at 5 hours instead of 4 hours. This is going to be an acceleration of skill experience acquisition.

(That's the full effect of Appo.)

 Looking at the grimoire notes, I summarize the results of the grass F verification.

Smells good and helps me sleep well
Magic recovery time is reduced to 5 hours
Once you use the skill, both the card and the summoner disappear (turn into wood).

 Unlike other summons, you can only use your ability once. Once you use it, you cannot become a summoner or a card. It becomes a tree entirely. Of course, others will see it. Touch it. It multiplies.

Aren't you ready for dinner?

"Yeah, Mom!

 F-rank was released and there is a lot to verify. It's been almost half a month, but I haven't been able to verify everything. I can't let people bite me, especially the biting of the beast F. I can't let people bite me, and I can't let myself be bitten either. It's difficult to verify its power.

Ni ni ni, mo~no~!

"Mash, okay, okay,

 I was outside alone for more than two hours, and as soon as I walked into the house, it was mash hugging me. Mash will be three years old in two months or so. He does not like to be alone in the yard too much.

(Throwing a rock for more than an hour every day doesn't pay off. It's more than five years away from the next skill level. (With mush, it's time to stop.)

 We ate the bakashi potatoes, wondering if there was anything we could do with mash.

It was a great day for me, too! What's up with that?

Sort of.

I'm no match for you though. You're too strong, Swordsman. d*mn it, d*mn it!

 The afternoon game of knighthood is over. The Crenna will drive home the same way she has for three years. She would only have the occasional sleepover at Allen's house when she was allowed to stay there.

 Allen can now stock up to 30 cards in the holder, and you can add more cards until your stock is 30. I increased the power accordingly, considering the verification and increase in magic power.

11 cards of the beast F
2 pieces of Insect F
2 birds
15 sheets of grass F

 The increase in attack power by blessing is now 55. Krsna, who has been playing knight every day for 3 years, notices a change in Allen.

 Note that after the validation of F-rank, the skill experience is mainly increasing the enhancements. I'm trying to strengthen all my cards and get my skill level 1 enhancement to 3 as soon as possible. I hardly raise synthesis and generation.

(Reinforcement skill level 2 is almost there. It could go up tomorrow.

 I'm delighted that the skill experience is coming in at an amazing rate thanks to the grass F .

'Hey, he's slow,'

 As Allen is helping to prepare dinner, next to me Teresia is muttering. You're definitely late getting home. Rodin said he was going to hunt in the neighborhood. Some days he would normally go hunting and then come home.

"Yeah, Daddy, you're late.

 I was going to have a small but sumptuous meal to celebrate killing a game, but it's not coming back. Mash can't wait that long, so he'll finish his dinner first today.


 Another hour passes. The bell rings for 6:00 p.m.

Is it ready?

 I'm getting anxious indeed. Mash is asleep, and he's coming into the living room where Theresa is.

"Allen, you don't have to wait for me. Remember when Dad was late from a hunt?

But I told him I'll be home early today.

Well, Allen is a good kid who loves his dad.

 The head is patted.

 Another two hours pass. It's completely dark outside.

Oh, I wonder if they're home.

 A voice is heard outside the house. It is Teresia, peering out from the floor of the house. Allen is with her, peering outside.

 A light can be seen in the pitch black world. It's like a torch. I can hear voices, but they're far away or the lights are very dim.

You're late, Dad. But I'm glad you're home safe.

 The lights come closer.

 The lights become two.

(What? (Not one?)

 The light becomes three. Then four. Closer and closer, at first I thought there was only one light, but then there were four, then five, and finally over ten.

 I can hear the screams. It's all a little disconcerting. I look to the side and so does Teresia.
 When I'm close enough, I can hear Gerda's voice clearly.

"Rodin! It's home! I'm home!

 In response to Gerda's shouting voice, Teresia unconsciously runs out to the light. So does Allen.

 Teresia's feet stop. She sees something incredible. Her body is shaking.

'Huh? Dad?

 There was Rodin being carried on a kind of stretcher by a number of men. A torchlight illuminated Rodin. There was already a lot of blackened blood on the linen rags.